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  • The older man's back hit the wall behind him with a hard thud, the impact causing him to see stars. He blinks rapidly, trying to focus on the younger looking male in front of him, who is holding him by the collar of his shirt with his hands fisted. Aza's face is a couple inches away from the man. Just the tiniest of movements from either and their lips will meet in a kiss. The man licks his lips, clearly expecting this to happen. But he doesn't move. He's getting a kick out of this display of control, of playing the submissive part to a much younger partner. Too bad he will not be able to brag about it to his friends at the office tomorrow morning at work, unless he wants to risk one of them open their big mouths to his unsuspecting wife. He's not going to lose his children and money on a messy divorce over some meaningless affair.

    ''Shhh...Close your eyes.'' Aza purrs into the man's ear, rough voice like a siren song promising him that everything will be good in the world. The man does as he's told, lips slightly puckered. Aza's mouth is on the man's neck, however, teeth bared, sending a thrill of excitement running down the man's spine. The man opens his mouth wide, words ready to roll off of his tongue in the form of encouragement when he feels the sharp tang of pain on his neck, followed by the stench of blood as it flows down his skin. His eyes open, wide as plates as he looks at the younger male. He wants to shake his head no. He wants to protest. He wants to push the other man away, to kick him, to run away screaming. He does neither. He freezes into place, unable to move, both by fear and the grip on his wrists.

    Aza chews on the man's neck, gulps down on his blood. He claws at the man's wrists with his black coated fingernails, shoves him harder against the wall. The man's body twitches and then goes limp as the life is drained out of him. The last thing the man ever sees is that sinister smile plastered on the young man's face. Even in the after life, he will forever be haunted by it.

    Minutes later, once his stomach has been filled, Aza lets the man's dry body drop to the ground like a ton of bricks. He wipes at his mouth with the back of his hand, then lights up a cigarette as he walks away from the crime scene.

  • (I really appreciate all the patience.)


    Nice gentleman. A pair of amber eyes drift away from the gun wielder and rest on the one who is speaking. The only other times Zach can recall being referred to as a nice gentleman was when he'd attend church on Sundays and was unable to avoid older women who had a strong desire to pinch his cheeks. One reason he is thankful for his sudden growth burst during puberty is that most woman now has trouble reaching his cheeks. Other than those incidents, and the one when he had been sarcastically called a gentleman by a classmate, this is a first. 

    Honestly, he should be more concerned by the gun. Zach can't help himself.

    Compliments aside, tensions were running high. Minus the fearful others that cowered in corners of the bakery, Zach's life is in danger. The gunman is only growing more frustrated by the speaking stranger which is increasing Zach's probability of being shot and he really doesn't know how he's going to pass this semester is he ends up in hospital. "U-um.. guys -"

    "Shut up!" The gunman cuts Zach off and smacks the redhead across the temple with the blunt end of the weapon. It thumps against Zach's skull, a form of injury he's not unfamiliar with. He barely flinches aside from dipping his head a fraction and baring his teeth.

    "Look, just take whatever you want and nobody needs to get hurt," Zach insists, trying to make this an amicable as possible. The stranger has other plans as it would seem.

    "Shoot me."

    Zach's eyes widen, his hands come out defensively like he's trying to separate the gunman and the stranger. The gun is pointed at the strangers head, Zach steps back a little but seems like he wants to interfere somehow. "W-wai-!!"


    He shoots him in the forehead.

  • ||Alright, here is my starter. Hope it's okay.||

    Why Judar was in New York of all places was anyone’s guess. As usual the elders of the group that he was associated with left him out of their plans. He was their oracle and they were the ones that raised him for the past several years, but none of that hindered the distrust from both sides. They were tolerated due to their usefulness, and he remained their oracle due to his abilities. Of course their arrangement had certain circumstances, and everyone in within the group knew not to get on Judar’s bad side – unless they desired to meet an icy demise.

    A day passed before everything had settled, and within the living room of the group’s new temporary residence was where their plans were revealed. The group in question was known as the Al-Thamen, a mysterious cult of magicians who desired to have control of the world by almost any means. Their oracle, Judar, was a magi – a sorcerer in some ways, but being a magi was much different, ergo his value to the cult’s elders. As for their plans? Well, it was for once a simple one. They were looking to recruit a certain individual.

    Judar sat in a chair with his usual apathetic expression. As usual he was dressed in all black. Black sleeveless shirt, pants, shoes, leather jacket..even his nails were painted black. The color was his aesthetic. His right hand propped his head up as a somewhat blurry photo was tossed in front of him. His ruby red eyes then glanced down, seeing the picture to be of a male that looked to be around his age. With a shrug and an unimpressed "So?" emitting from his lips, the magi was given an explanation to why the boy caught their interest. Like him, the other male apparently was also gifted with elemental abilities. Now Judar’s intrigue was captured, not by the elders’ plans, but by the male himself. If he had elemental powers, was he another magi? His mind began to wonder...if nothing else, perhaps the other male would give him some entertainment. A devious smirk grew across Judar’s lips over the thought. Regardless, trying to find this fire guy was better than staying around his usual crowd of morons.

    The magi waited until that evening before heading out, much to the dismay of the elders. They knew he was leaving, but were left unaware as to why. Not that it mattered, and none were bold enough to stop him. More time had passed before Judar found himself in what appeared to be a big plaza that was filled with people walking by. The desire to find the male mentioned earlier still existed, but this was also Judar’s first time in New York; and with how curious he was the magi couldn’t help but to gaze around at his new surroundings.

    All Judar had to go on was the picture he had 'borrowed'; and although there was a way he could pick the other male out from the crowd besides having the photo, finding him in such a big the city would be similar to searching for a needle in a haystack. Was this even a good idea? Probably not.

  • Story watched Milo carefully as she noticed he was lost in his thoughts and felt somewhat guilty that she took him away from those thoughts. However, she smiled when he responded to her and almost seemed like an excited pet that was greeting their owner. In a way, it probably was her animalistic side just enjoying company for a change instead of wandering around by herself.

    "I'm not scared of strangers and even if I saw a serial killer, I probably would not run too much. So that means I can sit with you and I hope you won't mind and by the way, my name is Story. It's nice to meet you, friend." Story happily sat herself across from Milo now as she sipped her drink happily and contently relaxed in her seat as she did not seem to care whether she would die or not. Her mindset was similar to a dog's almost where she would rather die then let someone else die- especially if they were under her care. However, that was not the time nor place to think of such things. 

  • (alright! Works for me!)

  • ||Nope, that's completely fine with me. Is there a particular setting you prefer for them to meet at? I can start us off if you'd like.||

  • (Hmm...can you pick? Im naturally an indecisive person LOL)

  • || Whatever you decide I'm fine with. But if you need to roll this out further let me know if you need my input.

  •  (Errr, so you wanna' write? 8D)

  • || I'd like to write. Apologies for taking long to get back to you. 

This reply was deleted.

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