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Meilan is a pale demoness with light blue skin, white hair and green eyes. She has no wings but has hooves instead of feet.

Character Personality

Meilan is a quiet woman, shy by nature she struggles with telling people her needs often putting theirs before hers.

Character Likes

She loves sweets especially anything with chocolate or cherries. She also loves music of any sort even though she can't play any instruments herself she often admires them from afar.

Character Dislikes

Meilan does not enjoy crowds, loud noises or really anything that will disturb her when she is in her own head space. She also dislikes cruelty of any sort.

Character History/Story

Meilan is a rather shy and innocent-seeming demon who has since her birth been tasked with guarding the demon sword Albion. Being a demon is the only thing that prevents her from being corrupted by the blade which is why the acolytes at the temple she was raised, brought her there. In hopes that by raising a demon from childhood she would grow up with a strong sense of right and wrong. This for the most part has worked though Meilan does have a few issues here and there with her temper.

Character Inventory

Demon Blade- Albion Bag of Chocolate candy- Never seems to run out

Character Abilites

Meilan possess a few magic spells of her own which she can channel through the blade for extra oomf. Spells: Lightning bolt - when cast through the blade it creates a melee attack with the elemental property of lightening small chance of creating a paralyzing effect. Fireball - when cast through the blade gives it the elemental property of fire, and can cause burns or..has a very small chance to explode. Shadow chains- Cannot be cast through her blade. This spell entraps an opponent in dark chains most effective against holy beings and other demons. Other abilities: Strength: She has far greater strength than a human because she is a demon and because she's been training with a giant sword since she was small. Agility: Meilan has learned to move fast and avoid getting hit even while carrying a blade nearly her size. Phasing: Meilan can phase through objects such as doors, walls or other people so long as they are not imbued with holy water/symbols or magic.

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Fantasy, Anime, Comedy, Action, Adventure

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I am a pretty simple lady who just wants people to build worlds with, nothing too serious I guess.

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