April 22

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Macie: *On Air* This is really a first for me.

Arnold: *On Air* Welcome to the Show, Macie. It’s a fabulous surprise and a treasure to have the beloved rising star here on the show. Even if you weren’t a celeb… we’d practically love you anyway as you’re… well… let’s face it straight. You are kind, Gentle. You don’t cause a fuss. You’re very soft spoken and very sincere with who you are and how you want to be seen.

Macie: I guess that is a swell way to describe me. But i am more outgoing and it’s been that way since… oh… gosh, since i was encountered by a very strange man. I really don’t know who he is… where he came from. But whoever he is… he gave me a new life and a massive new existence. I am not the lowly girl that i once was… once upon a time.

Arnold: Lowly? Why… would you think of yourself as that?

Macie: It’s because of how people back in my old hometown saw me. They know who they are too… But i don’t blame them. I blame myself as something that a good friend once said to me. Actually i think it was the brother to my best friend Joanna Barlow.. Her brother said: “If you don’t have faith in yourself… how do you expect for anyone else to have any for you? No one out there… outside of the entire gang… provided on how big the size of the gang is… have any faith in someone who has no faith within themselves. It’d be considered a waste to them. But… having faith in yourself… It makes others notice and want to come to you. Because they see that you are out doing what you love… and aren’t afraid to do it. That you have faith in yourself and believe you can do it.”

Arnold: Kinda blunt and a bit of a sting. But there is a point in that. If you don’t believe in yourself… No one else is bound to either. *to the listeners* This is all about the Rising star. Her beginning… current and future. Macie Melody Lightfoot… was born in Stratford, Connecticut on April 22nd 2031 at Stratford Medical hospital. at 1:35 PM. She was brought into this world and was foretold to be filled with Love. She was brought into this world by a couple of Ph.D’s Named Bobby and Bobbie Lightfoot. They were blessed with the greatest gift of all. A remarkable daughter that if they were to guide her… as well as they said to have done. Macie would have had a happy childhood. For her story… it wasn’t as happy as one would assume it to be. Behind the New aged Celeb… there is a tale of sadness… loneliness and abandonment. Even… Neglect. This is her story. How her beginning came to where it is now… *To Macie* Alot of the listeners are all behind you. they all adore you. Cherish you and see you as something special. Which you are indeed quite that. But what was it like in the very beginning of your life. Where you grew up?

Macie: *On Air* I don’t really wish to speak of that… But it’s best if i were to get it out. My Childhood was pretty lonesone as i had no friends. None. I was rather a very health-conscious girl. Nasally and would be in need of decongestants. The doctors when i was about 4… Diagnosed me with a condition where i had a particular heart ailment. Turner’s Syndrome. But i never knew what it was… The doctors never said and my parents were afraid to say to me that i had it. They played the denial card and it worked. However… every now and then i’d feel a type of tickle in my heart. Not bad… but just where it felt… like someone petting the side of a cat. Gentle and softly. but it felt like someone trying to tickle your heart. Sending goosebumps all over the inside. My Childhood was lonesome till i met my first friend in the first grade. A girl who when got older… became a gossip queen. Wanting to be… Popular and would do what it took to be it. She would try too hard and still fail. Her biological name is Deirdre Hortense Bishop. But i knew her as Dodie. She came to be like a really good friend. Self centered at times and very into wanting to be part of the “In” Crowd. But she never needed to. She had me. I should have been enough. But then when second grade came… She and I Met this Orange haired frizzy girl named Ginger Foutley. She and Dodie both became friends… Best friends. BFF’s And that was where we started things to birth the ritual of B.F.T sanctity. Things that we 3 would do as tradition. Which of course was in jeopardy when it came to the 7th grade. The Talent Show. We were to do the Talent Show skit of the Little Seal girl. I was faithful to the end with it. Ginger and Dodie were too… till Courtney Gripling. The popular and rich girl plus Miranda Killgallen… the mean sassy girl. Insecure with herself to the point where she felt that she needed to make people miserable around her. Sad. Because whether she believes it or not… I seemed to admire her. Anyways… They were stating how embarrassing it would be to be us doing the skit only to be laughed at. They told me that maybe we could do something else. And i told them… “Shame on two. The Little Seal Girl act has been like a part of our lives since the second grade.” But they were set to maybe do something else… I couldn’t take it. I grabbed the ball and told them off and stormed off… As i did… I decreed the line: “Seal Girl Lives on!”

