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Character Age

1 but holds the appearance of a 16-18 year old

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

N22 stands at a short 5’5” but surprisingly weighs over 230lbs due to her being an android, she wears a black scout hat as well as a black long sleeve shirt and a black skirt that’s held up with a black belt also to complete her look she wears black thigh highs as well as combat boots, her eyes are a constantly glowing neon purple which compliments the visible circuits that glow a brilliant purple from under her skin, these circuits go down the entire right side of her body with it being visible on her cheek and neck at all times, to add there is a set of antenna/horn looking devices that sit attached to both side of her head equally that function as the output modules for her power, her skin is incredibly fair and porcelain like with no blemishes or marks of the sort seeing as it’s synthetic. Her breasts are rather small however she makes up for it with her somewhat wide hips and thicker thighs.

Character Personality

N22’s personality is incredibly cold and calculated yet extremely prideful though she doesn’t really show it as 90% of the time she’s mostly expressionless. As robot who thinks herself as superior to organic life forms she can be incredibly rude to all except her master.

Character Likes

N22 is quite prideful so compliments and praise are a must when speaking to her if you fear being judged by her, as well despite her tough act she won’t be opposed to being pet and is usually oddly submissive about it most likely due to something her creator implemented.

Character Dislikes

N22 despises being dirty and takes very serious measures to keep her appearance up which is why it’s very rare to see her ever touch the ground as most of the time you’ll find her simply floating.

Character History/Story

N22 is the latest weapon created by MOF (Mobile Ordinance Foundation) a massively large corporation who deals with technology that far surpasses that of what’s accessible to the rest of the world. Her creation came about after the company located and retrieved an ancient alien aircraft that crash landed in the Canadian arctic ice sheets, when analyzed the aircraft was empty but was built with a metal that isn’t found naturally occurring on earth with a power cord that seemed to be a simple purple crystal and as it would happen when exposed to different amounts of radiation the crystal seemed to give off more and more gravitational power as it seemed to be able to be able to become infinitely stronger with more radiation being shot into it. After some long needed research and such it was finally decided to put the crystal in a controlled environment so it’s power could be freely manipulated and what better way for them to do it than creating an android super weapon with both the metal from the space craft and the crystal to act as her power source and seeing as all MOF androids ran on nuclear energy that would be able to power the crystal everything fell together nicely.

Character Inventory

She carry’s nothing with her other than her clothes

Character Abilites

N22 has the power of electromagnetism giving her a master level of control over gravity. Her power output is controlled by her combat readiness which is set by MOF which can increase or decrease depending on the situation, with each level not only does her power increase to that of her new abilities unlocked after each time the level increases but she still has all previous levels abilities added Dove being her weakest level and Cataclysm being her highest. DOVE- Acceleration Manipulation - accelerate using gravity. Gravity Attacks - Use gravitational force to unleash attacks. Decrease Gravity Gravitational Upforce - Drastically decreases the gravity in a certain area, causing everything to float upward. Increase Gravity Gravitational Downforce - Drastically increases the gravity in a certain area, causing everything to slam downward. Crushing - Enveloping matter with a gravitational field. Immobility - Using gravity to adhere oneself to the ground. Flight Manipulation - By changing the gravity around others or objects, such as increasing to bring them down or decreasing to lift them. Floortilting - Change the direction which gravity pulls matter. Gravity Imprisonment - Imprison entities or objects by creating strong gravitational force around them. Gravity Solidification - Solidify gravity into a tangible form. Gyro-Telekinesis - Interact/Move/Manipulate matter/objects using gravity. Personal Gravity - Manipulate ones gravitational field. Enhanced Speed - Decrease the pull of gravity on oneself to move faster. Enhanced Agility/Mobility - Decrease the pull of gravity on oneself to increase agility and mobility such as escaping from hazardous environments. Gyrokinetic Flight - Levitate later flying by decreasing the pull of gravity on one’s body, becoming weightless. COCKED PISTOL- Bio-Gravimetric Manipulation - Manipulate the gravitational fields of any organism. Density Manipulation - Manipulate density using gravity. Mass Manipulation - Manipulate mass. Size Manipulation - Manipulate size/volume. Gravitational Energy Manipulation - Manipulate gravitational energy. Gravity Immunity - Be immune to all effects of gravity. Zero-Gravity Immunity - Be immune to the effects of zero gravity. Gravity Independence - To be independent of gravity. Zero Gravity Movement - Move in zero gravity. Gravity Negation - To negate the effects of gravity, inducing zero gravity as a result. Gravitational Maneuverability - To move freely in any level of gravity. Motion Manipulation - Control the motion of gravity. Pressure Manipulation - Manipulate pressure using gravity. Weight Manipulation - Manipulate weight, the force resulting from gravity. APOLLO- Gravity Infringement - Break the laws of gravity. Gravitational Singularity Generation - Create gravitational singularities by inducing powerful concentrated gravitational force in a specialized area to distort space-time. Gravitational Phenomenon Inducement - Induce phenomenon related to gravity. Gravitational Wave Manipulation - Manipulate gravitational waves that ripple space-time. CATACLYSM- Energy Signature Manipulation - Manipulate differing energy fields by alternating gravitational aura’s. Orbital Force Manipulation - Manipulate the laws of rotation and revolution of nearly anything. Space-Time Manipulation - Manipulate the space-time continuum by precise gravitational manipulation. Space-Time Distortion - Distort the space-time continuum by increasing gravity. Time Dilation Field - Create a powerful gravitational field that slows down time near it World Tilting - Change gravity by moving the world/universe. Wormhole Creation - Create wormholes by distorting space-time in two separate locations, creating tunnels to travel between short to stellar distances near instantly.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adventure

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