Name: Mephistopheles

Rank: King of Hell

Titles: Demon Lord, Demon King, Lucifer's left hand , Lord of Hatred

King of the First Circle of Hell

Human Name:Leland Gaunt

ย Location- Hell (Former) LA (Current)


ย  ย ๐•ฟ๐–๐–Š ๐•ฟ๐–†๐–‘๐–Š ๐–”๐–‹ ๐–† ๐–‰๐–Š๐–’๐–”๐–“


Long ago when the World was still growing when Lucifer rebelled there was one demon who would first to join his side. One who has manifested great knowledge and power through means of magic and blood. His name was Mephistopheles, One of the Rulers of the Nine circles of Hell. He rules the First Circle of Hell; Limbo with his eyes always watching the souls that enter his realm. Unlike his fellow brothers and sisters he is more of a schemer and playful with the mortals that would summon him or enter his realm.


Mephistopheles plays many plots in order to keep his Lords interest at heart. In ways that would require time and patience.ย  One timeย  during the fall from grace The Hell-Lord managed toย  forge rings for each demon king including Lucifer. Each ring gave them power to rival Archangels for it is ewmbedded with dark magic and angels blood and their own. Each ring contains a special rune that gives the wearer power over their realm. Such power is only fitting for the Rulers of the 9 circles


๐•ญ๐–‘๐–”๐–”๐–‰ ๐–”๐–‹ ๐•ญ๐–—๐–”๐–™๐–๐–Š๐–—๐–˜

When Lucifer tricked Eve into eating the forbidden fruit Mephistoples kept his eyes on the foolish first mortals. He witnessed the birth of Cain and Abel rightย  before his eyes, for the darkness was part of him.ย  ย He watched their deaths and the boys grow into fine adults. He observed them as they give sacrifices to God time and time again. But Mephistopheles decided to have his fun by taking the role as Cain and Abel's ear.


He whisperedย  into Cain's ears telling him how God has favorited Abel with each gift that was given God has favorited Abel. to prove thatย  Mephistopheles was wrong Cain decided to get the greatest gift of all. He took his brother to the field and rebelled against his own brother. He killed him, and for that he wasย  marked as the First Murderer of man. Once again Mephistopheles has done the Devils work.




๐•ฟ๐–๐–Š ๐•ฒ๐–†๐–’๐–Š ๐–”๐–‹ ๐•พ๐–”๐–š๐–‘๐–˜


One of Mephistopheles greatest triumps was obtainning the soul of a certain hungry soul that wanted more than what was offered to him.ย  The great Faust, a Scholar that longed for knowledge and pleasure. Such a soul is one that Mephistopheles could not keep his hands away from. When Faust summoned him he answered while showing him his power, toying with him by taking him to a mountain, to the pits of hell and back before appearing before him.ย  ย He would offer him all the power he wanted, and in return for his soul. Faust was a amusing treat, and after the contract was finished he made sure that Faust suffered eternally, so much so that he keeps him close where ever he goes as a familiar that will do his beck and call while in a state of agony.ย ย 


He took his body and used it as his host to travel around the world collecting souls that would dare ask for himย  and offer their souls owe so willingly. He would not deny the call, for it was his own entertainment.ย  His power grows with each deal he makes.ย  Temptation is the most powerful thing a demon can use on those who are so willing for power and pleasure.


ย 9148692277?profile=RESIZE_710x



Limbo, the first Circle of Hell where all the souls first go before moving to the other eight rings of hell. Unlike what the bible claims, Limbo was not all like the eight circles, for instance There isn't much Hell fire unless you enter the throne of the Hell-Lord. It is aย  Castleย  atop of ruins surrounded by a river of lost souls.ย  The screams and moans of the lost echoย  throughout the first circle.ย  Hell-hounds swarm theย  ruins making sure no soul flees whileย  they make their way to the castle to be judged by the three Dukes of Hell


Camiel, Barbatos andย  Aroan; ย the Dukes of Hell who judge the souls and send them to their designed ย circle. Those that linger and do not go would either be maimed by the hellhounds orย  be chained and forever be trapped in Limbo where Mephistopheles tortures their souls for all eternity.

