"My dear Mina, why are men so noble when we women are so little worthy of them? Here was I almost making fun of this great hearted, true gentleman. I burst into tears, I am afraid, my dear, you will think this a very sloppy letter in more ways than one, and I really felt very badly. Why can't they let a girl marry three men, or as many as want her, and save all this trouble? But this is heresy, and I must not say it."


Lucy Westenra is London's sexy, social butterfly with a penchant for gossip, flirting and all things glamorous. She is the daughter of the late Minerva Westenra, the ex-girlfriend of Alastair Harvey, and the ex-best friend of Mina Murray. She is much praised for her beauty, purity, and sweet nature. These qualities earned her three suitors, all of whom propose to her on the same day: Arthur Holmwood, the wealthy son of Lord Godalming; Quincey Morris, an American cowboy; and Dr John Seward, a primitive psychiatrist. Lucy is closer to none other than her best friend Mina Murray. Lucy is extremely beautiful and has captured the eyes of many men, however Lucy always acts disinterested, Lucy introduces Mina to the dregs of low society, taking her to drug dens and so forth. It soon becomes obvious that Lucy is in love with her best friend Mina.

In "Of Monsters and Men", Lucy has dinner with Mina and Harker, and is unimpressed by a magic trick. Lucy leaves the table and finds Jayne Wetherby, who invited her to tea. Lady Wetherby tells Lucy that she knows what it's like "to be denied one's heart's desires." Lucy assumes she means Alexander, and tells Lady Wetherby that she has no interest in him. Lady Wetherby says that she was not talking about Alexander, implying she is aware of Lucy's feelings for Mina. Lucy promptly leaves.When Lucy visits Lady Wetherby for tea. Lady Wetherby apologizes for "embarrassing" her, but tells Lucy that she felt she had to reach out because she has been in a similar position herself. Jayne tells her that such urges are common place, and a "natural part of a woman's maturation". She tells Lucy that Mina may feel the same way about her, and encourages her to confess her feelings. She then kisses Lucy.

Later, Mina tells Lucy about her suspicions that Van Helsing is lying to her. She apologises, saying that Lucy must find the conversation rather "dull", and Lucy says that she does not find it dull because Mina is speaking. Mina says that Lucy is kind to humour her. Seeing this as a sign of Mina's interest in her, Lucy tells Mina that, "It is not kindness, but love", and tries to kiss her.When she admits her true feelings to Mina, Mina is repulsed. After Mina rejects Lucy she seduces Jonathan into sleeping with her and lost her virginity to him. Soon after she feels the guilt.

 In "Four Roses", Lucy speaks to her mother, she begins to cry, as her mother asks her to tell her what's wrong. Eventually, Lucy asks her mother why she never told her that it was normal for women to fall in love with other women.  

"Hello, Lucy. If you insist on behaving like a monster, then I'm going to make you one."


Dracula turned Lucy into a vampire for sleeping with Jonathan. Dracula did this because he is in love with Mina and will punish anyone who hurts her.



"The neighborhood of Hampstead is just at present exercised with a series of events which seem to run on lines parallel to those of what was known to the writers of headlines and "The Kensington Horror," or "The Stabbing Woman," or "The Woman in Black." During the past two or three days several cases have occurred of young children straying from home or neglecting to return from their playing on the Heath. In all these cases the children were too young to give any properly intelligible account of themselves, but the consensus of their excuses is that they had been with a "bloofer lady." It has always been late in the evening when they have been missed, and on two occasions the children have not been found until early in the following morning...

...all who have been missed at night, have been slightly torn or wounded in the throat. The wounds seem such as might be made by a rat or a small dog, and although of not much importance individually, would tend to show that whatever animal inflicts them has a system or method of its own. The police of the division have been instructed to keep a sharp lookout for straying children, especially when very young, in and around Hampstead Heath, and for any stray dog which may be about.."-THE WESTMINSTER GAZETTE, 25 SEPTEMBER 1897

Reports spread of children being attacked at night, each child claiming to have been abducted by a "Bloofer (or Beautiful) Lady". The children also have bite marks on their throats, though none has been seriously drained. Dr Van Helsing realizes that Lucy has now risen again as a vampire, and asks Dr Seward, Arthur and Quincey to help him destroy the undead creature. When they doubt him, Helsing takes Seward to show him first-hand that Lucy's coffin is empty, and then waits until she appears with another child. Luckily, as they watch, she takes only a little blood before flitting back to her crypt. 





