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The Faction takes over.


Everyone who doesn't follow under them is outlawed.


Welcome to the seventh realm.



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I was just your average cop. 

Fresh out of the academy and only just getting my foot through the door when the OMEGA 3 was put out. The super computer analyzed our moves and we were merely the pawns in a game of chess. We were moving up in the world the news constantly reported, like some chant of success. 

My first partner was an JX 3rd addition. I called him Frank.

He was only an android but he always had my back.


" Function complete, Sir. Shall we ' Hit it?' "

I always laughed.



                                              FILE 88       - BIO - John Weston                               


giphy.gifNumber: 77889473 


Sex: Male

Age: 36

 Height: 6'3

Weight: 171 lbs

Blood type: O +

 Eyes: Brown

Hair: Dark Brown


DOB- 2- 15- 2072





I had a wife.


I love you to Port Seven and back.



OMEGA 3 did not acknowledge her death.

The super computer had betrayed me for it's own gain and because of this she was one of many who died that day during The Massacre of 01. Shortly after this the Faction moved in. It was OMEGA's plan all along. Humans had become mainly obsolete and if you did not follow it's code you were cast out and shot down like a dog. Unless you found your way out to the Seventh Realm.


 It's safe to say I'd like some revenge..



 I am called



One foot in the system, one foot in the grave as so to speak.


Courier specialist


You need something out of the city? 

We got you covered.


It'll be a hefty price, however.






 PRX- 99. Rapid Fire

 DNA-fused PR 707


Heat Seeker

Armor Piercing






 Canid .90 

" Beauford "

The Factions lost one of their attack dogs to the hands of a reprogrammar. Damaged as it was, it was salvagable and to this day serves it's two masters.







His partner in crime.

They'd known each other in passing before the Faction had taken over. Then they'd made a pact and joined forces working beside each other. They made a formidable team, one looked to notoriously for their skills. 








- Pain receptor control 


- Neural transmitter


Deaf - Brain implants


  • During the Massacre of 01, in trying to save his wife from her ultimate demise and going against direct orders, Atlas was caught in the blast that took out over two hundred people, but being on the outskirts he'd caught extensive damage but not enough to have him listed as one of many of the deceased. There was time in the tank to heal him, time that healed him mostly all except for the permanent hearing damage leaving him deaf. A Neural transmitter implant took care of that problem, except during the storms along the Seventh realms. the storms caused static among many electrical devices and often placed him back at being deaf. 


Sign language


Reading lips



  • Part of his other augmentations is his ability for pain receptor control. Something he stole from the underground layer and had put in as a blocker. Most people didn't have this installed for it was cause for danger when you couldn't assess your own injuries, but Atlas was only interested in the enhancement of his adrenaline which had him lasting longer in a fight without the pain to stop him. 

Enhanced Duration





Drug Addict



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  • Decreasing his speed; the hum of the Scorpion dipped low - he started coasting to the left, towards a vehicle flipped on it's back like a turtle.  The moment he was directly in front of it - he jerked upwards on the grips of his bike; one thought and one thought only transmiting between man and machine;


    Magnetic thrusters emitting a high-pitched whine; there was a burst of internal energy skidding across the ground, launching him up and over the car, high into the air.  Close enough to lean up off the Scorpion's seat and brush the underbelly of the ruined bridge with the tip of gloved fingers, knocking dirt and debris loose.

    And as he fell, he hollared, grinning the whole damn time. "Wooooooooooooooo!" he fell until suddenly his magnetic thrusters took hold of the bike; jerking him to a halt, kicking dirt and sand away in a circular burst.  Whipping around towards Atlas, he extended his leg and came to rest upon it, the bike purring in standby. 

    "Well, he found them.  But the last time I was in contact with him, he said he thought he was being followed.  I told him to try and lose them in the canyons, but he got spooked and.." He shrugged. "I can only guess he led them right back to his base.  They're animals - but they're definitely not stupid."

    Zephyros glanced at the device mounted upon his wrist; tapping in a few commands. ".. I was supposed to meet him.  But I knew he wouldn't do as I said - I knew he wouldn't risk the mutants to lose the Reapers.. so I.. well, I fucked him, Atlas." He didn't sound too torn up about it, either.  If Arlen had listened to him - as no one ever did - they never would have found the old bastard at all.

    "-plucked the location from afar using one o' these bad boys." Between pad of thumb and index finger he hefted a small bot perfectly imitating a cockroach, minus those glowing yellow optics, equipped with a thousand tiny reflecting lenses darting back and forth; carbon fiber antennae twitch, twitch, twitching at his parter - assuming the man stopped along side him and didn't just ride off without him.

