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  • Hey thanks for accepting my add. Care to write??
  • "Something like that." She didn't remember what it was called she just knew he was one. "She always owns it. You goose." She said with a grin. "I don't know. You might not like biting." She really did just say the first thing that pooped into her head. Following his gaze she looked back at him. "Everything is flawed my dear. Still it might be those flaws that make us neat." She said as she darted off towards the tavern where Damien had first gotten her fries. She was a creature of habit and her mind said one got fries here.

  • Yes she had a friend. Wasn't that what people do make friends. "His name is Damien he fights demons or something and brought me fries and told me not to throw stuff on the floor." She said as if very proud of this fact. "Nuh. God owns it or created it. That is what I was told. But he can't keep ice cream from melting." She said with a huff. "Only I can bite. Wait that sounds wrong coming from you." She tried to figure out why as she frowned at him. She shook her head. "Still if I can they can. It isn't hard."

  • He was so his existence chased them away. Meeanie head. She had no idea how she ended up this way that was lost in her memories. Being a human was a strange thing though and their were so many strange things about it. "Dominion? Nuh. This is the town my friend lives in. You don't own it." She said getting really close. "Don't make me bite you." She said before moving back from him. "Because its rude." She replied as if that was obvious.

    It might occur to her that he was a bad son even though he wanted to protect her. Wasn't he like trying to kill her or something? She patted his cheek. "I always behave."

  • She felt sort of sad as she debated telling him to stop chasing people away. However, she doubted it would do her one bit of good. She might have laughed at being thought of as beautiful she didn't think like that. She was just a girl like anyone else. She had the power though she did not know this. Instead she looked at him like he was a naughty child, funny when all things were considered. It was just he was being a strange noodle. She half wondered if melting ice cream was his invention. Seems something he would do she thought narrowing her eyes to stare at him.

    It was true that she did not know and that in this form she was defenseless. It was also true she didn't know this and if she had she might not care. She was not afraid of getting hurt. "It is not. Who made that dumb rule." She said giving him a look as she shook her head the brown curls moving as she did. "Why?" She said tilting her head. "Fine but you best behave. People here are nice and you seem to have a way of making them go. Run away!"

  • It appeared that everyone was running off now. She was not sure why but blondy must be scary or something. She sighed softly she had wanted to talk to the girl but it appeared she had other places to be. She would be mad if he tried to take payment for helping. "I don't want to hold still. You can see me while I am moving. Watch." She said moving her head about as if to make a point. "Ciya." She supposed introductions were fine it wasn't like her name was a secret.

    She stopped moving tilting her head to stare at him. "I was going to get fries but your friend went all grr come with me and I went no you can't have her. But now I am going to go get my fries because they are good. So bye bye."

  • "Go ahead and try it." She said to the creature. Her own eyes studying him. She wasn't afraid she was going to protect the girl at any rate. However before it could take any action it would appear another would intercede. Her eyes moving as the girl seemed shocked by the newcomer. She didn't know who he was so she tilted her head to the side as the demon seemed to bow? Was this his boss or something? She tried to recall what Damien had told her about demons but came up short. It seemed the first was leaving.

    The fact he left the girl made her happy as she turned to Luci as he grabbed her chin and yanked it up. She stared at him with those strange eyes of hers. "Stop that." She said pulling away hands placed on her hips.

  • It had been sometime since she had been taken in by the knight. At this moment he had other matters to attend and she was slowly beginning to manage her way through the world. If by world one meant the area around his home, it was a small community but she found what she needed and managed to make a bit of cash helping others in the area. She seemed to have a talent dealing with kids and animals as if they were drawn to something inside of her. She tried to give Damien money but the gentleman that he was would not allow it. So, she used it to buy treats sometimes for herself other for those that she came across. It also seemed in her nature to care greatly about those around her. 

    It was this day that she had wandered outside to get some fries. Having something of an addiction to the things that she seemed to hear a few voices talking. Coming around the corner to see a man dragging a girl down the street with him. The girl seemed to be crying and she stepped between them her eyes darting up towards the lesser demon though she knew it not. "That is enough." 

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