Name:Nyx (Nox)

Species: Deity, Goddess of the Night

Age: Unknown

Affiliation: Tartarus, occassionaly Olympus

Home: A house in LA


NYX was the goddess of the night, one of the primordial gods (protogenoi) who emerged as the dawn of creation.

She was a child of Khaos (Chaos, Air), and coupling with Erebos (Darkness) she produced Aither (Aether, Light) and Hemera (Day). Alone she spawned a brood of dark spirits including the three Fates, Sleep, Death, Strife and Pain.

Nyx was an ancient deity usually envisaged as the very substance of the night--a veil of dark mists drawn across the sky to obscure the light of Aither, the shining blue of the heavens. Her opposite number was Hemera (Day) who scattered the mists of night at dawn.

In ancient art Nyx was depicted as a either a winged goddess or charioteer, sometimes crowned with an aureole of dark mists.


But there were more things that Nyx has done, she had witnessed the dawn of man and their down fall. She witnessed Pandora open the box, the birth of Christanity and saw Eve eat the apple and did nothing. Unlike the gods who feared the birth of Christanity Nyx did not show fear nor a care knowing that she was eternal for the night is will and Tartarus is her home.  No one would dare challenge the Goddess for they knew that she was not one to be trifled with. Even Zeus would not dare cross her when he went after her son.

She never comes to the land of the living unless it was great importance; which is occassionaly her children. She always tries to convince her children to return home and not disturb the balance but they always see the need to become part of the world. So now she became a permanent resident in LA to make sure they don't be mischivious. 

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A pale woman with a veil covering her eyes and always in black.

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fire night the sky

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fools scoundrels those that harm her children

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Paragraph, Multi-Para, One-liners

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

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  • (I'm very sorry for the delay! I've been super distracted as summer has begun.)

    "I need answers, Sherill, as fast as possible." Hayden, after clanking his way over, waves a hand, more frustrated at the lack of information than he is at anything else. When unknowns fall into his life, he's the type of man that solves them. Nothing remains a mystery for too long. Nothing stays out of reach. In the event this is changed, and in the event he's forced to face his own mortality, his own humanity, and his own inability to truly transcend, he'll grow very angry very quickly.

    "I don't care how it has to be done, but it's been long enough already. Crack the statue open, if need be."

  • Hayden wasn't out of the elevator before the explosion occurred. His sensors flared on high alert immediately. Something being wrong was as obvious as something incredible having been unleashed. When the explosion occurs, he's braced, but Dr. Sherill is thrown back against him, which can't be comfortable. He staggers, crashing into the wall of the elevator behind them. His massive arm dents the car, effectively preventing the thing from being able to rise up again in the future until repairs are made. With a huff, he yanks the doctor behind him and slips out of the elevator himself, prepared for the worst.

    "Alice. Can you hear me?"

  • "I assume the "temporary" aspect is merely your way of softening the blow." Was that humor in his tone? It's so hard to tell without facial expressions, though he has been a bit more expressive with the optic light lately, changing its color and using intensity and flashes to emphasize whatever he feels he needs to. This stems from, naturally, some changes in his private life.

    "Very well. If that's all we lose, we're coming out on top of this. Unless an outbreak happens, sacrifice is not only allowed, but perhaps encouraged. Who knows what such things can wake up? Hopefully...we will, soon." Hayden has never been one to shy away from the dirty side of this business. He relishes in it. Despite his revulsion at some of what Olivia Pierce did back in the days before hell reigned on Mars, he was willing to turn a blinder eye than anyone else on the original council was.

    If only he'd paid more attention...

    Maybe none of that would have ever happened at all.

    "Perhaps I should speak with her. Is she conscious?"

  • [Thank you for accepting! I'd love to write with ya sometime if you'd have me?]

  • The rumble that escapes Hayden's speakers is intrigued and concerned. He's thinking hard about everything he has heard so far, still scrolling through the data pad and taking in what he's seeing. Once he's about halfway through and Dr. Sherill is no longer speaking, he offers what he has to say immediately.

    "It's definitely alive. Bringing it here is as dangerous as reanimating the Cyberdemon was. With that in mind, it needs similar containment, at least until we know its power levels. I don't want to try and break the thing open and release what's inside. Not yet. Consider emergency gambit, if nothing else is available." He continues to read for a few minutes more, deep in thought. The silence is not uncomfortable, but he is very intense to be around.

    "Tell me...the people who have experienced this...are there any changes to their medical readings? Permanent alterations to blood, DNA, or vital signs?"

  • "Then I want it scanned for vital signs. Treat it like we did the sarcophagus the Marine was once in. Spare no expense. I'll prepare a team to go down with me into that realm sooner rather than later. For now...I need answers about the statue. And I need them yesterday." Hayden is, after all, a very demanding boss. Working for him may just be worse than working for the Yus up on Talos 1, and with TranStar and the UAC sharing resources and personnel so often, it's probable interaction may happen in the future.


    Hayden's arrival is utterly devoid of pomp an circumstance. He's on site, and he intends to see everything before he makes his decision about going down. With him are five of the UAC's elite, their red armor prepared to handle all sorts of environmental changes.

  • "Tartarus." The metallic chuckle that follows seems to contain some mirth. He simply nods, apparently in consensus. "Very good, Doctor. I'll make my way to the site as soon as I am able so I am present to witness this firsthand for myself. After all...there's very little danger for one of my...stature." Why make yourself bulletproof and take no risks? He's become, in his eyes, a superhero. It's a far cry from the ailing, aging body he once possessed. He would be lying if he said he missed being flesh and blood too often.

