"Art comforts the disturbed and disturbs the comfortable."  X

NameMalphas [Last name "Faery" coined by him]

Nicknames - Mal, junior mint

Age - Born in 1666, Physically in his early twenties

Species - Fairy/vampire hybrid

Height - 6'4"

Weight - 220 lbs

Hair color - Black

Eye color - Gold

Skin tone - Pale white

Unusual features - Pointed ears, wings, horns, claws, & fangs

Markings - Black dragon tattoo on the back of his left shoulder, tattoo of a large tree with vines emerging from the trunk on his right arm

Profession -Musician, artist, & bartender at the Diamond Coffin

Residence - Apartment in London, England

Hobbies - Drawing, painting, killing, & karaoke

Vice - Chinese food

Ride - Black Ducati Diavel

Early Life

Malphas is the son of Maleficent, the Mistress of All Evil famous for cursing an infant princess to die on her 16th birthday. He came as a result of a "moment of weakness" his mother had with an elder vampire. Instead of informing her lover about the child the villainess raised the boy on her own. Her selfish decision deprived the hybrid of growing up with his father who he later learned was another well known monster, Count Dracula. Growing up Malphas often went out of his way in order to please his mother. For the most part this meant causing others pain and suffering even though this was not something that he enjoyed as much as she did.  He does not talk about his childhood often, but it is pretty obvious he has a civil relationship with his mother. It is safe to assume that his childhood was pleasant for the most part.

Malphas was a curious child. He had the tendency to wander around even if told not to. While wandering around the mountain he collected things that caught his attention. To his mother's dismay, most were human-made belongings that found their way into the forest. Malphas wasn't necessarily a difficult child, but he was definitely stubborn, and still is to this day. When Malphas wasn't being a little brute, he could also be quite sweet. He would always try to find ways to make his mother proud.

He may not be considered a family member but Malphas also has a familiar. Zev is a rather large black wolf with red eyes. He assists Malphas whenever needed and is often by his side. No matter where he is, Malphas can call upon Zev by simply stating his name. The wolf was a gift from his mother when he was young and the two have been inseparable ever since. 


Malphas stands 6'4" and has what most consider to be a swimmer's build. He possesses yellow eyes and dark hair, both of which were inherited from his mother. Malphas is a rather handsome young man, with a charming smile and a dimpled chin. His incredibly pale complexion, which he inherited from his father, is cold to the touch making it obvious that the hybrid is a member of the supernatural community. He has pointed ears which are often covered by his dark hair, or disguised to blend in.

Malphas also has a set of large black wings as well as horns that he can hide when he desires to. The hybrid is not a purebred vampire, so he does not have the traditional vampire fangs. With that said, he still has an unusual set of teeth. The crown of Malphas' back teeth on both the top and bottom are emphasized and sharper than normal. His canine teeth can also grow in size and are very strong. In his natural form Malphas has sharp claws that he can retract when desired.

Much like Maleficent, the hybrid has the ability to transform himself into a dragon. Before this transformation takes place, his pupils narrow similar to those of a reptile. His eyes glow yellow, his skin turns scale-like, and long black claws form. Since he is a hybrid, his dragon form is somewhat vampire and or bat like. 

Personal Life

Pansexual | Single 

When it comes to romantic relationships, Malphas is complicated. Love, is something that he doesn't quite understand. Throughout his lifetime he has never encountered a situation in which he felt more than an initial attraction. That being said, Malphas has been with several women as well as men over the years and has enjoyed their company. Lust and love are two very different things, therefore any relationships have run short due to unilateral feelings. This doesn't mean that he is incapable of being in love, it only means that he is extremely skeptical of it's existence.



Malphas must be invited into a home before he can enter. If he enters without being invited first the hybrid becomes sick and vomits. This is ironic considering his mother is famous for showing up to a gathering uninvited. 

He has no weaknesses against garlic, holy water, crosses, sunlight, or any other items that might weaken a vampire. 

Malphas is an incredibly talented violin player.

He enjoys the taste of blood but does not require it to survive. 

A bite from Malphas is toxic and will lead to paralysis along with cardiac arrest.

Malphas can retract his teeth, claws, and wings but his horns and pointed ears require magic to become hidden.

He absolutely despises ducks.



First Flight

The First Time

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a side account at the moment. My main account is Maleficent

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  • Malphas: You're not that old :)

    Two thousand year old Iaophae:


  • Long lashes framing her liquid blue eyes as she cast her gaze down to the green alcohol held to her lips. Iao nearly snorted out Absinthe through her septum pierced nose when she caught the "not outside food" remark. Maybe she shouldn't have found her own dark humor in that, but she related to the rule, as she was a cannibal herself. Of course, little knew, cannibalism wasn't exactly something to shout from roofttops.

