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Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

Standing at 5'11 with brown hair and eyes, he has a fair skin tone and looks his age, not much else to say on the body of him as he's fairly unassuming. Clothing wise he generally defaults to a long sleeved shirt with black pants, preferring to keep it casual whenever he can get away with it.

Character Personality

Generally Luke tries to be a nice person to people, note how I say try right there because while he does mean well his blunt nature, bad people skills (especially if he's upset), plus his struggle to see others perspectives (it's not a lack of empathy but more of a struggle to Understand others sometimes.) and if he can't understand something he'll try to rationalize into something he can which is often off the mark. He's prone to pushing his emotions to the side (or trying to do so) while on the clock and is terrified of losing anyone close to him. But he's not all faults though he does genuinely want to help people, he's goal oriented and will takes steps to get him closer to his goal if he can see them, to him there's always hope, always a better tomorrow for those willing to work for it and that's why he's so adverse to death and pain. this also the fuel for his determination to keep as many people as he can alive. if tomorrow is another day he wants to share that tomorrow with others.

Character Likes

Video games, working towards a goal, spending time with friends and family, helping others, the sound of the Piano, the Night sky, remembering happier times, moving forward no matter what.

Character Dislikes

Being alone (both in the physical and social senses), His efforts being wasted, being played like a fiddle, sadism, people getting hurt around, himself getting hurt, he's just very adverse to pain and death, people disrespecting his friends and family, his own nature pushing others away.

Character History/Story

As the oldest of four brothers with a hard working father who just wants to provide for his sons and a missing Mother Luke has had a rocky childhood-teenage year period. As soon as he was old enough to part time jobs his father sent him out to do it to help support the family, willingly at first but after a few years though he began to become a little selfish later down the line. Nothing too drastic just lying about how much he actually makes to save up some personal funds for himself. sooner or later though he would be offered a Job that would set him and his family up for life. So of course he would take it. Of course as those of you familiar with Lobotomy Corporation or Library of Ruina would know, it did not go how he hoped. This would lead to him being one of the agents, people who worked with monsters and monstrous beings to harvest Enkephalin from to turn into energy for the City to use. this was a time of great stress turmoil, and character development for him as things went wrong, expectations were starting to be set up, and his inherent need to live was in conflict with his fear of being alone. However in the end he did it, he pushed away his fears and stepped up to go from merely good at his job to somewhat great. of course...then the last week of lobotomy corporation happened and everything went to shit. When he next woke up his old workplace had become a Library, and was given the role of an assistant librarian, after learning what exactly that entailed, he became somewhat bitter as everything he had done to that point is all for naught and has in fact, made things worse for the City this all takes place in. still he keeps on keeping on, trying to enjoy what's been allowed to him and doing what it takes to see another day.

Character Inventory

A smartphone, A black baton, a Pistol

Character Abilites

Skills: -Hand to hand combat (boxing) -Guns (Rifles and Pistols) -Observation (after a period of watching someone he can notice things like weak points or habits) -Tinkering (Due to working in the technological sciences section he's gotten good at messing with the wiring/gears of a machine to slow it down or stop it.) Powers: -Light manipulation (Because of what his story has exposed him too, he's able to manipulate light a bit, this mostly manifests in lasers and heating up stuff.)

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, One-liners, No-Preference

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Violence, Realistic, Anime, 18+, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Name's Mega, or at least that's my screen name. and uh well I like to write out stories and do RP's. this account right here, or profile at least is all about Luke my first ever OC who's is also my most general purpose OC, with a backstory that could fit in anywhere. But I'll default using his LC/LoR incarnation as that's him at his most fleshed out.

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