Arnold: *On Air* What did that do to the friendship you guys had?

Macie: *On Air* It tarnished it a bit. But they somehow still supported me in the end. They worked as curtain pullers where if i were to “Bomb” the show… They’d pull the curtains and hide me. But i didn’t. I actually was all in with it. I was a little scared at first till suddenly a burst of Courage… that was buried deep down inside me… came out and erupted. I sang out long… strong… and with emotional sincerity. After the song was done… i awaited for the winner to be called. Turned out… It was me. I won. I was seen as so lame that i was actually good. I ranked higher than Courtney’s Skit that was about her… called: “Courtney’s World”. I however felt bad afterwards because i felt that i broke the sacred tradition… of B.F.T. Best Friend Tradition. I was actually sweating inside the seal girl suit. It was like… hot inside it and i was looking to get out of it. When i did… It was a relief.

Arnold: *On Air* Wow… So that was your first ever time on a stage? Singing?

Macie: *On Air* Yeah. I think that deep down… i felt that i was meant to sing and dance. Become a star. But i was back then… this type of girl who was just so… so lacking in self confidence that… i just didn’t go for it. I was one who saw that as long as i was quiet and more in the shadows… i wouldn’t be antagonized or taunted. Ridiculed. Which… in that town… Most people didn’t really think much about me. Plus… with my parents being hardly home… I couldn’t really speak about anything. I had to bottle up everything that i felt and just lock it away. Couldn’t tell my parents. They were hardly home long enough so that i could.

Arnold: *On Air* That must have been lonely for you. A sad life and with parents who are supposed to be there for you. To listen to what’s bothering you and try to have a parent to child chat… Just to let you get out what ever it is that is bugging you. But are never there. That was neglect. Wasn’t it?

Macie: *On Air* I wouldn’t want to consider it… Neglect exactly… It’s just that they get so wrapped up with their work that they lot of times don’t slow down to realize that: “Oh sweet mother of mercy… we almost forgot to check up on our daughter Macie. Make sure she’s alright.” They as my love… Ridge would say as when i went back to my now old and past hometown and showed him my room As well as showed my bestfriend Joanna Barlow and Cherry Ipkiss. Plus as well as Frank who’s my adoptive father and one i happen to love very much. Ridge came out and said: “They come and go… and they don’t even try to come check on you. Make sure you’re okay? I mean… granted that they’re assured that you’re okay and everything… They should still check on you every once in a while. It’s kinda what people call good parenting.” He was right. I mean it did kinda hurt when he said it… but he was right. He was right. Now i am sure that my parents… Biological parents are listening. I hope that they know that i don’t hate them. I could never hate them. Never. Even after knowing about what they did and didn’t do. I still love them and always will. I left them… but i kept the Lightfoot name. I am proud to be one and nothing on this planet. Nothing in the world could ever deem to take that away.

Arnold: *On Air* However for the Emancipation to have been legal and without any snags… given since the Emancipation laws were different in each state. It had different ways of being handled. Delicately. When you were about to be emancipated… from your parents… Bobby and Bobbie Lightfoot… What was that like?


Macie: *On Air* I uh… hmm… Well… IT was kinda dramatic and emotional in a way. It was rather hard as it just came… like… really quick. I was hearing all that was being said… but inside i was hearing myself bawling in tears. I am not sure… if it was tears of happiness or sadness. But it was something which rattled me. I remember being told… “Macie… This is it. Once they sign off and Emancipate you… giving you over to Frank… You’ll become his daughter. But before this happens. The Judge and I want to know… Is this… decision from what you just now heard…. Is this what you want? Are you sure that you’re up for this?” I knew that it was something which would be life altering. But before all that… All that happened…

Arnold: *On Air* There’s more to your life that you seek to tell… Something that you believe people should hear… Right?

Macie: *On Air* Yeah.

Arnold: *On Air* Of course. This is hard on you to be reliving the past a little… but you are one that falls into the concept… “you can’t know where you are going until you know where you have been” I think Maya Angelou said it the best. So… from that point in time… from you Singing on Stage at the talent show. What did it lead to?

