Name: Nicolae Alesci
Nickname: Nico (Only by those really close to him)
Titles: Crown Prince of Neclides, Prince Nicolae of the House of The Dragon
Species: Vampire
Home World: Neclides
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6'4"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown


Being born the heir to the Alesci house, Nicolae was taught that he was superior to everyone else. The Alesci house was the creme de la creme of their world---the true and only ruling class of their world. Through, the eight houses that make up the council will try to deny this every so often by claiming they possess just as much power, but everyone know this is a lie. The council only have as much power as the Alesci house gives them. It is the Alesci's will that govern and shape their world and the council only serve to enforce this will. This is the way it had been for generations. Just as it has always been that the Alesci only married someone from the Alesci house--whether it is someone from the main house or one of the lesser branch houses does not matter. This was done to ensure that the Alesci bloodline remained untainted. This was not to say that the member of the Alesci house did not have affairs with those outside their house. They did. Children were even born as the result of these affairs, but these children were only acknowledge if the parent whom was not a member of the Alesci house could prove that their bloodline was just as untainted as the Alesci's--which was rarely done.

That was until Nicolae's father. He showed from an early age that he was not going to allow tradition to rule his heart. Many thought that this was just a phase. They thought that when it came time to marry that he would settle for a nice woman from the Alesci house just like all the others that came before him, but this turned out not to be the case. His father ended up marrying a woman outside the Alesci house. Outrage over this news spread across the land, but many swallowed their anger over hearing this news when it was revealed that this woman was an illegitimate child of the Alesci house. They claimed he married her as a way to acknowledge her legitimacy as a member of the Alesci house without shining a negative light upon her father whom decided for one reason or another that his daughter was not worthy of the Alesci name. It was just as bad to not acknowledge a child worthy of the Alesci line as it was to acknowledge one that wasn't. This woman ended up giving Nicolae's father three children---Nicolae and two daughters.

However, she was not the only woman he had children with. His father had a habit of taking lovers and he ended up having children with several of these lovers. He claimed all of them. Some of them made sense. They were born to Alesci women. It was not only natural but expected of him to acknowledge them. Others were born to women of the eight council houses or one of their many branches. This was questionable. Normally an Alesci would not claim a child born in this circumstance, but he had married a woman born into a similar one. So, he must clearly know whether or not someone was worthy of being bestowed the Alesci name even if they are not born to two Alesci parents. At least, this is what those opposed to him claiming those children born to non Alesci women told themselves. However, there was one child they could not explain away in this manner. It was the daughter born to his personal pet. There was no way that the child of a human would be worthy of the Alesci name. Yet, not only did he decide that she was worthy but saw it fit to raise her among the children actually worthy of such an honor.

They were horrified. This act could potentially tarnish the House of the Dragon, which had remained untainted since the dawn of their history, but there was a saving grace. While he acknowledge all of his children regardless of whether or not they were worthy of it he did not put them into the line of succession for the house of dragon. He only granted them the titles bestowed upon them as acknowledged children born to women not his wife. However, the fact he had acknowledge a child and potentially children that were not worthy of it had them looking with great concern towards Nicolae. He was close to his father and they feared how his more lax thinking would affect him as well as the fact he was raised along with that child his father had with that human. It was only natural if he was raised in such proximity to such a child that he might start seeing her as his equal and when it comes time for him to rule he might take things a step farther than his father had, and declare such a child worthy of succession.

This was not something they would simply watch happen, and so they decided to take matters into their own hands by attempting to influence his way of thinking. His private tutors took it upon themselves to push more heavily upon him the idea of the vampire superiority over all as well as everyone having a proper place within their society and the reasons for that. They told him the places and the reasons for the three major races within their society was as followed. Werewolves are nothing more than guard dogs because they are incapable of being anything but. They lack the necessary components to form a society of any worth. He can do whatever he want with his wolves. They will remain loyal to him no matter his treatment of them. In fact, they encouraged him to watch the experiments they performed on their own wolves as well as coming up with his own experiments to have performed upon them. However, he must never have a sexual relationship with them or if he decided to engage in such activities he must ensure that a child is not born from such an union. This child would be an abomination, and if such a child was born it would tarnish his name and had to be dealt with in such a manner that it erased that black spot.