Powers and Abilities:

The supernatural forces that sustain vampires also endow them with enhanced physical abilities as well as powers of mind control. These powers grow stronger with age and consumption of human blood. When they are in their human form they look completely normal. However, when the vampire calls upon their powers or when the vampire is thirsty for blood, their upper and lower canines grow into fangs and their eyes turn blood-red. All of a vampires' powers grow stronger with age and consumption of blood. 

As a vampire Lucy has the abilities of turning her body bat like such as bat like wings under her arms. She also has a rather mist like appearance swirling around her body adding to her already inhuman nature. Lucy is also somewhat immune to religious symbols which, as she explains, needs fate on both sides for a vampire to be repealed. Dracula's brides were turned during an era where their religious beliefs were stronger while she, being turned the the modern era, is strong enough not be fully warded off by it. It clearly still affects her but not to the extent of Dracula's brides. Touching her with it will of course harm her.

Immortality - Vampires are immune to all forms of illnesses, toxins or poisons. Consuming blood will allow them to maintain their vitality. Vampires never age. Vampires stay at the exact state they were in when they were turned into a vampire. Their undead status makes them exempt from both physical aging and other dangers that would kill a living body, such as toxins and diseases. Vampires maintain the youth and health of an attractive young human despite having surpassed the lifespan of an average healthy human.

Super Strength - Vampires are much stronger than humans. About six to ten times stronger than the strongest Olympic athlete. Vampires are strong enough to tear off limbs and rip out throats bare-handed. They can snap chains and even lift vehicles among other feats.

Conventional Harm Immunity - Vampires are immune to all conventional means of harm.

Super Speed - Vampires are much faster than humans. About six to ten times faster than the fastest Olympic athlete.
Super Senses - Vampires can hear, see, and smell, better than humans.
Healing Factor - Vampires can heal faster than humans. Consuming blood speeds up the process.
Psychic Countermeasures - Certain vampires have the power to detect if they are being watched by a Seer and block their sight.
Levitation - Vampires are able to float into the air.
Telepathic Connection - Vampire sires have a connection with the vampires they have sired, allowing them to hear their cries if close enough.
Vampire Creation - Vampires can pass their curse to others by forcing an individual to drink their blood.
Age Empowerment - A vampires powers and abilities get enhanced and more versatile the more older and more ancient they become.

Master Swordswoman - Lucy Westenra is amazingly skilled in swordsmanship, brought about from Dracula's blood, her vampire attributes makes her a even more deadly swordswoman.

Force-sensitive:  Lucy is highly attuned to the mystical energy field known as the Force. She could, with training, learn to sense and manipulate the Force.


Sunlight - Prolonged exposure to sunlight will result in death. However, with a solar serum, vampires are able to stand in the sunlight with no ill effects, for a period of up to four hours.
Desiccation - A lack of blood for a prolonged period of time will cause Lucy to weaken and begin to resemble a corpse.
Iron - Iron can be used to contain, injure, and kill vampires.
Decapitation - Severing a vampires head will result in instant death.
Fire - If Lucy is consumed by fire for a prolonged period of time, then she will die.




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Character Personality

Lucy is kind, caring, intelligent, compassionate, impulsive, reckless, short tempered, and a flirt, however after receiving some lessons from Jayne, she becomes manipulative, as she seduce Jonathan, her best friend's fiancé to have sex with her, out of anger, because Mina rejected her feelings for her. Shortly after sleeping with Jonathan, Lucy immediately feels guilt and remorse for this action of hers, believing it to be the honorable thing to do, she tells Mina what she has done, despite knowing that their friendship could end, if she finds out what she has done.

Character History/Story

Lucy Westenra is London's sexy, social butterfly with a penchant for gossip, flirting and all things glamorous. She is the daughter of the late Minerva Westenra, the ex-girlfriend of Alastair Harvey, and the ex-best friend of Mina Murray. She is much praised for her beauty, purity, and sweet nature. These qualities earn her three suitors, all of whom propose to her on the same day: Arthur Holmwood, the wealthy son of Lord Godalming; Quincey Morris, an American cowboy; and Dr John Seward, a primitive psychiatrist.

