What Nightmares are Fashioned From
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What Nightmares are Fashioned From

Character Age


Character Species


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Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

What Nightmares are Fashioned From Purple cosmic jester with red wings, pink and cyan hat with spiked pompoms, a gold necklace with a large ruby as the centerpiece, pointed boots and has a crazed face.

Character Personality

Crazy and loves it.

Character Likes

Chaotic music, paint, topiaries, screaming.

Character History/Story

A dead jester's body floats on in space. He was forcefully crashed into a NOVA, killing both in the process. However, said jester's body started to fuse with peices of the NOVA, and from the fusion, Marx Soul appeared.

Character Abilites

Can split himself in half to make black holes, make it rain toxic paint or to summon large balls of energy. Can fire ice balls or laser canons out of his mouth. Can spawn seeds that grow into deadly, razor-sharp vines. Can spawn cutters from his wings. Can scream so loudly that it literally can kill people.

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Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Realistic, Child Friendly, Comedy

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