    Covered her mouth with long nailed, tattooed fingers, she almost snorted, dimples denting her contoured cheeks with a stupid smile. Alochol burned in her mouth when she laughed. Swallowing, she cleared her throat. "Well, 'e 'ad et coomin', Ah say, doaty bassa (stupid bastard)." With a roll of her large eyes, she leaned her chin against folded hands. "Oh, please. Don't be flatta'in me. Ah'm soo oold dat me erse shoold be like a bag o' washin'." An old Scottish insult that she had picked up from her sailor mouthed father, she never spared a moment to use them. "An' old crood, aye? Well, wid money like mine, an age like dat and yer dashin' lil face, Ah might as well be yer suga mama." Iaophae snorted, snorting a bit at her own joke. "Already takin' ye ta Tahiti, look at me."

    Iaophae twisted her torso as she heard the sound of sizzling barbeque coming their way. Another scent drew her attention, however. The fleshy, savory aroma of the cooked human flesh in her bag. A clawing hunger scratched at her throat, yet she resisted. It wasn't like Malphas would enjoy eating barbequed chicken and grilled human flesh. Soon, two plates stacked high with chicken, sauce dripping down to the surface was set before them, along with an array of sides to share. Iaophae whirled around with a broad grin. "Bet ye can't eat et all, lad. Yer skinny erse ain't finishin' de 'alf o' et."

  • Crackling sounds came from the bag as she unrolled the top to open. Instantly, she put her face to the bag, almost disappearing into it. With a deep inhale she took in every scent in that delicious bag she could get. “Oh my god,” she muffled into the bag. “It smells heaveningly!” When her finally emerged her eyes glinted with that longing hungry look. “I echo that.” One by one she plucked the items from the bag. The wantons were set down first, than the egg drop soup, the sesame chicken and the rice. She made an assembly line of the food.

    “Here’s fine. Moving takes too much time,” she muttered while she removed the lids and also opened each of the containers. Her quick, elegant movement paused long enough to look at the plates he grabbed as if they were foreign objects to her. A hand hovered over the plastic fork they also tucked in the bag. Should she use the plate? Her eyes looked from the plates, to the food, and then to him. Her stomach made another faint growl and then the debate was forgotten.

    She stabbed the chicken with the fork and ignored the plates. No need to do dishes later. Plus, was it really a take-out experience if she didn’t eat directly out of the containers the food came in. “If you make them vanish...where do they go?” She asked right before putting the chicken into her mouth. It’s a strange concept, making something vanish like that. It was reasonable though for the girl who, in all reality, knew very little of the magical world.

  • Text: Pfft. Don't put that  million charm on me.

    Text: Thanks, tho. You're kinda cool too. 


  • Drunk men were kind of Iaophae’s playing field. Easy to manipulate, easy to hustle, she had her fair share of experiences with them when working in clubs every once in a while. Iaophae took pride in God’s blessings, and didn’t mind shaking what her mother gave her, after all she only did so when a hit was placed on an individual who frequented those clubs. It was easy to snag clothes and hair for voodoo dolls, or just completely take a hit out in a private dance room. If the job called for it, Iaophae did so. Morals weren’t exactly her thing, not when it came to her job.

    Sculpted brows raised toward her clean-cut hairline. “Ye lit a lad on fire? Wha’ ‘e do?” Iaophae looked up from the menu, liquid blue eyes cast upon Malphas. “Can’t say Ah’ve done dat in a hot minute. Pun intended.” She set the menu back down, blinking rapidly. “Leech, eh? Lil fooka’s. Bu’ Ah’d rada deal wid dem dan actual leeches. Couldn’t get ‘em off o’ me when Ah took a trip ta Guatemala…” She counted quickly on her fingers, squinting. “Iffe today be Wednesday, den...dat was back in de 1500s, damn.” She looked shocked herself. “Ah’m an old lass, ye sure ye wanna travel wid me?” She smirked up to him, mouthing the word ‘bungalow’ again. It was just such a great word, she couldn’t resist.

    Iaophae sat back in her chair, snickering so hard that she snorted again. “Oh, don’t ye worry abou’ money, lad. Ah’ve got more den enough ta buy plane tickets an’ git one o’ dose beach bungalows. Ye jus’ ‘ave fun, Ah’ll ‘ave me fun ta…Ah’m sure dat won’t be too hard wid ye aroond.” When the waitress made another round, Iaophae flagged her down. She was probably only noticed because of that one glittery gold nail that flashed in the light. “Endless barbeque, please.” The Scotswoman said, digging in the black leather bag, nails clicking against the same crystal ball as before. She then pulled out her debt card. “On me.” A wink was cast Malphas’ way.