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  • (Will be sending a reply soon)

  • His manner of attire might seemed a bit unusual. For he wore a large lab coat like one might expect on a doctor or medical personal or a scientist, but underneath, a Buisness suit he wore.  Unusual combination for sure unless one knew what he did for a living or moonlighted as. As a Buisness man. One could say he was in the Buisness of killing, and Buisness was good. The other would be that of some form of medic or a doctor, a healing practitioner of some kind. 

    A smile spread across his lips as he looked at the stunning, beautiful, radiant, classy looking woman before him. She had a look of a duchess or some time of nobleman or noblewoman rather. When she offered her hand to kiss, looking at her attire, her behavior, and the name, it felt like she was a portrait from an older time.  He knew enough about some old school things to learn proper etiquette and he tooked her gloved had and kissed it, almost wishing the hand was bare so he could place a kiss upon her bare naked flesh of her hand.


    "Lucy Westenra. Why does that name sound so familiar. Like something from a novel set In Victorian era or something. You look like a beautiful portrait frozen in time, Mi lady. "

    He wondered if he said that right. Despite his reputation as being a chip off the ole block, being like his old man, a Negan Jr. Lucy was the first vampire he has come across. First female one to boot and quite the beautiful one but then from what he saw from Hollywood, many of the vampire women in films were hardly ever to unpleasant to look upon. He was glad for the sterotype of beautiful vampire women, being an actual thing, for sure.


    "A night made more beautiful by your company, my dear Ms Westenra.  I wonder. Am I your first demon? I only ask cause few ever say to meet one is a pleasure. Given our...... " evil, vile, sinful nature". Though I suppose. Many have said unkind things about your kind as well. Though I know not all vampires are the same just like not all demons are. Some are .... well to say good is a bit of a stretch. More like, not all the way evil, like half or  even one fourth evil in nature. Me and my family are not bent on raising literal hell and turning the planet into a raging fire pit. But we do enjoy getting into trouble and the occasional petty crime. A little grand theft auto here, some petty theft there, some breaking and entering over there. Skipping out on the dinner bill, sneaking into a movie, kids stuffs mostly. It passes the boredom at times. Though now that you are here. I won't have to engage in such juvenile activities since I have you to converse with.  Truth be told. You are my first vampire. I thought it was some Hollywood cliché or stereotype that all vampire women were beautiful and so few were unappealing to look upon. I am glad to see there is some truth to the many lies Hollywood has spun. Are all women of your kind as breath taking as you? Or are you just one of the special ones?"

    He gave her hand one more kiss before letting her take it back if she chose to do so. Flashing a handsome, kind, smile to her. Sure he was being bit more flirty or flattering then usual, but it wasn't every night he met someone like Lucy, so he planned to make the most of it and remember this encounter. 


  • (Sorry for the long wait and the rather long post. I didn't think I was going to write that much.  Hope you are doing well.)

  • "Yes. Perspective. Point of view. You are right. She is my great  X grandmother.  She is family. Still. I'm not a total orphan it seems. Though feels like one. My old life is gone and my new one. Well. Been very lonely I must say. You are one of the first kind vampires I have met who didn't just want to fuck me and drink me blood and use me. You don't look at me as someone who could be a pawn to you. Those who came before. They sought to use me for their own ends and because I am just a "Baby Vampire", they thought they could force themselves on me and assert their will.  I never killed my own kind before until the day I met those five. I can see why they wanted me. They were all centuries older then me. A baby vampire shouldn't be able to fight off a vampire decades older then then, let alone centuries but I did. Because of my unique blood and my power.  I found myself flash freezing two of them to the point they shattered into a thousand peices. Another I staked to a wall with an ice javelin and let him to meet the sun. Another one I someone on instinct. Used my power in a way I never have before and somehow teleported his heart in my hands. Which then froze and shattered. Killing him. The last one. I did a move I saw Dracula did before. My Dracula. I was injured of course in this skirmish and was able to use my blood to create a sort of razor whip that I used like a blade and I sliced him in half, right down the middle, from head to ballsack, split in two. Of course that only incurred the wrath of their coterie but they held off on attacking me since I liked five of their members who were in the triple digits of age and they were. I  am just guessing. Were unsure how to handle me and so I think they have been following me. Trying to study me and find a way to capture me. Cause as I said before.  They want my blood. They hope to gain the power of Dracula and Bathory from my veins and the power my own unique birth as a pure blood Synergist, has afforded me. I was lucky to stave off death a second time. Before when I was alive. I did get some self defense training to keep some guy from trying to kidnapp me and have his way with me, but I was only trained how to deal with humans, not other vampires. Both Dracula and Bathory were fascinated with me. Wondering what I could become one day. My hidden potential. Guess I shouldn't be surprise my adoptive vampire family secretly wished to use me for their own ends as well. "

