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Kenna Franks


Before You Interact/ Guideline

  • Hello! My name is Story and I am a 22 year old college student who works a LOT. Please read these before you interact and stuff with me. ^^ Thank you!


  • Please be patient with me as I have a lot on my plate. I used to try and run five different blogs but that's too much so I decided to take those characters and put them on one profile other than this account and Nadiya.
  • If your characters want to be sexual with mine, please take it to the inbox and MAYBE I will consider it. I don't write smut often. To add on to this rule, please do not make sexual comments about my characters and their FC's. It's incredibly disrespectful, toxic, and I won't allow that here.


  • Sexual jokes can be funny to some, but things about how someone has some sort of fetish of some race is incredibly nasty and I want nothing apart of it. To add to that last bit, 18+ themes are cool, but I will not accept anything that is racist, hateful, cruel, inhumane, or anything involving actual talk of murder, rape, etc. Keep stuff about murder and violence in our RPs and not in real life.


  • I do not do anything involving rape (even though there will be mentions of it) in my roleplays and never will, and I guess it's not clear to some people that talking about other cultures and fetishizing them is not okay. If you talk about how you have (for example) "yellow fever" around me, we're done (because yes, I am Asian and to be more specific: Korean! It should not matter what race I am, fetishizing races and cultures is so wrong) Unless it's about the actual illness Yellow Fever, we're fucking over and I won't have anymore to say.


  • Let this be my more official and documented warning as apparently context is not enough and common sense is out the window in society. 


  • I may write about things that are not kid-friendly. Please do not expect me to be kid friendly as most of my characters will not usually be. When I say not kid friendly, I mean that my characters will cuss, drink, sometimes shoot guns, etc. I will not in any way bring out anything nasty or hateful. I can do kid-friendly RPs but do let me know. <3 Unless we work something out, don't get mad if you see something that is mature like violence or dark psychological topics.


  • If you want to have any type of romance with any of my characters please ask so we can plot that out. Otherwise, do not try to make unwanted advances. Please do not comment on how "sexy" or "hot" my character's FCs are. That's incredible rude and disrespectful to the actress/actor. 


  • If you have any questions or concerns, let me know! I am a pretty chill person so just talk to me and be honest. I would rather you tell me if I am doing something that you are uncomfortable with instead of finding it out when is too late.


  • Please note that if you add me and drop off the face of the earth, I will unfriend you after about a month or so of no contact. I don't want to just be a number to your friends list and have ntohing else to do with you. As the last point states, I am always willing to talk and listen and if you are busy with real-life I am totally fine with it. I just need to have some type of warning before someone just disappears for months on end.


  • I have a LOT of issues with comprehension so please try to spell things correctly and use proper grammar if you can. I know sometimes English may not be everyone's first language so I will be more understanding there, but for those with English as their native tongue, please make an effort. Otherwise it ruins the RP for me.


  • If you want to contact me through other social media or whatever, just ask! I love chatting with folks. ^^ Thank you for reading!


Commander Nadiya Theagan. Franks 


May 29th 


30 years











Aliases/ Nicknames:

Noddy, Franks, Commander Franks, Engineer, Clarke (joking), Commander

Hair Color:


Eye Color:



USG Ishimura (space ship as a lead engineer/mechanic) // Systems Alliance - Alliance Navy Branch

Relationship Status:

Single but always happy to browse

Sexual Orientation:











Nadiya is mostly a docile woman when left to her own devices or when being treated fairly and kindly as most people would. She can be rather dorky in nature as she is always a fan of pop culture involving movies, games, shows, books and more as she seems to be rather internet friendly and savvy. As one would put it, she tries to keep up with the "memes" of the times. Her jokes are usually very corny and offbeat, but her more deadpan jokes seem to humor people more. 

She is not one for the spotlight usually as she seems to gain more anxiety when put into a leadership role in charge of many other people. Yet when she is alone or a small group she trusts, she is easily excelling at the given role. Her problem-solving skills are commendable as she has found ways out of many situations ranging from simple to extreme whether it be smooth-talking or strategizing. She will instantly give credit for her skills to training and strategy games. Ever since she had her experiences on Mindoir and Akuze, Nadiya is reluctant to have a team and reluctant to get close to others. She also shows great reluctance over fighting and acting as a true commanding officer of the Alliance Navy. 

Nadiya is not someone who usually would turn someone away as she understands the pains of rejection and humiliation from others. While she is mostly an open and welcoming person, she usually will not let anyone walk on her at all and will state how she feels easily. When put into emergency situations, she tends to excel where others do not and usually adapts and survives. It seems that one thing she at least fears is being alone and left to her paranoia and her own thoughts. 








