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Character Species


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Character Appearance

Nationality: New Zealand with accent Language: English Physical Height: 5’3 / 160.02cm Weight: 176 lbs / 79.8323 kg Handedness: right-handed Blood: O+ Has chestnut colored hair. Its length is right below her chin. She has olive green eyes. She is well fit; she has an ectomorph rectangular body type. She typically wears black capris or shorts. Typically, her shirt is a white or black t-shirt that has an olive green native american wolf symbol on it. She wears dark grey sneakers. She carries a medium sized teal satchel wherever she goes.

Character Personality

She is perky and fun loving but can also be very noisy, childish, and moves around a lot (usually described as Jittery). She enjoys animals and is obsessed with wolves. She is the happy-go-lucky type of person, although she is also very sensitive. Normally very sweet, but if you say the wrong thing or hurt her, her friends or family, she will hunt you down. She enjoys walking through nature and gazing at stars. She has finished high school but doesn’t know if she should attend college.

Character Likes

Nature, wolves, animals, kids, stargazing, chocolate cake, cookiedough icecream, smiles, hugs, having fun, the smell of freshly baked goods.

Character Dislikes

Rude people, cussing, nature haters, cars, vanilla icecream and cake, sour things, finding garbage in nature, seeing people sad, bullies.

Character History/Story

She grew up in the lower class spectrum of things in New Zealand. When she was around the age of 4 her mother and father were killed in front of her while she hid. She was raised by her older sister, Cahira. She struggled with learning because she was home schooled for most of her life. She doesn't use her past to define her and she tries to see the more positive side of things. At the age of 14, her and her sister moved to America.

Character Inventory

Constantly carrying snacks. Has a first aide kit. A blanket. And deck of cards.

Character Abilites

She is agile and is capable of animal shape shifting. She prefers to shift into a chestnut wolf with white on the muzzle and front left paw and back right paw. She is a good swimmer. In the dark her eyes glow.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, One-liners

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I'm into Homestuck, fantasy roleplay, undertale, romance roleplay, romcom movies, steven universe, and i'm getting into Supernatural the show.

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