ย 9243539476?profile=RESIZE_584x

Witch Trialsย 


The battle for souls has always been the priority of Angels and Demons, ย but Mephistopheles had been rather distant when it came to claiming souls. But at timesย  when Lucifer requires him to do his job on claiming new souls, he would do so withย  a twist. Mephistopheles was always interested in mischief and the dark arts.ย  He came to A village, one that held the standards of God like it was their chains that willingly wore,ย but he could smell the desire for something more coming from certain villagers.ย  He would come to those in a form of a merchant showing rare items that any normal folk would need at that day and age. He took his time gathering knowledge from the villagers but at the same time giving knowledge in return to those willingly and wanted to learn the outside of their peaceful village. ย 


There was one person that caught his interest, a woman that was unhappy about her lifestyle. The smell of desire, was practically enticing for the Demon. He came to her one night and told her about things beyond her comprehension. She was enticed, she was excited, and she was his. He taught her magic,ย  levitation and prophecies,ย  all for his own design and purpose.ย 

ย  ย ย 

She made her own Coven and served to grow acolytes and witchborn. But in the end she tried to betray Mephistopheles by trying to seal him away. He caught on, and forced her to reveal herself ย to the village. Now exposed as a 'Witch' She had no choice but to flee from her home, but because of her actions people in the village began to accuse others of being a witch or devil worshipper. Those accused were on trial, and sentenced to death by pretenders who claim to be hexed. In a way it was a victory for Mephistopheles, He managed to grow a cult of witches who know walk the lands, and obtained the innocent souls accused of witches, while a village of God burns down by their own doing.


9243535501?profile=RESIZE_584x ย ย 

โ„‘๐”ก๐”ข๐”ฐ ๐”ฌ๐”ฃ ๐”๐”ž๐”ฏ๐” ๐”ฅ


Long ago when Rome was at its prime and Julius Caesar had it at the palm of his hands, Mephistopheles came to him wearing a cloak that covered his demonic features. He had warned his about the Ides of March, always playing with riddles and was sincere to aid him. But like any foolish mortal who clings to power; Julius Caesar ignored his warnings. When the Ides of March came, Caesar was assassinated by his own court. Now motionless and laying in his own pool of blood Caesar saw Mephistopheles as he was; a demon who shed his visage before the dying man and reached out to claim his sou; to the depths of Hell.

But his fleeting cries of vengeance and need to survive took Mephistopheles by surprise. Many others had done the same, but Julius Caesar had this air to him that made Mephistopheles consider a deal. One that would shake the earth to its core. He granted his desire; he saved him from Death by giving him his own blood. Once he tasted demon blood Julius Caesar was neither living nor dead.ย 

On that day, the First ever historical Vampire was made.


Modern Times



As years passed Mephistopheles now walks the earth posing as a Businessmanย  traveling in a car going to states while buying a shop making them into antique storesย  selling items that others desire. Once he sold them the items they are in his book of souls to claim when he so desires. At times because of this he brings damnation to any where he goes so he is always on the move to claim more souls.ย 

But at times he would remain in Hell to watch over the wayward souls that enter his realm. He makes sure that everything is in stable conditions until Lucifer one day returns to claim dominion once again.


๐•ป๐–”๐–œ๐–Š๐–— & ๐•ฌ๐–‡๐–Ž๐–‘๐–Ž๐–™๐–Ž๐–Š๐–˜


Hell Fire- Like all Demons he can manipulate the fires of hell forming raging flames that could burnย  souls of the living.

Time Manipulation- Mephistopheles can have the power to go through time at will. Not to mention he could freeze time to manipulate it to his own accord

Manipulation ofย  the Elements- Mephistopheles can control the elements of water, wind and earth along with fire.

Shapeshifting- He could change his form to any being he likes, his favorite is a raven.

Great Intellect- He is very crafty and can be quite a troublesome foe when it comes to his plans of using those to get what he wants

Smithing- Mephistopheles is great with his hands, not to mention crafting weapons, artifacts and magical runes from his realm

Teleportation- He can move from place to place by fire or mist, he could even transport those to go somewhere where he pleased or wanted to go

The First Circle of Hell- He becomes more of a God in his realm and can control the environment in any shape or form.


Chaos Magic- As a demon who taught witches the dark arts he was well versed in the mystic arts. Creating matter, gravity, illusions and eldritch are energy and uses it to his own design.

Possession- As a demon a he can posses any human he so desires. Make them do what he pleases without them being aware. But if the soul is strong enough it could cancel him out.




A host - In order for him to leave Hell he needs a host to contain his demonic power. To walk the earth without one he would slowly lose his powers and become a mere deformed human with nothing to defend himself.ย 

Holy Weapons-ย  There are some blessed artifacts that could harm him. But not destroy him. Whenever he is injured or his body destroyed he returns to his domain to rejuvenate himself.