Nadiya was born on a colony on Mindoir with her family as farmers who minded their own business for the most part as her father taught her anything he could about technology and how to work with it from engineering to mechanics. For a good portion of her life, she would become familiarized with machinery and what to do with it.

However, her life would change at sixteen when her colony was invaded by Batarian slavers and mostly everyone in her colony was wiped out. Nadiya however would be saved by an Alliance patrol passing by and this made her enlist soon after to begin learning more about engineering and mechanical work as she woudl quickly rise up to the challenge they would give her and she would excel without question.

After she would rise up in ranks over time, Nadiya would shy away from promotions and leadership positions as she would have dealt with many rejections from social groups and more while rising up and did not want to face it again. So she would isolate herself for the most part and comply with training and practice that would be required of her. 

While she was still fairly young, Nadiya would gain recognition from a higher ranking officer and be sent with a unit of Alliance Marines to go investigate some troubles on Akuze- a human colony that was just starting out but contact had been lost with the pioneer team there. So she went with this unit to be attacked by Thresher Maws at their camp in the nighttime. Nadiya would be the only one to survive the attacks and carry the guilt of being the only one left with her once again. 

This caused Nadiya to try and never return to the field or leave the ship. She insisted that she work on the ship to protect the people and not risk another failure such as Akuze. From Mindoir to Akuze, word about Nadiya would continue to spread about her heroism, yet she would reject it all and keep her solitude no matter how many people asked for her assistance or tried to bribe her to work out int he field for a wonderful promotion.

Her loner reputation continued and most would begin believing she was a mute when she would never fully greet people verbally but give smiles and waves unless someone tried to get to know her. She would be transferred to the USG Ishimura to work as the lead mechanic/engineer as she kept to herself until a strange object would be brought onboard along with trouble following it. It seemed to be no accident that the Alliance Navy sent her to oversee the USG Ishimura as Nadiya was the only Alliance Navy officer on the ship.

Over time, crewmembers would change and fall victim to what was known as The Marker and the Necromorphs it would bring onto their ship. People would be driven to insanity on a wild spectrum, be killed, commit suicide or worse. Nadiya herself would take it upon herself to try and survive and call for help as much as she could while hiding and fleeing from the enemies that she once called crew.

Yet one can survive for so long on their own. 









(Note: This OC is based off of the video game series of Dead Space and Mass Effect as well as other sci-fi influences! I do not own any of the content involving the two game series and just have them for fun from a crossover RP I had years ago. Insetad of Commander Shepard mixed with Isaac Clarke, we have Commander Franks. Thanks!)



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Character Age

30 years

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

(FC is Spencer Locke) Nadiya is a blonde haired, hazel eyed woman who stands at 5'7" and weighs about 127 lbs. She is not extremely athletic as she usually works with technology and usually does not have to be physically active. However, she is not completely unhealthy as she is capable of doing physical work like working on machinery and repairing it.

Character Personality

Nadiya is mostly a very awkward and lonesome individual who keeps to herself due to her nerdier aspects and odd behavior. Since she was a young child, she never exactly had proper guidance or a good role model to follow for any kind of proper manners or structure. She usually pretends to be a mute so people won't see her in a negative light as she'll usually only speak when a crew member she knows will talk to her, a leader will address her, or someone makes her mad by touching her equipment and technology she is fixing. When put in the center or attention or in a role of leadership, she will become more flustered and unsure of what to do as she does not seem to like being the leader due to all of the responsibilities that come with it and the people who would look up to her. However, she can handle leadership roles alone or with a small group of people.

Character Likes

Nadiya enjoys anything involving with technology and problem-solving. She usually excels in tactics and practice drills on shooting, emergency drills, and defense preparations. Some of her superiors have trained her for leadership roles to try and promote her, but she continuously denies them each time. Nadiya also enjoys topics of various pop culture topics like video games, movies, shows and books. She also tries to keep up with the "hip" lingo of the kids.

Character Dislikes

Nadiya is very much so against the extermination of other races and cultures as she had gone through something similar when her home colony had been wiped out by an aggressive alien race. She also does not usually like being bothered by others or being pestered by them and will try to remain as isolated as possible. When thrust into a leadership role, she does tense up and lose her train of thought. While she does not like being bothered by others, she does have a fear of actually being alone.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Rated R, Child Friendly, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Hiya! You can call me Story. I am 22 years old working a full-time job with 40 hours each week. I have been roleplaying for almost ten years now and greatly appreciate a good story and good character interaction. I am almost always open to roleplaying and plotting. Just know that I am almost always on mobile though so things may get tough on my end for me to respond. But I hope we can be great friends! I own the accounts of Deirdre Lafayette, IlluminatingSpring and now this! I need to stop making accounts....

