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Character Appearance

Build: Slim Height: Average Hair color: Long Dark Brown Eye color: Soft brown Distinguishing marks: Scars she receives from battles Bears a butterfly tattoo on her right shoulder

Character Personality

Good: Extremely Loyal, Kind and Compassionate Bad: Unstable Emotionally & Physiologically, Suffers from extreme PTSD , Self-Interested, and Manipulative Habits: Using her fighting skills to fulfill her blood lust to kill

Character Likes

She loves the adrenalin she gets from fighting

Character Dislikes

She highly hates anyone who is of Roman descent. If mentioned to her she lashes out almost immediately at the person feeling no remorse

Character History/Story

Coming Soon....

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Character Abilites

Naevia is strong for a woman her size. Her petite stature does not stop her from being

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Fantasy, Romance, Action, Adventure

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Coming Soon :]

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