The Man Within the Beast

Real Name: Wesley Oakley
Known as: Logan Wells
Doctor Oakley/Wells.
Gender: Male
Apparent Age: 26
Real age: 128 
Occupation: Professional surgeon and psychologist
Birth day: June 15th. 
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Widowed (single) 
He's North American, though since his family comes from Britain
he got stuck with the accent. But he was raised and born in United States.
Faceclaim: James McAvoy


Look Through the Mirror


Height: 5'10" ft.
Race: Vampire/ formerly human
Eye Color: Light cerulean (blue)
Hair Color: Dark Brown 
Skin color: Lightly tanned.
How does he dress?
Sophisticated, his fashion style consist of clothes that will scream out "victorian
wealthy man" and "man with manners". Even when he dresses "casual"
Greatest flaw: His arrogance.
Best quality: His smile.


| Likes/Dislikes |


 French cuisine 
Daring and hard-to-get women. But mainly matured ones.
Learning new things
His work
Classical Music
The silence
A good challenge
Soft perfume (a.k.a. a clean and properly scented woman)


Whiny people
Closed places
Badly behaved people (ex. People who cuss, specially women.
That don't know how to properly eat in a restaurant,  etc )
When people mess with his work
Valentine's Day
Being betrayed
Strong perfume
Easy-to-get or easily offended people
Becoming bored
Opening up to people to later be let down.


| Childhood/Backstory | 

A tragic story, typical isn't it?

An innocent man who was consumed by the darkness, a grieving death that scarred him and a memory that haunts. My share of the past is not for me to receive sympathy or the typical "I'm sorry", nor it is meant to be touching, is a simple common tragedy that had knocked on the door. A bad luck just striking to punish me for one simple mistake: my surrender to temptation. And of course the reason I no longer welcome death as an enemy, but a mere passing friend that gives his hello and farewell taking away everyone I have met.

My birth? I was born in June 15th 1889, only to become immortal by the time I had the age of 26; now keeping the image. Yet before that I was just a noble young boy, born in wealth yet taught generosity. A young boy who grew as the heir of his family, for he was the only son; a boy who grew up having a very good childhood and life. A boy that soon became a man, who fell in love and got married to a very fragile and beautiful woman that many called out for her by the name Elizabeth. She was the halo I didn't know I lacked, the wings that replaced my own broken ones. But like any real love story, it didn't end on a happily ever after.

This is no fairy tale, I am no prince and she was no princess.

Despite the many superstitions and legends throughout the town I grew up in, I myself never believed in the supernatural. Yes there is a Hell as well as a Heaven, being Catholic before gave me beliefs, but beyond that, everything else was created by the man's imagination. Although soon rumors began to spread around about witches and werewolves; causing the humble people in town to become scared and cautious. I still, sadly, was one of the few in the crowd who shrug the rumors off my shoulders. If I haven't seen it, then it's not real. The deaths and mutilations happening were all classified as wild animal attacks or a lunatic on a killing spree for my eyes. What I did not know was the fact that I was beyond wrong, I should have believed a bit more. I should have become more cautious.

I was warned many times by her, my beloved; to be careful, to come home to her; and as always I would never listen, for my replies would always be: "There's nothing to fear my dear, I will just be working and will come back to you when it's all over." Sadly, that night I never returned like I should. An event was hosted after I had closed the office; I was still a doctor even back then. We had manage to gain enough money to buy new supplies and equipment; new medicine and hire more crew to help out.
My taste of alcohol went too much, and this young female appeared before me; as if she had been waiting for me to become tipsy and cocky. I do admit even now that she was beautiful, yet my heart was in the hands of another woman and will remain so. But at the moment I did not notice her charms, her darkness... her trap. It took her no effort to have me at her feet, for she had the power to hypnotize me for her advantage; and having done it so I was dragged away from the crowd, into her web of lust and pleasure.

It was to say this woman was also known around to be from another recognized family, she had all men willing to give her the world but she would ignore; she would just come to me, to prey on the man who didn't have any interest in her or what was under those elegant clothes. An obsession over a married man.

I shouldn't have drink that night.
By the time I became aware of what had happened it had been too late. I cursed at myself while attempting to find my clothes and leave her there. I was so disgusted with myself. Yet she awoke, catching me in the middle of my escape and spat words of love and "you're mine." Scared of the thought of losing my wife I did tell her that it had been a mistake, that I was sorry but I was married; and I had no intention of leaving the woman I loved over her. Though she just laughed at my statement, later giving an annoyed look at the name of my wife.

"Don't worry, I'll have you in the end."

Those words were the beginning of my nightmare. At the time I just took her as crazy and left her behind, but I should have been more careful. When night had fallen, after such a very exhausting and hurtful day in which I confessed my sin, a knock came at our door while we slept. I got up to check, and told my wife to wait for me to come, but when I opened the front door everything went fast.

