Mazikeen of the Lilim

Mazikeen Smith


Or at Starbucks..






Formerly Soul Torturer in Hell

Formerly Lucifer's Assistant - Right Hand

Currently Bounty Hunter.




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Lesley-Ann Brandt was the actress casted as Mazikeen in Lucifer, Lesley-Ann was also Larissa Diaz in the show Gotham. 

About the Writer (OOC)

Hello, I am Jaimie it's an huge pleasure to meet everyone, I'm from Canada and I loved Lucifer. Mazikeen was my favorite and for my first time (in years) I chose her to portray in roleplay. Please be kind, and drama free. Thank you!


Mazikeen on Wrealms established: 2021.03.26

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    "To tribe┈"

  • //Happy Easter, well In my story Mephistopheles is the King of The First Circle of Hell. And a loyal servant to Lucifer Morningstar. So I am thinking that Maze  and Mephistopheles knew each other in the past. So I have an idea. What if this whole time  Maze thought he was dead this whole time after he fought against Azriel on earth. But one day she finds him.

  • ||Hi there, you're very welcome and thanks for accepting. Happy Easter to you too. ^_^||

  • || A Mazikeen! Hello. Thank you for accepting my request :)

    A Happy Easter to you too, my dear. || 

    x I'd spam you with Lucifer gifs but ya gurl's on mobile. Hehe x

  • 8749395260?profile=RESIZE_400x

  • Hello to everyone, if you celebrate I would like to wish you an an very Happy Easter!



    For all Lucifer fans out there, fantabulous news, Season 5B is being released soon, hold you we're almost there! 2021.05.28





    I'm still binging Lucifer, it's an awesome show I'll just keep on binging it! I'm ready and roaring to start plotting and writing!

    - Jaimie <3

  • ((Well now, to see a Mazikeen...I am quite thrilled. I hope we can plot some time when ever you like.))

  • Binging Lucifer, starting from Episode 1 to the end, I am an perfectionist so I want to get as close as possible to how Mazikeen is on the show, and respect Lesley-Ann Brandt.


    - Jaimie.

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