• a corpse supposed to leave its grave at night to drink the blood of the living by biting their necks with long pointed canine teeth.

- a person who preys ruthlessly on others. 

Born to a well-off gentleman and lady in 1604 in Sicily, Elisávet (as she was called at the time) was always excluded from everyone else. Her father, along with being a businessman, was a painter and decided that Elizabeth's great beauty should not be wasted on anyone else but him. His wife he also thought the same of, and the mother and daughter duo began turning into legends in their own city. Rumours spread of them being dead and the 'crazed' painter haven propped their bodies up and pretended they were real. Rumours spread of them being mermaids he had found by the shore and had dragged them home for himself. Rumours spread- but none were true. None could've foreseen the ugly truth.


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  • (yea thats fine)

    *In the sprawling kingdom of Lustiria, which was very close to becoming what most would consider an empire, the noble hierarchy was the social order under King Daniel Mcknight where the nobles could agree with his wishes and decrees or state their objections and try to fight them. For one of his decrees to be nullified had never happened since it required unanimous agreement to nullify it. Daniel had rebuild Lustiria from a small kingdom ruined by a long civil war with a group of treasonous nobles who wanted to carve up the kingdom for themselves, into a glittering beacon of prosperity, wealth and power in the realm. Kingdoms that helped those treasonous nobles were invaded and taken over, and their wealth was used to further rebuild and improve Lustiria, enlarge and improve Daniels legions of soldiers, and be spent on improving the lives of the subjects more and more. The kingdom was always branded as heretics for the kingdoms very sexual nature and ways. When the top goddess worshiped was Aphrodite, it was telling about the kingdom. Temples to the goddess, also Daniels mother were dotted all over the kingdom and the high priestesses that oversaw the temple were always exquisite specimens of beauty, who used their powers to help those who couldnt bear children enjoy the gift of life and family. This extended to the nobles as well, as Daniel tightly controlled the noble court and who was granted nobility. Those who agreed with his wishes in the courts had large estates, power, and children, even when the noblewomen had no husbands or known lovers as rumors swirled about them meeting with Daniel late at night, only to emerge the next morning looking much rounder in the belly when they left the castle as maidens whisper about moans being heard and the sounds of passion filling his chambers. Those that didnt agree with him in court, were noticeable less powerful and sometimes "accidents" happened, and they died tragically, only for a child of theirs to assume their titles and nobility that much more agreeable with how the immortal king ran the kingdom. In the case of Elizabeth Neri, her parents were avid opponents of most things Daniel tried to accomplish, instead wishing the kingdom to be ran in a more traditional way like other kingdoms. Eventually as the noble couple were in their carriage heading out of the kingdom for a "meeting" as they told others, "rebels" had attacked their carriage and killed the noble couple. A state funeral was held for them, and Daniel made plans to pass their titles and land to Elizabeth. This worked in his favor, as he had heard rumors and whispers about her being a vampire, and her own "non traditional" things she enjoyed, that her parents wouldnt like, but would make her a good political ally of his, and perhaps much more*

  • ( I think that sounds great! Perhaps she has been summoned back to Lustiria to assume the throne after her father and mother died in a rebel attack on their carriage, and she is to assume their title and estate. It would allow them to meet and move things forwards)

  • (Either they could meet somehow and go from there, or they could already know each other. She could be a nobleman and a political ally of his in court. Lovers as well perhaps so their alliance could be romantic and political)
  • I’d love to work something out. Would you like modern realm or his medieval/fantasy realm on his profile?
  • Your welcome! Cool sounding char so far! Emma Watson faceclaim is cute too
  • (thank you for accepting my friend request, would you like to start plotting a roleplay?)

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