    Cassandra let out a heavy sigh as she regale this tale for dear Lucy. Opening up to her cause she didn't have anyone else like her too. Sure she met a kind wolf boy that she spoke with but he wasn't vampire. He wasn't a woman. He wouldn't be able to see her point of view like Lucy could. As little did Cassie know. Lucy likely had her own misfortunes with their species like she has. 

    "Still. They time I had with them was kinda nice. I think maybe in her own twisted, demented way, my  great X grandmother, cared for me. She did seem please to learn I was her kin, her blood descendant. I haven't killed any vampires since then. I avoided them like the plague. Till you of course and two other vampire women of renown. I do have many human blood on my hands but those mmmmm deserved it? I'm not a monster. I only went after thoses who were Monsterous to me first. There are many bad men in this world who get off on hurting women. So in order to avoid a guilty conscience and not feed on the innocent. I only fed on bad men. I used myself as bait. Walk into a dark alley or seedy part of town. Wait for some guy to come up and offer me a "good time." Go back to their place and smell the roofie they slipped into my drink when they thought I was ignorant of it. I let them think they were going to have their way with me only to surprise them and have my way with them instead. You see. As I told this wolf fellow. I purposely made myself a target to lure out bad men. If some man came to me and tried to kidnapped me, rape me then and there, or take me to their place and try to drug me. Then I know. Those men are bad and likely have hurt other women before me and with the broken sad joke the humans call a justice system. So many of these men walk free while their victims rot in the ground or worse. So I told myself. These men wanted to hurt me. Rape me. Kill me maybe. Possible sell me into sex trafficking slavery or try to get me hooked on drugs and whored out on the corner pulling tricks or possible, try to harvest my organs to sell on the black market. Those men. Those were men who were not innocent. Those were men who didn't deserve the life they had been given. I did other women a favor. The world a favor. By removing them from this mortal coil. I drained them dry. The moment they decided to have very ill intentions towards me, was the moment their fate was sealed. Do you think that was wrong of me? To purposely put myself in those situations in an effort to test the  mmmm how to say it. Worthiness or test of character, the measure of a man. Decide if they should live or die based on how they would treat me? The ones who offered me a ride home or money for food or to provide me shelter without any nefarious intentions. Those are ones I spared. Cause they only wished to help me and not take advantage of me or hurt me. So I told myself. If I must feed and perhaps take a life. They it be someone who forfeited theirs and no longer deserved the breath they take. "

    Cassie felt no remorse over the men she has killed. Sure what she did was a form of trickery, possibly entrapment, but those men. They wanted to do bad things to her and have likely done so to other women before her. She saw it as doing a public service. Doing the job cops failed to do. If those men wanted to live, they simply shouldn't have try to take sexual advantage of her or worse. That was how she managed to cope with being a blood sucking predator. Feed only on those who had it coming. Call her Lady Karma. 

