Malachi is an unseelie, dark court fae. Having been raised by the head of court he can come across as offstandish. He does not always seem to be what he is as he can have an upbeat silly attitude but he is also a trouble maker when it comes down to it. He uses fire magic most prominantly and is a beast master, occassionally followed around by a brown bear cub. He is sweet and kind, but it is best to not get on his bad side.

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Malachi is a handsome, if not somewhat brooding Dark Fae. He has a unique sense of humor and comes across as fairly charming. He tends to like to poke fun at those he considers friends and usually comes across as an asshole.

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  • Arch chuckled to himself, golden-hazel eyes cast down on the tattoo he continued to trace away. Clean lines now danced over Malachi’s skin behind the needle that the native man held. “It’s a long, complicated and maybe strange story.” He murmured, adjusting himself in his seat. “Her mother, Aislinn, wanted another baby. And she had something...I needed. I had already had two daughters beforehand, and I’m sure, if you’re familiar with your own Unseelie culture,”


    Arch shrugged a bit. “You know that Fae always love having a lot of children. She already had two heirs beforehand. Then, my daughter Sehale was born. I guess Queen Aislinn just wanted a kid and figured I was a good enough sperm donor.” He laughed a bit at his own joke, glancing up to Malachi. “Eh, but’s different. My daughter spends half of the year with her mom, half of the year with me and my wi- girlfriend, and our kids.” He quickly corrected himself, clearing his throat. “Got any family?”

  • Stephen smiled.  “I’m sure she has.  And while I appreciate the offer, Master Wong would have my hide if I allowed it.  You’re our guest, for the time being.  Allow us to offer you our hospitality.  Would you like something stronger than tea, maybe?  Beer, or something even stronger than that?”

  • Arch chuckled to himself, his gloved hand clutching the needle that ran smoothly over Malachi's skin. Of course, the needle hurt, but it wouldn't be so bad. "Unseelie, eh? My daughter is half Unseelie. of my daughters is. Her mother was an Unseelie Queen....she's definitely got a mischeivious streak."

  • Carefully, Arch placed the stencil paper against Malachi’s shoulder, and when he peeled the sheet away, a black outline was left behind. Then, he turned, putting gloves over his hands and picking up the needle. It buzzed loudly when he turned it on. “Born with ‘em?” The native canted his head. He pressed the needle to Malachi’s skin, beginning to trace the outline. “What kind of Fae are you anyway?”

  • Arch grinned back at him, as he slid the sketch of the Celtic design into the machine that would turn it into a stencil paper. “Thanks man, I’d be happy to see you again. Have you had ink before or do I need to give you the run down on aftercare?” The machine printed out the stencil and Arch pinched it carefully between his fingertips. “Have a set, roll up your sleeve and we can get started.”

  • Arch chuckled a bit, hazel eyes glancing to the ground. "Well it's my job to know my shit." He said, shrugging, that mischievious smile ever present. He beamed a bit at the respect for his culture, however, he didn't quite mind. "Ah yes, there's many kind of designs I could do...were you thinking black and white? Maybe some color?" He trotted behind the desk, pulling out sketching paper and the angel began to draw away.

    "I mean, there's a million things I could do with a bear paw...gimme a moment.." Arch then focused on his few sketches for a few minutes before turning the paper to let Malachi see. "I have a couple idea already. This one involves a lot of shading, which could hurt more, and it's not quite Celtic. Over here, has more color, however this one is strictly Celtic, no color, just black ties. Got any ideas for yourself?"

    Tattoo Ideas
    bear paw tattoo | Tumblr
  • “Aye, thanks for coming, man. More business is always appreciated. Of course I’m willing.” Arch waited intently for the question to come, and when it was said, he glanced down, a dimpled smile appearing on his face. His teeth were a porcelain, flawless white, contrasting the black of his facial hair, and the bronze brown tone of his skin. That smile remained as the native met Malachi’s gaze. “No, they’re stainless steel, which isn’t a pure metal.” He fiddled with a carton of black ink. “Never met a fae who could withstand anything else. Besides, it’s required that most needles are made with stainless steel…”

    Arch shrugged a bit, letting the other mans scent wash over him. He wasn’t too familiar with Fae, even though his youngest daughter was half Unseelie. “So what are you looking to get? And where? Any styles you like?” Fae questions would come later.

  • Arch had just sent his last client away with ointment for the new tattoo, although he knew the man was bound to come back with an infection. He let out a sigh, peeling away the black gloves from his large hands and disposing of them. Just an hour until closing. He moved to sit down in the waiting area of the parlor, throwing his black jean clad legs upon the couch and lying down, surveying his shop. His employees worked away with sketches and needles buzzed against clients skin. God, he loved the smell of ink.