Macie: *On Air* It led to things like well… A summer at this place. A place called Camp Caprice. Yeah. I don’t even know on recalling memories of that place. But i wasn’t the only one that went… Dodie and Ginger also went. Not to leave out that Courtney also went. She was originally gonna go on a cruise and with Miranda. Yeah… Those two were… inseparable… Like Siamese cats. Never. But Miranda kinda told her that she’d never be one to get dirty and be one with the outdoors and camp outside and the sort. She took offense to that and decided to come to camp with us. Leaving Miranda without a fun Summer. I kinda wanted to laugh. I truly did… but i didn’t. Because that’d be rather mean and i wasn’t like that. It did hurt her. Alot.

Arnold: *On Air* What was it like at that Camp?

Macie: *On Air* It was rather enjoyable. Even though it was a bit like playing like a little kid and clearly… at that time i was like… what? 12. Yeah… 12 and i was doing camp stuff with other girls as it was a camp mostly for girls. Ginger and Dodie were also having a swell time. There was a lot of peace there. Activities. Things to do. Plus of course Dodie was made as asst. Camp counselor. A complete busy body… Having to be one to have control. I think to this day that she wants to be something she might never be. But she should just be happy being her. Not try on consorting to being what others would expect her to be. She wants to be popular because she may see herself as a loser. Like i felt that i was being seen as. Which is sad. But she’s not a loser. A Little self absorbed at times. A little conniving. Stuck up with her own desires and all… but she’s not a loser. She’s driven in her own way. Just that… the way she goes about it… is a little offensive. She’s not a bad person. Just rather clingy and a bit afraid of there being so much change as i think it’s because in her mind… the young years… are the best and said to believe on being full of innocence. That the thing that scares her most is that by facing change… it would strip her of the innocence and she doesn’t want to lose that. I don’t blame her. I wouldn’t want to lose it either. However… as much as it hurts… As much as it might sting… We all gotta grow up sometime.

Arnold: *On Air* You’re so right. So right about that. *To the Listeners* This is the Lord Arnold Variety hour 2 hour special with the full story on our Rising Star. The one and Only Macie Melody Lightfoot. As sworn testimony from her own lips and eyes to our hearts and ears. We’re gonna take a short break… but when we come back… More on the story of our Rising Star and behind the artist who’s captured our hearts. Don’t go away folks. More is on the way…

During the 5 minute break…


Arnold: *Laughing* Oh god. Macie, You really had the listeners going there… With that one part. You mean that you had a gossip loving friend back over in that town that was so into wanting to be popular that she’d actually… debase herself into doing things that would get her accepted?


Macie: Yeah… *Cheering* Yeah. I actually couldn’t stop from letting it out. I was just telling it as i remembered it. I mean… I emancipated myself from that previous life. But i still in some way… recall bits and pieces of all that’s happened once upon a time.

Arnold: It’s good though. Because with this… the viewers or listeners are getting an in depth look at the artist that has sang and danced straight into the hearts of many.

Macie: Some of the things that i seem to speak of… I feel rather weird about. It’s as if i feel a huge hole inside me that i know that left for a reason… But maybe i left it all… before i was completely ready to.

Arnold: You couldn’t be thinking that. I mean… Look how far you’ve come. You’ve come a very long way from how you once were. You’re well known by all. Everyone is crazy in love with you. You have like… love coming from every direction of you. If you didn’t leave that life… none of this would have come to pass. granted that it was hard. That’s not a doubt in anyone’s mind. None at all. But you got a whole family of people who literally just love you. Love you like none other.

Macie: Plus a loving boyfriend. Who the other week proposed to me. He asked me to marry him. It’s actually rather sweet of him. It’s a long engagement though. So… there won’t be… a wedding for at least a couple of years. Like maybe when i am 17. possibly 18. Serena and Carly black are married. They’re over 18… Blossom and Leslie are wed. at 16. Spencer and Rikku mentioned that they got married at 14. It’s sweet and so endearingly romantic. But i am all for waiting a couple years. Make the official tying of the knot worth it more. Besides… i don’t think that the schools we go to would take well to it. Not that i’d worry about what they think. It’s just better that way. For him and I. And everyone.

Arnold: Sounds like a plan. Gotta make decisions that would suit not only one… but all.

