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Commander Nadiya Theagan. Franks 


May 29th 


30 years











Aliases/ Nicknames:

Noddy, Franks, Commander Franks, Engineer, Clarke (joking), Commander

Hair Color:


Eye Color:



USG Ishimura (space ship as a lead engineer/mechanic) // Systems Alliance - Alliance Navy Branch

Relationship Status:

Single but always happy to browse

Sexual Orientation:











Nadiya is mostly a docile woman when left to her own devices or when being treated fairly and kindly as most people would. She can be rather dorky in nature as she is always a fan of pop culture involving movies, games, shows, books and more as she seems to be rather internet friendly and savvy. As one would put it, she tries to keep up with the "memes" of the times. Her jokes are usually very corny and offbeat, but her more deadpan jokes seem to humor people more. 

She is not one for the spotlight usually as she seems to gain more anxiety when put into a leadership role in charge of many other people. Yet when she is alone or a small group she trusts, she is easily excelling at the given role. Her problem-solving skills are commendable as she has found ways out of many situations ranging from simple to extreme whether it be smooth-talking or strategizing. She will instantly give credit for her skills to training and strategy games. Ever since she had her experiences on Mindoir and Akuze, Nadiya is reluctant to have a team and reluctant to get close to others. She also shows great reluctance over fighting and acting as a true commanding officer of the Alliance Navy. 

Nadiya is not someone who usually would turn someone away as she understands the pains of rejection and humiliation from others. While she is mostly an open and welcoming person, she usually will not let anyone walk on her at all and will state how she feels easily. When put into emergency situations, she tends to excel where others do not and usually adapts and survives. It seems that one thing she at least fears is being alone and left to her paranoia and her own thoughts. 








Nadiya was born on a colony on Mindoir with her family as farmers who minded their own business for the most part as her father taught her anything he could about technology and how to work with it from engineering to mechanics. For a good portion of her life, she would become familiarized with machinery and what to do with it.

However, her life would change at sixteen when her colony was invaded by Batarian slavers and mostly everyone in her colony was wiped out. Nadiya however would be saved by an Alliance patrol passing by and this made her enlist soon after to begin learning more about engineering and mechanical work as she woudl quickly rise up to the challenge they would give her and she would excel without question.

After she would rise up in ranks over time, Nadiya would shy away from promotions and leadership positions as she would have dealt with many rejections from social groups and more while rising up and did not want to face it again. So she would isolate herself for the most part and comply with training and practice that would be required of her. 

While she was still fairly young, Nadiya would gain recognition from a higher ranking officer and be sent with a unit of Alliance Marines to go investigate some troubles on Akuze- a human colony that was just starting out but contact had been lost with the pioneer team there. So she went with this unit to be attacked by Thresher Maws at their camp in the nighttime. Nadiya would be the only one to survive the attacks and carry the guilt of being the only one left with her once again. 

This caused Nadiya to try and never return to the field or leave the ship. She insisted that she work on the ship to protect the people and not risk another failure such as Akuze. From Mindoir to Akuze, word about Nadiya would continue to spread about her heroism, yet she would reject it all and keep her solitude no matter how many people asked for her assistance or tried to bribe her to work out int he field for a wonderful promotion.

Her loner reputation continued and most would begin believing she was a mute when she would never fully greet people verbally but give smiles and waves unless someone tried to get to know her. She would be transferred to the USG Ishimura to work as the lead mechanic/engineer as she kept to herself until a strange object would be brought onboard along with trouble following it. It seemed to be no accident that the Alliance Navy sent her to oversee the USG Ishimura as Nadiya was the only Alliance Navy officer on the ship.

Over time, crewmembers would change and fall victim to what was known as The Marker and the Necromorphs it would bring onto their ship. People would be driven to insanity on a wild spectrum, be killed, commit suicide or worse. Nadiya herself would take it upon herself to try and survive and call for help as much as she could while hiding and fleeing from the enemies that she once called crew.

Yet one can survive for so long on their own. 









(Note: This OC is based off of the video game series of Dead Space and Mass Effect as well as other sci-fi influences! I do not own any of the content involving the two game series and just have them for fun from a crossover RP I had years ago. Insetad of Commander Shepard mixed with Isaac Clarke, we have Commander Franks. Thanks!)