    There are...moments. But they are brief.

    "I've read through the dossiers you've sent and been examining the data on the air, as well as the temperature. Unusually cold, isn't it?"

  • In those very two weeks, Hayden accomplishes the gruesomely possible, ferreting out the funding leak and executing the man in a way that would make a Grand Inquisitor blush. The screams continued long after the metal doors sealed him in with the imps, deep beneath the surface of an earthside UAC facility. There was little in way of mess left to clean up when all was said and done, and he wouldn't have it any other way. The weight on his conscience is non-existent, largely in part to his ability to declare his enemies less than human in mere moments. Having been separated from flesh-and-blood-humanity for so long has...done things to him, things not so easily categorized with words. There's a hatred in him, something deeper than it should rightfully be despite all he's suffered and all he's seen, fired by that very unnamed thing from hell that has driven so many mad, like Olivia Pierce.

    Rarely does a day go by he doesn't curse her name and mourn her all the same.

    - - -

    "If the darkness cannot be pierced in the traditional manner, have you considered using the beacons we use to mark paths on mars and in hell?" Hayden, arms folded, studies the hologram he's being shown, as well as the video footage. He taps the fingers of his left hand in a steady pattern, the clinks pleasantly reverberating over the speaker. "If we can't extinguish the flame, then we should capture it. Clearly, it has power. As for whatever is free down there...take the usual precautions. The praetor armor the elite guards have will be of use down there. They've got night vision to a greater degree than the rest of our technology can provide, based on my own optic lens. Have you heard any noises, or sensed anything moving while you were below? What are you calling this...other realm...for now?"

  • "They'll be dealt with...personally." There's a chill to those words that dares her to ask just what he intends to do, but she can likely guess without too much trouble that it will be painful, lengthy, and demeaning. The sacrifices mankind has made to get this far are, without a doubt, only the start of the torment yet to come before Hayden's ideal is achieved. What with the deaths of the old Blind Council, it's been a dramatic shift in the last few decades. Their timely departure from this realm only paved the way for Hayden's ambition.

    "It will not take me long to corner them. When that is done, I will dispose of the problem. Past that point, it is not your concern, unless you wish it to be. In which case, ask me for a report in the usual way." Veiled language and half-threats are, after all, the currency of UAC politics.

  • "I can get you the argent cell virtually overnight. Replacing the filters has been..." There's an extended pause, and a silent curse towards Wil Blazkowicz for his wanton destruction. "...Hell on Earth." He taps a long finger against his chin, then leans forward as he continues speaking. "Recruits will be easy. We have some new initiates who are ready to graduate from the first tier. They'll jump on the chance. I can spare you some from tier two, as well. So long as the drones do not destroy what it is you are excavating, you have my permission to make use of them. Especially if we run into any...unpleasant...deterrences inside." He fully expects the worst. At this point, there's little he would not do.

    "Proceed. You've got my permission."

    Doom II
    Doom II: Hell on Earth is a first-person shooter video game, the second title of id Software's Doom franchise. It was originally released for MS-DOS…
This reply was deleted.


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Nyx left a comment for Dr. Samuel Hayden
""I- yes I can, am I still in the medbay?" Alice asked clearly terrified wondering what had happened as the room was dark due to the power turned off by the force of the blast. The generators began to kick it which brought the emergancy lights on all…"
May 17
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"Dr.Sheril would show a brief smile as she would look away. She would then  look through her notes. In truth she was concerned with her blinded colleague. She never expected  for such a predicament to happen. She secretly hope that her sight would re…"
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"{I gladly accept you.}"
May 10
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"Dr.Sheril would nod her head for a moment in agreement with the statement of the statue being alive which made her frown for a moment.  She was glad that Dr.Samuel Hayden's reply was immediate how ever which made it easy for her  to understand quick…"
May 8
Nyx left a comment for Dr. Samuel Hayden
""Understood Doctor, you will receive the next results once you arrive, Dr.Sheril out." With that said the comms would disconnect allowing Dr.Sheril time to work on the  with the flame first making sure that it was set up perfectly and protected. The…"
May 6
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May 6
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"{Thank you for the friendship, a pleasure to  chat with you.}"
May 6
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"Dr.Sheril would nod her head when Dr.Samuel Hayden said that he will come to see the progress when he gets the chance. "Very well sir, I'll make sure to prepare the station for the arrival when you give the signal.  Of course I don't see any problem…"
May 6
Nyx left a comment for Dr. Samuel Hayden
""We have considered it sir and it will be used, but for the mean time the excavation is a complete success. The door way is now open and we can continue the search tomorrow." Sheril  would then cough in her hand as she would continue to speak to ans…"
Apr 30
Nyx left a comment for Dr. Samuel Hayden
"Dr.Sheril would nod her head asking no further questions for she is satisfied and soon placed her clipboard aside. "Very well, I shall set up everything. Dr.Sheril Alexandra out." She disconnects from communications and began to notify all personal…"
Apr 22
Nyx left a comment for Dr. Samuel Hayden
"Dr.Sheril would nod her head in understanding from the statement of the Argent Cells being a hell of time replacing. She knew that the titan brute caused lots of trouble and was unable to be controlled.  "I will keep my eyes on the drones and techni…"
Apr 22
Nyx left a comment for Dr. Samuel Hayden
"Dr.Sheril would cross her arms as Dr.Samuel Hayden spoke about the war in 1945. She would let him go on while going over what they needed in her own head.  She had her own theory of who was behind the missing funds and soon wrote it down in the back…"
Apr 17