𝕲𝖔𝖉 𝖔𝖋 𝕸𝖎𝖘𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖊𝖋


When he was born, he was left by himself to die. His  father disowned him because he was smaller then any other of his kind. Loki's Father was a Frost Giant, and his Mother was an Ásynjar; A Goddess.  He was left alone, wrapped in a blanket to keep him warm; the only thing a mother could do.  For he was unwanted, an Orphan.


One day, by chance he was found by the most unlikely person that no being would comprehend; Odin AllFather. At the time Odin had been in war with The Frost giants, in his own right he could killed the child and think nothing less. But as if drawn by the child's innocents it's will to survive he took the child as his own. He raised the child, and let him keep the name that was given to him: Loki.





As Loki lived in Asgard: Odin's Realm and Kingdom, he was joined with another child; AllFather's true sons Thor and Baldur. They were inseparable, always together. It was like they were a true family. But all things must come to an end eventually.


In time as they began to grow up Loki, having the inspiration of magic and illusions would take his step mother Frigga hand to teach him under her wing. With her knowledge and expertise he became a star pupil and a master of the arcane arts. He began to create illusions, small at first then big enough to create his own world of lies.  Thus is why they gave him such a title.


𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕻𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖈𝖊 𝖔𝖋 𝕷𝖎𝖊𝖘

Such a title was beneath him, he disapproved of such a fowl choice. He cursed the one who dared give him that name but it was all in vein. In the end, he accepted the title when everything changed. When he became older he would begin to become more..mischievous, pulling small pranks that would become large and out of control. One such prank was the time he took the form of a snake and bit his brother Thor making him believe he would die from poison. His brother laughed with him in the prank, but the bond between them was slowly tearing.


But the one prank that went to far, was when Loki cut off Sif's hair. Lady Sif was Thor's betrothed at the time, and seeing her Golden hair gone infuriated him. Close to killing him, Loki offered to give Sif her hair back with the aid of dwarfs.   Sif retrieved her hair, but saddened when her golden hair was now dark as night. 










𝕷𝖔𝖐𝖎 𝖔𝖋 𝕬𝖘𝖌𝖆𝖗𝖉


After that incident the brothers bond has now been cut. Loki could not understand why it felt good, but he wanted more. So he waited until the time arrived. That time was when Thor was going to be announced as King of Asgard. He told a few Frost giants the location of Odin's vault and a hidden entrance to get there. Of course Loki knew that Odin will learn of their presence  and stopped them. But that was just the ploy to get Thor wild up and head to Jotunheim and go on a rampage.


Loki succeeded on casting his brother out, and so he felt at piece. For a few days he had watched his brother in Midgard, but one day Loki learned the truth about his birth. He was not Loki Odinson, but Loki Laufeyson.  With this knowledge he had felt disgusted, and humiliated. And so he made a vow that he will change his birthright and become the King of Asgard, and destroy anyone that would stand in his way.




𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕿𝖗𝖚𝖊 𝕶𝖎𝖓𝖌



Time and time again he has been beaten by his step brother Thor. But in time he began to become more cunning and mischievous. He truly took the title of God of Mischief. But his wrath wasn't unconditional, for not only did he attempt to conquer Asgard, but Midgard as well. So now, any begger, any wolf, raven or servant could be him plotting to take control of Midgard and rule over all as King. He would travel all over Midgard to make allies, and enemies. In time Asgard let him roam free, until the time came when Loki's true mischief costed the life of his step brother Baldur. 


All tries have been fruitless, for he cannot be contained unless he so desired. That is, what he thought of course, for Odin is All knowing and All seeing. For one time he was captured by Thor and tied down to tree as punishment for his crimes. A serpant loomed over him dripping venom over him making him convulge and scream with agonizing pain.  The only relief he could gain was his wife who held a bowl to stop the venom from dripping over him. But that was only brief for the bowl needs to emptied, and so the pain continues endlessly until the day comes when he could be free from his prison.


Time went on, and then a miracle happened, for he became free. Now walking the realms with his powers to rule over all. With the allies he has taken in he will see that all who had wrong him suffer at his very hand along with those who have freed him from bondage. Now he searches for a way to free his son Fenrir from his bonds and return Jormungandr home while Hela aids him by her army of the dead.



𝐹𝒶𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓇 𝑜𝒻 𝑅𝒶𝑔𝓃𝒶𝓇𝑜𝓀


Loki had many children,  that he each cherished, one of them was a horse Sleipnir when he took the form of a beautiful mare to lure away a stallian to end a bet made by a Jotun.  Sleipnir had six legs and can move with great speed, which is why Odin kept him as his trusted steed.  three children from the lady Angrboda who was a Jotun. One was a giant Serpant who was casted into Midgard by Odin to forever circle around while eating his own tail because it was proheciesed that he would one day devour Thor, The World Serpant Jormungandr. A daughter that was  between life and death, for Odin gave her the the title of ruling a relm that was in her name; Hel.  Then finally a malcious beast wolf that was was prophecised to Slay Odin in Battle,  a beast filled wwith rage and anger who was chained by Tyr himself; Fenrir made him pay by eating his hand and devouring it.


Then when he finally settled in, he took a wife known as Sigyn who gave birth to Narfi and Vali. Two beautiful boys that were innocent, all seemed to be perfect. Until Loki became more mischivious, For one day he tricked Hod; a fellow step brother who was blind, into killing Baldur.  A party was going on which was abut Baldur's immunity, Loki to the shape of a mistress and spoke to Frigga asking if anything truly cannot hurt Baldur, in which she responded 'I did not ask the mistletoe, for it is a harmless thing in nature.' And so Loki made a dart out of mistletoe and gave it to Hod being his guide he aimed the dart toward Baldur's heart, the outcome was a Step Brothers death.