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  • (That's perfectly fine! Thank you for letting me know! I understand needing a hiatus.)

  • (Thanks for accepting! If you'd care to RP at any point, please do let me know!)

  • "The Red Marker? What is that?" Duo would ask with an arched brow. Blue hues then shifted to the holographic time that had been projected from Nadiya's omni-tool, widening in aw. Duo hadn't seen anything like that. Hell, Nadiya's RIG suite was also quite an impressive piece of gear. Duo wanted to get his hands on one and see how it all worked. That would have to wait though. Right now, they had a dead crazy lady to deal with.

    "Well, at least she listened." It was kind of grand that the two of them had similar dark senses of humor. It made surviving this shit hole a little easier. Duo then gave Nadiya a slightly offended look. "Hey, I'm not that young." Yes you are Duo. The offended look quickly vanished though when Nadiya picked up the Kinesis Module and placed it into her RIG suit. "Whats that-Holy shit that's cool!" Duo was now high key jelly he didn't have the cool gear the commander had.

    "I have no clue what credits are but I do know what a flame thrower is. Of course, I want to go get it..er as long as I don't have to kill any of those Necromorphs for it." 


    So I feel super duper bad for having to make an announcement like this but honestly I am getting super duper burnt out on RPs. 90% of the RPs I have or am trying to plot just feel like business deals to me and I physically, mentally, and emotionally am just pretty dead with my real life stuff (such as my fibromyalgia and mental health being dumb). So I am not taking a hiatus but I will definitely be taking longer to respond to stuff and most likely I'll be online about 1-2 days a week if possible to respond and then I will hope and pray that no one bites my head off for not being online or responding readily to RPs more than that. I can respond to OOC stuff pretty easily so that won't be too bad but if you do have an issue with this, feel free to unfriend me and let me know that you don't want to RP. I'm a-okay with it and I know someone out there probably will not be too happy with this announcement but I need to do this for my own sake.

    This isn't about whether or not I have too many threads or whether I can keep up or not, it's more of that I just am tired of feeling like something I find fun and enjoyable is turning into some kind of business ordeal instead of being fun. I feel like this is turning into another job versus a hobby and that's not okay with me. I'ev got a lot going on just like everyone else so I am hoping you all understand. Thanks so much and thank you for understanding if you do (or at least reading this).


  • The flickering lights in the hallways were enough to give anyone a headache. Duo was just glad he didn't have any history of epilepsy...at least that he knew of. Now would be a horrible time to find out. But then again, seizing on a ship full of space aliens did sound better than listening to Kendra and Hammond argue again. Letting out a sigh and looking both annoyed and bored, Duo would start to look around the room once more, half listening to what was being said over the coms.

    "Geeze do they ever shut up?" Duo mumbled in Nadyia's ear as he came back after scrounging around for a moment. Could you blame him? He may be a child soldier but still had the attention span of a 15-year-old boy. He handed her a rack of ammo for her plasma cutter and was...was that a candy bar? The fuck he find that? Again, 15-year-old boy here. Then the attack happened and Duo blinked a little, jaw open a little. "I didn't mean for them to shut up..well I did but not like that...." Well he felt like shit now.


    Following Nadiya, Duo was glad the lights had stopped flickering...at least in this part of the ship. He would enter the elevator with her, hoping that it wouldn't stall on them. That would be their luck. A sigh of relief came when they reached the lower level without the elevator breaking and without a swarm of necromorphs waiting for them on the other side of the elevator door. Duo would wait if Nadiya decided to  fix her suit, again impressed with the technology this world had. The tram ride gave the two of them a short moments rest. Duo let his eyes close as he leaned back in one of the seats. 

    "It feels like I haven't slept in days." He complained a little. How long has he been on this ship really? Hours? Days? It was hard to say. There was no changing of time in this hell hole. No sun, real or artificial. No working clocks. Nothing. And that got him thinking...just how long has Nadiya been dealing with this? How many days has she gone without food or sleep or water? He now felt even worse for her.


    The tram came to a stop and almost right away things began to get sinister once more. A lady was on the ground next to a dead body, whispering to it. "Shh...shh it's alright, McCoy...He's here....nothing to be afraid of...I knew you would come....just like you said....I, I saved this for you...Can I go now? McCoy wants to take me...to the shuttle..." The woman then would collapse on the ground, dead like the limbless body next to her. There were also a number of full body bags laying around. The smell was awful and Duo thought he could hear the slight buzzing of flies. 

  • Duo could relate with feeling like he had to complete a seemingly pointless and/or impossible mission. 90% of the missions he had been on were like that in all honesty and somehow he and the others had always managed to succeed. Maybe Nadiya would have that sort of bizarre luck here.