Next were humans. They were superior to werewolves in the fact they were capable of forming society of any worth. In fact, they once had several such societies but they had the temperament of small children and dealt with any conflict or disagreement they had in the similar manner that a toddler would. This lead them to nearly destroying themselves and they would have succeeded in doing so if the vampires hadn't stepped in. They saved the humans, but since humans are like small children they must never be allowed to step out from beneath the protective shadow of the vampires. They would find themselves in the situation they had been before the vampires stepped in due to the fact humans have such short memories. It is for this reason that humans are kept in the dark about their history. If they come to learn that they had once ruled themselves they will be determined to do such a thing again without taking into consideration about how disastrous it had been for them the previous time. It is perfectly okay to have children with humans. In fact, these children are particularly useful in bartering favors or forming alliances between one vampire or one house to another. However, these children must never be acknowledged. Due to the human blood running through their veins they lack the proper temperament to become functioning members of society and it is wrong to give them false hope that such a thing is possible.

Finally, it was vampires themselves. All vampires no matter their position within their society were superior to all the other races. However, not all vampires were equal. The eight main houses of the council families were superior to the houses that descended from them, and which of these descending houses were superior to which house depended upon how pure their blood remained to the main house which they had descended from. No matter which council house a branch house descended from they were equal to each other if they shared the same purity of the blood with the main house. No council house stood above the other. The only house that stood above the rest was the Alesci and no matter which house an Alesci found himself within--whether the main house or one of the lesser branches-- he found himself superior to any whom belong to the council houses. The reason for this is the Alesci is the only family whom can assure their blood is pure no matter which branch of the house they belong to, and as such an Alesci should only acknowledge children born from the union of two Alesci because this is the only way to ensure their bloodline remained untainted. Through, sometimes a child born between an Alesci and one of the council house can be claimed if the purity of the non-Alesci blood can be proven, but this is rarely done if the non-Alesci parent is born outside their main house.

These lessons appeared to have work. Nicolae seemed to take the attitude one would expect of someone within his position. Through, they were unaware that he harbored some thoughts that might have made them question how effective their lessons truly was. He believed himself superior, but he did not completely share the opinions on those lesser than him that his tutor thought he should. He believed both humans and werewolves were more capable than they were giving credit for. He displayed this differing in opinion in the way he treated his sister. He did not treat her in the manner that one might treat a half-breed---especially when they were alone. Many passed this off as he not wishing to get on his father's bad side. It was clear that his father was fond of his human spawn. It was even suspected that she was his favorite. Whether this was true or not was another story, but those whom believed it was suspected that Nicolae treated his father's spawn in the manner that he did because he knew to treat her anything but would direct his father ire towards him and possibly remove him from the line of succession as well as from his father's heart.

Not everyone shared this opinion, through. Some looked at Nicolae and his more warm and opening treatment of his sister as proof that the lessons had not truly stuck. They believe if he every succeed the throne that he will bring about the changes they feared. They could not allow this to happen. They need to save their society from the ruin that he was clearly going to bring it to. Than there were some whom believed that this was a chance to seize power for themselves. If they could bring down the great Alesci house than they could give the council houses the power they always claimed they had. They kept an careful eye upon Nicolae, watching and waiting for the opportunity to put this plan into motion. Their chance finally arrived when a human child with a rare blood type was given to Nicolae. However, just as quickly as this opportunity arose it vanished. The mother of this child took her daughter and seemed to disappear with her off the face of their world. Everyone looked everywhere for her and if they did manage to uncover signs of her whereabout those sign would lead to a dead end when they discovered where it lead. Eventually, Nicolae came to accept that his pet was lost to him. He begun to look towards the possibility of having another pet. He was an Alesci. Not only that he was a prince. If he wanted a human with a rare blood type he could have one. More than that he turned his attention towards his day to day lives and towards learning what he needed to know to succeed his father.

It was only by chance that it was discovered that they were mistaken about their belief that the human whom had been promised to Nicolae had vanished within thin air and it was by just an equal chance that those whom had planned on using her against him in the first place discovered her first. They saw this as a perfect chance of putting their plans to dethrone the Alesci house. They decided to do this by putting this human girl within the trials. The trials are a game for vampires. Through, they tell the humans that are picked for it that it is a chance towards freedom. They tell them in order to gain freedom all they have to do is make it towards top of the tower or resist being claimed by a vampire until daybreak. If they succeed in doing this they are free and can never be claimed by a member of the council house. What they did not tell them, however, were these trials were fixed in such a manner that no matter what they did they would always found themselves claimed by a vampire. At least, that is how it was suppose to be.

It worked perfectly until they put the human promised to Nicolae into the test. She realized that that something was amiss about the test. Instead of waiting within the hallways for those humans taking the test flee out of the room in a vain attempt to make it out of the tower the vampires were actually within the rooms that were suppose to be their safe haven. The place where they were told if they managed to stay within until daybreak they would win their freedom. However, the vampires never attempt to claim them within this safe haven. They just hid within the room, allowing the power within their voice to be stronger. They used this power to influence the humans to flee from the room in a vain attempt to reach the top of the tower. Either because they were fleeing in a blind panic or they come to believe that the vampires had been dishonest about the fact they could not be claimed while they remained in the room, and thus the only way to keep from being claimed was to keep out of a vampire's grasp.

