Malory wasn’t a kid who believed in magic—the tooth fairy, Santa Clause—that was all a bunch of nonsense to her. Those things just weren’t real to her, despite how hard her mother tried to get her to believe in Santa Clause so she wouldn’t spoil Christmas for her younger brothers. When Malory was fifteen, her parents divorced, and her mother took full custody of Malory and her younger twin brothers, Simon and Jarred. No longer being able to afford their home with her income, Malory’s mom packed up the kids and moved them from New York to Maryland, where Malory’s great, great uncle had left a house to her mother. Speaking of said uncle, Arthur Spiderwick had disappeared one afternoon nearly eighty years ago, and left the house to his closest living relative. That was his daughter, Lucinda, who had been a little girl when he disappeared, but she had been put into a nursing home after spouting a bunch of nonsense about her father being taken away by fairies and goblins living in the woods around her house, leaving the house to Malory’s mother.

The first week in that house changed Malory’s life forever.

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Her brother, Jarred, discovered a book in a secret room in the attic, written by Arthur. It was filled with drawings, descriptions, teeth, claws, skin, and wings of imaginary creatures, like goblins and sprites, phenoxies and gryphons, dwarves and elves. Now, according to the book, humans can’t naturally see these creatures, they needed to look through a rock with a natural hole in it, or had to hold a four-leaf clover for a temporary glimpse into the other world. Or, they could soak their eyes in fairy bathwater or hobgoblin spit, giving them what’s called the Sight…forever. Jarred believed every word, and tried convincing his family, but, of course, no one believed him, especially Malory. And she didn’t believe him until she saw Jarred’s twin, Simon, be dragged into the woods by nothing. Turns out, it was a goblin pack, who lived within the woods around the house (also turns out Aunt Lucinda was right), thought that Simon was the twin who had the book. That book, Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide to the Fantastic World Around You, has more information about some of the creatures than those creatures even knew about themselves. That book…That book almost got Malory and her brothers killed while trying to keep it out of the hands of the goblins and their ogre master, Mulgarath. Mulgarath planned on using the information from the field guide to destroy and rule over all other fairies by exploiting their weaknesses Arthur had discovered.

Thankfully, with Malory now convinced, Jarred and her were able to save Simon. The three of them were given the Sight perinatally by a hobgoblin—he very kindly spit in their faces after eating a roasted cat, their roasted cat—making it easier for them to fight the battle they had gotten themselves into. Trolls and goblins sent by Mulgarath terrorized the Grace siblings, their house, their mother. The conclusion of the battle columnated at the Grace family’s new house, ending with their house completely ransacked, filled with dead goblins, and Mulgarath, thankfully, dead, eaten by previously mentioned hobgoblin.

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Mulgarath was dead, and as far as they knew, the information about Arthur’s book wasn’t spread farther than all the beings that were now currently turning into mush on their kitchen floor. The book was safe, and they were safe. Mostly. Now that they knew about this world, they were a part of it, especially Malory. With her experience in fencing and sword fighting, she became the main hunter and protector of the family. Jarred, when he became an adult, learned how to use a variety of guns, letting him help Malory hunt. Simon, on the other hand, became the researcher of the Grace kids, adding onto their great, great uncle Arthur’s research. Though this time, they kept it a lot more secretive—they didn’t want another battle with an ogre.

Now, ten years later, Malory is the only one who still lives in the house where all of this started. Jarred moved to California to keep an eye on the giant and dragon population there. Simon and her mother moved back to upstate New York. She lives alone in the house...well, aside from Thimbletack, the common house brownie. How she pays the bills? Malory down-low advertises herself as a woman who can take care of…odd problems. Getting lost for no reason in your own back yard? Your kid’s pets keep going missing? You’re flowers start uprooting themselves and flying around your yard? Call Malory Grace, and get your checkbook out. You wouldn’t believe how much someone will pay to get a troll off their property.


Basic Information

Age: 27

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Hight: 5 foot 6 inches (Yeah, Sarah is 5 foot 3, but my Malory is taller than that)

Sexuality: Bisexual, with a preference toward men

Relationship Status: Single (Will very between RPs)

Location: Wherever the job takes her...but she lives in Maryland

Pet(s): Byron, Arthur's gryphon

Interests: Reading, going to the gym, sparing, running, hunting, ballet, drawing, and drinking

Disinterests: Being given pet names, like 'baby' or 'dollface', hot summer days, being wrong, her nightmares, and cops

What Mal Can't Live Without: Beer, her sword, her medication


(Malory's face-claim: Sarah Bolger)


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  • Virian's mouth twitched lightly at the sound of her actually sounding genuine; especially because it had been 'thank you', which wasn't a phrase he heard often, no matter how much he tried to earn it. But then, with some further thought as he continued working on her ear, he just chalked it up to her being very high and confused. Maybe she thought she was talking to someone else? He entertained the idea in his mind for a few moments until she mumbled, and his grip on the knife was suddenly and unexpectedly much tighter. With a light chuckle, he continued his work. "I'd like you a lot more if you worked with me instead of against me. When you're not blaming me for an accident- which I highly regret, by the way-, I might even say that you're pleasant to be around. Somewhat."

