Just got on due to a email about a message...



Look. I absolutely hate All Hollows Eve / Halloween. I've hated it all my life. Period. That will never change.


Anyway... I don't see anything on my page yet... So let me put SOMETHING up, if this website will let me as a while back on of these RP websites WASN'T letting me due to the age of my account.




I was born in '92.

My sex & gender are to remain a secret.

I live in the GMT-5 time zone.

I'm available all around the clock most days, but I RARELY use websites for RP and mostly use a few apps... I can get notifications faster that way.


I am also a gamer and when I'm in the worst moods which can happen at random, sometimes back-to-back, I just don't give a shit and will be binge playing something to try and drown out the bad shit in my mind as I have ADHD and a history of harassment... So when my shitty, foul, "I want to kill everyone" mood triggers I just want to get away mentally.


I know. That makes me look like a terrible RP partner AND YOU'RE RIGHT! Because I have lost partners gradually, nonstop since the pandemic and I just can't find another regular partner anymore.




So that's all I can thinka of to put here. If you're still here reading? And you aren't going all inhumanely nuts? Thanks.

Aaand I just checked based on another email (I think it was a different one...) and I have no messages. Great. This is why I hate using websites for RP.


August 20

I am open to new roleplay threads

Threads are Closed

Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

Average height, slim but built well enough for combat. Brown hair and hazel eyes.

Character Personality

Finds himself as a "Unlawful Good" considering his job is to SURVEY other worlds - as in multiple-worlds theoretical science - to identify potential threats WITHOUT getting involved with those worlds... And yet... He illegally built a portal in his garage, modified his A.I. personal assistant/companion to NOT report him and is doing what he feels needs to be done... He tries to help other worlds.

Character Likes


Character Dislikes

Cherries... As in the fruit... Berries? The actual edible kind. -.-

Character History/Story

Having grown up in the "ideal" futuristic world of peace, prosperity and highly advanced technology he found himself wanting more. As soon as he became a adult he joined the Multiple-worlds Investigations Bureau... (Haha... MIB... Get it?) But he found that their code of conduct is just that, investigate and report without ever getting involved in the affairs of other worlds. During his time he found multiple cases of worlds plagued with evil of one kind or another. And so... He began studying portal construction and maintenance... Then he secretly bought everything he needed to build his own. And now he finds himself doing what he wants, helping other worlds but at a cost. It is taxing on his mental state having to WORK and then go to help worlds he feels needs a helping hand. But he's happy... He feels like his life has meaning.

Character Inventory


Character Abilites


Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, One-liners

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, 18+, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Born in '92 and have been roleplaying since my teens thanks to (or due to...?) a old friend who I unfortunately lost contact with some years ago... I write OUTSIDE of roleplay and have been doing so since before getting into roleplay. I'm also a gamer, that's another mental escape for me from this Hellish world... I've just put up with a lot of negative stuff from people all throughout my life, okay? Then there's BS elites running the world and making us all suffer... Currently it's just difficult for me to really be happy, sorry if that puts you down. Despite this, I've always generally wanted to try and help others relax and such... Or something. I don't know. Short version? A lot of pets killed by neighbors, shitty pigs who never did their jobs regarding that, shitty public school where I suffered abuse from other students and staff never did jack shit despite it happening in front of them. Sooo... Yeah. I'll try to keep personal stuff out of chats and such, I read the ToS and such so yeah. I just kind of wanted to explain some things that might effect my availability. If I'm in a real bad mood I'll probably be playing a lot of GTA, Saints Row and Mortal Kombat. So if my responses become slow? That's why. x.x

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