Sic Parvis Magna.    

We don't get to pick our start in this life.

Real greatness - is what you do with the hand you're dealt.

Nathan Drake is a treasure hunter and fortune seeker, who renamed himself after the famous English explorer Sir Francis Drake. He seems to have an inexplicable knowledge of historical figures, places and events, as through his adventures he’s inept at deciphering glyphs and locations.

But unfortunately, the early events of Nate’s life weren’t the best that a kid could ask for. Not all adventurers can have happy beginnings, right? The thought was that Nate's mother committed suicide and his father relinquished custody, and gave him and his brother Sam, off to the state, after which, they were put in an Episcopal school, where he picked up most of his Latin.

His brother became involved with outside deals and the like, and was forced to abandon the school, but still managed to keep in touch, making visits frequently. Until one night, Sam revealed to Nate that he had located where all of their mother Cassandra's diaries had been sold. It was a great, big thing of a manor, and after breaking inside they were confronted by an elderly woman named Evelyn, who revealed herself as the woman that their mother had been working for. There, she told them that Cassandra was one of the most brilliant historians of her age, and her findings of Sir Francis, and the theory of his heirs, when he supposedly had none.

The same night, the boys decided to run away. In the process of doing so, they would change their names. To Drake. In honor of their mother, and to finish what she had started.

Nate's research of the famed Sir Drake led him to Cartagena in Columbia, where a museum was holding an exhibit for his ancestor. There, he spotted Sir Drake's ring, which was given to him by Queen Elizabeth the first, and his intentions were to steal it, though he gave the excuse of ‘reclaiming’ it. On it were inscribed the words Sic Parvis Magna.

But before he could do anything, he noticed a strange man inconspicuously fiddling with the lock.

His name was Victor Sullivan, hired by Katherine Marlowe to steal the ring, and since the two were trying to get it at the same time, their conflicting actions backfired. Well, for Nate. He fled the scene, but unfortunately didn’t get far enough. One of Marlowe’s men threatened to kill him, but he was saved by Vic- Sully, who betrayed his employer to help Nate escape.

But there’s one thing those goons overlooked; Nate succeeded in getting that ring.

Sully was impressed by the fortitude displayed by Nate, and after some talking and some striking of friendship, the two agreed to a partnership. One where they would set out to search the world for its rarest treasures, for answers to the worlds greatest unanswered questions.

Greatness from small beginnings. That was Sir Drake's motto.

And something that Nate would aspire to.

I'm good for it.

Hot on the trail of Sir Francis Drake's faked death, Nate hit a dead end. It had been a while since their last break and his finances, including Sully's, were dwindling. They were on the brink, and were barely able to do anything. However, Nate reaches out to a few contacts and happens upon a journalist, hosting a television show about expeditions and archaeology. Channeling his inner conman, Nate has the brilliant idea, or audacity, to contact her about funding the trip, and he would contribute, giving her the coffin of Sir Drake.

Elena Fisher pulled through, convincing her producers to cover the costs of the flights, equipment and everything else they needed to uncover the burial site. Determined as she was, it wasn't until they fished the casket out of the Pacific, just off the coast of Panama, that she thought Nate was a complete fraud. Once that lid was cracked open, revealing that Sir Francis had left nothing but his journal in there, it set them on a quest to find the legendary El Dorado.

The adventure spiraled downwards, but in the end, even though the treasure was unrecoverable, Nate found himself with a founded kinship with Elena, one that would last them quite a while.

Ah, crap.

Nathan Drake's most prominent trait is his dry humor, even in dangerous situations. This can cause him to appear unprofessional, but it is suggested that Nate's sarcasm is a slight front for his dark past, which he often keeps to himself. Otherwise, Nate is outwardly and genuinely an everyman type of person.

As a treasure hunter and a thief, he is often confronted by various types of enemies, a prospect that doesn't always deter him. The dangers of his work are a part of why Nate is drawn to it, typical of an adrenaline junkie.


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    And with that, I'm wondering if you'd be interested in some kind of plot? I did have something in mind, would the interest be there.

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