    Of course, the elf was only saying this because he was sure that she wouldn't be able to remember any of it once the opioids wore off. Hopefully.
    He was much quicker on finishing the second ear, since he now knew the 'routine'. Setting the needle down on the coffee table, he turned back towards Malory and began wiping her neck with the sleeves of his robe, since the rest was already covered with her blood. After a while of unsuccessfully cleaning her up, he gave a hearty sigh and got off her. Not at all to his surprise, she slumped to the side. Ignoring that, he went and got the things he needed. A warm washbowl and a cloth. After coming back, he pulled her up against him as he sat beside her and began cleaning her up, mostly just so she wouldn't have to sober up groggy, confused, in pain, /and/ bloody. It was the least he could do after everything he had done.

  • Unable to stop himself from smiling, Virian nodded his head - curls and all-, before agreeing with her. "Indeed it is.": was all he said as he hoisted her up to a sitting position again. 'Twas true that she wasn't struggling against him, but her not doing anything at all wasn't exactly helpful, either. But, with her dazed state and strange talks, he was able to forgive her very easily. Once her gaze fell on him and she pouted, asking where he was, he felt a low chuckle that he suppressed, instead focusing on helping her sit correctly before he went and straddled her again. They had to do the other ear, after all. No use stopping now.

    Leaning back, he grabbed the dagger again. "I was at the door, Lo." He began explaining, his voice soft and, some might even say, loving. Comforting. "I was making sure no one saw you in this state. And, if you had any respect for me, you might even thank me for it. But, alas, you do not, so I expect nothing. Nothing except--" He gently held her jaw with his free hand, turning her head to the other side so he was able to see her ear. Brushing her dark locks out the way, he continued. "--for you to stay still. Got it, /love/?"

  • I owe people but I'm tired and want to go to bed.
  • "Okay!" He seems to accept that immediately. "Then I'm gonna go find new clothes. I'll buy food when we can meet up," he senses she might want some alone time, and it's a bit weird for a man as old as he is to hang out with someone a good few years younger than him. He rolls out his shoulder and seems ready to readapt around the humans. "I'll find you. Pick somewhere. See you in an hour?"

    Before she can even answer, he turns on his heels and breaks off into a run. There's no telling whats on his mind now.

  • (Thank you for the patience. ^^" Busy holidays then when I sent you a reply the flu ran me over. xc It was horrid.)

    "No time to waist, I needed this man yesterday." She doesn't like letting her targets running free for too long, and this man has been operating under her nose for far too long. She's trying to take him on with everything she has. He's cost her department more lives money than she's willing to admit. "Ten years? That's about as long as I've been with the FBI. Maybe a little bit longer." Mai could talk about some of her past, but not all of it. There's things that she'd wish to take to the grave with her. She's afraid if she says too much to others, they'll be afraid of her and wish to stay away. She could understand why though.

    Mai does as directed as she begins to pull up to the bar that Malory had pointed out. She parks her car, and steps out. "First, I'm going to try to speak with the bartender. Maybe they saw him, or know who may have seen him. Then we'll go to see the video." She walks around the car and begins to approach the building. "And again Malory, thank you very much for helping. Even if it is just for money, there's not many people who would accept a federal check. So I appreciate it." She flashes smile at Malory before stopping dead in her tracks.

    A tremor could be felt go through the city for a few seconds. Mai's smile slowly fades as she begins looking around. "Did you hear something?" Her eye's shift to white while she looks down at the ground. "You don't have trains under this town do you?" Then there's another tremor, but it feels stronger this time. That rules out earthquakes. "Malory, you may want to get inside." Mai begins to reach into her bag as she keeps her eyes on the ground. "Stay away from glass."

  • Arch rubbed idly at the scratch calling home on his neck, a small bead of blood trickling down. Around the incision the skin was blossoming red from his irritating rubbing. He accepted Malory's vague answer and then moved to sit a ways away from her on the bed.

    "I see." Arch said quietly, running a large calloused hand through his long, black locks that reached down to his waist. "What are you guys even going to do anyway? You two are so secretive."
  • After taking the tray, Virian gave a curt nod to the servant before closing the door and turning to look at Malory. With an amused smile tugging at his lips, he strolled over to her and put the tray down on the coffee table. Next to a piece of her ear, of course. He was mostly amused because of how she was acting- it was quite hilarious, and he found himself feeling bad that he wasn't able to capture the moment on camera- but he was also amused because of how obviously innocent the servant boy seemed to be. The boy should be thankful he didn't see the blood on his prince's hand as he took the tray- that would've /really/ twisted his ideas of intimacy.

    "Yes, /love/," He repeated with a roll of his eyes before he kneeled down in front of her, pushing some tray hairs from her face before firmly grasping her shoulders and trying to get her to sit up again. "If we're going to put on a charade it might as well be somewhat realistic. Servant gossip spreads faster in this place than the plague."

  • -Mumbles and grumbles-
    || -is not sweet- 
    -Is a vicious cruel man-

  • Virian didn't even hide his sigh of relief when he saw that it wasn't the guard. In his experience, they were the most annoying to control, which was simply ironic. Servant boys, however, were much easier. Just as the boy looked as though he was going to push the door and go into the apartment, Virian stopped him with a quick gesture. He opened the door ever so slightly, showing off his bare chest more, but managing to hide Malory as she slumped down in the sofa. "I'll be right there, love!" He called to her in the sweetest voice he could manage before he looked back at the boy.

    With a smirk he shook his head, curls and all, and gestured for the boy to hand over the tray. "We'd like some privacy. Tell the others we do not wish to be disturbed until dinner. Got it, lad?"

  • (( It's a good GIF! But speaking of profile pics, I love the one you have now & the previous one, too.

    That makes sense. I always try to be as accurate as I can with my roleplays, even if it's in a fantasy world with elves, magic, and weird af fruit lol ))

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