March 3

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Dark and twisted

Character Likes

Chocolate ice cream, blood and deals

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picky souls

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in due time

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Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

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  • What could Robbie say about the long, hellish, blood soaked, road he has been on? So much has happen in his life. So much has changed. Ever since he stole his Uncle's Eli Morrow's car and used it for illegal street racing to make money for him and his little brother. Life went to Hell, literally, real quick.ย 

    He was killed. Gun down in a hail of bullets. Only to be brought back to life by his uncle, or possibly the Unnamed Spirit of Vengeance that took possession of him, at the exact same time as his uncle did. For the longest it was suspected his uncle was the reason for his powers but after recent events. That didn't seem to be the case. He tried to get rid of his power, the curse of being the Rider, but destiny and possibly , God, himself,, had other plans. ย 

    Things went even worse when he got sucked into another universe and bonded to some alien symbiote. Just great he thought. Another voice in his head. At least the Spirit of Vengeance was silent. But his uncle. Who was somehow ripped from his soul and then rebounded back to him, after his trip from Hell. ย Well he wasn't keen to hear his Satanic, Serial killer of his Uncle, trying to get him to go back to murdering every scumbag that walks and breaths. But the alien parasite that was now bonded to him. ย Another voice wanting him to kill and eat people, or their brains at least. ย The only thing that kept Robbie sane was his little brother and the love he had for him. ย 

    Since Robbie was going around, killing rapists, murderers, serial killers, arsonists, pedophiles, child killers, drug dealers, human traffickers, the odd Terrorist cell or two. Robbie decided he was going to rob everyone he killed of anything of value that could be sold for money. Course with drugs and guns, he always incinerated those, but money. Well blood money, drug money, was still money, and it spends. ย So he made so to take any money he could from those he killed. Better then letting it sit in some evidence locker at a police station or letting the cash burn or someone else getting it.ย 

    Since Robbie had recently gone on a one man vigilante spree, taking down a drug cartel that was trying to set up shop in New York City, he was flushed with cash. He made sure to wait until they cleaned the money of course, before he began the killing. It was a part of his life that he kept a secret from his brother and most others. Only a few knew his dark secret, that he was a killer. A punisher of the Guilty. ย At night, Whenever innocent blood was shed and he was in the presence of evil, the Rider takes over. ย With the money he stolen and saved, he had more then enough to pay for full time care for his brother and even some money set aside for college. ย Robbie had to admit, drugs and guns, big money. Money he now took as "payment for services rendered." Those services being him removing drugs and guns from flooding the streets, getting into the hands of kids and innocent, law abiding, good people, and causing many unnecessary deaths.

    Robbie was thinking back to his latest troublesome encounter. Meeting other Ghost riders had been an interesting experience and meeting a bunch more when he was in Hell, was even more interesting. That Johnny Blaze. Numerous run ins with him and they all varied. Some good. Some bad. Being dragged to Hell by Johnny cause he wanted to race him for his power, that was bad.ย 

    Johnny who is or maybe was, Robbie wasn't sure now, but Johnny was the current King of Hell, and wanted to race Robbie for his power. To use that power to better control the demons of Hell. ย No clue what happen to the various Hell Lords that ran different chunks of the place. Maybe Johnny kicked their asses out. Who knows. What he did recall was learning he had a spirit of Vengeance inside of him. Because his Uncle Eli, who was supposedly bonded to his soul permanently, had been dragged to Hell and fought against him. Robbie still had his powers which he figured he wouldn't with his uncle gone. Leading him and others to beleive that maybe his ย satantic serial killer spirit of his uncle wasn't the source of his power as he once thought.ย 

    Supposedly he got possessed by some unnamed Spirit of Vengeance at the exact same time his Uncle Eli Morrow possessed him. ย Course Eli could have been tapping into the Vengeance Spirit's power and channeling it through Robbie. The whole thing made his head hurt and he just had wanted to be rid of it. Sadly he was stuck with the mystery spirit and that wasn't all.ย 

    Apparently as a Royal "FUCK YOU" to Robbie. Robbie found his Uncle Spirit was back to being bonded to his, alongside the Spirit of Vengeance. So now he had to deal with his murderous Uncle's voice in his head, all over again. Likely this was done cause Robbie beat Johnny in the Hell Race and then abdicated the throne and turned it back over to him. Likely a sore loser and he was pretty damn crazy at the time also. To make it even more fun. Robbie got stuck in some twisted Venom verse where everyone got Venomized.


