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Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

Average height, around 5ft 9. A healthy weight, with a slender and fairly petite but toned figure. Pale skinned, chocolate brown eyes and hair, naturally but his hair colour changes a lot, Blonde being one of his go to colours. Gummy smile, veiny hands. Usually wears rings and chains, and expensive Rolex watches. likes a good suit.

Character Personality

Cold exterior, usually very nonchalant and stoic. He is actually soft and caring, very old school and romantic. Has strong opinions and values. Values honesty and respect. Loyal, sometimes to a fault. Doesn't take any bullshit, very straight forward and open minded. Very private. Fluent in natural charm and sarcasm.

Character Likes

Summer and Autumn time, animals, road trips, travelling, nature, sleeping, eating, reading and writing, spicy noodles, sushi, producing music, playing piano, rapping, music in general, small spaces, long walks, being by himself, honesty, men, basketball, his jewellery, fire, whiskey, red wine.

Character Dislikes

Assholes, people who think they are better than everyone else, injustice, almost everyone, liars, being used, being played for a fool, being woken up, being disturbed, being touched or hugged (unless you manage to get close to him), losing the ones he cares about, his thoughts at times, loud and crowded spaces.

Character History/Story

He was born into the Min family, on March 9th of 1993, born the only son, at least as far as he was aware and therefore was born heir to his fathers business, which he'd take over when he became old enough. He had a fairly average but also far from average childhood. Whilst he had a somewhat "normal and average" childhood when comparing such to friends and peers, it didn't seem all that different looking on from the outside, but behind close doors, it was very.. different, in a certain sense. For his father was a Mafia leader, one of the most feared and wealthy men in the whole of Korea, and his mother, a Mafia wife. Both of them were always away on "business trips" and he grew up closer to his parent's maids and the bodyguards than he did to them. In many ways, he had to grow up faster and solve many person issues himself, from a fairly early age. His father was a very strict, dominating and controlling man, very abusive and he liked a good drink. His mother was very distant with her own son, neither very loving or compassionate. He grew to become numb to their ways and his life, struggling from anxiety and depression from his early teen years, of course he was good at hiding it. He was good at being invisible, at least and especially, if and when it was needed. When he was 13, he was introduced into how his fathers "business" and life worked, and trained and by the time he was 17 years old, he was the new leader after his mother left around similar times and his father died of a drug overdose. There was other things in between, of course but that was all the just. He never asked for this life or job, or these cards he was dealt, his real and deepest dream was to do something in music, make something of himself and make a proper career, but once in this life, born into it or introduced to it, either way, it's easier said than done to leave and get out. He was and is trapped. even now at 29. He is very feared and very well known in Korea and owns Daegu, his home city where he was born. He wishes for something real, but at least he's good at his job, even though it's only been little over a decade in this "business", he has changed the game and plans on leaving one day, and until then or if all else fails, he plans on continue to change the game and plans to continue to use his status and position as a Mafia Leader, and very well known, powerful one at that, to fight unjust and corrupt. Ironic but that is his game plan now. He may be a Mafia boss and son, and he may be still be fairly young, but he isn't stupid or naive. People usually find him intimidating or knew of his father, and therefore are fearful of Min Yoongi, whom also goes by the alias Agust or Agust D, and if they are not fearful, they are often kiss asses, trying to use him for sex or money, or his status, in some form or another. He is also openly gay and doesn't care much for others opinions. He appears quite cold or grumpy, often even intimidating, especially as he's often stoic and sarcastic, and especially as he doesn't really like PDA or showing affection, or being touched, unless you and he are close. However, on the contrary, he is a very hard working, loyal man with his values and he is very observant. He's also very straight forward, knows what he wants and can be a very good and concerned, caring friend if you play your cards right or are lucky enough to be considered close enough to him.

Character Abilites

He is good at intimidation and he's good with sarcasm. He is good at getting the information he needs, and is good with a knife. No stranger to a gun or torture, sadly, and though he doesn't mind getting his hands dirty or playing dirty, he usually prefers to leave such as last resorts if it can be helped.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Multi-Para, Novella, One-liners

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, 18+, Gore, Action

About the Writer (OOC)

I go by two nicknames or alias', which are K or Eli, either is fine. 28 years old, almost 29. 18+ only, 21+ preferred. I don't do unnecessary or occ drama. I won't tolerate bullying or hate of any kind. I'm trans ftm and gay, and my character(s) are gay, as it's more comfortable for me but female friends/writing partners are still very welcome. No minors, sorry not sorry. Nsfw due to mature and heavy, possibly triggering themes and storylines, and swearing also. I will always try to correct spelling errors or any mistakes when roleplaying, and try my best to communicate as much and as openly as possibly. Accidents and spelling errors happen though, it can't always be helped. I don't like nor do conflict, if there are any questions or issues, in character or admin to admin, please let me know, come to me and we can try talk/sort it all out., or fix whatever. My biggest rules are really just honesty, communication, patience and no bullying or bullshit. I am almost always online and I do have discord which you can ask for. I only give my name to people I trust, whether online or otherwise. I have a life and a partner outside of the internet and roleplay, and I'm also a parent, so I ask that if replies are late/overdue that you bare with me and no one hounds or nags me for selective replies or lack of. I also have health issues and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) and dissociate/space out a lot, so again, just respecting that I have a life and responsibilities, or I'm not doing too well, or maybe don't want to send proper/long replies and have them be half arses or crap. I don't mind a little nudge or reminder, if it's been say a few days and usually I'll at least try and pop up to say something. I don't mind one liners especially if admin to admin chat or characters are texting but I prefer at least a paragraph of at least 5 to 7+ lines or more, with adequate detail or opportunity to expand on things, I like details and something to work with. I write in 1st and 3rd person narrative but usually it's 3rd person as that's often what the other person is comfortable with. I try to match detail and length, though of course that will often vary and my first/native language is English but I know that's not always the case for others, so if English isn't your first language, just let me know. If there is anything else, you can always just send me a message. UK (GMT/BST) timezone.

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