Morghana from House of Martia is of a species of shapeshifters at one time thought only to be mythical. She was a member of the generation of Chameloids to be born while the Terran Empire was at its height. She does not believe in peace, as she never experienced it as a child. She grew up on the now war-torn planet Nihal Prime in the Gamma Quadrant and saw first hand how Jem’Hadar crushed her hometown in the name of their Gods, the Founders, following years in the Resistance during the Dominion Occupation. Her experiences created a deeply rooted hatred of the Changelings. The Chameloid Resistance on Nihal Prime managed to steal the Growth Codex of the Founder’s genetically engineered soldier species. The codex is a skull that contains the genetic information of the entire Jem’Hadar race. It’s presumed to have belonged to an ancestor of the Jem’Hadar. Roughly one hundred years before the Dominion war, her people discovered the Bajoran wormhole. Her people escaped the Gamma Quadrant where they encountered ships of the Terran Empire. As with the vast majority of her species, Morghana Jax was sold into slavery. She eventually ended up on Alpha Centauri IV where Morghana became the property of the Earnshaw family. She was treated humanely. However, as a slave she often had to evade rape gangs by hiding. In order to become a better companion the Earnshaw family sold her to the Orion Syndicate. The Earnshaws did it at Morghana's bidding. At this point she began her training to become a slave girl. In truth she wished to become a better Assassin. Her training lasted for nine years. Although she isn’t of the Orion species Jax is considered as an Animal woman. Only six months after her graduation she served mainly as the Captain's woman of the Ares-class battleship, in service to the Imperial Starfleet, the ISS Minotaur. However, at one point she seduced the Captain's personal guard into conspiring to stab the Commanding officer with a dagger. She assassinated the Captain and his personal guard one night later and subsequently took command of the Minotaur. When the Terran Empire was overthrown and conquered by the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance in 2295, Morghana joined the Terran Rebellion and recruited her crew. She had a brief affair with a young Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the ISS Starbreaker. At great cost of life and the complete destruction of the Minotaur the Chameloid Captain claimed the Growth Codex of the Jem’Hadar from the Dominion Resistance. She impregnated herself with Jem’Hadar DNA and after eighteen hours gave birth to her first from three Jem’Hadar elders and General, Ranak-Mara. The Chameloid’s unnatural pregnancy almost cost her life and nearly made her infertile. For this act people dubbed her “the Mother of Jem’Hadar”. Sometime before 2382 Morghana Jax and her “children” crossed over universes to the primary universe. She fled to a Moon of an unnamed Class M planet near the Borderland, where she placed her Jem‘Hadar into stasis. She joined the Orion Syndicate ten hours later. In only five years she became a Delbaj, a Lieutenant, of the Syndicate.  She was hired by the Romulan House Xeral where she met Commander Sala’Trel. She served under the Commander for a few weeks and became her friend.


“The eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden; and like a mirror, they also reflect the person looking into them.”

Morghana's Chameloid eyes:


Her female form:

In her primary female appearance she is a pretty, and slender raven-haired woman.

 She stands at 5' 5½" (1,66 m) and weighs 135 lbs or 61 kg. Her eyes are blue in blue. However with using her disguise skills she can conceal her true eye color. Her eyes will have a green color.


Her male form:

The Brute:

A different guise she can take is a hulking, hirsute male alien called the "Brute". A huge furry brute with wide sharp-fanged jaws and talons.



Morghana's praetorian guard, the Jem'Hadar of Legio prima Martia...

“We are the Jem’Hadar.

We walk in the dark places no others will enter.

We stand on the bridge, and no one may pass.

We engage in battle, we do not retreat.

We live for the Mother,

we die for the Mother.

This we do gladly because we are her Children”


The awakening of the Force/the rise of the Khan's Hand

Her/His force powers:


  • Force Destruction: A dark side Force power used by Sith and Dark Jedi, allowing them to create a massive energy field and throw it in any direction. When used, a massive amount of energy was stored up within the user, drawn from the dark side of the Force, and with incredible concentration, the energy could be discharged using the user's own body as a conduit. Usually fired through the arm or hand, it could blast a large radius vaporizing anyone who got too close to it. Even those who escaped direct contact with the blast would be pushed asunder by the power's backlash. Using Force Destruction was a very exhausting power requiring a great deal of focus and concentration and could only be used a few times without requiring the user to rest.
  • Darkshear, also known as the spear of midnight black: It enables the Force-user to summon the Force and forge with it an invisible spear from dark side energies which could be hurled at opponents, killing or injuring them as if it were a real, physical spear.

  • Force drain: a spectrum of offensive and defensive Force powers, tied to the same concept, which used the dark side of the Force to tap into the strengths of an organic target. Mastery of each technique could scale the area of effect, sometimes dramatically, or exhaust the victims almost instantaneously.


Character Name

Morghana Kieran Johran of House Martia

Character Species


Character Gender


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  • (Thank you for the invitation my dear. It’s good to know that you are still active here. A special Vampire Assassin sends hugs, kisses and bites to you.)

