Name: Lorelei Atian

Species: Mer

Title: Lady of Atlantis

Creator: Robert Michael Robenson the Third (deceased)

Guardian: General Atian of Atlantis

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Age: Looking forever as a 20 something she will never reveal her true age.

Hair: Straight, long and blonde. When she is in the water the tips turn blue.

Eyes: Sparkling blue, as deep as the ocean

Skin: Pale and soft.

Tail: The color of the reflecting sky on a cloudless day. Scales that sparkle in the sunlight. The fin itself is also blue, the ends of it turning translucent.

Other features: The shape of her face is soft, the curves of her body that of a goddess. Her beauty is permanently flawless.

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Skills: Her voice is her weapon, from healing songs to murderous screams. She is one of the faster swimmers of Atlantis, and was skilled in sword play although on that she is a bit rusty and prefers a set of daggers.

Language: Her native tongue is Merlantic-Oceanantic (the official language of the Atlantis region), aside from that she is well versed in primary French, Spanish, English, Russian, American Sign Language, along with knowledge of a few other ocean languages.

Personality: Jealous by nature, selfish, occasionally immature, entitled, curious, proud, surprisingly understanding, sometimes rebellious

Hobbies: Composing, practicing other sorts of magic, hiding from her guardian, sneaking out of the city gates, observing the land beings, getting into trouble

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Face Claim: “Mermaid Melissa”

Greetings and well fishes from Atlantis!

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Lorelei Atian

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Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Child Friendly, 18+

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  • ||Sorry I haven't responded yet, I just don't really know what to say right now, nothing is coming to mind.||

  • You have yet to find someone truly immortal...until now...*He chuckled and looked back at her as his eyes looked into hers* Indeed all have flaws, immortal or not my dear mermaid *He chuckled as that sensual voice had a playful inflection on it as well as they joked* I am sure we can strike a new deal. I care about my people as you care about yours. I have large numbers of prisoners I've captured from the ongoing conquests as well as those that thought that they could conquer my kingdom. I can make sure those younglings are well fed that you speak of so long as my people are kept safe *He smiled as he pulled her closer to him, his lips brushing hers* we both are risking much trusting each other, but I think its worth the gesture, the attempt as long as you I like what is possible between us....*He smiled as he kissed her again as she kissed him, pulling her body against his. She thought she was in control, but he could easily overpower her should the need arise. As he kissed her, she felt a tingle of pleasure flow through her body as his gifts were aroused and she felt intense images of them flowing into her mind*

  • *he chuckled softly as she whispered into his ear as he kissed her cheek. He replied softly, his voice oozing with all the sensuality the son of aphrodite would have as his fingers dance over her bare back and sides* Because I am not mortal my dear mermaid....i am something immortal...*He turned and watched as those rebels met their bloody end from the young mers and the sharks* They deserved it...they prey on women and children...they fight without honor...I am sure i can keep Atlantis well fed for quite a while with those I've captured if your up for a new deal *his eyes looking over to her before back to the slaughter. He chuckled again as she spoke about a song for him and then grinned as he leaned close once again and whispered* or perhaps it is you that shall fall to me my beautiful mermaid...*He chuckled as a vision flows into her mind of the two of them in the shallows with her bikini top removed as he sucked on those breasts of hers as he held her against him as he had his cock buried inside the beautiful mermaids belly*

  • "Well...that's one way to look at it..." Malory replied, but the frown still remained on her lips as she finally put her sword away. This man seemed a bit off, but he didn't seem particularly dangerous. Malory still kept her guard up, however. A very untrusting woman she was, not wanting to relax even when she faced no real danger.

    Wathcing the man chat with the bird was...interesting, too say the least. This man really seemed to just get more and more crazy to her. Maybe he was a hippie? Or maybe he did just pop in from another time--his clothes, demeanor, and weapon sure reflected that. But being from a different time didn't explain why he was talking to a bird about...politics? "I, um...Sorry, can you understand animals?"