    Down the hall they went until coming to a small room where the Tram computer was. Duo once again would stand guard as Nadiya put the data board into the computer. "Do ya by chance know how many people were on this ship? Could keep count of how many of those things we've killed to know how many more we have to deal with." Duo suggested. He would watch as the Tram arrived and as Hammond and Kendra argued over the coms screen. How professional. 

    "I have to agree with boss man Hammond on this one. Why does it matter why the quarantine was lifted? Shouldn't we just be glad that it is lifted and we can move around the ship more?" He commented once the coms screen disappeared once more. 

  • "Eh I think that they could be useful with helping us get everything back online and maybe even help us clear this ship out." Duo commented as he used the light on his gun to shine up into the metal grates above them. He swore he had heard something up there. Whatever it was though it wasn't there anymore, which meant that the two of them needed to get to move on it. 

    Coming to a lift Duo would hold it open as Nadiya got on. A few necros started to head their way and he would take out their legs before hopping on the lift with Nadiya, punching the button for them to go up. One of the necros let out a frustrated roar as it missed the lift by a few inches. Up on the next level, there were a few more necromorphs but nothing that the two of them couldn't handle. Moving quickly Duo would make quick work of the necros while he searched lockers and boxes for anything very useful, glancing back at Nadiya every now and then as she went about doing what she needed to do with the computers and such.

    Once Nadiya found the file she needed for the tram, Kendra's face would pop back up on the coms screen. "That's it. Take that board back to Tram Control and slot it into the computer array. That should get the tram system back online."  Duo would roll his eyes, hoping a little that Kendra saw that before she logged out.

    "You know, we both could just jump ship and get out of here using Deathscythe." Duo commented as he stomped on the head of a downed necromorph. "If you have a space suit of sorts you could wear that and just kinda chill on the outside of Deathscythe as I pilot him to where ever you needed to go. It would be better than trying to clean up this hell hole." 

  • Duo would follow Nadiya off of the list, scanning the immediate area around them out of habit. If they survived this whole ordeal Duo knew deep down he would not be completely the same again.....and sleepless nights would be a thing again. Oh joy.

    "Anarchy would be nice in a world where there are only people to worry about." Duo commented as he opened up a metal box that had a green light on it. He handed Nadiya some rounds for her plasma cutter. He would have to find another weapon for himself. The pistol wouldn't cut it here probably. 

    "But you have to deal with other races from what I'm gathering and something is telling me that, without a government of sorts, whole colonies would be gone because no one would be there to aid them if an alien race was to attack."

  • A look was given to Kendra when she started to tell him and Nadiya what to do. "We had things under control before you showed up." Duo muttered under his breath, crossing his arms over his chest. Yeah he didn't like this lady either so far.

    "Well it sounds like a typical government operation to me." Duo commented with a shrug as he followed Nadiya, rubbing the back of his head. "They always wait before responding because they don't want to deal with survivors. But hey, now we have two more people who will be able to help us explain what happened here, that is, if you plan on exposing everything to the public. That's what I'd do." 


  • "Damn. Remind me to never cross her." Duo commented to himself as he trailed behind the very obviously fed up Nadiya. Whenever there was a necromorph in their path Duo would do what he could to help but it seemed like Nadiya was on top of things. That was fine by him though. He didn't want to use up all his ammo in case they ran into something worse than the necromorphs. . . which hopefully didn't happen.

    Duo would tilt his head to the side a little as he listened to Nadiya exchange information with the woman on the comm. The more he listened the more he could see similarities to his own world to this one. Back in Duo's world there had been an Alliance of sorts. It had been called Earth Sphere Alliance and it also had, at one time, reined over the Colonies as well. But that had all ended with rebellions and a war that had lasted one very long year. Duo had been part of all that. Like Nadiya, he was fed up with all the death and war. . .

    A smirk crossed Duo's lips as he listened to Nadiya call the other woman out. Though, they should be a little more thankful. He had a feeling that they would need all the help they could get...which then brought up another thing. Duo suddenly felt the need to get back to Deathscythe. If this Kendra woman and her small two-man crew landed he didn't want them seeing or touching Deathscythe. A Gundam pilot never let anyone but themselves and trusted mechanics touch their Gundam. There was also the fact that he probably shouldn't let this world get its hands on the technology from his own world. But all at the same time he just couldn't leave Nadiya hanging like this. Chances would have to be taken. 

    "Are we going to meet up with them? Four heads are better than one I'd say."

    United Earth Sphere Alliance
    The United Earth Sphere Alliance is a coalition of most of Earth's nations. Though it meant peace for Earth, the UESA extended an iron fist over its…
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