Once the break was over…

Arnold: *On Air* We’re back with more of the Lord Arnold’s Variety Hour’s 2 hour special. Getting a true look behind the beloved Rising star. The complete story being told true by the Rising Star herself. Macie Melody Lightfoot. We’re here to hear more of her story… *To Macie* Macie, You said something about what the girl was like… What did you mean?

Macie: *On Air* Nothing really. What i believe was that Dodie was that sort of person who didn’t want to face all that much change. However… in her heart… she knew that she had to. Like when Ginger was accepted into the Avalanche Arts academy… Dodie was hysterical. in a fit of tears… She went into a fit and right in front of Darren Patterson. The neighbor to Ginger. “I don’t want to hold Ginger back. Honestly, i don’t. But this is like my worst nightmare totally coming true. She’s… She’s like my best friend.” And seconds later… there she went. Crying. Just would cry. She would bawl into tears. And i thought that i cried that much. She’s worse than i am and that’s sad as i am or used to be the most sensitive as of course i happen to wear my heart upon my sleeves as i have all this love in me. But the crying. Sweet mother of seriously… Is Dodie that deprived of human contact that she she needs to cling? Not that it’s a bad thing. But that’s be like if Joanna was to go out and do something and god forbid if i didn’t go with her on every single outing. It’s kinda like a piece from the episode before last of season five of Smallville when Lois gives Clark a sort of heart to heart… when was feeling like hell for snooping into Lana’s things like a jealous ex-boyfriend… Lois said to him: “Look, give her some space, Clark. Your whole night-stalker routine that is gonna ruin any of the good feelings Lana has for you.” The only difference is… that Dodie was clingy. Too clingy. I kinda was too… but i at least gave some space. I had control. It hurt to know that Ginger was leaving for the academy. But i also understood. I understood and knew that Ginger deserved it. It was something for her. But then i told her… “We’re all best friends. But Ginger won’t be gone forever, Dodie.” Darren chimed in…“It’s only for one semester.” Then that was when she went at it… Again. Stating: “Just One Semester. Just one semester!? Do you have any idea how much can happen in just one Semester?!?! My bangs could totally be grown out by then… Just to put it into perspective!” She was really dramatic. But later… we came to find out that the scholarship was a total sham. It was all due to a ploy to get rid of Ginger. And two people were behind it. Miranda Killgallen and Mipsy Mipson. God i can’t stand Mipsy. She was the worst. She was the one that saw me as a total loser most of all. Miranda didn’t. Not really. Just that she didn’t see all that much into me. No offense. it was just… her. Mipsy had a cousin named Thea Mipson who helped orchestrate the whole thing. But it was later… when Ginger came back… Dodie and I inadvertently became part of a prank. Operation G-D. *Remembering the past memory* I felt so bad about it.
[/img]I cried. I cried over the mean act. It was so horrible. I hated the taste of it. I never forgave myself for it.
[/img] [img][/img]
Never. *Breaking into tears and Crying over the memory*

Arnold: *On Air* Wow! That has to really strike a chord. The hurt you feel over being regrettably part of an attempt to hurt another. Whoever this mipsy is… She is no kind soul. But the pain you feel is sincere. We feel for you. We really do.

Macie was heard over the radio crying and it lasted about a couple minutes as she was feeling the shame. It didn’t take long for her to get herself back together.

Macie: *Sniffles and wiping her tears away* Sorry. I got a rush of past memories that i should have left in the past as it’s been done and over with. I left all that behind. But the memories never will fade.

Arnold: *On Air* Some memories seldom do.

Macie: *On Air* There was more… Like when we all graduated from middle school. It was like saying goodbye. Goodbye to the past and into the future. I was full of worry. But then it was to be expected. There was a lot to consider. Too much. I was also flirted on by this band geek named Andrew. I broke up with him via public message at a game and during a Band Drill performance. But that was before… life for me changed… Before i met my new best friend Joanna Barlow.

Arnold: *On Air* Okay… How did you meet her for the first time?


