Malory wasn’t a kid who believed in magic—the tooth fairy, Santa Clause—that was all a bunch of nonsense to her. Those things just weren’t real to her, despite how hard her mother tried to get her to believe in Santa Clause so she wouldn’t spoil Christmas for her younger brothers. When Malory was fifteen, her parents divorced, and her mother took full custody of Malory and her younger twin brothers, Simon and Jarred. No longer being able to afford their home with her income, Malory’s mom packed up the kids and moved them from New York to Maryland, where Malory’s great, great uncle had left a house to her mother. Speaking of said uncle, Arthur Spiderwick had disappeared one afternoon nearly eighty years ago, and left the house to his closest living relative. That was his daughter, Lucinda, who had been a little girl when he disappeared, but she had been put into a nursing home after spouting a bunch of nonsense about her father being taken away by fairies and goblins living in the woods around her house, leaving the house to Malory’s mother.

The first week in that house changed Malory’s life forever.

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Her brother, Jarred, discovered a book in a secret room in the attic, written by Arthur. It was filled with drawings, descriptions, teeth, claws, skin, and wings of imaginary creatures, like goblins and sprites, phenoxies and gryphons, dwarves and elves. Now, according to the book, humans can’t naturally see these creatures, they needed to look through a rock with a natural hole in it, or had to hold a four-leaf clover for a temporary glimpse into the other world. Or, they could soak their eyes in fairy bathwater or hobgoblin spit, giving them what’s called the Sight…forever. Jarred believed every word, and tried convincing his family, but, of course, no one believed him, especially Malory. And she didn’t believe him until she saw Jarred’s twin, Simon, be dragged into the woods by nothing. Turns out, it was a goblin pack, who lived within the woods around the house (also turns out Aunt Lucinda was right), thought that Simon was the twin who had the book. That book, Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide to the Fantastic World Around You, has more information about some of the creatures than those creatures even knew about themselves. That book…That book almost got Malory and her brothers killed while trying to keep it out of the hands of the goblins and their ogre master, Mulgarath. Mulgarath planned on using the information from the field guide to destroy and rule over all other fairies by exploiting their weaknesses Arthur had discovered.

Thankfully, with Malory now convinced, Jarred and her were able to save Simon. The three of them were given the Sight perinatally by a hobgoblin—he very kindly spit in their faces after eating a roasted cat, their roasted cat—making it easier for them to fight the battle they had gotten themselves into. Trolls and goblins sent by Mulgarath terrorized the Grace siblings, their house, their mother. The conclusion of the battle columnated at the Grace family’s new house, ending with their house completely ransacked, filled with dead goblins, and Mulgarath, thankfully, dead, eaten by previously mentioned hobgoblin.

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Mulgarath was dead, and as far as they knew, the information about Arthur’s book wasn’t spread farther than all the beings that were now currently turning into mush on their kitchen floor. The book was safe, and they were safe. Mostly. Now that they knew about this world, they were a part of it, especially Malory. With her experience in fencing and sword fighting, she became the main hunter and protector of the family. Jarred, when he became an adult, learned how to use a variety of guns, letting him help Malory hunt. Simon, on the other hand, became the researcher of the Grace kids, adding onto their great, great uncle Arthur’s research. Though this time, they kept it a lot more secretive—they didn’t want another battle with an ogre.

Now, ten years later, Malory is the only one who still lives in the house where all of this started. Jarred moved to California to keep an eye on the giant and dragon population there. Simon and her mother moved back to upstate New York. She lives alone in the house...well, aside from Thimbletack, the common house brownie. How she pays the bills? Malory down-low advertises herself as a woman who can take care of…odd problems. Getting lost for no reason in your own back yard? Your kid’s pets keep going missing? You’re flowers start uprooting themselves and flying around your yard? Call Malory Grace, and get your checkbook out. You wouldn’t believe how much someone will pay to get a troll off their property.


