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Character Age


Character Species


Character Relationship Status

Single : Ships with Owen

Character Appearance

5'6" // Blonde Hair // Blue Eyes

Character Personality

Bubbly and upbeat, she tends to be slightly shy at first. Mac often doubts herself. Mackenzie is highly intelligent, but often avoids people, preferring the company of the animals in the park. She has a deep love of the Ocean/Beach. The young woman is pretty simple, being a beer and hotwings on the beach kinda date... Despite her ballet skill, Mac is a giant clutz... There isn't a mean bone in her body, and she tends to be quite sensitive, one of the reasons she is so good with the Animals. Her empathy knows no bounds.

Character Likes

Animals of all sorts, mostly the Stegosaurs and Triceratops at the Park. Mackenzie loves music in all forms, literally not favoring one over the other. As long as she can dance to it, it works for her.

Character Dislikes

Liars, cheaters, shady people and anyone that is mean or cruel to animals.

Character History/Story

~In depth backstory is still under construction despite this character being a muse of mine for over three years, but here is some basic info: She is the daughter of Dr. Alan Grant, is a Herbivore Specialist/Trainer at Jurassic World... Mac is an accomplished Ballet Dancer. Alan loves his daughter deeply, despite his unamusement for children in his younger years. Mackenzie is a 'Daddy's Girl' through and through, but not spoiled in anyway. The two have a close knit relationship. However, Alan still firmly believes that Dinosaurs had their time and we should let that be, while Mac has always wanted to be knee deep in prehistoric baby herbivores. Once she graduated from Yale, a Dean's List Student as well, she was offered the position at Jurassic World. Mac jumped on it and accepted without hesitation. Alan, was not too pleased due to his past experiences and is fearful his only child will, someday, be in great danger. Being the doting Father he is, Grant was completely supportive of Mac persuing her dream, although apprehensive to this day about it... Basic as it gets lol... ~

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Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Romance, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

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