    Although, that would be pretty funny.

  • Zephyros pushed the Scorpion faster, faster, faster until the screaming bike was all he could hear.  Gripping the handle-bars tightly, he leaned forward, glancing up and to the left - towards a holomap of the area across the inner screen of his helmet.

    At the familiar static click of the comm activating beside his ear, he felt a smirk crawling onto his lips.

    "I thought you'd never ask," he said dryly. "I told you this shit was personal, but.. hell, that guy you saw back on the recording? Arlen? He's someone who can find just about anything.. for the right price, of course." He paused, chuckling briefly into the comm.  It might have been clear by the tone of his voice that Zephyros actually respected this man to a certain degree. 

    "A while back I contacted him to find my old gang.. You remember the Blood Reapers, don't you?" He asked, mock cheerfully.  They were pretty infamous back before the OMEGA came around - they stole children to turn them into supersoldiers and slaughtered anyone that got in their way.  

    "And guess what?" He asked, tipping his head back as a massive shadow crept over him, spotting the ruins of a bridge above.  Amidst their conversation, he couldn't help but admire the ruins of the old world around him.  

    There was a certain macarbe beauty to the desecration. 

  • It is all a bit much to take in. The wars, the decimation of civilizations across the country and beyond. How people lived in such a time is not something he quite understands. Perhaps they are better off, or maybe not.  They are some advancements in technology from what he has seen. That does make him question some things; is this world in his future? What can he do knowing that? Maybe hope to die before everything gets totaled.

    The vehicle is eyed with caution before he even  gets on it. It is a beast of a thing, He straddled the back and heeded the warning with a nod. After a final drag he lets it fall to the ground before reaching to wrap his arms around Atlas' midsection.

    Then  they are moving. His arms tighten a bit further, securing himself to the seat and Atlas. Lachlan looked over the others shoulder, that dog clocking speeds he had not expected anything to run. Some make that dog  was.

    "How far is your place?" He asked, somewhat uncomfortable with their mode of travel. It certainly is different. 

  • Lachlan watched as the face plate slipped back into place, something he is unsure he will get used to this early. The thing he did notice is that the feeling that there is at least someone human here, at least visually, felt like it disappeared. Odd, perhaps this came with the shock of a different time and place. The dog still bothered him though.

    He leaned into the middle finger, eyes flicking up to the slightly askew reflection in Atlas’ visor. Once the end is lit he draws back and takes a deep inhale. Ah... better.

    “Fine.” He said, smoke leaving his nostrils soon after. Lachlan reluctantly follows Atlas, one hand settled in the pocket of his jacket while the other is to his side. The cigarette is perched neatly between two fingers and eventually leaves it between his lips.

    He walks alongside Atlas now, casting a glance from the corner of his eyes before letting them settle forward. So... this used to be Tokyo, huh? He wondered what the linguistics of the place were now that he is in the year he is.

  • Zephyros quietly watched as Atlas tipped that brown bottle back to his lips, grimacing behind his opaque black visor.  

    Unseen lips part; concern dancing across the tip of his tongue - quickly stamped down.  He sighed, almost sounding.. amused. "You're an asshole," he murmured as a direct result of Atlas' catch-phrase, yet again sounding amused - or perhaps, resigned.

    But who was he to try and force a conversation? That's hardly part of his programming.  So with a twist of his grip - the Scorpion beneath him shot forward; thruster engines screaming.  Particle dust and sand whipped into the air, trailing behind the sleek black shape steadily growing smaller and smaller on the horizon.

    Once Atlas decided to join him - the hangar bay doors would begin to groan shut, magnetically sealing with the sound of canned air rushing free.


    Upon his bike, Zephyros became speed incarnate - a blur of motion and sound with adrenaline exploding from his thundering heart to fill his internal system with fire and purpose.  

    His fire was freedom, and his purpose was revenge

    Suddenly, he veered east, kicking up a wall of sand from the rear of his bike, following him like a tail.


    Lachlan had expected his card returned to him. When it had not been, he raised a brow in a quizzical manner and flicked his eyes from the chest plate to Atlas’ eyes. The entire situation is starting to seem more realistic. The pooch behind him far too advanced for a simple prop. He had reminded himself of the dog behind him and glanced back over his shoulder, the mechanical canine watching them both. Creepy...

    The cigarette offered is taken, feeling one could be used right now in all this confusion. But what Atlas said after introducing himself, and his mechanical friend behind him, had Lachlan pause and... huff.