Macie: *On Air* I… oh gosh… It’s like a memory that i endured only a short time ago. Last year. I was on my way from some band competition that clearly was from like Utah. It’s kinda silly to think about it. Because it was like my life changed so much since that time. The Bus that the other students and I were on…had made a pit stop at this pancake house in Wichita. However i only turned my back for about a moment. Because i was using the restroom to see on getting a stain out from the Uniform that we were wearing. Yeah… It was a band uniform. I was in it. Miranda was in the bus too… however she never noticed me not being on the bus after the bus left and went off towards the Old hometown. Neither did the driver. I was stranded. So i walked my way back and walked off. going east. East on towards the next city. It was gonna be miles and miles away before i’d reach it. But i made way towards it. However, as i made way over… i came across a wreck. An accident that was odd. I didn’t know who it was and what happened. But i went to go see and that was when i saw this odd girl. She wasn’t really that odd… but i sure had never seen anyone like her before. I didn’t think that i’d meet anyone out in the middle of possible nowhere. As it was… i didn’t have any money. So i couldn’t call a cab. I would need at least… 1000 dollars for that. Or a bus ticket. I didn’t even have that either. I didn’t know the # to home… so i couldn’t even call home from where i was. So… i was up the creek without a paddle. I Met Joanna while i was stranded there and she was the one who clearly looked like she got sent flying into a wooden pole and just left for dead. However she was lying there and within a few steps from a busted up Motorcycle. She was one who knew how to ride. Now… for someone like me… one who was the shy and meek. or what i used to be… That was pretty startling. but deep down… i thought it was rather exciting. To meet someone who knew how to ride. I felt concerned for her. Seeing her there alone. No one was gonna come to check on her. from the way it seemed. So… i did the right thing by going over to her and asking if she was okay…

Macie flashes back as tells the first time she met Joanna…

“Joanna: *Waking up and seeing the Preteen girl* You’re confused… i’d think. because i happen to be a girl. *slowly getting up* Oh man… What the heck happened? I feel like i was hit by a train. or at least a semi.


*Standing* I don’t seem to know who you are… but i will state that i’m thankful that someone came to my aide here. You don’t even know me. But yet… you still came to my aide. We never met. But you’re here now. Standing before me. Why? Where did you come from anyway?

Girl: I’m on my way back with the school band back to Topeka. (Was she trying to cover up that she was really from Connecticutt) Or was. I missed the bus. and i don’t have a way back. *Nasally* The band had a competition up in Utah. And we were on our way back… when we happened to stop for some food since we were getting hungry. But i didn’t get to the bus in time and they happened to leave without me.

Joanna: Where did you guys stop for food?

Girl: At a Pancake house.

Joanna: Where at?

Girl: Wichita.

Joanna: I don’t know who you are… or what your name is. But, i can’t just leave you here stranded without a way back. I’m pretty sure that your parents’re gonna be pissed or if nothing more worried sick if you don’t return back to where your place of residence is. So, why not come along with me. We’ll get through this bull together.

Girl: Okay. *Sneezing* Sorry. Clogged nose.

Joanna: It’s okay. You probably just caught some dust particles and it went up your nose. Probably an allergen or something. You’ll be okay. Come on. We gotta find ourselves a means of transportation. I gotta get back to Metropolis where some remnant form of my life can be found or for a chance to maybe create a new one… if by chance. I would suppose that you’ll need a better life as well. Least till you get back with your folks.

Girl: If that might be likely. But i wouldn’t count on it as they live in connecticut. I’m several states away from where they are.

Joanna: I’ll tell you what. Till that day comes where you can be reunited with your parents or by chance that they happen to come to Metropolis and likely move to there and live in Metropolis… You’ll be my right hand wheel. You just stick by me. I’ll protect you. I might be a girl… but don’t think that i can’t produce some kind of fight if i gotta. *Curious* What are you supposed to be anyway? A Band Geek? Just curious.

Girl: I guess so. I am in the local school band, you know. I am one of the band members in the school band.

Joanna: Don’t tell me. Sheltered Shrubs, right?

Girl: Yeah. Although it’s Lucky High School. But how did you know?

Joanna: Lucky guess, i’d suppose. *grins*

Girl: Wow! Good guess.


Joanna: *Driving the Motor Scooter* What’s your name? I can’t keep calling you Preteen girl. Unless you happen to sort of like that.

Girl: *Nasally* Macie. Macie Lightfoot.

