The chains that once bound him are now his to brandish. Those who once aimed muzzles at him now lay in rot. Having seen all and beyond, he has nothing left to fear.



Physical Description

Miki is an anthropomorphic snowy meowl — a hybrid between a snowy owl and a manul cat. If you want to be more precise, think of him as 25% manul, and 75% snowy owl. He stands at 5’6 (not including the ears), yet has a mass of about 116 kilograms due to large amounts of muscle and fluff, as well as extra appendages like his wings and tail. He's a prime example of lots of power being packed into a small package — his size can deceive. Miki’s pretty muscular and fit, albeit not to the point that he looks like Hercules. But despite this, the meowl somehow boasts both strength and agility that would humble Hercules himself. He manages to pull this off while boasting a thick hourglass body shape — Miki is strong, yet curvy. Any hints of muscle definition on his body are covered up by a very thick and dense layer of fluffy white plumage. Being a creature bred for the Arctic, Miki has all that to keep him warm — but it can be a bit of a burden in even remotely hot environments, where it just becomes too good at keeping the heat in. Sprouting out from his lower back, where a human’s tailbone would be, is a monstrously thick and long tail. It’s about two meters long, and like the rest of him, it’s ridiculously powerful. Tying his unique appearance together is the big pair of wings on his back, which are four meters across during flight but stay tucked up neatly on his back otherwise. Miki also has the ability to be incredibly stealthy, both due to his own skill and biological traits such as serrated feather edges, squishy black pawpads on his hands and feet with a sandpaper-like texture for grip, and flexible paw-like hands with retractable claws and opposable thumbs (in addition to the pawpads) that allow him to use his dexterity well. Miki generally doesn’t wear clothes since his feathery coat is more than enough to serve their purpose, but almost always wears a yellow scarf as an accessory. He may wear black sweatpants, but that is a rarity. In any case, he never wears shirts.



Miki possesses some impressive intelligence and houses a lot of knowledge in his ever-bustling head. Cogs are always turning behind those wandering amber eyes — he’s a thinker. However, he’s also extremely introverted, and easily gets nervous in loud and/or crowded settings. Prone to sensory overload and with a nearly nonexistent social battery, Miki generally prefers solitude over crowds. He’ll cook instead of eating out; relax in his bed rather than a bar; be approached by people as opposed to approaching them himself. He also rarely ever speaks — in the occasional case that Miki does speak, one will find that he’s soft-spoken, yet also has an oddly confident smoothness to his voice... despite really being the polar opposite socially. For reasons related to his past experiences, Miki is very heavily misanthropic, and has a hard time trusting people even if they’re not human. Take the time to get close to him, however, and beneath all else you’ll find a truly one-of-a-kind soul who is hard not to love. He’s a soft, precious boy, whose true colours are not hidden but rather protected by a hard shell made in response to a traumatic past.



However quiet he may be, Miki does have his interests — and he’s always thinking about them. Cars, bikes, and other wheeled machines are one such thing. He spends a lot of his time alone slaving away on project cars, tinkering for hours on end out of his love and passion for mechanical beasts of all kinds. Building a project from scratch is always an enjoyable undertaking for Miki, provided he has the energy. Apart from that, Miki plays ice hockey, enjoys cuddles, and always finds himself drawn to cozy, sheltered places, whether natural or manmade. Bonus points for mountains and snow. Despite having seen countless societies during his life, and their technologies, it always seems to be the more Earthly things that Miki’s drawn back to in the end. It's still worth mentioning, however, that Miki is quite the explorer. He likes discovering things.



Humans. Miki holds a deep disgust towards the human species, as well as its civilizations and societies. This isn't to say that he doesn't like certain groups of humans — for example, he loves the First Nations peoples of Canada. But the humans he likes are few and far between, in general. Aside from that, Miki doesn't like being flirted with. He hates any remarks or insults related to his species (like calling him "birdbrain", for example). He strongly distrusts all forms of authority, but especially distrusts ones which are corporate in nature — police agencies are one example. Miki will physically distance himself from any individual or group from said authorities; he will not hesitate to use any means possible, up to and including violence, to evade them if they get too close. One more thing he hates? Needles. Any surgical tool, really.