Character Name

Nadiya Franks

Character Age

30 years

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

(FC is Spencer Locke) Nadiya is a blonde haired, hazel eyed woman who stands at 5'7" and weighs about 127 lbs. She is not extremely athletic as she usually works with technology and usually does not have to be physically active. However, she is not completely unhealthy as she is capable of doing physical work like working on machinery and repairing it.

Character Personality

Nadiya is mostly a very awkward and lonesome individual who keeps to herself due to her nerdier aspects and odd behavior. Since she was a young child, she never exactly had proper guidance or a good role model to follow for any kind of proper manners or structure. She usually pretends to be a mute so people won't see her in a negative light as she'll usually only speak when a crew member she knows will talk to her, a leader will address her, or someone makes her mad by touching her equipment and technology she is fixing. When put in the center or attention or in a role of leadership, she will become more flustered and unsure of what to do as she does not seem to like being the leader due to all of the responsibilities that come with it and the people who would look up to her. However, she can handle leadership roles alone or with a small group of people.

Character Likes

Nadiya enjoys anything involving with technology and problem-solving. She usually excels in tactics and practice drills on shooting, emergency drills, and defense preparations. Some of her superiors have trained her for leadership roles to try and promote her, but she continuously denies them each time. Nadiya also enjoys topics of various pop culture topics like video games, movies, shows and books. She also tries to keep up with the "hip" lingo of the kids.

Character Dislikes

Nadiya is very much so against the extermination of other races and cultures as she had gone through something similar when her home colony had been wiped out by an aggressive alien race. She also does not usually like being bothered by others or being pestered by them and will try to remain as isolated as possible. When thrust into a leadership role, she does tense up and lose her train of thought. While she does not like being bothered by others, she does have a fear of actually being alone.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, One-liners

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Child Friendly, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Hiya! You can call me Story. I am 21 years old working a full-time job with 40 hours each week. I have been roleplaying for almost ten years now and greatly appreciate a good story and good character interaction. I am almost always open to roleplaying and plotting. Just know that I am almost always on mobile though so things may get tough on my end for me to respond. But I hope we can be great friends! I own the accounts of Deirdre Lafayette, Hailey Parker, Story Montgomery, Coninia Sagrell and now this! I need to stop making accounts....

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  • Thankfully Duo was able to find amo for his gun. It wasn't anything fancy by any means, just a .44. Hell, that was probably considered old school in this world. Duo had seen enough of the ship and of the weapons Nadiya used to know that he must have gone through a black hole or something. The technology here, in some respects, was much more advanced than anything in his world. Like most of Nadiya's weapons. However, Duo was yet to see anything like the technology behind his Gundam or any mobile suite for that matter. 

    As they walked Duo could hear the faint scratching sound of the damn Necromorphs every now and then. The wound on his arm also throbbed from time to time, reminding him that stopping was probably not a good idea. 

    "How long has it been?" Duo finally asked. He was curious as to how long this shit show was going on for but he mostly just wanted to break the silence.

  • Nadiya's response was not what Duo expected. Most people just sort of ignored him when he complained. . .that or just replied with just as much sarcasm. He wasn't offended though, just taken off guard so he stood there and blinked a little. Alrighty then. 

    Giving a nod to Nadiya Duo would let her lead once more. If there was a map he could look at then maybe he could find his way to where they were going but why bother with all that when there was already someone who knew where to go. 

  • "Well excuse me for offering." Duo mumbled when Nadiya explained that she was pretty competent. Read it and weap Duo. 

    "Is there by chance any weapon supply that way? I'm low on ammo." Duo explained as he checked once more to make sure he had counted the remaining bullets correctly. If only he could get his mobile suit down this way without risking completely destroying the ship. 

  • "Don't hesitate to ask me to help you with that either." Duo commented on Nadiya's statement about 'techy stuff'. "I've done quite a bit of hacking computers and ships before." His tone would show that he was rather proud of that fact also. 

    Duo would be right behind Nadiya looking over her shoulder at the screens and such when the Necromorphs decided to break in. Right away he spun around and got ready to fire, stopping for a moment when Nadiya used one of her strange tools to slow the first two creatures down. Duo made a quick mental note to ask about that later and then opened fire. He aimed for the legs first to further slow those Necros so he could get some shots in at the further two necros who were coming in fast. Again, he would aim for the legs to slow their advances before turning his attention back to the original two and finished them off.

  • “Dead sister. Suicide flight run. So I take it you have no friends and family? No one to miss you if you were gone? Well if it makes you feel any better. If I died for good. No one would blink or bat an eye at my passing. Though Cortana here would be lost without me and I suspect she would self destruct then go on without me. Least I hope she would. Is that selfish?”


