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Semi lit roleplayer.

Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

Mako has wavy black hair and teal eyes, pale skin he likes to wear hoodies (mostly purple ones) he wears blue pants brown boots and a brown shoulder bag 


(Here is a image of him)11002526482?profile=RESIZE_710x

Character Personality

Mako is a shy kid. Not extroverted he has a hard time talking to people. He has anixety and is usually pretty silent. He is considerably well behaved, though that doesn't mean he won't break a rule. He is good at strategy and being a 'detective'. Some times he has difficulties with his own emotions.

Character Likes

Acting like a detective which he only does when his ability Drawn Fate kicks in because he knows he'll be involved in anyway

art: he likes to draw and paint.

Reading. He is a advid reader of slice of life books.



Being left alone (depends on who's bothering him though)



Character Dislikes

Acting like a detective which he only does when his ability Drawn Fate kicks in because he knows he'll be involved in anyway

ghosts (though he can't decide if people are worse)


Narah Livsuqe

Loud sounds.

Not responsiable adults.

Character History/Story

When he turned three and his first ability 'ghost sight' started to kick in his mother Alive Winsteem and father Jason Winsteem took him to a psychiatrist due to what he was experiencing, at first it was shrugged off as an over active imagination before being taken in at six where he'd get diagnosed with Shizophrenia. Alice is the only one beside him who know's it's not Shizophrenia because his late aunt had the same thing. She told him not to tell anyone anyway including his dad. Growing up when his mom wasn't over protective or taking him to suicide prevention places he often stayed at home or hung out with his only friend.p Mayria who he meet in first grade. He was drawing or read at home or baking or cooking. Although he has experienced His Abilities Envisioned and Drawn fate by that point his life was never the most eventful. In fifth grade he meets Narah Livsuqe a girl with the ability to camofluage who he never get's along with and doesn't like and to be fair she doesn't like him either so the hate is mutual. The only thing they tolerate each other over is their friend Mayria. Even in present time with Mako being 14 nothing interesting has happened yet.

Character Inventory

In his bag he carries with him everywhere he has the following:

school books.

school supplies.

Whatever he is reading at the current moment.

copic markers and colored pencils.

a small and large sketchbook.

maybe some left over of what he's baked.

a pair of scissors typically for whenever he feels like a art project but can be used for self defense.


Character Abilites

He has three abilities each with their own draw backs even the passive ability 'Ghost sight'

ghost sight allows him to see the spirits of those who have long passed. However the draw backs are him not being able to tell the difference between the living and the dead (maybe why he doesn't like socializing) and he can only see the dead not hear, smell or touch.

envisioned allows him to experience a vision of future events 1 to 2 minutes before it happens which that alone is not a lot of reaction time. Envisioned only activates when he is in danger and if he's involved. The visions show fifteen minutes into the future and fifteen minutes strictly.

drawn fate is an ability that acts on it's own. Mako can't activate it. At.all. The ability will cause Mako to go into a daze and draw a scene due to happen at some point however Mako is the only face in the vision that can be seen (since like envisioned he needs to be involved) the faces of whoever else would be there are blurred and the date unknown. The drawing also lacks context

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)


Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Violence, Realistic, Rated R, Child Friendly, Comedy, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Call me Crimson! I am the creator of Mako Winstreem and use they/them pronouns! 

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