Joanna: Hmm… That’s a unique name if i’ve ever heard one in my life. That’s a nice name. Well… It’s nice to meet you, Macie. I’m Joanna. Joanna M. Barlow. M for Matilda.


Macie: Joanna… That’s a good name.

Joanna: Thanks, Macie. Good knowing that you think so. I like the name too…but sometimes i wonder if it would be possible to have my name changed. Well… at least my first name. Of course… It’s not bad. I had this name since i was born and it was the name i was given. But… What about you? *Curious* Do you even like your name even if it is a rather nice one for all intents and purposes?

Macie: I don’t know. *Nasally* I don’t think that i’ve really thought about it like that before. I kinda wonder about the name. First and last name… but no middle. My parents never told me what it was and it was never put on any of the legal forms nor was it ever discussed.

Joanna: Perhaps we can come up with one. Everyone’s entitled to having a middle name. I’m thinking of something that fits what you are like. The core. Something that highlights you. *Thinking* How about Melody. Macie Melody Lightfoot. It rather is fitting.

Macie: I like the sound of that. *Giggles* Melody.

Joanna: It suits you. You should bring this up with your folks though and see what it is that they think about it. It would be a nice change in things. A nice change in name. Not much of a change… Just that there now would be a middle name lodged into it.

Macie: Right. *Nods*”

Macie: *On Air* Joanna gave me that middle name. Melody. But she never would gather that i was always with that as a middle name. Just that my parents never called me that. So… i never put it in. But my full name was in fact… Macie Melody Lightfoot. All my life. Joanna and I hit it off pretty fast and we became close. She from then on… Protected me. Guarded me. I returned the gesture and helped her quit a habit. Made her better. She did me a service and befriended me… She didn’t have to. But she did. What did it was that we were both loners. She was emancipated with issues. Ones that she gave me the tale of… Told me all about it. I never told and i never will. I made her a promise… and if there is nothing else people remember about me. They can always know this… When i make a promise… I keep that promise. I settle with none less.

Arnold: *On Air* Well… we’re all gonna remember you, Macie. A person would have to be blind and totally obliterate to not remember you. From that moment you met… things went on and there lead to you coming to this city. Keeping a rather low profile. Right?


Macie: *On Air* At first… Yeah. Then when i started on the first day of Metropolis High… I was rather nervous. I didn’t know anyone. Nobody. However… after the first day… that afternoon… I met a wonderful Goth girl. Macie Terrace. Fondly known as Macie T. She calls me Squirt. But it’s out from terms of admiration and acceptance. She liked me. I also made a friend like Zoey Rhapsody. She was pretty nice. I liked her. Aqua Rainbow White. Ridge Mercer… who actually since day one flirted with me. He and I soon after became boyfriend and girlfriend. We didn’t even know each other long enough and already… He and I are… tied. He and I are… long engaged. But i happened to make a lot of friends and i love them all…

Arnold: *On Air* That was very sincere. Macie, you have a golden heart. It’s just there for us all to see. *To the Listeners* This is The Lord Arnold Variety Hour’s 2 hour special. And you’ve been listening to the Full story of Macie’s beginnings and life. From her eyes and lips. For all to hear. We’re gonna take a short break… and when we come back… We’ll hear about Macie’s first album and what her plans are for the second Album. What we can perhaps expect for the second Album. Then hear about her concert and what to expect for the concert. Then hear about her plans for the future. Where the future will take her from the concert. Don’t forget that the phone lines are open for callers. If there is a question that you have for Macie and want her to answer it on the Air… Call the Radio Station at 1-219-591-4918 Or go online and go to to Variety Hour Listings… Click to the live Chat and send your questions. *Playing an 80’s tune*

After the break…


Arnold: *On the Air* And we’re back with more of the Lord Arnold Variety Hour’s 2 hour special… as we get the life story of our beloved Rising Star Macie Melody Lightfoot. During the break we’ve received several questions from you listeners… to Macie. *To Macie* The first one reads: Macie, What are your aspirations in life?


Macie: *On the Air* Aspirations? I don’t know. I guess that i would one day hope to get into acting. I always did want to act. but just never embraced it as i was for the longest of time too scared and nervous to step forward and get to doing it. But now that i’ve given it some thought… it’d be rather interesting.