    Her ghost just made a few blinking lights and said nothing. Not wanting to ponder that scenario since she was created for her by the Traveler and took a long time to fine her remains and ressurect her. The ghost would send a download to Mara when she asked for a pop culture reference. Well these two shared a bond where they could, in a way, telepathically communicate with one another.  The ghost then went to do a long range scan before her next course of action. 


    “Alright human. To help out you at ease. I’m going to act uncharacteristicly and try to  keep a smile on your pretty face. Now. I believe there is a wall of the dead between here and there. I’m going to go tank and aggro the mobs. We have no healer to rezz you if you get hurt. So stay in the back and try not to aggro.  I’ll do the aoe dps and handle things. I don’t want you getting feared into a whelp cave and causing a raid wipe.  Time to get off this rust bucket. “


    She then would charge in as her body began to glow purple. She had Cortana blast a song in order to lure the Necros to her, so that she could clear them out. 


    “Alright. Let’s do this. Leeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrooooooooyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy jeeeeennnnnnnkenns. “





    She would leap into the air as fire a powerful nova blast. The blast would spread out and cause an explosive effect as all of the Necros that

    Came charging in, would be totally annihilated. She then continued to blow wall after wall and vaporize any Necros she saw. Basically acting like a total one woman bad ass, as she took on all the deadly creatures herself. Cortana was flying ahead, blasting what could be called a battle soundtrack for her. But it was mainly a lure to draw the creatures I So she wouldn’t have to deal with any ambushes.  She would clear the path for Frankie, as she steam rolled and one shot the Necros Horde. 





    (The song that her ghost is blasting. Lol figured this post would or might make you and Nadiya smile. Hehe

  • "Oh trust me I don't plan on it." Just the idea of having to touch another necromorph was less than appealing at the moment. Shooting them and setting them on fire on the other hand....now that could be fun.

    "Of course it's going to be a pain. Why wouldn't it be?" Duo would then pop his knuckles. "I'll help you as much as I can. Shouldn't be too different than working on my Gundam." He was confident at least which was a good thing. Tinkering with machines and such had always been one of Duo's skills, next to slipping in and out of places unseen.

  • The gunhoe look flashed back into Duo's eyes and his smirk returned. "Now that's what I'm talking about. Let's go kill us some necromorphs!" Stepping over the over done necromorph on the ground Duo started to head back down the hall, stopping to let Nadiya take the lead once more. His mind was still on the possibility of never seeing his colony or his war free Earth again but Duo used that as motivation to keep going. He wasn't going to let this ship take him. 

  • It wasn't a question Duo liked to asks either. He was not afraid of death and at one time he would have welcomed it without a second thought. But that was back when he had more control over the situation and how he died. Now? Now he wasn't so sure.

    "Get your self out of here. Go back to where you met me and take  Deathsycthe and get out of here. Also, I have something in my pocket for Hilde, take that with you...and my braid. Find a way to get to my world if you can. The rest is pretty self explanatory." What just came out of his mouth shocked Duo a little. It was so....serious. 

  • "Oh great just my luck. Not only am I stuck on a ship with some of the creepiest things I've ever seen, they also may just turn me into a zombie." That's a little mellow dramatic. Anyways, Duo would let Nadiya patch up the wound on his arm, keeping an eye and ear out for any more necromorphs. Today was turning out to not be his day at all that was for sure.

    "Hey uh Nadiya? If I don't make it out of this, can you do me a solid?" Duo asked in a more serious tone as he examined the now cleaned and wrapped wound.

  • Duo was more than happy to step back from the monsterous creature in front of him. It was attempting to swat at his legs when Nadiya blasted it with tha homemade flame thrower, which was pretty bad ass in Duo's opinion. He grinned as the necromorph screamed as the flames consumed it and in mear moments all was silent again aside from the distant pre recorded warning that had been on repeat. 

    "I think what you have there is pretty bad ass in itself." Duo commented before a wave of pain shot up his side. Out of instinct one hand went up toward where the pain came from and right away Duo could feel the warm blood coming out of a good sized slash. Slowly he pulled his hand away and looked at his own blood. Worry crossed his face. This wasn't the first time he had seen his own blood, far from it. What had Duo worried was the consequence of this wound. Slowly his blue gaze looked down at the crisped necromorph remains. 

    "Are they infectious?" He asked in a quiet voice. 

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