    "Course. I'm no innocent. Before I died and was made vampire. I was a paranormal bank robber. Never hurt anyone. No cops or civilians ever got injured by me. I just robbed banks and a few other places. I was a thief. A burglar. Not a robber. That thing with the vampire's heart, that I did. When I was caught by cops. I did something the same. With my level of skills. I can teleport every single bullet out of a gun, right into my very hands. They couldn't shoot me if I had their bullets right. I think that was how I tore that one  older vampire's heart out without touching him. I suppose I could've maybe used telekinesis to achieve the same effect but I did not know I could effect a living person like that. Remote teleportation or Apporting I think they call it. That power came in handy when I met my very first vampire hunter. Should have seen the look on his face when he tried to fire  a cross bolt at me. Only to see his crossbow magically in my hands, followed by the wooden stakes he was reaching for next. He never met a vampire like me before. Someone who was not a human but a a Tommorrow Person. A human like being with Psionic psychic abilities. That is the primary reason Bathory came for me. She thought a non human turned vampire, a Paranormal, would make for a far superior breed of vampire then a regular human with no special gifts. She wasn't wrong. She wasn't wrong.  I broke his femur and then had him impaled on a fence post for anyone to see. Helped send a message to his compatriots to not come after me or possibly pissed them off. They will make a move on me soon I'm sure, but since I am an unknown vampiric entity and unpredictable in terms of my powers. They made the smart play  and have stayed away, for now. That or I'm just hard to pin down since I move around a lot.  "

    She pulled a Vlad the Impaler with that staking move,  to be a message to his comrades. What she did to him, she could do to them or much worse. It bought her time to catch her breath. Metaphorically speaking. She was sadden to hear of Lucy's tale and also Intrigued. 

    "Abandon by Dracula like me.  Come across a fabled hunter. Taken in by a woman who later betrayed you. Killing vampires of your own violation. I must say I feel a little better knowing I wasn't the only one to have a rough go of things. It saddens me to hear of the betrayal and abandonment. I haven't felt the Icey sting of betrayal but I know it can be painful and unforgiving. I can't imagine how that must have been. To be hunted by humans to only later work for them. And to kill your own kind. I only did so to protect myself. I been lucky I didn't have to kill anymore and that I faced one hunter though I got a feeling I will be crossing paths with a vampire hunter very soon.  I can't call you a traitor for killing vampires since I never swore them any allegiance. Especially when they wanted to dissect me and use me to make themselves stronger. As for werewolves. I have no problems with them. I don't see the reason behind the blood fued between our two species. I even made a friend with a young werewolf. Gentleman. Bit shy. Easy to embarrass and make his cheeks red. Course I was being a tease and quite naughty so yeah. But he was a good sport about it in the end. He is dating a witch. Sounds cute. I do feel bad for him. The curse and all. In love with a witch when a witch cursed his bloodline and left him afflicted with Lycan condition. I offered him many ideas of how he might cure or deal with it. Like I said before. When I was made into a vampire. I did tons of research and looked into werewolves as well. Figured if I had been made a she wolf instead of a vampire. I would like to find some cure or work around. Like I did with sunlight.  That was another reason vampires came after me. They thought I was a Daywalker. Which wasn't true really. I could walk in the sun yes but only because I discovered a trick. "

    Cassie would show Lucy by holding her left arm yo against a strong source of light and their was a slight sheen on her arm and her arm now how a blue tint to it. Though she tried her hardest to make sure she didn't sparkle like those abomination vampires in that one book series. She ran two fingers down her arm and a sheet of ice began to coat it. 

    "Right now you can see an obvious coating and before that. Only under strong light you could see that skin pigmentation differential and almost sparkle sheen.  The way I can walk in the sun is mmmm kinda simple and bit tricky or little complex. Like mirrors. Ice can also have a reflective surface to it and refract light. So. My genius plan was this. I covered my entire body,head to toe, in an ultra thin membrane of ice. So thin that it is invisible to the naked eye and would need strong light and a good eye to catch it. I cover myself in a layer of Ice Skin, as it were. I use this covering to bounce UVs rays off my body. I keep the sunlight from touching my actual skin by using my ice skin to redirect the light away from me.  Took some trial and error and many painful sessions of burning my arm in sunlight but I finally made it work. Clever no? So many vampires assumed I had the secret to Daywalking in my blood but in truth, I was just very inventive and creative with my cryomancy. Because due to the ice cube I was stuck in and transformed into a vampire in. I somehow woke up as a vampiric Cryomancer. Among other things. I know some vampires used special sunblock and clothes to walk in the sun or possibly some sort of solar serum. But sunblock can be washed off by being tied to a tree with sprinklers going  off. Which I heard happen to one vampire in a surburbia. As for the Dracula and the turn into a wolf thing. I also have that ability and some of his other shapeshifting tricks. A result of the blood bonding ritual he did with me to have his blood flow inside of me in addition to Bathory's. I picked up some of his tricks as a result. Not sure what the connection is to wolves though. I guess the bat thing is vampire bat but the rat. Well. One cat lady once said. "Bats are just mice with wings." The fog mist thing I'm unclear of as well. I'm still learning about myself. Your friend you mention. Mina Harker. How did she save your life? And how did she pass? If I may ask? Also, my heartfelt condolences about the loss of your friend. She must have been very special and lucky to have you as a friend. I know I am."

