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  Subject: Apex Guardian

Name (Birth): Jackeline Nikita Morningstar

Gender/Sex: Female

Age of acquisition: 3 years old

Blood type: Thirium aka Type TB

Special information: To Be Added below

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  • She was glad that Nikita thought it was a good idea. She wasn't so sure herself, but how were they supposed to get any information if they didn't take risks? Then again, Rey was no stranger to risky situations. The force would guide her, it always did. "Alright, let's do this," she said, flashing Nikita a hopeful smile before putting her hood up once more and walking over to the table with a confident stride.

    The three men at the table stopped their conversation and looked up at Rey as soon as she was within earshot. They eyed her suspiciously. Even though they could not see her lightsaber, they knew that she was not a local, nor was she in any of the criminal circles. "Something on your mind, girl?" one of them asked in a husky voice and a chuckle. Rey held her ground and cleared her throat. "We're looking for Jobita. He agreed to trade with us. Do you know where he is?"

    There was a flash of familiarity in their eyes and Rey knew she had the right people. They knew who Jobita was, but they weren't going to give up any information that easily. The first man who spoke gave a harsh cackle, and the others joined in. "Even if we did know, do you think we'd just tell any random girl that walks in here? You're out of your mind," he said and turned away from her as if to conclude the conversation.

    Rey was becoming a little frustrated, but she hadn't expected this to be easy. She mantained her composure and spoke up again, this time in a slightly louder and more commanding tone. "It's very important that we speak to Jobita. Tell us where he is." The leader looked at her again, clearly becoming annoyed as he rolled his eyes. "Okay, fine...you're trading with Jobita? You should know the password he shares with all his traders. Give us that password and we'll tell ya where he is," he said before chuckling again.

    The other men at the table laughed even harder than before, knowing for damn sure that neither Rey nor the woman at her side knew the password. Rey gave a slight sigh, almost as if to say: 'Guess I have no choice.' The Jedi raised a hand and delicately waved it while speaking in a soft voice. "I don't need to tell you the password." As if the men had just become hypnotized, the laughter stopped and they looked at her with far more approval. "You don't need to tell us the password," the leader repeated, speaking quite normally as if he randomly changed his mind.

    "Tell me where Jobita is," Rey said once more, speaking in the same tone and waving her hand the same way as before. "Yeah, he's on the other side of town, at the Casino. He always plays cards in the basement," the leader said rather casually and without any resistance. Rey smiled and nodded her head in a polite manner. "Thank you, gentlemen...enjoy your evening," she said before quickly turning around and taking Nikita by the arm.

    Once they were back outside, Rey gave a huge sigh of relief and smiled at Nikita. "Sorry to get you out of there in such a rush. I was worried someone else might figure out what we were doing. That worked better than I thought it would," she said, still smiling as she glanced back towards the cantina and then back to Nikita.

    "So...this Casino. Have you been there before?"


  • {Solange is the Creation often called the Daughter of the Horseman, for awhile the darkness and evil was thought to have been removed but it's slowly been coming back. Sometimes it takes over and she comiits crimes and then she wakes up and doesn't remember.. almost like it's an dual personality.. maybe she could arrive at the nightclub? First time to maybe stop an disturbance and sometime next she could cause her own disturbance}

  • {[I like that, Xandria entering the nightclub to hide out, especially since it'll be heavily populated she can get lost within it. I can try to start at some point if you'd like?]}

  • Underground fighting rings and arenas. So many of them illegal and she couldn't recall a legal one outside of an establish MMA tournament. But this wasn't humans engaged in fisticuffs.  No, these were non humans fighting one another. Preternatural, supernatural beings and maybe even possibly, an alien or two.  Such a thing couldn't be handled by normal police or the government. 

    Which is why her majesty  established a paranormal investigation unit, that would look into unnutral events and solve them. For Queen and country. It took some sleuthing on her sort but eventually she found the location of the underground fight club. Her eyes first surveyed the room for any vampires before she looked for other creatures. 

    She has had a few run in with vampires, more and more, ever since her numerous encounters with Different Draculas. His stench, his scent, was forever a part of her, his blood ran in her veins. This lead to many uncomfortable situations with vampires, ranging for some of them seeing her as a Female Dracula and bowing to her, to others who wanted to kill her and take the "throne  or mantle " of vampire king/queen from her. A title she didn't have but so many thought she did. 

    Once she managed to pick out any suck monkies in the crowd. She made sure to stay downwind of them as she scanned the crowd and watch the latest participant in the cage. A scent that was unfamiliar to her and curious. 

    "What to do Mina, what to do."

  • |I'm happy to get started :) Feel free to start us off!|

  • Rey would nod and look at Nikita with an understanding expression. "Okay, I won't ask. But if there's anything you want to tell me, you can," she assured her, just in case there was something the other woman wanted to say or explain during their time together. Of course she was curious about Nikita, anyone would be upon hearing a sentence like that. At the same time, Rey didn't need to know everything about her, nor did Nikita need to know everything about the Jedi student.

    Keeping one eye on the shady group in the corner, Rey would turn and whisper a response to Nikita. "Right, we can't just walk over there and ask. We could tell them we're about to trade with Jobita and need to know where he is. That might be good enough, if not...let me take care of things. I have a trick or two up my sleeve," Rey said with a slight smile, wanting to assure Nikita that if things went south, she would be able to turn it around for the better.

