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  • She snorted softly, amusement tugging at the corners of her lips before they twitched up into a full blown grin. "What are you talking about, I still drive her mad." She paused to offer him a playful wink. "Only difference is, now she can't ground me to my room." Not only because she was an adult and would refuse to go to her room but because, technically, she outranked her own mother. Something told her the head of the household being sent to her room wouldn't sit well with the others.

    She pondered his words, lilac eyes flicking to each wolf in turn. Before she turned her attention back to her brother. "Yes they're my family. But so are you. I won't be made to choose between my family, what's that saying...? Be the change you want to see? No time like the present to start."
  • She nodded, breathing out a soft breath and letting go of her sadness for now. It always seemed to come and go, reducing her to tears sometimes whilst other times filled her with a sense of bittersweetness. "Plus it would have driven mother mad." She whispered this in a conspiritorial tone of voice, as if the idea of her mother, their mother pulling her hair out trying to keep him under control amused her.

    She didn't know whether it made her uncomfortable or not to still be being watched but at least fewer people were seeing her as a threat now. "They take a while to warm up to people huh? Are they still expecting me to bite you? Because I don't bite family."
  • She cleared her throat and swallowed hard. "I...yes I just miss him." Understatement of the century if ever one was made. She cracked a weak smile, another soft chuckle escaping her. "Would have made home life that much more interesting." She fired back in a playfully deadpan tone once she'd gotten control of her voice again.

    She glanced around at the other wolves, wondering if they were still watching her with mistrust.
  • She nodded. She was glad they weren't offended it wasn't her wish to offend anyone. She just wanted to make him feel better. She did mean it. She always tried to keep her word. Unless there was something that keep her from it. She took a step back. "Sorry." She said not sure if the hug might have been too much as she bite down on her lower lip strands of her reddish hair falling int front of her face. She stood there her head slightly bowed not saying a word.

  • She felt the same way about her father, she cared not if people agreed with her sentiments about him. He was her family and she'd loved him. The tears she was trying to keep in began filling up her eyes. Breathe Willa, she took in a deep breath and then chuckled. "A holy terror huh? Maybe you'd have been fun as a kid." The amusement bubbling up within her chest warred with the sadness swamping her.

    She knew that now, that it was never his fault. That an unborn child could not be held accountable for the actions of their parents. She folded her arms around herself, looking a tad vulnerable.
  • She wasn't foolish enough to believe everyone would agree with their vision of the people they loved. People, even vampires and werewolves were flawed by design. But that was just what made them interesting, she knew it was okay to cry, she'd shed more than a few tears after her father had died but always in the privacy of the library surrounded by her father's books. Crying in public felt....wrong somehow. She was supposed to appear strong even if at times she felt she wasn't. "I think he would have loved you despite everything with your father and our mother."

    She knew she was starting to care for him and she'd hated her mother for the situation. Was it possible to hate a situation and yet still love the person who was the direct outcome of that situation? She knew not but she'd be willing to bet getting closer to Mykolas would answer that question for her.
  • She sat listening her eyes moving from person to person as they talked. When it came to Myko's turn she blinked at his words. His birth? What was strange about that? She thought as she shifted her weight her green eyes studying him intensely like any puzzle she tried to unravel. So, he was a half vampire? She thought they tended to kill those on sight well one with wolf blood anyway. Though that might just be a rumor. She smiled softly. Yes she was sure that more than anything would give you that feeling...She looked up sharply at him. I thought entering her head but one she could not voice just yet. A being such as him would have been considered lesser than less something to be discarded. Did this somehow tie in with what happened to his brother?

    She smiled again. It was such a simply thing but you didn't have to be something sometimes to belong. She could see it. The feeling of guilt washing over her because his brother could not be here by his side anymore made her twitch. She wasn't sure if she should speak but she did standing up as she moved towards Myko. "And you shall. He promised to be by your side always and he will be as the force that drives you forward. I didn't know him very well. But the one thing I did know was that deep in his eyes you could see the love he had for the world and how much he wanted to help people even when they shied away. Those same eyes that are reflected in you. It may not be my place being a stranger here to speak at all. Somehow I just thought you should know that."

    She reached out and hugged him. "No matter where your path may lead or if you stumble. I will find a way to lead you home again. I promise." Jez was always moved by what felt right in the moment and this was no different. 

  • "He sounds like he had a good heart. Perhaps even a good soul." She smiled softly, the world was a darker place without people like that to brighten it, or so she thought. Her head canted to one side and she tapped her fingertip against her chin in thought. "How to describe daddy...he was...in many ways vibrant and full of life. The people loved him, even the ones who perhaps shouldn't have." She paused for a second to swallow back her tears. "The day he died he told me it was up to me to guide our people now, I'm not sure if he meant our House or something more. But I wouldn't have put it past him to know that I wasn't like others of our kind...he also told me not to take any shit from anyone." She chuckled at that memory, even dying her father had found the exact right words to say. "Oh? I wish I could have met him."
  • "You are welcome." She smiled, her eyes glittering with a hint of sorrow still, but also a touch of curiosity. "What was he like? Your brother I mean." Hey if they were gonna build a relationship they had to bond, asking questions and discussing their lives should be a good start to that. "I appreciate the concern, and the warning. But if anyone has a problem with it they can just deal." Rebellious vampire. She was hoping to sway others, if not a large number then maybe the prince. His voice had far more sway than her own after all.
  • She moved after him. She sat listening to others share their stories of their fallen friend. Tucking her legs underneath her she let her mind wander. After this she would be heading back she had so much to do. Her eyes darted to her host a few times as she hoped that someday the world might be different for all their sakes.

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