    Cassie said with a kiss to Lucy's cheek when she held the door open for her. Cassie was Lucy as a friend. Someone special to her. Friend or maybe more. She was unsure but Lucy wasn't an enemy or someone out to use Cassie and then toss her aside once her usefulness came to an end. For once, Cassie felt a bit of joy. Her little dinner date thing , impromptu it was, with the wolf boy. He did ask her if she met any vampire ladies she could befriend or possible date. Up until now. She hasn't really but recently it seemed things might be looking up. She felt comfortable talking to Lucy and was glad to meet a fellow lady vampire and one who didn't just want her for her blood or dark gifts. 

    Her eyes widen in surprise at the inside of the tavern. She hadn't been inside a place like this and the fact vampires and such were in here, was a big surprise to her. She looked at the waiter and smiled and took a seat. A candlelit dinner? How possitivly romantic!


    "Well now. Are we on a date Ms Westenra? I never had candlelight dinner before and what was that thumbs up about? Hehehe adorable. That was. Mmmm forgive me. You likely bored of me going on about my misfortunes of becoming a vampire and how many just wanted to use me for my gifts. But it hasn't been all bad. Aside from those wanting my abilities for their own end. I come to embrace being a vampire. Once I got around the pesky sunlight issue that was. A nuisance for sure. Though I have something in mind to remove my little trick so I can walk in the sun, permanently. Without having to constantly cover myself in ice and feel like some frigid ice woman. Literally. You fun fact. Because of what my people are. The Tommorrow People. It's impossible for us to kill. True story. We have something called, the Prime Barrier. Something in our mind gets triggered when we use our powers in a way that could kill someone or even trying to shoot someone with a fatal gunshot wound. Anytime we try to use lethal force. This unbearable like mind grain headache on a mega ton of TNT. It's like a Nuke going off in our heads. The pain is pure agony. Like burning alive. It gets to the point we pass out from the pain. We can't kill people and yet the bloody humans hunted us down anyway because they saw us as a Threat or jealous cause we got the powers of the Three Ts and they don't. Going back to what you said about humans not seeing all vampires as blood sucking monsters. My people. Literally incapable of murder and yet they saw us as a threat regardless. Only one or two of my kind have the power to kill and that involved painful expirements and many drugs to Burn a part of the brain that controls the Prime Barrier. We have to bascially get a chemical lobotomy in order to have the power to kill someone. Compared to vampires. We are harmless as a newborn kitten or puppy. Yet didn't stop them forming an organization who sole purpose in life was to hunt us down and either eradicate us or enslave us and force us to do their bidding. Bascially join us or die. Serve us and live or say no and be murdered. What lovely choices we had. Course a Resistance was formed cause many didn't like those options. But all that seems small the day I learn vampires, witches, and werewolves existed. Mind blown. On the plus side, I learned I could kill without suffering migraines. I once heard of a vampire who got murdered by the military putting a chip in his head that made he suffer excruciating pain anytime he so much as even slapped a human upside the head or tried to bite them. Kinda felt like that. Except he got his chip removed when he got a soul. There is no chip removal option for us. Save that one aweful expirement. Another one they created. Beside power dampening cuffs and equipment. They created a serum that could rob us of our powers. Take away what makes us special. A very painful procedure that leaves us broken beyond all holes of repair. It's like clipping the wings of an Angel. Or removing the fangs of a vampire. We lose a fundamental part of ourselves and are never the same again.  Humans. Is co -existence even possible? Sorry for rambling on.  This place is lovely. Much like you. Hahahahahah a thought just hit me. You mention something. 
    Meeting a James Bond in the 50s? Makes me want to ask. Do you like your blood, Shaken, not stirred?"


