"I think hell is something you carry around with you.

Not somewhere you go."

- Neil Gaiman



NAMEMalphas Dracula Faery

AGE - Born in 1666, Physically in his early twenties

SPECIES - Fairy/vampire hybrid

PROFESSION - Carpenter & bartender at the Diamond Coffin

RESIDENCE - Apartment in London, England

HOBBIES - Drawing, playing the violin, killing, & karaoke




CURRENT LOCATION - The Diamond Coffin

THOUGHTS - "I need a drink."


Early Life

Malphas is the son of Maleficent, the Mistress of All Evil famous for cursing an infant princess to die on her 16th birthday. He came as a result of a "moment of weakness" his mother had with an elder vampire. Instead of informing her lover about the child the villainess raised the boy on her own. Her selfish decision deprived the hybrid of growing up with his father who he later learned was another well known monster, Count Dracula. Growing up Malphas often went out of his way in order to please his mother. For the most part this meant causing others pain and suffering even though this was not something that he enjoyed as much as she did.  He does not talk about his childhood often, but it is pretty obvious he has a civil relationship with his mother. It is safe to assume that his childhood was pleasant for the most part.

Malphas was a curious child. He had the tendency to wander around even if told not to. While wandering around the mountain he collected things that caught his attention. To his mother's dismay, most were human-made belongings that found their way into the forest. Malphas wasn't necessarily a difficult child, but he was definitely stubborn, and still is to this day. When Malphas wasn't being a little brute, he could also be quite sweet. He would always try to find ways to make his mother proud.

He may not be considered a family member but Malphas also has a familiar. Zev is a rather large black wolf with red eyes. He assists Malphas whenever needed and is often by his side. No matter where he is, Malphas can call upon Zev by simply stating his name. The wolf was a gift from his mother when he was young and the two have been inseparable ever since. 



HEIGHT - 6'4" | WEIGHT - 220 lbs

HAIR - Black | EYES - Gold | COMPLEXION - Pale white

UNUSUAL FEATURES - Pointed ears, wings, horns, claws, & fangs

Malphas stands 6'4" and has what most consider to be a swimmer's build. He possesses yellow eyes and dark hair, both of which were inherited from his mother. Malphas is a rather handsome young man, with a charming smile and a dimpled chin. His incredibly pale complexion, which he inherited from his father, is cold to the touch making it obvious that the hybrid is a member of the supernatural community. He has pointed ears which are often covered by his dark hair, or disguised to blend in.

Malphas also has a set of large black wings as well as horns that he can hide when he desires to. The hybrid is not a purebred vampire, so he does not have the traditional vampire fangs. With that said, he still has an unusual set of teeth. The crown of Malphas' back teeth on both the top and bottom are emphasized and sharper than normal. His canine teeth can also grow in size and are very strong. In his natural form Malphas has sharp claws that he can retract when desired.

Much like Maleficent, the hybrid has the ability to transform himself into a dragon. Before this transformation takes place, his pupils narrow similar to those of a reptile. His eyes glow yellow, his skin turns scale-like, and long black claws form. Since he is a hybrid, his dragon form is somewhat vampire and or bat like. 


Personal Life

Pansexual, Single

When it comes to romantic relationships, Malphas is complicated. Love, is something that he doesn't quite understand. Throughout his lifetime he has never encountered a situation in which he felt more than an initial attraction. That being said, Malphas has been with several women as well as men over the years and has enjoyed their company. Lust and love are two very different things, therefore any relationships have run short due to unilateral feelings. This doesn't mean that he is incapable of being in love, it only means that he is extremely skeptical of it's existence.  







CURRENT LOCATION - The Forbidden Mountain





RELATIONSHIP - Wolf, familiar

CURRENT LOCATION - London, England






Count Dracula


CURRENT LOCATION - Dracula manor






"Art comforts the disturbed and disturbs the comfortable."


IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a side account at the moment. My main account is Maleficent

If you wish to write with this character please add + message Maleficent.


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