By the time I manage to processed what had happened, the screams of my wife filled my ears, followed by the agonizing pain all over my body. Unable to move from where I lay. The blur in my eyes adjust correctly, my sight becoming clear. I was bleeding to death with deep wounds while just inches away I could catch a glimpse of my wife, being tortured, touched and murdered. The men who did it worked under that creature of a woman. All of them were a being I always thought was a myth: Vampires.

I tried to yell for Elizabeth but wasn't able, I was too weak and dying. Every sound became muffled and distant but still there. This woman, Charlotte, entered last, with a grin to her face and hate in her eyes. Her eyes fell upon the now lifeless body of my wife, before they turn to me and upon seeing my state she said foreign words to her men. Probably scolding them for almost killing me. "Well at least you're still fixable pretty boy. It's time to come with me, after all I told you. You would be mine."

But soon after it all went black, I thought I had died, and was hoping I did. Yet it was never that way, for my eyes opened to be hurt by the light; my ears rang with so many loud noises at once. The tapping of the water falling from the faucet, the ticking of the clock at my right; the swaying of the light bulb above me. Everything was intensified. What was this?
At first I thought it was hell, as punishment for cheating on my wife; but it was far worse than that. It was life, a tainted and lonely life. When I was able to get on my feet, and my eyes could at least manage to see what was in front of me; I found myself in a room I have never seen before. My wounds still nasty but slowly healing, which had me surprised at the view. Noticing the door I rushed out without second thought, searching for a way out, searching for my wife... But all I came across was Charlotte, Charlotte and her "dogs".

"You're finally awake my love."

"What have you done to me?!" Was my only protest. Angered, hurt and broken. Only to receive a small laugh, followed by "I gave you a gift, the gift to remain youthful, to be strong and of course to remain by my side for all eternity if death allows us to bond."

"W-what...? Why me..? I was happy were I was, and what I had! And you took that from me you vile witch!" I snapped, still trying to process all of this, something that had been forced to me without my will.

"Because you're different. But don't take the compliment too high, you treated me and looked at me as a lady while others saw me as fresh meat. Your way of thinking and being is truly fascinating Dr. Oakley. That mind of yours shouldn't be wasted in such short life."

Though her words meant nothing, nothing but an excuse for her selfish acts. She knew she could have anything, and so she wanted to prove it. But what she did not know is that she was wrong, for I will never be hers no matter what.

So for the beginning of my new life I had to depend on her to survive, to get adjust to this new me. To adapt into society without feasting without stop. And when I could take care of myself I left her side, searching for a way to be as far away from her as possible; but she could find me if she wanted to, and I couldn't kill her even if I wished to... I was cursed to have my body act against my will at her presence, I could control it by the passing of the years, but not enough to end her forever.

That is my story... How a single mistake can take away everything in a second. Of how I was consumed by darkness, how I was forced to embrace it and call it home; of how I am no longer Wesley, but instead Logan.

And of why I struggle so much, to keep you away.



| Emotional Characteristics |

Logan's entire personality centers in the typical behavior of any noble Victorian-era man. He is serious and polite, yet stubborn, sometimes arrogant and very cold. When things catch his attention he will approach like a curious cat but if you're not of interest then he won't even make note of your existence. He's sarcastic and rather selfish for life has given him things that had made him wary, but likes to hide it under a fake, kind personality since he knows his charms can get mostly anyone. Though he's not one to constantly use his looks to his advantage, after years of being immortal he grew bored of easily getting people at the palm of his hand, and so this is why he prefers more those he had to fight to get.

He is also a very classy and sophisticated man, after all he had been born on a time where chivalry and proper speech were a necessity. Reason why it does bother him the lack of morale in today's society, and when he catches sight of the very few who still practice this, he comes closer to them. But just because he carries this luggage with him does not mean he will not be rude when annoyed or bothered. He tends to push people away the moment he notices that their approach is more personal than professional; and the polite doctor persona he acquires to be of liking to his patients will fade quickly.  

Though when in love he becomes very romantic slowly, and is truly faithful to you until you are the one to make a huge mistake, basically he won't break up with you unless you do it.

He has a very bad temper when angry, and won't admit his wrong doing until his anger subsides. He does not lie and is known to be extremely honest. Though he hugely dislikes liars and discovering things that were hidden from his knowledge. He does apologize for his wrong doings and will make sure to make up for his mistakes. This also includes that he can in fact forgive people and not hold a grudge, but he will not give second chances depending on how grave the problem is. Is only rare the times he holds a grudge on someone. 

