"I think hell is something you carry around with you.

Not somewhere you go."

 -Neil Gaiman




Cute smile, pointy teeth..

SEX : Male

AGE : Physically in his early twenties / Born in the 17th century during the Great Fire in London

SPECIES : Fey-vampire hybrid

HEIGHT: 6'5"

WEIGHT : 225 lbs

BODY TYPE : Swimmers build

EYES : Gold

HAIR : Black

UNUSUAL FEATURES : Fangs, pointed ears, horns, claws, & wings 



Malphas is the son of Maleficent, the Mistress of All Evil famous for cursing an infant princess to die on her 16th birthday. He came as a result of a "moment of weakness" his mother had with an elder vampire. Instead of informing her lover about the child, the villainess raised the boy on her own. Her selfish decision deprived the hybrid of growing up with his father who he later learned was another well known monster, Count Dracula.

Growing up Malphas often went out of his way in order to please his mother. For the most part, this meant causing others pain and suffering even though this was not something he enjoyed as much as she did. He does not discuss his childhood often but he maintains a civil relationship with his mother for the most part.  



When you cannot look on the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark.

ZEV, "FUR BALL" - Familiar gifted to him when he was five years old

MONTY SLYE - Owner of the Diamond Coffin, friend

MALEFICENT - Probably the worst mother ever

DIABLO, "D" - Mother's pet raven


ALIGNMENT : Chaotic neutral

LIKES : To be added

DISLIKES : to be added

HOBBIES: Painting, drawing, & singing karaoke

CURRENT PROFESSION : Carpenter & bartender at the Diamond Coffin

FEARS : Losing those important to him

VICE : Junk food












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  • The sensation was growing annoying at this point. Dolai rubbed the washcloth against the glass roughly, creating a harsh, unpleasant sound that disturbed nearby customers. She glanced at them and muttered an insincere apology, before returning to the rest of the glasses. She glanced up as she heard the double doors swing open, her cold gaze landing on the young man that entered, the burning sensation growing hotter. Was it him? Was he even of age to be in here? Oh well, Dolai would figure it out in a moment.

    He didn't come up to the bar, he appeared to be waiting for another, so she decided to wait and observe, idly minding her business as she continued to detail the bar. She greeted more customers as they sat down, getting started on two tequila sunrises as they ordered their drinks, watching the boy as he waited in a booth from the corner of her almond shaped, upturned eyes. 

    She served them with a plastic smile, before he attention was stolen by the opening doors. This time, another man entered, dark haired, tall and radiating magical energy. It was him who she had felt, the burning sensation now seething her core as she watched him sit down across from the boy. 

    Frustratingly enough, Dolai couldn't hear what they were saying from where she stood at the bar. She made her way around the bar, whispering to one of her employees to take her place. Her employee nodded, and scooted behind the bar, leaving Dolai to be as nosey as she always was. Retrieving two ice cold glasses of water, she made her way over to their table as they looked over the menu. She cast them a white grin, obscured by the one golden canine tooth on her bottom row. 

    "Welcome to the Isola Rossa," her smoky voice arrived before her physical presence beside the booth. Dolai set down the glasses with a henna tattooed hand. "Can I get you two anything else to drink? Maybe something to eat?" Although she tried to be as warm and welcoming as possible, her hard gaze bored into the two. Something felt off, a feeling the ancient woman could not shake.

  • Lovely page, let me know if you'd be interested in writing together.

  • There was something strange about the Isola Rossa. Maybe it was the two golden sphinx statues guarding the red double doors. Maybe it was the crimson lights beaming down on the booths and black tables, held up by African statues. Or perhaps, the ferns hanging from the ceiling above the bar, a wall of bottles illuminated by white light. At each end of the glass bar was two Greek statues, one intoxicated with joy, the other wallowing in despair. The walls were lined with vévé, or symbols from voodoo, photos and paintings of Shaka Zulu, Malcolm X, Mansa Musa, Marie Laveau and many others. African, Native American and Aboriginal masks adorned the walls beside them. Music pulsed throughout the bar, but the unusual decorum only added to the eerie, haunting aura radiating from the walls. 

    Dolai liked it that way. She liked the array of reactions from the mortals as they entered, be it shock, intrigue, entrancement, disgust. It was rather entertaining, and few things amused her these days. During her stay in London, she had gotten a lot of different responses from the mortals, but despite their initial reaction, most customers didn't want to leave by closing time. She remembered when these lands were locked in ice, when not a soul dreamt of venturing this far north, a perilous journey that most mortals would not survive. The British hadn't exactly been a favorite of hers in the past few centuries; they had done nothing but commit crimes against humanity in their own favor. Although those times were gone, the ancient woman still found them to be strange people.

    Dolai slid a glass of whiskey over to a customer, happily collecting a tip and returning to wash glasses after all of her patrons were taken care of. She became lost in thought with a glass in her tattooed hand. A burning sensation travelled through her core. Something- someone was near, Dolai could feel their presence on the nearby streets. 

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