A boy so scared to feel again, his first instinct is to push others away...


May 31

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Character Age

Appears early twenties, is much older than that

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

Zac stands about 6' 1" with an athletic, leaning toward's dancer's, build. He has feathery, chestnut hair, silver blue eyes, and a pale complexion. His style of choice leans towards hipster/post college nerd, very much on the preppy side (but never with shoes that aren't converse).

Character Personality

Overconfident and suave on the outside, severely insecure and a little sensitive on the inside, Zac's personality tends to show more the longer a person knows him. To most, he seems like a smarmy, narcissistic punk. But to those who truly know him, Zac is just a little desperate to be liked.

Character Likes

Soft sweaters, loose jeans, converse, button ups, coffee almost as white as he is, overcast days, showtunes (especially broadway), eighties music, boys, sitting on/in things not meant to be sat on/in, flirting, travelling

Character Dislikes

Being yelled at (especially by older men), falling for people he knows damn well will break his heart, crowds (especially being trapped in the center of them), being touched without warning, being caught mid feed, hunters

Character History/Story

Zachary Hayes was doomed to be an outcast from conception. As soon as the child came screaming into existence, his extensive family could tell he wasn't like them. His scent was off, he had a pulse, and he wailed whenever the moon shone down on his crib.

A hybrid. Evidence of a forbidden love, and a bastard, to boot, as the father was unknown.

Zac's mother wouldn't live to see her son's first birthday. She would find herself sealed into a stone grave coated in holy symbols, something she could not break. She starved, locked in that earthen prison. A gentle punishment, considering how her manner of transgressions were viewed amongst society in that time.

And, despite the fact he was only concieved via his mother's disloyalty, Zac himself would face years of punishment and torture. Locked in the family's attic, Zac became a punching bag for his father, and a training dummy for his siblings; being hunted, having limbs broken. Day in and day out, his family seemed to find new ways to make sure Zac's life was a living hell. And all the young hybrid wanted was a way out.

But of course, the family didn't want him to leave. Zac was the evidence of so many of the family's dirty little secrets. The Hayes family would not survive the political and social backlash from the vampire community for the boy's existence, not to mention the things they had done to him.

Zac was watched like a hawk. Until one day, he wasn't.

An attack on the family required all his siblings to join the fray. The house was under an onslaught of nearly thirty trained hunters. Zac saw his chance when the window to the attic was broken open. He took off sprinting into the forest and never looked back.

And despite the fact that its been nearly a century, Zac is still on the run. Because his family is still hunting him.

Character Abilites

-Accelerated healing; cuts and bruises heal by the end of a day, broken bones take a few days to a week -Daylighter; this has to do with his werewolf genes. While his eyes are still fairly light sensitive and he does get headaches if he spends too long in the sun, he can walk in the daylight without it causing detrimental damage -Above human speed, strength, agility, and senses; can run fast enough that he'd be seen as only a blur; not strong enough to stop a moving train but a moving car is a different story; can scale a building without necessarily needing ropes or access to a fire escape; sense of smell is similar to that of a dog, hearing is stronger than human hearing, can see in dark as if it were daylight

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, No-Preference

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Violence, Realistic, 18+, Action

About the Writer (OOC)

Michael - 20 - He/Him - Lame hipster who can't quiet write enough to write an actual story.

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