    A huff turned into a small chuckle, then a half hearted laugh. That was funny, too funny.
    Wait... seriously?

    Lachlan quieted a bit, his expression changing from that moment of humor to just a touch of shock and confusion. He turned the cigarette between his fingers, something he had hoped maybe touching would be a source of grounding but... it looks odd. Similar, but odd.

    “Atlas.” He said, then turned his attention to the dog. “Beauford...”

    “How is this even possible? Where am I, then?” He was talking to himself mostly, his gaze raising to meet the structures about them. Yes, things seemed to have deteriorated, poorly kept by the city workers... if this could be called a city anymore. So far, he has just met Atlas and... Beauford. He is not going to get used to the robo-pup anytime soon.

  • After grabbing his pulse-rifle and slinging it over his shoulder, Zephy made his way towards the main hangar bay, whistling through the speaker inside his helmet.  It was a custom fit - lightweight and durable, and if it wasn't for the readouts darting across the inside of the visor; details like humidity levels, the temperature, oxygen levels, toxins - plus a few other need-to-knows for the Courier that wants to make it home in one piece - he could forget he was wearing anything on his head at all.

    Spotting Atlas already waiting by his bike, Zephyros issued a mental command to the complex - and all around them it began to shake, massive gears churning like they were in the belly of a massive beast with indigestion.

    The massive hangar bay doors groaned as they slid back; allowing sunlight and dusty air to rush inside.


    Like Atlas, Zephy choose a bike - outfitted with magnetic thrusters; it was long and sleek, the color of polished obsidian with a laser turret built into the front.  He straddled it, keyed a command into the center console, and the bike leapt into the air, humming. 

    He glanced at Atlas from his perch - the former cop was his usual warm and talkative self.  Zephy cleared his throat.

    "Well?" The mechanic blurted expectantly.

  • The Scrapper stood, leaving the tool he'd been using jammed in the socket of the mech's detached head for later.  Reaching for a yellow and grey collar looking device hung upon the wall, he fit it over his head, resting it upon his shoulders.  Upon activation, it shrunk to fit his neck snug and comfortable.  

    With a thought, the collar shifted - metal plates expanding from it to encircle his head, taking the shape and form of his signature helmet; Yellow around the back with a completely black facial visor that he always thought made it hard to humanize him.  Neon blue lights on either side of of the helmet swung towards Atlas, probably momentarily blinding him.  Oops.

    Deactivating the lights, Zephyros reached up - head lolling to the side, he scratched the side of his helmet thoughtfully. 

    "Well, actually.  I need something from him... "

    "..You might want to light up another smoke and get dressed, though.  This ones personal."

  • Suddenly, the drone used to zummon Atlas earlier zipped into the lab and crashed into a pile of scrapped metal on one of the tables, knocking everything to the floor.

    Zephyros turned at the clatter, brow quirked, his expression revealing a tinge of mild annoyance -- and utter acceptance.  Not all his toys turned out the way he wanted.. but, he could say with 100% confidence that they would function.

    Shaking his head, the mechanic half-turned back towards the table where he sat, raising a fist to pound it on the top of the mech's head sat before him.  With an internal sputter and hum of energy, it's optic lenses began to glow - blue at first, then yellow once Zephyros' hack took root.

    Following a subtle gesture by Zephy', the mech projected a holographic image from it's optic lenses.  It was a still of a barrel-chested man, with arms and legs like tree trunks.  Half of his face was cybernetically augmented. 

    Without warning, the holographic image started to move, flickering and sputtering with interference.  The man looked over his shoulder, before turning back around, sweat beading at his brow.  "I don't know what's keeping you, but I can't afford to wait any longer.  I've uploaded my location to this droids --" Something exploded in the background of the holo-recording, shorting it out with a static hiss.

    'Pop!' sparks burst from the mech's head as one of it's optic units exploded, leaking ugly black smoke.  Zephyros, hardly shocked, just pushed it a little further across the table - a little bit away from him.


    "The man's name is Arlen Grippe.  He's... a contact of mine." Zephyros stuck the thin, rod-like device he held into the mech's optic socket, causing yet more sparks to leap from it.  

  • The doors to the lab slid shut behind Atlas with a hiss - 

    It wasn't much of a lab.  There was clutter everywhere - scrap and rag-tag pieces from broken bots and old tech he'd collected during their travels.

    He had his back to the door, hunkered over the head of an old mech, head bobbing in time with the bass ebbing from speakers hovering nearby, while his hands were busy tinkering away. 


    "Took ya' long enough.  If I turn around, will you be wearing pants?"

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