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  • Hi, let me know if you'd ever like to write together sometime.

  • Elizabeth would take  a moment to stare at Thomas, she would then nod her head for a moment. She would then hold out the package and soon finally spoke. "Package for you from Abel Kendrick,I was sent to give this to you by hand. It is utmost importance that you open it, and accept the invitatio n inside." She would smile for a moment before fixing her dress and soon pulled out a cigarette and turns away and begins to walk.


    "Now I can go back to my hotel, if you accept my invitation please see me tomorrow early in the morning. My number is on the back of the package." She said as she was eager to leave, she would begin to leave. "Chow now, and have a good night. 


    If Thomas decided to open the package it would reveal to contain a golden ring, an invitation to go to a Coastal City in Norway: Trondheim.  Its a gothic style and a well preserved ancient city. But the next piece inside of the packae took a different turn; it was a picture of him, his father and brother in black and white. 

  • (Yeah! That seems pretty simple and straight forward to me. Someone putting out a lot of supermatural energyis enough to draw Neal in) 

  • =The Hispanic woman nodded glad at least she had gotten an straight answer that also had the ring of truth in it, folding her arms over her chest she looks up to him.= "They're not my friends... And Imagine so, but its not also an everyday occurrence four bodies are found due too drugs laced with formaldehyde, and one of those bodies was an fourteen year old kid. The cops are fishing, but gaining no concrete answers and these fellas aren't small fish and I'm hoping they'll lead me too an big one if not the big Kahuna."

    =narrowed eyes watched the man as she frowns, just because he caught her wasn't an death penalty, if he had been friends if there's then he would've also been knocked unconscious=

  • When he looked into the peekhole he would see a rather  confused woman in a black dress. She would then look left and right wondering what just happened. She would then knock on the door and soon began to speak up.  "Hello, my name is Elizabeth De Lorane. By any chance are you  Thomas Westin?"


    She asked while holding a package while biting her lower lip. "I have a package for you, one that was asked of me to send to you. I would appreciate it if I could hand it to you in person." She said while shrugging her shoulders, clearly she was not amused when he slammed the door in her face.  She would cross her arms for a moment as she would then knock once again.

    "Do you do this with every girl you see or am I the Daughter of Dracula?" 


  • In a dim lit room a group of men in cloaks would surround a man in a symbol that knelt on it. They were chanting  to themselves  as they had they would look down. Meanwhilee the man kneeling on the symbol was naked, his eyes closed whilest the chanting continued on. The lights started to simmer and blew out That was when his eyes slowly opened and the chanting ceased. "Help me..Brother."


    Suddenly He imploded  turning into a pile of flesh and bones.  This  was like a nightmare, a dream that felt so real through the eyes of the beholder.  Meanwhile a woman wearing a black dress would be standing in front of Thomas's apartment, her hand raised to knock at his door. Soon she would begin to knock upon it as she waited. If he were to look at the peekhole he would her like a normal girl, but if he opens the door she would have her back to him while her dress was torn and hair hair soaked from what seemed to be a flood. When she turned around she would be spilling out black blood and water from her mouth as black veins were all over her face.

  • The day was bright as it could be, but soon the moon would rise to engulf the sun. Near a village there is a beach where a group of people would be standing with torches They were dancing near a bondfire dressed as natives while wearing tribal paint.  They chanted while a statue of a giant serpant would  be held by a woman wearing a crown. "Owe Great Rahab, please bring us another disciple that  would show the way to your awakening, grant us the chance to serve the  and bring in the New World!"  As she said that the statue would begin to be hot to the touch, she dropped it to the ground causing two snakes to come out from it that would slitter toward the sea. 


    The snakes would  enter the sea, this caused the people to cease their dancing and soon knelt to the ground. Everything was silent, but then the sea begin to shake and buble as water came out from the sea forming into a human like figure stepping out from the sea and walking on land. It would look at the people before speaking. "....Praise the Old God..."