    A small smile threatened the corners of his lips, right before a newcomer entered his parlor. He sat up, feet planting on the ground, elbows resting on his knees so that he leaned forward, allowing for his dark gray tank top to fall open from the neckline. Golden-hazel eyes gleamed with mischief. “You’re looking at him.” Arch said, arising and approaching the stranger. “Arch Versailles, owner of the shop. Your name?”

  • “The second floor is completely empty, if you’d like your privacy.  Only myself and a couple Masters and senior sorcerers live on the first floor, if you’re not keen on being by yourself.  Breakfast and dinner are always punctual – we have a rotating kitchen-duty system, everyone has to cook at least once or twice a week.  That doesn’t extend to you,  of course, since you’re our guest.”

    Stephen rose from his seat.  “Would you like me to show you around?  Or would you like another cup of tea first?  Talk things over?”

  • Being bumped into makes him jerk out of his stupor. His face twists into a terse but polite frown, but before he can speak, he's staring Malachi in the face, confusion and recognition floating across his own. It takes him a second to find his words, but they do come to him.

    "Wait...Malachi...?" That feels right. The name is on his tongue, coming from somewhere in his head. He doesn't know how or why,'s there. "I...know you, don't I?"

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Malachi left a comment for Kiet Thailah (The Muses)
"His nose crinkled at the man's words. "The queen?" He let out a low whistle. "How'd you manage that one?" He was genuinely curious, and it kept his mind off the slight pain of the tattoo."
Apr 8
Malachi left a comment for Kiet Thailah (The Muses)
"He nods. "More or less. It's more like a glamor to help me out with certain things. Unseelie. But I'm not gonna wreck your shop so don't worry bout it too much.""
Mar 24
Malachi and Midnightroses are now friends
Mar 24
Malachi left a comment for Kiet Thailah (The Muses)
"He took a seat, watching the man do his job as he shrugged off his flannel. On his back a tattoo of deep red bat wings could be seen. "Yes and no. I have tattoos but I guess you could say I was more born with them than anything. I just thought I wou…"
Mar 21
Malachi left a comment for Kiet Thailah (The Muses)
"He looks over each one carefully, his forehead furrowed in thought. "All of these are amazing but I think I'm going to go with your celtic design." He nods. "You have an amazing skill man... I'm gonna have to come to you for this stuff more often.""
Mar 19
Malachi left a comment for Kiet Thailah (The Muses)
"He nods, impressed with a raised eyebrow. "You know your shit. I was hoping to get a bear paw on my shoulder. I like native designs but I'm hesitant since I myself am not native." His face kind of crinkles a bit. "I guess technically I'm more celtic…"
Mar 13
Malachi left a comment for Kiet Thailah (The Muses)
""Malachi, I was told you were a good place in town to get good tattoos... I just have an odd question though, if you're even willing to give me some more ink." He ran a hand through his hair before shifting all of his weight to his right leg, his ey…"
Mar 5
Malachi and Isabo Hendrix are now friends
Feb 20
Malachi left a comment for Dr. Stephen Strange
"He nods as he stands. "I am more than happy to help with kitchen duty since you have been kind enough to allow me to stay with you. I can also help in body guard services so to speak, Adelaide has taught me a thing or two.""
Feb 19
Malachi left a comment for Dr. Stephen Strange
""I very much so appreciate the offer, I will take you up on that. I don't think they expect me to still be alive, let alone staying here.""
Feb 18
Malachi left a comment for Dr. Stephen Strange
""I've got my cabin. I just need to stay on my toes.""
Feb 17
Malachi replied to Marly(Owner)'s discussion February Madness Giveaway! [Closed]
Feb 16
Malachi left a comment for Dr. Stephen Strange
""I tend to go back and forth but I will probably stay here and lay low for awhile. Make sure my cabin is warded to hell and back."
Feb 16
Malachi left a comment for Dr. Stephen Strange
""Most everyone in the Fae plane wants me dead to be honest, who would be stupid enough to hire a vampire to do it I honestly could not tell you." He leans back. "I'm Malachi by the way.""
Feb 16
Cheryl Blossom and Malachi are now friends
Feb 15
Malachi left a comment for Kiet Thailah (The Muses)
"Malachi looked up at the window and down at his paper one last time before he shrugged and opened up the door in front of him. The bell gave off a ting as he walked in. He had on his usual flannel with a white tank underneath, jeans, and his favorit…"
Feb 15