  • “Ah would say so, yeah.” Iaophae said, holding the glass by the top, letting the green liquor swish around in its basin. Like Malphas, the scent of blood enticed her, yet that was not what she craved. Unlike vampires, Rusalki craved the taste of flesh. Animals were often killed, but the only means of survival for the Slavic water fae was to devour the flesh and bones of mankind. Dark, is it not? However, Iaophae refused to reveal that to her newfound partner in crime just yet.

    She snickered ever so slightly as blood gushed on to the cards laid on the table, and the other intoxicated men clumsily rushed to help and struggled to figure out how a glass shattered out of the blue. With just a touch of magic, Iaophae always managed to have her fun. She adjusted her hips on the stool she sat at, picking up a menu, liquid blue eyes trained on the options. “Ah be stayin’ at a sort o’ resort. One o’ dose…ova-wata bungalows? Loike…luxury huts dat sit ova de clear blue wata…beautiful. Five sters an’ all.” She smiled.

    She raised her glass, tattooed fingers wrapped around the base. “Ta Tahiti!” She clinked the two glasses together and downed its contents quickly. Iao shook her head, wincing ever so slight, a grin on her face. Wetting the edge of her lips with a now stained green tongue, she glanced down to the menu once more. “’ow does barbeque chicken sound ta ye?”

  • Another melodic laugh, dimples digging into her cheeks. The bartender soon delivered and she was quick to wrap her long nailed fingers around the glass. The liquor was more green than the Highlands that Iaophae had grown up in. She drummed her nails against the bar top, still grinning, looking up to the bar tender. “Ah loike dis one.” The bar tender only smiled and continued on their merry way. Lips soon touched alcohol which stained her tongue, it had been decades since she ever had the Green Fairy. 

    As for the cat calls, Iaophae paid no mind and was determined to drown them out with a conversation. “Aye, Ah’ll be fine, lad. Ah got used ta it a long time ago. Don’t go rufflin’ up yer bat wings-“ she leaned forwards, folding her hands in front of her to rest her chin atop. “When Ah can do this.” Gemstone eyes flickered over to one of the tipsy cat callers, fixing on his drink. A few bats of excessively long lashes, and a simple wink, and the glass shattered to pieces in his hand, shards embedding themselves in his palm, blood welling from the wounds. He shouted, Iaophae snickered and she gave Malphas a slightly victorious side eye. 

    “DAT kind o’ nigh’ it shall be!” She raised her glass as well, clinking it against his. A few more and she’ll be up on the table, singing Scottish drinking songs like her good ol Da used to. Another sip, her planet sized hoop earrings glinting in the dim light. “Ah leave tomorrow, actually. Iffe dats foine wid ye. Ye could git yer dings an’ stop by me treehouse in de morn’, o’ we could git dem afta dis an’ crash at me place. Ah’m sure me lil’ Fuji would love ye...” she cleared her throat. “Fuji be me red panda, by de way.”

  • "Alright, be sure you come back in 2 weeks to have your dressing changed out and hopefully it'll be completely healed for you sir."


    She turned to the man that was sitting on the examine table as he had his arm wrapped in a cast; although not most people want their arm wrapped in a cast now and days, she assured him that it was probably for the best that he did for the time being until he came back again to her to get his arm looked at again. The man nodded his head at her, sliding off the examine table as he was given a slip of piece of paper, more then likely his prescription for his medication that he would be taking for the next two weeks until he came back to see Moon again. She see the man out the little room, offering him a small smile as she retreated back into the room to gather the paperwork and whatnot; her glowing lavender eyes glanced over to the clock on the wall, her shift was over for the day and she could finally head back to her hotel room that she was currently staying in for now until she could find her a little apartment that she could stay in while she was here in London for the time being.


    She walked down the hall and into her little temporary office, gathering up her belongings and some files that she knew that she would have to look over when she got back to the room, also she had some paperwork to fill out for the next day when she came back to work in the morning. Grabbing her car keys and whatnot, she turned off the light in her office, opening and then closing the door behind her as she locked it, bidding the two women at the front desk a good bye for the day as she pushed the door open and walked out the building and towards her truck. Since this was her first time in London and all, London was very different from US, they drove on the opposite side of the road from what she was use to, not to mention that inside of their cars that the driver also sat on the opposite as well then she does. Moon kinda stick out like a sour thumb in a way but she had quickly adjusted to their style and whatnot and was able to blend in with the crowd it seems, there were many friendly people she had came across while she was here, some very interesting places that she always wanted to check out while she was here and whatnot, to her this was just amazing.