    Cassie said with a laughs since she could not do a Bond impression with a straight face. 

    "Did you ever get yourself a sexy Bond Girl? He seemed to have the good life. License to kill. Gets to play with all kinds of fun toy gadgets. And sleep with many beautiful women. Not a bad life in a sense. But was it the 1850s or 1950s? I guess I ask cause I just thought. Imagined if we dated.  One could call you was robbing the cradle. In the sense that I am a baby compared to you. Not that I'm calling you an old biddy or cradle robber. I just realized you must be way older then I am. I'm just a baby in vampire years. Hell. I'm still in my 20s. Makes me think of those silly terms humans through around like Boomer and Cougar.  Silly Millennials.  But we are vampires, so what is age to use but just another number. Thank you for bringing me here. I am In high spirits. I told my wolf friend I felt dead inside but he saw me as pretty lively. And I feel this way. With you now. Especially. I look forward to seeing where the night take us. So that in mind. What's good to eat here?"



  • "Well they say blondes have more fun. I wonder if you know how to have fun. Lena is a brilliant buisness woman and very smart but I doubt she knows how to cut loose, let her hair down, and have fun. But something tells me you do. You look good as a blond and you say it's your natural hair color. So that means the carpet matches the drapes?"

    DarkKara couldn't help with saying that. Unlike Kara Danvers. She was more corrupted and darker then her and more incline to bad behavior and some crude , lewd humor and vulgarity. She was the opposite of her "twin sister", which is how she saw herself compared to Kara Danvers. She would take the jug of milk, pour it into then in vintage cup along with the tea from the tea pot and several spoons of sugar and would use her finger to rapidly milk all three things together and then licked her finger clean before taking a sip. She did not seemed bothered by the hotness or the tea pot bottom part or the tea. Since being what she was. She could place her hand on a burning stove and feel no discomfort. She took a few sips before she gulp the entire cup contents down her gullet and gently placed the cup down on the tray so as to not shatter it accidentally.


    "Well. Lena. Lucy. Two Ls.  Both stand for Lovely. As you both are very lovely and nice to look at. You must be drowning in suitors I imagine. As pretty as Lena is. She doesn't attract many suitors. I fear it cause of the Luthor name and because she can be rather Intimidating. I think many men feel.. mmmmmm emasculated beside her. But I wonder if there is any man who could ever truly be her equal. Romantically and all that. Not counting her brother cause ... yeah.  You have a lovely home here Miss Westenra. Very lovely indeed. So tell me. What do you like to do for fun? "

    Kara decided to pour herself another cup mixture like she did before and cross her legs as she sat down and took a load off. 


  • (It's not suppose to be canon. It just for fandom. :p I looked into those two. Reigncorp makes more sense then AgentCorp. Since Alex doesn't interact with Lena much and have very little I guess positive or strong feelings toward her then kara or same do. I do like SuperReignCorp.  Sam, Lena, and Kara together.  Like a Love Triangle or one of those Thruple relationships. I do like the idea of all three of them together. 
    I am glad you are doing well.

    Trie enough she is or could be. It's why I play her Kryptonite Doppelgänger. She is the mirror opposite of Kara Danvers. Where Kara is good, heroic, pure, and straight. DarkKara  is evil, villianess, impure, and Gay.  Kara is compassionate, selfless, caring. Dark Kara is cruel, selfish, apathetic. She was created first under the influence of Red Kryptonite. She is basically a Red Kara black Kryptonite duplicate.  As her default moral setting is that if a good Kryptonian on red Kryptonite.  )

  • (Hello! Thank you for the invite! Hope you don't mind my little random post. I have been thinking what I would write should Mina come across a Lucy Westenra. After watching League of Extraordinary Gentleman and NBC Dracula. I been on a sort of Dracula binge and forgot how much I loved peta Wilson as Mina in that movie, LOEG. Please not mind my profile story elements. I kinda shipped Lucy and Mina together but that doesn't mean I want to impose that on you or anything. It just what I wrote for my version of Mina and her bsckstory. As I figured. Once she embraced bisexuality after becoming immortal and the incident with Dracula. I thought that should have Lucy survived in the comics. League of Extraordinary Gentleman. That maybe she and Lucy May have become lovers since she began liking women instead of only just men. So it is why I added that to her backstory. A pleasure to meet you. )

  • The sound of boot heels upon the marble floor stopped upon the strange new land she has found herself in. She has been on a journey across time and space it seemed. Her eyes widen in shock upon seeing her oldest and dearest friend. Lucy Westenra. She was alive!  But how? She knew Van Helsing and the three men who courted and loved Lucy, staked and beheaded her. She saw her body. But this Lucy. She was alive. Intact!