It appeared to them that this was the case with Nicolae's promised. She fled from the rooms as the other humans did. They, at first, did not know which thought were driving her. Was it the thought that the vampires had lied to her and she need to stay one step ahead of them, or was it the thought that the only way to gain her freedom was to make it to the top of the tower? The answer eventually revealed itself when she reached the elevator that was suppose to take her to the top. This was the spot where most humans whom attempted to take this path ended up being claimed. For the elevator did not lead up. It only lead down. Every elevator she will find within that place would only lead down. However, they were hoping she would not realize this and instead come to the conclusion that she had simply picked the wrong elevator and leave it in an attempt to find the right elevator. This was what all those that came before her had done.

It was a decision that ultimately lead to their capture, but this was not what she did. She instead decided to take the elevator down. Either she realize that there was no up. Which they doubted. She was a human. She couldn't be smart enough to figure that out. The other possibility was her goal was never to reach the top of the tower, but to stay one step ahead of the vampires whom wish to capture her. Once again this was doubtful. Yet, the more they chased her. The more they tried to sway her with their power the more unlike other of her kind she appeared to be, and this was not something they could have. Who know what chaos someone with the ability to remain levelheaded no matter what situation they found themselves within would cause? If given the chance she could bring down their society, or at the very least dent it in some meaningful way. This was not something they could allow, and they pressed harder to stop her. This was in vain because the harder they pressed her the faster she fled until she found herself within the underground tunnels.

They knew what was down there. Some believed they should stop their pursuit. Death would find her down there and take away any spark she could add to any rebellion in the process. Other believed they shouldn't take the risk. She had managed to survive this far there was nothing to say that her luck would change down here. They moved after her and it appeared that those whom believed luck stood as her champion was right. The demon of the tunnels stood as her defender. Whether it was truly because it was trying to protect her or simply saw them as a bigger threat was anyone's guess. It attacked her pursuer, giving her the chance to flee towards the elevator that was down there. It was the only elevator within the entire building that lead to the very top of the tower. She had to be stopped before she reached it. She had to be claimed before the sun rose within the sky or their plans might be in ruins. It was a race against time and one they ultimately lost. She stepped out onto the top of the tower just as the sun finished it ascent- and succeeded to win the game on two front. Yet, it was clear that this success did not come without a price. She passed out as soon as she stepped out from the elevator.


This was what the vampire whom had been standing there where she emerged from the elevator told Nicolae when he brought her to him. He, of course, left out the part where they were trying to use her to attempt to dethrone him. It was either because he knew that hearing such a thing would enrage him or he, himself, were unaware of such a plot. However, this did not change the fact she had succeeded in betting their system and Nicolae was just as curious as everyone else on how she managed to pull it off. He attempted to see if he could uncover the answers while she recovered from her injuries. People revealed things they might normally in such a state and he hoped that such a thing was true for her. However, that did not to be the case. She remained silent to any prodding he directed towards her and bid her time until the moment arose when she could escape. She took it as soon as it came. This cause a wide panic to spread across vampire society. They feared the fire this rogue human might cause to spread across their world. Whether they had been apart of the plot against Nicolae and the house of Alesci it was clear that she would be the harbinger of change, and not in the manner that those whom wished to use her as such wished for her to be used as.

They begun to search for any whom might know her. They had to find her before other humans caught wind of what she had done. Nicolae did not share their panic. He understood what this young woman was capable of doing, but he did not necessarily believe she would do it. She might simply vanish within the shadows forever--never to be heard from again. And if she harbor such intentions than the best way to lure her out of hiding is by giving her a false sense of security. It was this philosophy that lead him to succeed in finding her when everyone else failed. He found her when he hold no intention or desire to do such a thing. He decided to see if he could convince her to return to her proper place within their society. He told her that if she agreed to be his that he would grant her freedom, or at least as much as he could grant someone that belonged to him. He didn't hold much hope on her agreeing to his deal, but if she did it would silence any panic one hold over the fact she had won the game. However, she ended up surprising him by accepting the deal. He was unsure why, but he was not about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

It was, also, than that he noticed the faded mark upon her and realized she had always belonged to him. This knowledge left him baffled. Surely those whom had approved her for the test would have noticed it? Had they ignored it on purpose? Had someone made it so they did not notice it? And why? He would be lying if he did not already know the answer to this. Yet, he did not know whom was involved within this plot and the exact details of their plans. Shortly after she agreed to this deal it was discovered that those pursuing her as she fled across the land had killed her mother and stolen her face. Vampires could steal the faces of others and wear that face as a mask---morphing into that person. They had thought of using her mother's face to lure her out of hiding. A clever plan and one that might have worked if she hadn't both agreed to Nicolae's deal and discovered her mother's body first. He told her that she deserved such a fate. Which she did. She was a traitor and deserved a traitors death. Those whom wished to use her against him might come some close in succeeding in such a goal if her mother had not decided to flee with her.

