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Character Gender


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Character Appearance

5'7 110lbs Long semi wavy hair with a side shave on the left side of head, green with pink bangs and ends of hair Tan skin (natural) Icy blue eyes Eyebrow peircing, lip ring peircing, nose ring peircing, multiple ear peircings Multiple tattoos Tends to wear a black tank top, jeans, platform boots, and a thin silk light purple duster jacket

Character Personality

Usually outgoing, likes to have fun, tends to be flirty.

Character Likes

Food Books Raccoons Bats Hanging with friends

Character Dislikes

Rude people Dishonest people Conflict among friends

Character History/Story

Navie grew up in a loving home with two brothers, her mother was a teacher, father was a architect. Navie moved away from her family ending up getting mixed up with the wrong crowd but with the help of three good friends she cleaned up her act, now she helps one of her friends run a bar, her being a bartender in it. She's done things she regrets and has problems but she tries her best to stay on a good path for the friend that is like her little sister

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Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Romance, Realistic, 18+

About the Writer (OOC)

Ive been roleplaying for years as well as writing, i took a break for awhile but im now trying to get back into it. Im rusty at this so bare with me Want to know more just ask

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