  • It actually hadn't occured to Rey that this woman might not know about the First Order. Just about everyone did. Even the ignorant had trouble forgetting about such a looming threat. "Oh, they're a military dictatorship, born from the remnants of the Empire. They want to take control of the entire galaxy, destroy the Resistance and the Jedi Order," she said, and now that she was saying all of this outloud she realized just how horrible things would be if the First Order succeeded. Well, she wouldn't be alive for one thing. For all she knew, she was the last Jedi.

    "If you have any other questions, just let me know," she added with a small smile, as she knew pretty much everything there was to know about the war that was going on. As they walked a little further, Rey got the sense that Nikita did not want to share about her past. That was fine, she didn't need to. Although the young woman realized that perhaps she had been too forward with her question. "I see..." was all she said. She couldn't help but catch a glimpse of the barcode but said nothing about it. Nikita had a right to her privacy and her secrets. Rey could appreciate that well enough.

    As they entered the Cantina, Rey looked around and saw all manner of people and creatures. She was overwhelmed and had no idea where to even start. However, there was a group of rather shady looking men in the back corner. They were talking low and hadn't ordered any food or drink. Something told Rey that they might have answers. "Over there," she said to Nikita and subtly nodded in the group's direction. "What do you think? Should we give them a try?" she asked before looking away in thought.


  • "Right, that sounds like a good place to start," Rey said with a smile, appreciating how friendly and helpful Nikita was being already. And they hadn't even started to look. After holding the door open for her, Rey stepped back into the hall and looked at her new acquintance. "Thank you so much for your help, I appreciate it. I really do. Good help is hard to find these days, especially when it comes to stopping the First Order." It was true that the Resistance had a huge recruitment spree not too long ago, but now help was becoming hard to find. The First Order's shadow continued to grow, and many people had become so afraid that they would rather submit.

    "Have you lived here your whole life?" Rey asked curiously as they went down the hall and back into the main area with the fighting ring. From here on, Rey decided to let Nikita lead the way as she knew these parts better. This town wasn't exactly what you'd call glamorous. It wasn't as polished and pristine as the great cities on Coruscant. And yet, it had its own charm as well, but Rey had a feeling that most of the people who lived here weren't doing it by choice.

  • Detective Espinoza turned to the woman, and heard her response, 'I am capable of taking care of myself!'  The male detective did not doubt it but responded in return, "Maybe you are, but we have some questions for you, based on what happened here.  So, please come on inside, and as for your injuries, we will see where we go with that."  Dan attempted once more, though shortly afterwards an alert came to his phone, one with the name of someone they needed to question, and it none other than the woman he was guiding on inside.  Pausing momentarily, the cell of his was retrieved as a Nikita Morningstar name came up on his small screen, her name as well as a photo surprisingly, not sure where they found it in the system but it was there.  It found because of the jacket they found at the crime scene, it informing the detective that she truly could not leave now.  Dan then soon adding, "And, it seems now you're a witness that we need to interview.  So please come on through, and we'll get started, okay."


    ×  ×  ×  ×

    Daniel could tell Nikita was concerned about Chloe, or not for Chloe but for everyone in the immediate surroundings due to perhaps sensing the shooter might still be around.  Unknown to the female detective, the pistol was on her, though it didn't plan to be used, but the shooter was ensuring she didn't get too close and found their hiding space.  The woman scanned the area, called out again and again in a hopeful attempt to get the shooter to show himself, but to no avail.  The shooter it seemed long gone.  "Okay," she breathed out, weapon of hers still aimed as she attempted to locate the shooter, a few backwards steps and more taken as she inched herself towards where Dan and Nikita were, "We're in the clear for now at least.  We should get inside though, just in case this woman is still in trouble."

    Now with Chloe Decker standing with Dan and Nikita, she walked ahead slightly, motioning them to follow.  The back door and entrance to that precinct was opened as she turned to face Dan, motioning them on in, "Bring her through to the interrogation room, and I'll be there with you both shortly."  Looking at Nikita then, Chloe that was, pleading cerulean shade of hues shown towards her, they asking in silence, 'Please trust in us, myself and Dan.  Step inside, so we can talk.  Just please go on inside, and don't make this any harder on anyone right now.'  Dan of course didn't push her through the back entrance, though hopefully Chloe's unspoken words were enough to get her to move inside on her own.

  • Rey smiled politely as Nikita spoke. She couldn't help but be briefly mesmorized by the swishing of her tail. What kind of species, was she? Obviously this "hellhound" title came into play, but Rey had a feeling there was a bit more to it than that. Not that it mattered of course, she would accept help from anyone and everyone. Unlike some she had met, Rey did not discriminate towards non-humans and droids.

    "A Cantina..." Rey repeated with a slow nod as she looked out the window. The sky was slowly growing darker. They were losing the light. But perhaps this would work to their advantage. Most criminals were known to make their deals after sundown. Listening to Nikita's words, Rey gave another nod as what she was saying made perfect sense. "That's right, he must have his own place. We just need to find it."

    Upon hearing Nikita's suggestion, Rey gave a slow shake of her head and shrugged. "Sorry, I don't have anything that belongs to him. I wish I did. Our only hope is try and find his hideout. Maybe someone in the Cantina knows and we can ask around. Someone has to know where he is." She would then walk over to the door and wait for her new friend to follow. "I'm sorry to rush you, but I can't afford to waste any time," Rey explained with a somewhat pained expression. She needed to find Jobita as soon as possible.

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