Restoration Witch and Potion Brewer

Morgan Rue, an adventure and adept of Restoration magics. While not running her potion shop in Davenport or healing the sick and injured, Morgan is often seen seeking adventure to claim lost artifacts with healing properties to aid her research in finding cures for the sicknesses and Diseases otherwise deem incurable.

Morgan is the youngest of four sisters, all witches and none blood related but related by bonds. She’s the only witch in her group to not use combat skill based magics or even Dark arts. She solely uses restoration and the occasional distracting dance or terrible singing…

Morgan is very playful and very little sister like, standing at only four feet and some change and bearing a heart of gold. She sees only the bright side in the world and often wears a smile, looking to pick people up when they are down…. unless she’s hungry. Then she turns into the grumpiest bump on the log.


June 22

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Paragraph, Multi-Para

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Fantasy, Comedy, Action, Adventure

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