Related imageFull Name: Doctor Morgan Yu
Age: 27 (May 5, 2005)
Pronouns: He/They
Height: 6' o"
Relationship Status: In a Polyamorous relationship
Languages: English
Occupation: VP, Director of Research at TranStar, Neuroscientist
Currently Living: ???
Sexuality: Bisexual
Nationality: American (German/Chinese descent)
Species: Human Typhon anthrophantasmus
Strength: Devastatingly Handsome
Weakness: Toxic Family
Immunity: I wish
Resistance: Good Advice.

Related image

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Morgan Yu was born on May 5, 2005 as the second child of Catherine Yu, a German businesswoman, and William Yu, an accomplished Chinese neuroscientist and is the sibling of Alex Yu. In 2027, Morgan was employed by TranStar industries, their parents' company in the testing of an experimental item known as a Neuromod. In 2032, Morgan was transferred to its orbital space station, where over the course of the next three years they would become part of the leading scientific team inventing the Psychoscope.

Morgan volunteered to be the main test subject in the experiments to grant humans Typhon abilities, fully aware that as part of the trials his/her memories would be erased over and over again as the Neuromods are installed and then removed. Towards this end Morgan was placed in a simulation of their apartment while they were still on Earth and made to relive the same day of their life over and over again.
(Via the Prey Wiki)

Morgan Yu's FC is Godfrey Gao


Full Name: Dr. Alexander Yu
Age: 30
Height: 6' 2"
Relationship Status: Engaged to Samuel Hayden
Languages: English
Occupation: CEO of Transtar, Doctor of applied science
Currently Living: Transtar, UAC Mars
Sexuality: Power
Nationality: American (German/Chinese descent)
Species: Human


Alexander "Alex" Yu is the older brother of Morgan Yu and a researcher working for TranStar. In 2025, he was made CEO of TranStar industries and is largely responsible for most of what has happened or has been developed on the station Talos I. At some point in the past, he went through a great deal of trouble to keep Morgan Yu, his close brother, incapacitated by removing some of the first Neuromods they've had installed, causing them to forget everything that has happened after they were installed, and made them into a test subject for several Neuromods based on Typhon Biology.
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>Alex Yu's FC is Benedict Wong

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  • The demon would chuckle for a moment as he would then nods his head for a moment.  “They are lovely aren’t they, the ravens who were once by the side of the Great King of Asgard himself. Odin was a natural when it comes to  finding loyal followers.  Even if the treasures he proclaim to have are a bit fake.” The demon would then  held out his hand for take the spear that the man had and soon smiled.

    “Hmm was there anything else for me to do being here. Hmm well I got nothing better to do.  So why don’t we have dinner you and I. I am sure that could use a distraction at the moment.”

  • I owe Mephesto. Dealing with some shit.

  • "...A question I hadn't considered, but very much should have." Hayden studies Alex's face, trying to figure out what it is he wants. Hayden is, after all, disconnected enough from humanity that he occasionally needs guidance.

  • (That's so cute, FUCK YOU)

  • Mephistopheles would hum slightly and soon smirked for a second and would just nod his head. "Glad to hear,  no death means  my job is leff rough between  us." Mephistopheles would hum for a second and would then cross his hands and soon clicked his tongue. "Glad to hear that you are willing to protect the Remaker."  Once the demon said that he would place the ring on the table and soon whistles as a man would be standing at the open door of the room holding a large spear that was clearly heavier than the other holding it but seemed to be holding it just fine while two ravens would swoop in circling the room before perching on the table near Morgan.

    "Your reward."  

  • "Joyce is somewhat bitter that I had to lock them up in the first place, though the accident was their fault, not mine. A freak accident, no more." From his tone, Hayden is clearly annoyed by these men as much as they seem to be by him, but Joyce most of all. "Jack was never able to accept responsibility for his mistakes. This is further proof he has not changed, even all of these years later."

  • Mephistopheles would hum slightly as he would lean back for a moment while tillting his head.  "I am a man with many capabilitles and qualities such as yourself. I can do anything you ask of me. If you want my services by all means use me for anything and everything. You want to return to earth without the need of running: done. You want to be normal: done, Do you want Samuel Hayden out of your life:  Can do but he is too fun to just sweep away in the rug plus he and I share common interest."  The demon would smie for a brief moment and soon grinned slightly.

    "There is one who comes to mind, but until he finds a way to bend time you will hold the ring in your care. If you want rewards  hmm   I could give you a two ravens that were once the pet of a Great king and his weapon of choice." 

  • "Hm, no your bloodline is not thicker in stone unlike this one.  The bloodline of a ruler, some may call him a tyrant either way for whom shall ever hold this ring and yield its power will make any foe face the wrath of a Khan. " He muttered while grinning a for a mere moment before making a fist around the ring. He wanted to just leave the ring here with Morgan, but he never gotten any sign that he would accept. "So, can I entrust you with this ring or shall I leave it to Hayden and make another deal with him?"

    He quirked a brow when Morgan moved back a little and soon realized he was invading personal space. He smiled slightly before chuckling. "How rude of me,my apology for being so close to you. I am merely curious about your capabilities after the display you showed."

  • Mephistopheles would grin for a moment watching the little demonstration that Morgan put on display. He would hum a little as he would then observe the change thoroughly before nodding.  He would then walk up to Morgan close enough to touch while his eyes trail to the ring. "Your capabilites are impressive,  do not take my works as a misunderstanding  for the ring may have the capabilities as you but the only difference is it can only be used by a certain bloodline. As for why I entrust the duty of the ring to you is because this time period is rather use to it at the moment.

    Mephistopheles would raise a brow for a moment and soon clicked his tongue. "Of course, I did not imply for you to be running off, I was actually referring to legal ways." As he said that he would wave his index finger causing the ring to levitate toward his open right palm. "Curious thing is it not?"   

  • "You could start by deciding what application those shifters will have for our future. Weapons, or otherwise. They're too valuable to leave locked up for occasional curiosity and tests."

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