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  • /Different bad....? Perhaps Auna could be investigating some people wanting to raise an demon?\



                              Detective Catherine Chandler arrived, and parked her vehicle near the latest of crime scenes, just less than an hour after she had received the call, that there alerting her that her presence was required here.  At having already exited her parked, and still vehicle, it would be locked behind her, while she moved forward rather quickly on foot, eager to get to work as soon as possible.  Police shield, that unique ID of hers would be prepared, it held securely in her hand for that right time when she would need to present it to those who were on watch.  Once the detective is standing before that tape, and cordoned off area, steady paced steps slow down, while she lifted her shield slowly, yet professionally, a small, professional nod accompanying it.  "Detective Catherine Chandler.  Special Crimes."

                              Immediately, a nod would be given her way, or almost immediately after they ID’ed her correctly.  That there, it her approval that she was one of the detectives/officers allowed on in, and behind the scenes.  And so, passing on a soft thank-you, she smiled lightly, before placing her hand upon the tape.  Lifting it slightly, before she allowed herself to duck somewhat the remainder of the way.  From there, while walking slowly yet steadily at the same time towards body, and victim number one, blue tinted gloves were retrieved, and slipped upon her hand, delicately so.  ‘Time to get to work, and see what we have here,’ the detective mused to herself internally so, while she was slowly yet surely closing the distance between herself and  victim # 1 – Not sure if she would remain alone throughout the investigation, yet for now, she was, so for as long as she needed to, the detective planned to work fast, work hard, and get as much as she could from this scene, before any interruption (welcomed, or otherwise), would come her way, if it would.  And, so just like that, the detective crouched down to her first victim, to then lose herself immediately in the moment, while she got to work, though to be aware of her surroundings all the while.




    //Hello, thank you for the friend invite.



  • \Oh! Dear heavens I am so sorry, I did not see it at first... I feel foolish. Um, Auna is an Shadowhunter, PI, Assassin and Supernatural Huntress. She is an Nephilim, although she is sometimes called the Dark Nephilim, because her Mother's identity besides her name isn't known so she could possibly be an hybrid of Vampire/Demon along with Angel.. She is often called the Protector of the Small, often helping children but those that cannot help themselves. But she also can be very dark, although she describes herself as neutral. I can do just about anything, it depends on what you may have in mind?\

  • Sure, I'll get us rollin.  Any place specific Kyros'd be more likely to stumble upon Zachary? Or were you cool with New York?

  • \Thank you for accepting, I hope we possibly might be able to plot. Where should I sign after reading your rules?\

  • Well.. your boy Zachary is a hunter, yeah? Kyros is hunted by monsters that don't quite belong on this earth, old, ugly things.  And.. the odd god, daimon, and demigod like himself.  It's kind of just a premise, but it also seems like their worlds would clash a lil in the best way, so we could definitely talk plot.

    And we could either do a thing in Greece, before the wrath of the gods, or in New York after Kyros was forced to flee.  But we could do a thing anywhere, man.  Wing it like Hermes, y'know.

  • Hey, thanks for acceptin' my add! Wanna make words? Pretty, bloody words.

This reply was deleted.

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