    'Everything's okay right? You're sensing any trouble are you miss?' 


    To the untrained eye, no one would ever see it....unless you had some sort of connection to hell itself then yes you would be able to see it, but at the same time, most could sense another presence lingering about on Moon, almost like some form of entity that cling to Moon. A small smile formed on her lips when she heard Aiden speaking to her, she knew Aiden for most of her life, he made himself known to her around the age of 5 when she was in danger one day when she wander too far from home. Since then, Aiden has always been by Moon's side and had always been very protect of the she wolf, though she has to assure him at times that she could handle herself and didn't want Aiden to worry about her or try to push himself too hard just to make sure she was okay, just like he cared for her, she cared for this little entity that she sees as family to her.


    "Don't worry Aiden I'm fine, I'm not sensing any trouble nearby or anything....how about we stop by a coffee shop or something?" 

  • “Oh, Ah see. De rules don’t apply ta ye den?” Iaophae said with a mischievous brow arched towards him as they entered the bar, heels clicking on the floor. “Travel be de spoice o’ loife, lad.” Funny how that hard “r” sound tumbled over and over again on her tongue. A slight roll of her gemstone eyes was given as catcalls echoed throughout the bar, mostly targeting what swayed when she walked but it was nothing the Cat Sidhe wasn’t used to. If they kept it up, a quick hex on the pigs would provide her amusement later on.

    “Really now? In between lund? Dat’s some impressive magic dere, lad. Ah ain’t seen many who canne do it.” Iaophae sat down at the bar, throwing one thick, jean clad thigh over the other as she resided upon the stool. If Malphas could cast that kind of spell, she wondered what other tricks were hidden beneath his sleeves. A grin slowly spread across her face as she entertained the thought, dimples denting her contoured cheeks. To Malphas, she may appear to be a crazy lady smiling broadly for no reason at all.

    The Scots sculpted brows travelled up as he spoke of his mother, large pupils dilating to become small, chatoyant slits- a give away of her Cat Sidhe blood. “De dirteenth fairy?” Dirteenth, even the writer is laughing about that behind the fourth wall. Bless that accent. Iaophae’s pillow like lips parted in surprise, leaving her mouth agape. Suddenly snapping out of her trance as she stared, shaking her head, cornrows flying over her shoulder. “Damn lad, ye…ye somedin’ else.” Iao placed one heavily tattooed hand upon the table, drumming her nails against the top. “Gonna fook around an’ give me a strook. Now Ah need a drink ‘cause o’ ye.”

    Iaophae grinned again at him, lashes falling to shadow her large eyes as she looked him over shamelessly once more. “A roond o’ Absinthe, fo’ me an’ de lad ova ‘ere.” She said, nodding to the bar tender. She turned back to Malphas, a pointed look in her eye. “Now lad, ye gon’ be in me head fo’ awhile iffe Ah don’t know mo’. Curiosity killed de Cat Sidhe, bu’ Ah ain’t afraid o’ nah death.” She tossed her braids back over her shoulder. “Ah got two tickets ta Tahiti, lad. Dere be a chief out dere who wants me ta work some magic fo’ ‘im…but de rest o’ de time dere will be pure pleasure. Ah like ye already, so…” The absinthe was delivered in front of the two. “Wanna come?”

  • Rosa walked down the streets of London, the streetlights illuminating her path before her. She looked like a normal teenage girl, if not a well-off teenage girl. Blonde hair hung underneath a cap, a scarf hanging off her neck, boots crunching in the snow, a parka on over her white turtleneck. Everything was a light pink, save for the turtleneck which, as mentioned earlier was white, and her pants, which were black. Yet, looks could be deceiving. Wolves don't wear sheep's wool anymore. No, they wore outfits like that in a human skin. 

    And just like the wolf she was, Rosa walked with her head held up high, and pride shining arrogantly young in her blue eyes, gracing lacing her movements. Her teeth were bared in a smile, as she hummed to herself. The moon hung alone in a starless sky, and in it's humble glow, she basked for a moment, before noticing a small little gallery. Most shops lining the English streets were deep in sleep, lights shut off, not even a mouse to be stirred. Yet, this little art gallery was open. Curiosity drew Rosa into the shop, and soon, she was in a maze of paintings. The morbidity might make some withdraw, but she would rather touch the art, feeling the brushes of the paintings underneath her fingertips.

    Her hands curl around themselves, and one painting, in general, attracts her attention. Wolves, tearing apart each other. It was a rather morbid thing to paint but the glinting fangs; entangled bodies and violence lure Rosa in. This painting, she wants it.

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