The human clearly did not like this, and some part of him expected her to go back on her word, but she did not. He didn't know the exact reason for her decision. Perhaps, she simply believed that claiming her mother deserved such a fate was not him breaking his end of their bargain. Whatever the truth might be. He knew that the day might arise when she decide she no longer liked this deal. He knew he had to convince her of her proper place within society before this happened. Some might think this is an impossible goal, but vampires had convinced humans the benefit of submitting to them once. It stood to reason that such a thing could be done towards those humans whom were harboring doubts about their proper places. He did not believe such acceptance would happen over night. In fact, he hoped that it wouldn't. She would more than likely flee if it did---believing that he was negating his end of their deal.

Important People 

Anze Alesci

Andreina Alesci
Marie St. Clair (His father's personal slave whom has acted as a second mother to him)

Michela Alesci
Sorina Alesci
Madalina Alesci

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Jezebel Marquette



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  • "You would say that." She replied the pout clear on her face. She was sure that their was and she hated being treated as a child. She would just stare at him if he told her he held that belief sometimes even though it was common. Mostly because while she got it she didn't get it. "I did meet another vampire while away also. Willa." She figured it was something he should know. "Not that part the umm...cute dress." She said realizing he was probably torturing her on purpose the bastard. 

    "His story is sad. Like you at first I wasn't aware he was trying to help me. I think that was the thing he wanted to help people but hardly no one could see past the demon so he became it. I found his brother and gave him the necklace so that is something. I'd want someone to do that for me if I had any family left. I mean I have a father probably out there. Mom didn't talk alot about him."

  • She mumbled at him. "I look silly. Like a big child or something." The pout could be seen on her face. "I am not even sure if you like this sort of thing." She shook her head. "I get caught up in things. I wanted to help him. I was hoping I could get him to the point where he could meet you without thinking you would hurt him. I thought you might help. Nothing about you seems cruel just for the sake of being cruel to me but I swear you almost seemed like you were...I don't know vindictive that day." She said with a frown.

  • It was a good thing to have people who would try and cheer you up when you were upset. She really didn't have that anymore though some might argue that she was gaining new friends slowly. She might have liked to see him try and drag her back. But that was besides the point. "I said I would. And I look stupid." She mumbled pulling on the hem of her skirt as if she could make it longer. "Look..I didn't mean to worry you. I just I don't see things the same as you do. I am not really used to like not being the one taking care of things."

    She glanced around. "If I had thought about it sure sending a message would have been best but what would you have thought if I said trying to befriend the demon of the tunnels. He saved me. I wish I could tell you more about him but I know its is a sore spot between us."

  • It was dark the day that she made her way back into the city. The lights felt like beacons dodging her every step. Were they urging her forward or warning her away she couldn't tell. It might just be the uncertainty of it all. It felt like the right decision but she could not escape that little voice that feared she was wrong. This place was dangerous for her for so many reasons and Nico didn't feel like one of them.

    She sighed running her fingers through her red hair before scaling the wall to his estate. She looked around for a moment to see if anyone was about but saw no one. Sure she could have just went to the door but where the heck was the fun in that. Instead she slipped inside the window to his room relived to see he wasn't inside. It be really hard to set up things with him standing there.

    She was going to have a perfectly calm conversation with him or so she hoped. And maybe she was going to use a few girly charms while she was at it. She placed the bread she had made on the table along with some various meats and cheeses, and some fruit. She poured two glasses of wine and sat them out changing her clothes into a dress of green and black, the green a shade to match her eyes the top of the dress a corset laced up the bottom skirt, fluffy like a ballet skirt but long in many layers flaring out with a ribbon tied at the bow it the back. She tied her hair up away from her face letting strands fall down to be curled.

    Now she sat down and waited hoping for the best but fearing the worst. she half wondered what she would do if someone else came in first. She felt sort of silly all dressed up like this never having really done it before. Some part of her believed she looked as silly as she felt.