Enraged, The gods searched for Loki until Thor captured him and brought him to the location of where he was chained. He watched in horror as Vali was turned into a ferocious Wolf only to devour Narfi. Then much to his dismay The gods used his own entrails to chain him down where he will forever remain with the serpant that came from Skadi, his wife Sigyn forever being there to help Loki in his suffering. Until the day of Ragnarok, when he was freed by his children  and can now take revenge of those who took part in the death of Narfi.






  • Telekinesis: Loki could move things with his mind, some times people when full power.
  • Super Speed and Durability: As a half Jotun he could destroy a large piller with one hit, and can move faster then a regular man.
  • Teleportation: He can teleport where ever he desired as long as he knows exactly where he wants to teleport.
  • Power Transfer: He could transfer all or some of his power to all things or people, which lead to him creating a few super humans.
  • Possession: He could possess people by transfering his soul to someone else.
  • AllSpeak: He could speak every language; alien or world wide
  • Sorcery : Loki is a Master of the Mystic Arts, he knowledge of everything magical is limitless.


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  • [yes that's a good idea... Maybe he could find out she has magic? And help her. I can start if you'd like?]

  • In Dastmalchian's often correct and never humble opinion, nobody knew how to keep an audience entertained the way he did. Rather than relying on a single trick for his shows, he performed a variety of routines consisting of a mixture of contortion, acrobatics, and sleight of hand, occasionally throwing in some real magic as a cherry on top to spice things up. The crowd gathered right outside a Chinese restaurant, to gawk at the young magician who shuffled a deck of cards, sweeped them along the length of the inside of his arm, then tossed them above his head with one hand, catching them with the opposite one, finally twirling them around his fingers.

    His hands were tremendously fast, a fact he was immensely proud of. He grinned at each and every one of the staring faces, glowing under the spotlight. Once their attention was grabbed and held as he thought he rightfully deserved, he finally addressed those around him, speaking in a loud, thick accented voice, informing them on the sort of show they should expect of him, but making sure not to reveal too much of his tricks in the process. An air of mystery, after all, is a magician's strongest weapons, as curiosity keeps people at the edge of their seats. His tone suggested he'd done this a thousand times before, had communicated this speech a thousand times before, but what the heck, one more time wasn't going to kill him.

    In one quick movement, he gathered the cards in an orderly fashion, hiding them underneath the sleeve of his jacket. As easily as taking one breath, he did a back flip, landing on the nearest table. The sudden movement disturbed the center of balance of the table, causing it to rattle for a couple seconds before stopping altogether. The tips of his dress shoes brushed against silverware and Dastmalchian had half the mind to kicking them out of the way, until he noticed the young couple who were eating there. He gave them a faux coy smile, followed by a little shrug as they glared at him, even though he wasn't sorry in the slightest.

    Before words of protest could be thrown his way, he began with the second part of his show by bringing his cards back out. This time his cardistry was significantly slower but not any less impressive, as he arranged the cards this and that way, forming different shapes with them.

  • 8890086255?profile=RESIZE_400x



    I hope you don't mind..

  • [oh, you would? If Camelot is agreed, somehow Loki could find himself there? And Morgana struggling with her magic, sbe could run to the Druid Camp and find him there? Perhaps.. Loki could help her with her magic and overthrow Uther?]

  • {friends I was hoping, though... To be honest, I kind of ship Morgana and Loki.

    I have something in mind, would the time of Camelot work for you?}

  • "Your persistence is unpleasant," he said courtly. Though there was an underlay to his tone, he keeps himself calm.

    Why did he have to bring up Goddess? He dropped his hands upon his lap, one over the other. "The blade is out of reach," not for him though. As for the pin that completes it, he kept that too and gave something similar back to his brother Amenadiel. Secretive? Most definitely. He has his reasons, and this was the perfect example of why.

    "You can continue, but it will have been in vain. It's the end of the world, why not sit back and enjoy what little time you have left. Instead of trying to run away? You do look like the type." This was a shot in the dark because Lucifer knew very little and he wasn't planning to have a drink and learn more.

  • Lucifer gave a shrug. There was a chair nearby and he takes it, crossing a leg over the other. Showing empty hands as well as offer, "There's nothing you have or can possibly offer for it." In the end, Lucifer just lets a smile spread wide. 

    What Lucifer wants, he already has and there was nothing else. So whatever temptations someone could offer were useless and meaningless. What now then?

  • (Ah I remember,well I like your character change. Shall we look for a few plot ideas?}

  • "In your hand, the sword will be just that. A sword. Not THE flaming sword. So, tell me, do you still want it?"

    There was no ounce of magic that could make the flaming sword what it truly is without it being wielded by the one who it was made for. Lucifer. But here was Loki, demanding it. Too laughable. Though, since he knew of it, then he too should know this very bit of information. Surely, he didn't need to educate him, right?

  • "Hmmm my Mythology is a little rusty with Norse and Greek and such. But are you not a Demi god by chance? Well guesss it doesn't matter if you are a full god. They are Fell or disappeared into obscurity.  What exactly brings you out here to LA?"


    (Now is this Loki more of the traditional Norse kind or like Marvel comics take on them? Not sure if DC has Norse gods. I know they got Greek gods. As does Marvel. Or is he like a blend of various source material. 

    Just asking so I can think of how we may plot. If that is what you wish to do.)

This reply was deleted.

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