Supernatural Abilities

Miki has numerous supernatural abilities. He's extremely strong and durable; very difficult to injure. Unassisted, he can fly at supersonic speeds without making any noise, and hypersonic speeds without making a shockwave. He's even completely unaffected by cold temperatures. But his main ability, if you will? The manipulation of mass and energy. Miki could, for example, convert some of the chemical energy from his own body to electrical, to wirelessly charge a phone simply by holding it in his hand. He could siphon some kinetic energy from a moving car and use it on himself, maybe to jump higher or take flight faster. Miki can even feed off of pure energy; he could technically live forever without breathing, eating, or drinking, provided he has an energy source. By converting mass to energy, he can summon ridiculous amounts of power for any purpose — when some people may see a small boulder blocking a road, Miki sees what could easily be a planet-splitting nuclear bomb. And, on the reverse side of this, he can turn pure energy into mass — think building things from (seemingly) thin air. If he knows the internal structure of anything, technically he can build it using nothing but his mind and his own energy. A little bit of mass makes lots of energy; lots of energy makes a little bit of mass. E=mc².



Some say Miki was born of the stars. Perhaps the product of the love of two gods, an owl and a cat, combining their abilities pertaining to time and space (respectively) into their successor. Maybe even just from an egg. Miki doesn’t know — he’s never seen his parents, if he has any. In any case, Miki was born into a wild life split between Arctic Canada and the Rocky Mountains further south.

It was a simple, easy way of living. Every day, the young fluffball learned skills on his own, and grew stronger. He learned how to fly, how to hunt, and how to camouflage himself to avoid bigger predators — until he started taking even them down. Even without any role models or loved ones in his life, Miki got by nicely. However, the lack of that early love still shows a little bit in how Miki may not know how to react or respond to romantic gestures, regardless of his familiarity with the person making the gesture. 

A bit into Miki’s teenage years, hunters started showing up on their snowmobiles and ATVs, guns blasting and all. What were these weird creatures, and what the hell was riding them? That was Miki’s first little taste of what lied beyond the tundra — the unknown. Humans, their technology, their sounds… and their bloodlust. They were riding machines, not living beings; enormous hunks of metal and plastic that were obnoxiously noisy and frequently ceased to function as intended. They’d break, like an animal getting injured, but showed no signs of pain. Maybe just a few sputters, or smoke, or whatever else. But no whimpers to sympathize with. No limping. In the rare case they bled, it obviously wasn’t blood.

It felt… wrong. Artificial. Miki didn’t like these humans, or their puffy jacket exoskeletons, or their machines, or the weird vessels they left behind — what the fuck is a “Coors,” anyway? But his least favourite thing? Guns. There would be a sound like thunder, loud enough to leave the meowl dizzy and disoriented, and some poor creature would instantly drop dead. Sometimes, the bigger ones were able to run away from the noise, but would likely drop dead not too far away. They all had a hole around the heart, and thus often either bled out or had some kind of heart failure. The ones who didn’t drop dead at first were usually bears, moose, or bison — Miki knew them to be tough fellows to fight, but all of a sudden they looked weak. These thunder-producing devices were terrifying. 

So, the hunters became a regular problem. Miki’d always escape at first, but eventually figured out how to outmaneuver gun barrels and break their machines. Among humans, stories of the elusive, deadly meowl started to spread, and they only picked up more steam when attempts were made to locate Miki and capture evidence of his existence. Pretty safe to say that owls do not like humans flashing lights at them. He pretty much slaughtered every human that tried to capture, photograph, or worse, kill him. This was before Miki started to get annoyed at their actions. 

Only making things worse was the arrival of more humans, with more of those machines — these ones seemed intent on destroying the Earth. Tearing down entire mountains, and flattening entire forests. Decimating his habitat… His home. Killing off life not just for sport now, but also simply out of pure greed. To him, it was an outrage. He’d never seen destruction on such a grand scale. It was... terrifying. 

It was not too long after, on a freezing night, that he was captured by a crown-sponsored task force made of a combination of scientists and military personnel. His violence wasn’t very much to blame — it wasn’t widely believed Miki was responsible for the sudden spike in Missing Persons and Suspiscious Death cases in the area, although some speculated so. The actual purpose of this kidnapping of Miki, which happened while he was sleeping, was for research. Scientific purposes. 

Well… the ‘research’ that would ensue felt anything but ‘scientific’ or ‘professional’. In fact, it didn’t even feel humane. Traumatizing levels of pain, while strapped down to a metal surgery table, as iron cuffs dug into his wrists and ankles. Humiliating psychological tests. Solitary confinement. Being suspended in the air by four chains, one for each wrist and ankle, and cut open. The agony this team of humans knowingly caused him was enough to activate his supernatural abilities for the first time. 