  • (Hello beautiful. Thanks for the friend invite.  If you wish to write with one of my 3 chars. Just let me know which appeals to you. Still working on my Space Pirate wizard gal

  • (Hi, and thanks for adding me!)

  • ( changed my character but still have Kiki if you wanted to write with Her. Working on my spider that was in Star Trek Vengeance rp world. 

  • [You are welcome. It’s good to see you again. I am sorry that your relationship with Raina didn’t work out.]

  • (It’s all fine my dear. Being your partner was such a pleasure. Check your inbox. Velvet and me have some ideas for your character. *winks*)

    *Raina takes the drink, smiling a bit her, saddened. She sits next to the Chameloid. She allows Morghana to touch her, knowing that breaking up with Morghana is the only and right thing to do. The only option she had.* You won’t lose my dear. *Raina explains at length, fighting back tears*The thing is well, perhaps it’s a damn human failing. We are usually not accustomed to these kinds of changes. I just can't keep up. I love you. But how long will you have this form? What would the next one be? I can't live with that kind of uncertainty my dear. I don’t even know your real form. *Raina sniffs at the whiskey for a moment. She has the feeling that no poison was in the drink. Then she drinks the Whiskey in one go. She likes the taste and needed this after her long journey home*Listen, I consider you my family. *Raina would adopt this special being in a heart beat if she could. She is so goddamn beautiful. Morghana current form reminds her of the Snow White fairy tale to be honest. But she could never have sex with her in this form. For Raina it would be like having sex with her own daughter or something.* And I hope you will spend the Christmas holidays with me. My daughter will pay me a visit for sure.

  • Kilala remembers every owner she has ever had and certainly  remembers their scent. Like hellhounds, hellcats like her were very good trackers and she could always find her owners no matter the distance, length of time apart and so forth. It just took time in various cases. For her. The great wedding seemed to have gone wrong but that was due to A Dimensional shift that placed her in an alternate reality where massive explosions and bad stuff happened. Poor kitty had been Lost in Space before first finding Raina. From Raina, she had a Base of operations to find the rest of her old shipmates and one she went to find was her last known owner in the future time period.

    A shapeshifting Chameloid that had spoiled her rotten which of course, Kilala never ever got tired off!  If she didn’t have a demonic metabolism, she would be one super fat kitty by now.  It took some time but She managed to finally locate her last owner to a starship which space travel was very hard on the kitty. Not much shadows in space and Star ships so traveling that way was next to impossible. It was a main way she traveled so she had to get creative and do a Freddy KruegeR. 

    She entered the dream world in order to find MorGhana. Find her she did after a while and she had to jump scare her in order to wake her up from her dream. She managed to latch onto Morghana so that when she woke up, she pulled Kilala out of the dream world Into the waking world.  So Kilala would now be in Her arms, waving her tail back and forth before curling around Morghana‘s left arm as she looked at her with those adorable big, blood red demonic cat eyes of hers. 

  • Rp?
  • [I like that idea that they could be roommates. I think maybe Manticore would work, maybe Raven was captured by them again-]

  • “Man. It must be a bitch when someone gives  documents to sign with your signature And you gotta write out that entire name title. Feels like carpal tunnel would set in after a while. As for that one girl. All I know is. She looks exactly like me. We are both doppelgängers and she has a last name that........ well since she is a spacegirl to me. I’m going to say. Her last name sounds like a space Snake. Her last name sounds like some species of snake on earth. Not that that is an insult or anything. I happen to like snakes. Sssssssss so nifty they are. How they eat and all, so unique among the animal  kingdom. No meal seems to big for their mouths. “

    She had to smile at the comment about seeing someone naked in order to more perfectly or better mimic them.

    ”Well From a logic standpoint. If you are a shapeshifter and only had a photo of someone to go off of or saw them in person but clothes.  Actually I don’t know how some shifters can copy a person’s fingerprints or retina scan just by looking at them since they Are not looking at their fingerprints and such. Though for the shifters that shift by getting a dna sample of someone. That makes more sense how they can perfectly fool fingersprint Or retinal scanner but I wonder about Gait recognition. That seems to be a new popular fad among humans. Identify someone based on how they walk. Oh boy. What will they think of next. But yeah. Copy someone’s apperance but what if they got a scar, tattoo, birth mark, some mole or beauty mark that you wouldn’t know about unless you saw them up close and naked. It be a giveaway if you tried to have sex with their lover and they notice you are missing some body mark of someKind. “

    ”I thank you for the compliment. I wouldn’t say no to a drink. Though I wouldn’t recommend trying to slip me a roofie or anything. “

    She tapped the side of her eyes for the moment. With her vision powers, like microscopic vision, she could look at a liquid and tell if some foreign substance like posion was added to it or something.   No one was ever able to try and date rape her or posion her or anything of that sort. Though they know they be foolish to try such a thing. 

    ”Your name. Makes me think of that Morganna from the King Arthur and Merlin stories that humans made.  Sounds like a good name for a dark beauty sorceress for sure.”

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