Name: Marie St Clair

Title: Personal Pet to Lord Alesci

Allegiance: House of the Dragon 

Species: Human

Homeworld; Neclides

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5'4

Sexual Preference: Bisexual

Likes: Photography, waterfalls, and root beer

Dislikes: Chocolate, daisies, and watermelon

Fears: Fire and mice

Once upon a time or so the rumors say humans lived on a world called Earth. Whether Neclides was once Earth or another world they came to be on is lost in time. Some saying the truth is buried in the records of the vampires others saying it doesn't matter what was--only what is now. It was said that humans were ruled by their emotions and as such had a hard time seeing eye to eye. This led to countless war over the eons but none as great as the last one. The one that wiped out most of the human race. 

Supernatural creatures had existed hidden in the shadows for as long as mankind perhaps longer. No one knows how they came about or if they do it isn't spoken about. Vampires thought to be the most cunning of these decided to intervene to keep the race of man and their favored food source from vanishing forever. Whether mankind would have found a way to survive or not who is to say. The thing that was clear was that they did step in and it did save them what might have been whose to say.

They say everything comes with a cost and this was no different. Vampires being creatures of order set out to reorder the world. Believing other races were lesser than they, it was up to them to guide them. For other races were ruled to much by their emotions and not enough by their heads. So, they created a class system. The royal House of the Dragon at the very top of the system. Some say they are the only real power or the power that everyone answers to in the end. Others say the houses that make up the council are just as much in control. It is believed that the other houses really just enforce the will of the dragon.

Humans were treated in different ways. Some were taken as prized pets, others just lived normal lives doing normal things but all give blood. This and synthetic blood was the food source of the vampires. Wolves who were lower on the chain than humans were used as guard dogs, often thought to be nothing more than beasts. Humans were like children that needed guidance and wolves like dogs that needed to learn to heel.  

This was the world that Marie grew up into. However, she grew up in a forgotten place. Vampires disliked it when their rules were not followed and cast people out. Most the time they would cast into a system of underground tunnels where they were left to fend for themselves. Small communities sometimes would arise with people who decided to look out for each other or factions or gangs might spring up and rule for a while.  Her father had been executed for his crimes and her mother cast into the underground before they knew she was with child. It was here Marie would spend the first five years of her life.

It was always cold and people were always mean. It was just her mother and her taking care of each other and she remembered the hunger. The mice that would crawl on you while you were asleep like a never ending parade. They tried to stick to themselves and for the most part were paid little mind. Her mother selling whatever skills she had or her own body for the things they needed to survive. she learned to be quiet and not be noticed. It continued that way till she was four and they found a small community to join.

It wasn't much but they looked out for each other. Sometimes they were hungry but they had others to talk to and share with. Everyone did their part and while not the perfect life it was better than another. The funny thing is if she had been found by the vampires she would have been whisked away. For those with rare blood types were given to the most powerful in society and hers was a very rare type indeed.

It was during tis time that one of the many factions as they were called. Mostly just groups that raided others for their stuff, sometimes demanding payment for protection, others just taking what they want decided to come a calling. When they offered nothing they burned the place to the ground and started to kill everyone that crossed their path. Her mother pushed her into a small crawl space and she thought she would burn alive as the smell of bodies burning came to her. She crawled out keeping low as the smoke filled the air. 

Debris was falling all around her and just by chance or fate. It would be today that the vampire king decided for whatever reason to visit that forgotten place. Most considered him to be an odd king for his kind and he would hear her cries and move throw the fire. She looked up at the man standing their, a dirty little girl in rags and he picked her up carrying her out of the fire and her life would change forever.

He took her home with him and despite protests from his advisors nursed her back to health. He realized that she was a rare blood type shortly after and declared her as his personal pet. She never seemed to speak being afraid if she drew attention to herself she would be sent away and it was warm here and she was feed. So, she took to following the king everywhere he went afraid if she lost sight of him he would disappear. He allowed it much to the annoyance of some because where was the harm. He even got her a camera and she snapped pictures of everything. The amount of film she used in a day was silly.

This was now her world and as she grew and became more comfortable in it she started to talk. Still shy with those she doesn't know she doesn't follow the king's every step. In time he came to love her as more than a pet and she loved him. He loved her so much he shared a bit of himself with her binding her too him to keep her from aging. She even bore him a child. A half breed human wouldn't be shunned or killed or cast aside like a half wolf but they were not really acknowledged. He not only accepted their child he gave her his last name but keep her from the line of succession.

Many who did not approve of his progressive nature saw this as more warning as they turned towards his son to see if they could steer him in a different direction than his father. She loves his son Nico who is fond of her daughter. He might not be as forward thinking as his father at times but she thinks it is there more so than many care to see. And her daughter Madalina and him are very close. It is a far cry from the little girl who had nothing to the favored love of a king. 



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  • Marie would find him sitting upon the glider within the garden, hands pressed together and his mind clearly within thought. He knew about his son's new pet. He just never had a chance to meet her. A shame because now he might not have the chance to do such a thing. His eyes turned upwards upon hearing the sound of footsteps and a smile passed across his lips when he saw Marie approaching. He patted the spot next to him before he return to the position he had been before she had approached. He was not ignoring her. He was simply giving her time to voice her reason for being her. Sometimes she came seeking him out because she only wished to be near him. Other because there was something she wished to speak to him about. 

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