Name:Nyx (Nox)

Species: Deity, Goddess of the Night

Age: Unknown

Affiliation: Tartarus, occassionaly Olympus

Home: A house in LA


NYX was the goddess of the night, one of the primordial gods (protogenoi) who emerged as the dawn of creation.

She was a child of Khaos (Chaos, Air), and coupling with Erebos (Darkness) she produced Aither (Aether, Light) and Hemera (Day). Alone she spawned a brood of dark spirits including the three Fates, Sleep, Death, Strife and Pain.

Nyx was an ancient deity usually envisaged as the very substance of the night--a veil of dark mists drawn across the sky to obscure the light of Aither, the shining blue of the heavens. Her opposite number was Hemera (Day) who scattered the mists of night at dawn.

In ancient art Nyx was depicted as a either a winged goddess or charioteer, sometimes crowned with an aureole of dark mists.


But there were more things that Nyx has done, she had witnessed the dawn of man and their down fall. She witnessed Pandora open the box, the birth of Christanity and saw Eve eat the apple and did nothing. Unlike the gods who feared the birth of Christanity Nyx did not show fear nor a care knowing that she was eternal for the night is will and Tartarus is her home.  No one would dare challenge the Goddess for they knew that she was not one to be trifled with. Even Zeus would not dare cross her when he went after her son.

She never comes to the land of the living unless it was great importance; which is occassionaly her children. She always tries to convince her children to return home and not disturb the balance but they always see the need to become part of the world. So now she became a permanent resident in LA to make sure they don't be mischivious. 

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A pale woman with a veil covering her eyes and always in black.

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fire night the sky

Character Dislikes

fools scoundrels those that harm her children

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Paragraph, Multi-Para, One-liners

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

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  • "I can get you the argent cell virtually overnight. Replacing the filters has been..." There's an extended pause, and a silent curse towards Wil Blazkowicz for his wanton destruction. "...Hell on Earth." He taps a long finger against his chin, then leans forward as he continues speaking. "Recruits will be easy. We have some new initiates who are ready to graduate from the first tier. They'll jump on the chance. I can spare you some from tier two, as well. So long as the drones do not destroy what it is you are excavating, you have my permission to make use of them. Especially if we run into any...unpleasant...deterrences inside." He fully expects the worst. At this point, there's little he would not do.

    "Proceed. You've got my permission."

    Doom II
    Doom II: Hell on Earth is a first-person shooter video game, the second title of id Software's Doom franchise. It was originally released for MS-DOS…
  • His heavy, metallic sigh reverberates with frustration. He knows exactly who it would be, or at least what group they belong to. His tone switches, becoming a bit flippant.

    "Someone needs to remind them that they lost the war in 1945. It's been over two-hundred years. Moving on, is, apparently, not a trait they possess." He does not drop a name, but anyone could figure out what he meant if they know the slightest bit about his death or the rumored conspiracy surrounding it. Most of what the UAC possesses, they owe to the Nazis. The BFG, the first bases on Venus, the moon, and Mars, and space travel in general all blossomed in the 50s and 60s. Hayden has simply...repurposed it. They certainly didn't count on their adversary becoming immortal. In the long run, this new frame of his has had its...benefits.

    "Very well, doctor. What can I do to assist the process and speed up your progress?"

  • "Interesting. This is not the first time we've found something tied to a gender. Hell, at least the Sanctum we know, is largely a male-dominated realm, from what we can gather by what was left behind. And the remains of that...Titan." He can still feel the squishing sensation beneath his feet with every step. It was highly unpleasant. He folds his arms across his chest, his posture far too human for comfort given the state his current body is in. While intimidating and beautiful in a completely modern way, it is hard to say that anyone is comfortable around him. This is a fact he is well aware of.

    One of his hands languidly rises, waving in a gentle gesture as he speaks.

    "What about the technology we've used to begin Martian terraformation? Or that the Nazis used on Venus back in the 50s? Their coolant systems kept them alive when space travel was utterly rudimentary. Surely we can use our updated version to contain the gasses." 

  • Earth was never enough for Samuel, so he reached for Mars. When that proved to not scratch the itch, he reached to the depths of Hell itself. When that failed him, he began to wonder if there was anything in this universe that could satiate his burning drive to keep learning, to stay on top, and to become everything humanity was once thought to be separated from. He is living proof the impossible can become reality, and his pride has made him blind to the folly his actions have enthroned as admirable.

    He’s earthside for the first time in a long time, visiting a friend with TranStar that might be more than that, though he’d be loathe to admit it out loud. His wanderings have brought him to the vast desert that was once part of New Mexico, now long abandoned as the remnants of humanity flocked in towards the cities, the only way to survive invasions and the danger lurking in every shadow. Only the military and private contractors venture out here.

    The sun has nearly set, its gleam against his chassis hypnotizing to watch until it inevitably becomes blinding when the faintest movement turns a sparkle into a flare. Rumor of an anomaly below ground has brought an expeditionary team to the site. The discovery of some ancient symbols, however, ended up sending a call out to the UAC, which reached Hayden’s desk directly. The arcane is, and always has been, his first love. For all of his degrees in physics, there is only one thing he really wants to understand in the world, and it certainly isn’t air speed or gravity.

    “What do we have so far?” His multi-tonal voice is pleasant, though commanding. At the moment, he’s in a good mood, and only those who have never met him in person before seem to be intimidated by his stature.

    “We’ve got a definite doorway- sealed up with stone. The only problem is, that stone’s not terran in origin.”

    “So where is it from, then? Mars? The moon? An asteroid? Hell?”

    “We don’t know yet, sir. We’re trying to get it clear enough to get a sample.”

  • (Sure, I'd be happy to! I'll work on it now. As a warning, I'm very busy [and very sick] at the moment, so sometimes I'm gone for a few days or longer, though I always post a notice if I'm going to be away for a little while! =])

  • (Let's go with Hayden finding the tomb!)

  • (Thank you for accepting, I would like to write.)

  • (Both of those make total sense to me! Given his intense interest in those kinds of legends and lore, I'm sure he'd be aware of wno Nyx is, though maybe not what to expect in terms of apperance and powers.)

  • (Absolutely! What did you have in mind?)

  • (Invite accepted!)

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"Dr.Sheril would cross her arms as Dr.Samuel Hayden spoke about the war in 1945. She would let him go on while going over what they needed in her own head.  She had her own theory of who was behind the missing funds and soon wrote it down in the back…"
Nyx left a comment for Dr. Samuel Hayden
"Dr.Sheril would jot down those words from Dr.Samuel Hayden about the gender and soon nodded her head when he mentioned the Doom Guy. He had been a thorn on Samuel's side for a while or so Dr.Sheril believed when ever saying the titan's name make the…"
Nyx left a comment for Dr. Samuel Hayden
"In ancient time when gods ruled the world; mortals clung to them hoping for guidance.  When war came they  made offerings to the gods to get through them, when they wished for wealth they came to the gods for aid.  But when christianity came to pass…"
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