  • *As her singing began, she quickly began to understand why the King had struck this particular deal with her. She could see a small group of rebels on the top of the hill that began to follow her song, but soon she saw nearly 200 more men that fell under her charming song as they too began to stroll towards the water and their impending doom. No doubt that Atlantis would eat very well off of this meal. As her song continued she felt a warm breeze of air and she soon saw Daniel standing next to her in the water. His hand gently brushed her cheek as he whispered sensually into her ear* a very lovely song dear mermaid...I can see why they fall under your charm *He kissed her cheek as he stood next to her, watching the sight. It was clear he wasnt affected by her song the way mortals were, but he did admit it was very pleasant to listen to* I miss mermaid songs...*He sighed softly as he watched the men strolling into the water to meet their fate. He chuckled* your going to need more mermaids I think...Dinner will be huge

  • If Malory knew that Balen disliked her sword, she would be nightly offended. It had been made by dwarfs that lived near her house, it would never dull and was sharper than any sword a human could make. It wasn't terribly ordained or fancy, but that was because Malory saw no point in decorating something she would literally be killing things with.

    "Actually yes, I do." She replied, keeping her hand on her sword. "You never know what you can run into." Her own eyes went up and down Balen's form, examining him. He looked extremely out of place, and sounded like it, too. Like he just popped in from a different time. "I'm Malory. I would say it's a pleasure to meet you, Balen, but I wouldn't call this a very pleasant meeting."
  • *He chuckled as he listened to her, knowing she was making empty threats in her current condition. He disregarded them as the whining of a spoiled royal or noble in Atlantis* You should be rude less and grateful might make more friends that way. That could open the door to us working together more, for our mutual benefit. He listened as she agreed to the deal as she moved out back into the water and poked her head above water to talk to him. He noted the more alluring tone in her voice* I will let my men know...i will see you once the deal is complete...and i would be careful my may end up falling under my charm as well *He said mischievously with a wink as she swam off*

  • "Woah, relax!" Malory said, her neutral face quickly putting up a defensive frown. Her own hand went to the sword on her belt, but she didn't pull it out. After all, she was trying to /not/ be threatening. But that didn't mean she wanted to appear defenseless, since she was actually being threatened by another person with a sword. "You state your name and purpose! I'm just walking through the woods, I have as much a right to be here as you do." Malory tried explaining, but she would be lying if she said she wasn't suddenly tense and bitter at the man pointing his blade at her. "I'm not your friend, but I don't want to hurt you. I just wanted to see what you were doing." She saw no point in lying--any lie she came up with would probably make less sense than the truth anyways.
  • I suppose you are right, fighting my battles is none of your business, but then again healing you isnt any of mine. I am just merely proposing an agreement that works well for both of us. I have issues in the south along the coast with rebels raiding and killing my citizens, and you have your immediate issue, plus I can imagine that an army would feed your city quite well, so its hard for you to turn it down. *He smiled at her as he looked at her wound* Leave my citizens alone, but in addition to helping me with the raiders, I would be more then happy to give you criminals who deserve a fate like drowning. *He waited for her answer before he finally nodded. He moved to heal her, but her attitude caused him to raise an eye brow at her* For someone so beautiful, you have a terrible attitude. You may be used to never being told no, but i could easily kill you myself, or let you die. I am trying to help you, in more ways then one. You might try showing some gratitude and perhaps we can work together more often...*He said with a sigh before sliding his hand down to her wounds. They immediately began to heal as she felt a gentle heat along her body as it did so. The wound healed perfectly and the blood in the water disappeared as well returning to her body* I have held my end of the agreement. *He nodded afterwards offering her a smile*

  • The thicket grass didn't stop her from continuing forward. Though it was frustrating, and very odd, it was just grass, and didn't stop Malory. She thought it was just Stray Sod, a creature she was used to at this point, so she didn't connect the growing grass to the man playing the flute. Once she finally broke through the grass, she looked at the man kneeling on the ground with a frown on her lips. If one thing was for sure, this man looked like a hippie. Though, Malory felt a surprising bit of happiness amidst her confusion at the sight of another person carrying a sword. Made her feel less crazy.

    After staring at the man for probably too long, straining to hear what he was saying, Malory finally cleared her throat softly. "Excuse me?" She asked, keeping her voice quiet and level, not wanting to surprise him.
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In the deep forest strolled a young man. Looking to be in his early twenties, his skin was dark, his eyes a storm, yet in his features there held a soft kindness. The creatures around him didn't shrink with…"
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