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  • \Oh! Dear heavens I am so sorry, I did not see it at first... I feel foolish. Um, Auna is an Shadowhunter, PI, Assassin and Supernatural Huntress. She is an Nephilim, although she is sometimes called the Dark Nephilim, because her Mother's identity besides her name isn't known so she could possibly be an hybrid of Vampire/Demon along with Angel.. She is often called the Protector of the Small, often helping children but those that cannot help themselves. But she also can be very dark, although she describes herself as neutral. I can do just about anything, it depends on what you may have in mind?\

  • Sure, I'll get us rollin.  Any place specific Kyros'd be more likely to stumble upon Zachary? Or were you cool with New York?

  • \Thank you for accepting, I hope we possibly might be able to plot. Where should I sign after reading your rules?\

  • Well.. your boy Zachary is a hunter, yeah? Kyros is hunted by monsters that don't quite belong on this earth, old, ugly things.  And.. the odd god, daimon, and demigod like himself.  It's kind of just a premise, but it also seems like their worlds would clash a lil in the best way, so we could definitely talk plot.

    And we could either do a thing in Greece, before the wrath of the gods, or in New York after Kyros was forced to flee.  But we could do a thing anywhere, man.  Wing it like Hermes, y'know.

  • Hey, thanks for acceptin' my add! Wanna make words? Pretty, bloody words.

This reply was deleted.

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