Logan is also a "flirty" person, so being "smooth"  is one of his things. Such a poisonous tongue of his, be careful to not be stung. Though that is because of his acquired habits. It is not easy to know whether he has an interest on you or not (this is if you wish to have any romantic involvement with the man), but there are some hints. I'll try to make sure you notice, but make sure to also have your eyes open for the smallest of changes. Like nicknames to the way he acts around you, and even the way he looks at you. Once you notice that, you pretty much knows how he acts.


| Quirks and Extras |

He doesn't let people know his real name or what he is,
if he ever opens up on that part it means you have earned an important role in his life.
Meanwhile he's Logan or Doctor Wells to everyone. 

He addresses anyone he meets by their last name, no matter what.
If he ever uses your first name it means two things: he's scolding you for something
(lets say you're a nurse or something and you did something wrong in a surgery)
or you have earned his trust or care.  

He's a very jealous and possessive person,
what's his is his and that's it.
But that doesn't mean he will chain you down and force you to do as he says.
He won't force you to stop talking to someone or to stop
doing certain things. But he will let you know what bothers him and what doesn't. 

Honesty and sincerity is part of him.
So he tends to be extremely straight
forward unless is about his emotions or feelings. 

He's flirty sometimes, but is out of mockery,
he doesn't really mean whatever he's saying.
Is just a "vampiric impulse".
Believe me when he likes you, the last thing he will do is flirt. 

He gives pet names to everyone,
SPECIALLY to people that he either dislikes
or they hate him. So don't be surprise to have
him saying darling or love at first sight. 

His tears have a slight orange-red tint to them. 

Logan doesn't think of himself as handsome or attractive.
Much less now that he's a vampire.
He believes the only reason women might be interested on
him would be because vampires do have this charm to catch
the attention of humans; or another is because they know how
much money he owns and are after his wealth.
So he'll scoff at any statement given to him about his appearance. 

He's a very passive-aggressive person.
He will not be fully angry at something or someone unless
they hurt a person he has come to care about.
Meanwhile he'll just get bothered or annoyed at most. 

He did have the desire of having children,
at least one boy and one girl. Yet he was never able to and
because of this children are the only ones who'll catch to
see the most sincere side of him, while adults get his bitter side. 

There was a time were Charlotte -the woman that turned him- and Logan
were in fact together. But this was not genuinely from heart,
he was still weak and easily driven by his instincts; thankfully he
was able to grow over her "spells".
He's one of few turned- vampires who have actually been
able to become detached from the ones that turned them.
You could say she's the "annoying ex-girlfriend."

It's believed that despite her cruel personality
and narcissistic habits, Charlotte is
truly "in love" with Logan, an affection he harshly pushes away. 

He does not need sleep, but he still does so to feel more alive.
And you could most likely catch him "asleep"
on his desk if the day was tough at the hospital. 

There's alternative careers for Logan.
These being a professor and an author of dark literature. 

If he ever has a daughter, don't be surprise to
know she'll be "daddy's little girl" and
wish mercy on those who dare hurt her. 

His fangs are always visible,
but if not in use they just look like normal sharp canines,
giving his smile a touch. 

He does not like junk food,
be it hamburgers or pizza.
It's too greasy and messy for his taste. 

The last thing he will talk with you about
would be about his mansion and money.
The fact you might be after such doesn't please him. 

He does not become interested on someone by looks,
though if he had to say what part of the body
catches his attention more he would say the eyes. 

He used to be allergic to peanuts. 

He's still old school. If he decides to marry someone,
he'll go towards her parents first, preferably the father to ask for her hand,
if she doesn't have he'll go to whoever she sees as her tutor.
But if there isn't any he'll ask her directly. 

If you were to go to his mansion, and happen to be at his office;
he has a drawer on his desk which contains a newspaper from 1915
saying Logan had killed his wife and disappeared. Which of course is not true,
and he keeps it anyway to make sure he's not having a terrible dream
and that what had happened was real. 

He may have a mansion but his mansion is a simple one.
With 5 rooms top, 7 bathrooms (5 being on each room and two on both floors).
A living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a library, a study room which is his office
and a basement he uses as storage.
He does have a back garden but that's
because there was too much terrain and he didn't want to make his
place so big, just have what he thought necessary.
And yes, he asked for his mansion to be built. 

There was indeed a person who knew the truth about
what happened with Logan. It was a kid that knew him;
he was just 10 years old (being born in 1905.) And he
was alive up to 1996 where he died of natural causes;
Logan use to visit him from time to time. 

Some people didn't really see him as a murderer,
they actually believed some witch had killed Elizabeth
before taking Logan away or something. But that theory was
only believed by few who were against the idea of him being the true
responsible for everything, including his own parents.
There was also another person who came into
conclusion that he could not be the killer, the murder had
been too gruesome for someone like Logan to do it,
remarking he's a surgeon. The kill would have been made
much cleaner; yet they were charged of being an accomplice. 

He still has both his and his wife's
wedding rings inside a small red box in his room.


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