  • = It took Brynn an full sixty seconds to calm down after dealing with the second man, still holding his now dislocated arm in the air, after an moment she flings his arm down as she simultaneously kicks him slightly away from her, by then her head jerks up as she scans the room having gained an sense of someone nearby. Growling low as her eyes narrow the Hispanic woman steps back, so fluid in her movements as she prepared herself, only to have an loud and clear answer as an rat landed right at her feet, dark brown gaze snaps up in the direction to where the rat had fallen and caught sight of an man looking down at her, split second had her preparing to leap up but he beat her too ir and dropped down, narrowing her eyes as she shifted her position to make herself ready. Hearing him she looked at him quizzically as she lifts an brow. = "Howdy... " =Brynn answers back just barely keeping it from an question, though the question mark could be placed in if wanted. = "You an friend of there's?" =jumping straight to business the Hispanic woman tilted her head to the men, the one unconscious and the other currently crying and holding his dislocated arm whom might be too dumb too realize now might just be an good time to run, or was actually very smart in realizing if he tried he wouldn't get very far and an single dislocated arm might be the least of his worries.=

  • She was still a fairly new vampire, a newborn as Gina often called her. The newly acquired abilities, such as the enhanced senses still overwhelmed her, and there was no control, no rational thinking or behavior. It was usually Gina controlling her emotions, teaching her, and bringing her the blood she so desperately needed to survive. But the woman had been absent for the last three or four days, attending her own business and leaving Lys on her own.

    This was her first night out, her first night among people, and the noises, the scents, and being able to sense the human’s emotions overwhelmed her.


    Sensing the man’s fear was amusing. With a smile on her face, she looked down at her feet for a second or two and then looked back at him. Maverick was no danger to her, she could feel that.

    What should simple mortal, a seemingly old one on top of that, have on her, anyway?

    “I,” she said, pointing a finger to herself. “no danger.” And then pointed at him. She clearly struggled to find the right words. What she was trying to express was simple; there was no need for him to fear her. The hunger and thirst had been appeased, the dead man on the floor was proof of that, and would keep her going for several hours. Surely, his blood smelt tempting, and the increased heartbeat caused by his fear made it all the more difficult to resist.


    And then she heard sirens. Four blocks, no, five blocks away, coming this way. She concentrated on them for a while, tilting her head slightly. Her eyes shot towards the man she had recklessly slaughtered. The two little puddles of blood had already dried, as well as that one single drop that had remained on one of the punctures of his neck.

    She was torn. One part wanted to remain in the bar until the police arrived, wanted to see their confused faces upon seeing so little blood, wanted to hear them discuss in bewilderment, and trying to arrest her for a murder they clearly had no evidence for. The other part was more… rational. Fleeing was probably the most reasonable thing to do. Gina would be pissed anyway but not as pissed as having to bail her out of prison.

    “Leave.” Her eyes pierced right through the ones of Maverick. The guy had no choice then to do what she just said.


    The sirens were only two blocks away when they stepped out of the bar. She could easily get away from this place, but the stranger most likely would be caught running away from the place.

    None of what had happened in there was his fault but the officers would most likely still interrogate him, maybe even arrest him for a crime he did not commit. Would they believe him if he told them a crazy German woman, a vampire, had lost control and killed that poor man in cold blood? Lys wasn’t too sure. She knew nothing about the American police or the jurisdiction.

    She eyed him for a moment, weighing whether to leave the poor man to the police or to spare him the interrogation and allegations.

    It’s not his fault.


    Once again, the language was a barrier again, and she had no idea how to express herself, or that he should trust her.

    With one slick, quick move, she picked the guy up and gave him a piggyback ride across the city, far away from the bar and probably from any other place he knew. It took her approximately one minute to arrive at the mansion Gina called her own.

    She let him off of her back in front of the gate and eyed him again.

    “You safe here?”

    What she actually wanted to ask was, if he could find his way home from this place. The place wasn’t safe at all, as Gina usually only ever picked dangerous places to live in. And this sordid old mansion, or what was left of it, was in the bayou. She could even hear the alligators floating in the water nearby.

  • Why, we're mighty far from tha' nearest pest-eradicatin' facilities... so I reckon It's up to me to take care of!

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