    Mina could not control herself as she flung herself at Lucy and embraced her in the warmest and tightest of Hugs.


    "Lucy! You are alive. You live?! How? Dr. Van Helsing along with  Dr Seward, Arthur, and Quincey, they decapitated and staked you after Dracula turned you into a vampire. How are you alive? Wait. Are you a different Lucy then my Lucy? Is that how you live?"

    Mina was overcome by a flood of various emotions and with her hugging of Lucy. She sniffed her and took in her scent. Vampire. Like her. She would place her hands on her face and look at her with a happy and sad expression. 

    "Oh Lucy. Even this you. You are vampire. Were you turned by Dracula. Like I was? Even if you are not the Lucy from my world, you are still Lucy. The Lucy I always loved. "


  • [Thank you adding :). Work together on an plot?]

  • "A direct question.  A naughty one. Haha. I been called much worse. I do take after my father after all. The apple of his eye. hmm I look familiar? Well I did model this face after a vampire woman cod two. Plus a dark fairy. Lovely woman. Always haunted my dreams so I made myself look like her in the waking world. The body worked out very nicely for me. "

    At the Wolfman Rape thing. She arched a brow and wasn't sure what to say. So she just channeled daddy. 

    "Reminds me of some perverted joke of red riding hood telling the wolf what big mouth or tongue he has and the wolf all better to eat you out with. Came across a meme of Red riding hood holding a captured and scared wolf and going. "Now stick to the story and eat me!"  Hahahaha the stuff human's comes up with. Memes. Lovely. Defilement. I sadly know all about that. My grandma was defiled  by one hundred crazy convicts. My dad and my mother were both born of rape. As was I when my father defiled my mother's corpse. Guess the demon that went through all the trouble of creating me really wanted to maximize the trifecta evil thing. Or something. The plan to make a body for the real world backfired horribly when I gain sentience and became self aware and took control of my body and absorbed the demon into me instead. But that is all a story for another time.  Tom Hardy. I liked him in Venom. Wouldn't mind some black alien ooze covering my naked body. "

    She said with a slight smirk before she relaxed and thought of how to introduce herself. 
    "Frederica Krueger. Call me Fredda.  I am Doctor Krueger. Dreams and Nightmares specialist.  I Fredda Krueger am the daughter of infamous child killer and heavily rumored and implied, possibly he was a child diddler. So rumors go. I am the daughter of the Springwood Slasher. Father had a hard on for killing children, later teenagers. Which he still called his children.  Father was a dream demon. A literal nightmare. Mother was Carrie White. That prom day massacre. Masterpiece. Plus her burning the entire town to the ground. Splendid. Surrogate daughter of this little Firestarter named Charlie. Yet another expirement done to her against her will. "

    She went silent as she thought about her "family" and the efforts the demon went through to create its vessel which resulted in Fredda  coming into Being as a very unexpected result of the powers of the Necronomicon Ex Mortis. 

    "I'm just your friendly serial killer dream demon. Riding around in a sexy vampire fairy body during my trips in your world. The non Dreamscape. Targeting vampires have been a pain. Most done sleep and dream nor have reflections in a mirror. It forces me to come to the waking world when I need to interact with one.  But I been spending a lot of time in the real world so it's no biggie. Next time you dream of the wolf man. I can make him in human form if you like. Or turn the wolf person into whoever you fantasize and dream about. As I tell all my patients. There is no such thing as a weird or strange dream. For what do people think dreams even are anyway?. What is a normal dream? What is a non strange or non weird dream? They are not suppose to be all logical and sane. So.  What else do you dream about. I'm fascinated to know what vampires dream about. Since so very few of your species even does. "


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