Arnold: *On the Air* Another listener wrote and asked a question. It’s from a Emily Gilmore. Wow! An Elder Gilmore… Hmm… She asks: Macie, When you first got into singing, what was the first thing that came to your mind? What was it that inspired you to get out there and let your voice be heard by the people?

Macie: *On the Air* That’s a bit challenging for me to answer. I can’t really say what the first thing was that came to my mind. I guess if i had to say something on that… i think that the first thing that came to my mind was just to sing naturally and let it come from my heart. I usually keep to myself when i sing. At least… that’s how i used to be. But now… it’s different. It’s changed. Now… i sing like it was always meant to be… me up there in the limelight. What inspired me to get out and let my voice be heard by the people? That’s nothing to think about as the thing that did it… was the fact that there was nothing but dark in the world. There was no light. No love. And as a fallen artist would say… What’s the point in life if there is no love among the world? Without love… Life isn’t worth living and it got to the point where someone had to say something. Do something. Plus i listened to some songs done by the artist MJ. He was about love. He spoke it and embraced it. But got crucified by people. If there is only one core message that i can provide… it’s this: Love as much as you can. Let love fill your heart with the blessings of romance. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you love. If you love something…fight for it. and Stand firm.

Arnold: *On the Air* The third Question is from someone over at Metropolis Ranch… Doralee Rhodes… She asks: Macie, What music drives you most when singing about love?

Macie: *On the Air* I think that it’d be rock and Roll… Pop, and disco. Plus K-Pop. I really feel those genre’s of music playing through me as i singing about love. I kinda seek for Country. But nothing’s really coming to mind.

Arnold: *On the Air* One more question before we go on with more of the 2 hour special… This one is from Macie T. She writes and asks: Squirt… When it comes to picking favorite rock bands… which ones happen to stand out more for you?

Macie: *On the Air* I would have to say that when it comes to favorite rock bands… Journey. Or Reo Speedwagon. Journey… Because of Steve Perry. I mean call it crazy… but i think that he’s rather hot and Mmm! Very sexy. He’s the kinda guy that any girl would want to get with. Anyone with their radars set high on rock bands and looking for anyone who’s fresh meat. Most of my first Album consists of songs that were originally done by Journey. So… I think that that one’s a no contest. I put my style of the songs in there… and their songs… it talks about love and a person’s journey on the road. The struggles and tribulations.

Arnold: *On the Air* That’s admirable. Every artist has to have that certain niche. Something that moves them. Without that inspiration… the artist is just going around and flailing aimlessly into the great unknown. No clue as to where they’re leading to or how they intend to get there. *A second pause* Now back to the Lord Arnold Variety Hour’s 2 hour special edition. More on the life of Macie Melody Lightfoot. Our own beloved Rising Star… *To Macie* So, Macie… up to now… We heard about the beginnings and what your life was like. from the very beginning till now. About how you first came to Metropolis for the first time… and how you met Joanna. Now we are interested in hearing about what your first Album is about… then what your plans for the second Album will be. What we can expect. So… your first Album… What is the core message that you want to send by the first album?

Macie: *On the Air* It’s kinda expressive as the first Album was just to point out my beginnings. Where i began in life and what my struggles were. Because in my life… My struggles were hard and a challenge. For the longest time, i had to live life feeling like i was rather lowly. Unwanted… undesired. My longing for that embrace of love. A journey that my heart wanted to tell the world all about what trials it was put through. The second Album’s gonna be about the Power of Love. The Embrace of Romance. With a few of the songs being my style of Dido. Because i believe that with the emotions that i feel. The sensations that Love is… Having that life message within each one… It’s about telling people to hail to the power of Love. Letting it run and fulfill them. I believe in love. It’s innocent… or Erotic… Exotic. or pure. Sanctified or old school. Love is… eternal.

Arnold: *On the Air* Wow… That’s a powerful message. Macie, you’re only 15 and yet with so much love that it burns like the fires of a thousand stars and Thousand suns. Each one burning brighter than the last. I think that we can truly expect phenomenal things from you. Lovely things. The love is endless when your around. I think that your presence alone shines and lights up the atmosphere. The rooms. The airwaves are spreading your love. I think that anyone listening out there… would agree.

Macie: *On the Air* Awww! Thank you, Lord Arnold. You’re really sweet. I can’t help but blush…

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