    It was like some Oprah show giveaway. You get a venom. You get a venom. You get a Symbiote. Everyone gets a Symbiote. ! ย He managed to make it back to his own reality but now he had three unwanted passengers in his body instead of one. Though at least one of them was silent. So he only had to deal with his uncle and the venom Symbiote talking his head off.ย 

    The only plus side of there was any. Was that he was even more powerful now then before. The powers of the ghost rider was ever evolving within him and now he had a Symbiote. Which already augmented his considerable power, even more then before. ย Gues the other things is he would never have to worry about being alone with his thoughts or alone period.ย 

    He had much to think about but right now, home was calling to him. He got enough money to buy his little brother a fancy wheelchair that would let him be more mobile and have some fancy features. Course explaining where he got all this extra money was going to be tricky but he would figure something out.ย 

    He let out a sigh of relief when he made it home without incident. ย Now never did he suspect the big surprise that was going to be waiting for him when he got home. Another unpleasant surprise to add to the long list of unpleasant surprises.ย 

    "Hey little Bro. I'm home. What do you feel like having for ....."

    His voice trailed off at the sight of what greeted him inside his home.ย 

  • (Alright. Sounds good to me. Yeah I remember that plot vaguely. We will go with that. So it be like aย 

    "You Again?!"ย 
    type deal lol)

  • (Quick question. Do we want to say that they Met before and if so. What was the nature of that meeting? ย Like them meeting ย from our last RP for example.ย 

    Or say they never met before till now. But possibly add in Robbie can sense he is not human or that he is some demon or something is "seriously off" about the stranger in his house.ย 

    Just so I know how to finish the last Part of my starter. )

  • (thank you for accepting. I apologize, Zosime is still being created, I'm ready to go ahead and plot, also answer any questions if you want.)

  • The Gangrel was motionless behind the wheel of his BMW, his eyes following the woman as she approached the sedan behind the lenses of his round sun-glasses.ย  Perhaps moon-glasses are more accurate, considering the sun's been down for an hour or two already.ย ย 

    He looked the woman over, noting her tenseness, the way her eyes darted around the empty parking lot, in search of.. what? Who was she so frightened of? The question burned in his mind, but he never bothered to ask it.ย  He doubted he'd get an honest answer anyway.

    No delays, no stops.ย  "Sure," he said, shrugging.ย  His BMW was full on gas and up to standard.ย  The blood red beast could probably survive even a trek through the desert across open terrain, although he'd definitely have to replace the shocks. "no problem."ย ย 

    His hand stretched towards the paper bag within the woman's hand, only to freeze partway there.ย  While that warning may have seemed simple enough, it was utterly strange to Anthony.ย  And it made it perfectly clear that whatever was in that silly little bag was either important, dangerous, or both.ย  Slowly, he withdrew his hand and placed it back into his lap, then he jerked his chin towards the passenger side of his vehicle.ย  "Put it on the seat." He'd say, sitting up a little straighter.ย 

    Slowly, he reached up, plucked the glasses from his face and tucked them onto the collar of his shirt.ย  His deep blue eyes bored into the woman, with such intensity that it's a wonder there's not lasers shooting from them.

    "I can do it." He assured her, and then some of his intensity dampened.ย  He slouched a little, throwing a furtive glance towards the package.

    " you know what's inside?"

  • {{I'm so sorry, I hit the wrong thing and then my tablet froze and it accidentally removed you as an friend..

    I swear it was an accident, I requested to have you back as an friend. I'm so so sorry again!!}}

  • (Think I can begin. Was reading some new comics to learn that he may have a real spirit of Vengeance inside of him and that his ghost rider powers don't come from his uncle Eli like once thought. Since Johnny pulls Eli soul to hell and Robbie still has his powers. So I will be combining a few things.ย 
    From few different comics I read, like Host rider from edge of venom verse, and MCU.ย 

    So it will be a be little mix and match. I will try to start us ย )


  • Hello, I just noticed we were friends, yet we haven't spoken. I wonder if we could plot? Megyn is something of an Witch, Sorceress. She's immortal.. I am able to fit her in modern time, she's always an villain]

  • 8749249266?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • (Hello! Yes I'd love to plot, do you have anything in mind? I've been rewatching Lucifer and trying gain fresh perspective on Maze. I hope you have an great and very Happy Easter )

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