  • Great page, would you like to write?
  • She just stared at him. "People don't have to care the way you do to care." Oh he was such a pain. "Lovely more I can't make up my mind. How dare you go. Go but be punished. Go I will burn the world. Fine go but come back. Fine I don't care if you go. Ugg!" She wasn't happy she was annoyed beyond measure. "I am sorry I didn't tell you. I just didn't think it would be that big a deal." She said softly before turning to walk away.

  • "Yes it has to be me. It can't possibly be you." She said still glaring at him. She rolled her eyes. "Maybe I am just use to much calmer people." She spat back in response. "I don't need nothing. What could I possibly need from you? I have the basics." This seemed to perplex her as she tried to figure it out. "I didn't need a shield. I took it because yes it helped me and you seemed reasonable. In the end though I could have just as easily kept running. And what else am I suppose to think? You bring an army. Act irrational and seem upset that I don't go running to you. Pretty emotional for a vampire."

    "I never attended to run. Though the chance it might happen was there. Because one can never tell who is being honest with you. Or what might happen. And I already said I was coming back."

  • "Maybe it just means your stupid call is broken. Maybe vampires aren't all perfect. I know that is hard for you but maybe just maybe it has nothing to do with you. By the Gods not everything is about you. It isn't me going oh geez let me think I think I will pretend he doesn't exist today. Or this month because we all know we all keep in touch all the damn time. I am sure that people go let me think I should write home up to their eyeballs in something. Excuse me I need to halt this to write home to mommy!" He was the one being dumb. She doubted painting him a picture would even help.

    His words had her stalking him as she swung. "You better not. I don't think your problem was I  left I think you just got mad that I might be close to someone other than you. You jack ass vampire. And no I did not sign up for being treated like a child. And you are a smart enough creature to know that I was just going to run to you for every little thing?"

  • Had been safer. No one had been trying to kill her. She doubted Mister Vampire got that. He thought that the best place was next to him. It might be a good place but she was wondering if the best place might not be lost somewhere forgotten. Of course he thought that vampires just always knew what was best. She almost rolled her eyes and would have if she could read his thoughts. "I didn't like forget you existed or something. I just knew you were alright. I kind of thought you would figure I was alright too."

    Geez. How many times did he have to be a pain. "I didn't think you would be this worried. Excuse me. And no not because you are a vampire though yes I hardly see you all sweat." She mumbled. "And what if you can't plan? I don't plan to meet someone like the demon. It just happened. Wasn't like I think I'll go on vacation and forget to mention it." She shook her head. "I am sorry I wasn't there for lunchtime." Oh that was fine because she was getting mad again also.

    Now what was he doing he said she could go she just had to return now he was acting all childish that she was leaving and yes he said punished but that depended on how willingly she came back on the degree. Oh he was going to get an army that was his answer to everything. She picked a rock up and flung it at him. "Nicolae of the house of the dragon you are the most bothersome creature I have ever met. I am not some simpering human to be barked at and cower because of it. You might be a prince but you keep acting this way and I will punch you and yes I know how human of me. As far as I am concerned I will return when you learn to treat me like a person and not a dog to be called to heel."

  • There was a truth to it. she had been safe all theses years now suddenly she wasn't. It was funny when you considered they had been on the run. One had to give her mother credit for avoiding them for so very long. If she had more freedom of movement in his world she could figure it out herself but being a human automatically limited that even without any limits he might place. She cared not about the status quo. She only cared about being safe. She sort of wished she knew the answers it might make her feel better.

    The snort caused her to raise an eyebrow as she waited for him to argue her point. However it seemed that he would not. Instead he decided to be a pain in other ways. "I cared about who seemed to need me the most. You are not alone in the world Nico. You have family and friends people who can and will help you. He had bitterness and sorrow and I wanted to change that. I had even thought if I could get him to a place where he could talk to you--you might help him. And yes you can call that caring about what I wanted at the moment."

    The funny thing is sometimes you are the one that can fly. And the thousand before taught you how. She wasn't going to try and explain how she was sure. She would never want anyone to set the world aflame to save her. It was that simple even if she had been in danger. "I am pretty sure I would have to share blood forever. That I would live in a place you picked forever. That you would be involved in the things I did but not like I have to run and report before I go with a list of where, when, and, how long." She frowned shaking her head. "I needed to stop being chased. You did the same thing everyone else did you sent people after me."

    She just glanced up frowning at his words. She was unsure of what to make of them. "The difference between me and vampires if I choose to go against it I will just say I decided not too. I won't say I found this loophole or that." She folded her arms over her chest glanced behind her before turning back. "See you later, Nico." With those words she turned moving towards the sounds.

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