Basic Information

Age: 27

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Hight: 5 foot 6 inches (Yeah, Sarah is 5 foot 3, but my Malory is taller than that)

Sexuality: Bisexual, with a preference toward men

Relationship Status: Single (Will very between RPs)

Location: Wherever the job takes her...but she lives in Maryland

Pet(s): Byron, Arthur's gryphon

Interests: Reading, going to the gym, sparing, running, hunting, ballet, drawing, and drinking

Disinterests: Being given pet names, like 'baby' or 'dollface', hot summer days, being wrong, her nightmares, and cops

What Mal Can't Live Without: Beer, her sword, her medication


(Malory's face-claim: Sarah Bolger)


FIRST AND FOREMOST: I am allowed to decline to RP with anyone for any reason, reasons that I don't have to discuss. If I start an RP with someone and wish to stop it at any point, I will talk to them about it privately. If I start getting spam messages from people I don't want to talk to, in any form, I will report you. I don't want to deal with harassment again.

Please check grammar and spelling, make sure that others can read what you write.

I like to keep my comments. If you like to delete comments, just let me know before we start so I can keep them elsewhere.

Content can go 18+, my character(s) drink, have sex, and do drugs.

Enjoy yourself. If you don't like what I'm doing, tell me. And I'll tell you if I don't like what you're doing.


Current RPs: Under Construction

Character Name

Malory Grace

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Character Relationship Status


Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Comedy, Action

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  • "Absolutely not.Miss me?"

  • \\I'm so sorry for the late reply, setting'll probably find Kujo in a coffee shop believe it or not around this time of season so they can run into each other there if that's okay with you?

  • He certainly has some form of ADD or something. Or he's just excited to talk to someone. He notices she's getting a bit uncomfortable, though, and proceeds to dust the dirt off his jacket. He can be kind, after all, and if he's being too much on someone he is able to reel back.  It's part of making everyone happy, and he likes to be sure everyone is happy. 

    "There's probably a gym somewhere you can shower. Or if you want, I can get a hotel room and leave it for you. I have money," he does, in a dusty old wallet are his cards and a few dollars cash in case he ever needs it. He offers just to be nice, after all, he figures she'll decline his offer. "I just want a shower and some new clothes and something to eat."

  • {That’s fine with me, Balen isn’t quite like Lorelei either}
  • {It can be with whoever you want. As long as they like nature, or hate it! That might be interesting, I dunno. It’s up to whatever you feel like.}
  • [Yes that works!]

  • {Happy New year my dear, here's to 2018!}

    In the deep forest strolled a young man. Looking to be in his early twenties, his skin was dark, his eyes a storm, yet in his features there held a soft kindness. The creatures around him didn't shrink with fear at the 6'1" wanderer. No, the squirrels ran about his feet chasing after one another completely at ease with his presence in their home. He walked until he came across a tree. He lay his hand on the bark and with his other reached into the pack on his shoulder and pulled out a wooden flute. Gently he rose the musical instrument to his lips and began to play. As his song played the coloring in the tree shifted. Moving for the sickly grey to a more brownish color like it should be.The grass at his feet started to rise as well, this was his gift to nature. His song could be heard from quite the distance. It would not be unheard of for someone to hear it. 

    (something sounding close to this)

  • (No worries or need for her to read anything. For the beginner. It can simply be she is out hunting. Finds a troll cave. Fights some trolls. Ends up in the treasure room cause some monsters like treasure or shiny stuff as do some animals. There could be like a gold or silver lined coffin in there. She finally gets a troll, kills a troll. Beheading or whatever. The troll body falls on the coffin, bleeding all over it. The blood seeps in which then awakens Kiki. She bust free. Kills the next troll that comes for Malory and we go from that. Simple beginner. :)
  • (Yes. I mention that I think when I sent an addy on here or my other name. I picked the song cause it has a cat in it and it looks evil and I wanted it to represent my cat. How she gets should her owner ever begin to neglect and disrespect her. Lol. Maybe sometime we can play or do kitty gif and meme banter. Lol)
  • (Happy new year and holidays to you as well. ^^ Thank you very much, I love the kitty! I'll have your reply here today. Sorry for the huge delay on my part.)

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