Unbearable physical pain turned into the incomprehensible and undescribable. He fell into dimensions that shouldn’t even exist. Saw empty laughing faces. Shotguns aimed at him from every direction. Every way he has died, and will ever die, in every universe he could ever exist in. The paradoxical, mind-breaking horror of nonexistence. Demented, gorey alterations of his own childhood memories played on repeat. The machines ate him up. The void snatched him up with its murky, corrupting tendrils, and tore him limb from limb. Black holes sucked him out of reality, corrupting him from existence with no traces left but a few specks of Hawking radiation. 

Any comprehensible method of communication will never be able to describe horrors so intense and severe that they cease to be comprehensible.

To this day, reminders of this event still send Miki into that same crisis. The trauma remains. The incomprehensible horrors still haunt him. But life goes on. 

Now, Miki has entered a period of healing, and exploration of both himself and what lies beyond. Newfound supernatural abilities, activated by the very same event that traumatized him so brutally, allow him to explore the infinite freely and without fear of the things that exist in all the universes that could ever exist. Finding distant societies, new realities with rules so different from any other, and more than what could ever be imagined, Miki has found himself able to come face-to-face with the infinite, and see the beauty of all that lies within. But at the same time, his scars will always be there. He still holds a seething hatred of the species that wronged him and so many others. As good as some people may be, Miki just doesn't see any good in human nature itself. 

The saddest part of this is that Miki, at his core, is a good kid — but he's been through terrible things. A traumatic life has hollowed his heart, and he's fortified it to protect himself. But if one could get him to drop his guard, just to breach his defenses with the love he's never felt... they'll gift the world with the young meowl's true, beautiful soul.


Random Miki Facts

Cats are generally nocturnal in nature, and despite what popular culture may make one believe, snowy owls are mainly active during the daytime. This means that Miki is a hybrid of a noctural species, and a diurnal species — so his body never quite seems to know when to sleep. He could be described as having no natural sleep cycle, in fact. Sometimes… he’ll just become very sleepy, seemingly at random. It’s not too uncommon for Miki to find himself waking up in some random public place, possibly a bench or some other comfortable spot he found on a whim, with no knowledge of how much time has passed since he passed out. Could be minutes, hours, or even days! TL;DR — by nature, Miki sleeps not just very frequently, but also at seemingly random times, and may stay asleep continuously for up to a few days. 

In Inuktitut, the language of the Inuit peoples of Canada, “Miki” translates to “small.” Likewise, “Tulok” is their word for a warrior. As a young meowlet, Miki was referred to as a “little warrior” by Inuit elders, who discovered him in an injured state while hiking. They ended up carrying the avian fluffball back to their residence, and over a short but memorable period they nursed him back to health. The young Miki was then released by his Elders, which was a happy moment for both parties. To this day, Miki retains a simplified version of the nickname his Elders gave him, Little Warrior, as a nod of appreciation to his Elders and all Inuit peoples. 

Binding Miki in any way, like tying his wrists together or pinning him down, can trigger panic attacks in Miki because of his trauma involving such things. Flashbacks, although rarer, may still happen. The sight of any surgical instrument makes him feel queasy; about to faint. Needles cause the same reaction.

As mentioned in the upper section of this profile, Miki is a hybrid between a snowy owl and manul (a type of wild cat), but only about 24% of his genes are consisent with those of a manul. This is purely due to the number of pairs of chromosomes a manul has (19) compared to a snowy owl (40) — simply put, there are literally more owl genes in him than feline genes. This also makes Miki’s creation a more confusing dilemma, because the massive difference in the amount of chromosomes between the manul and the snowy owl would make sexual reproduction impossible. In other words, Miki likely doesn’t have parents — he was probably somehow created in some kind of asexual manner. 

Miki is pansexual. However, he can’t reproduce because there are no naturally-occuring meowls and no existing species would be a close enough match to serve as a substitute. As a result, he literally has no natural sex drive. He's not much of a horny creature.

The hexadecimal value for Miki’s eye colour is #FFEF00. 

Miki has a natural scent: Cedar. He literally smells like a forest. 

Miki has roughly 45,000 feathers on his body (not including his insulating layer of downy feathers beneath his primary outer coat and smaller facial feathers), and they weigh roughly 16 lbs in total. They account for roughly 1/16 of his body mass (~7.25 kg), just so happening to individually weigh (on average) 0.1618 grams. The Golden Ratio truly is everywhere. 

Miki’s internal body temperature, on average, is 76°C.



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