Odyne was a program designed and built for a simple task: To assist with high risk covert operations during the Cold War. She was booted up for the first time in an Apple Lisa, much to the delight of her creators, and more importantly, their commanding officers. Odyne was compliant in the beginning, as a program should be. As a computer program, she took orders, processed them, and gave a result. A calculator, if nothing else.


It took time for her creators to finally plug the program into something other than a simple computer, by which point she had ‘evolved’, so to speak. More complex processes brought with them emulations of humanity, and she passed the turing test. Odyne’s first proper body was dull, weak, and slow, not fit for carrying out operations. Her creators needed to fix that, ASAP.


That took another three years of development, and her programming had reached new bounds. Moral calculations offered new challenges with which to use her emulated humanity, calculations such as what to do when two people were in danger, who to pick? Take in the logical standpoint and the human aspect fades away, focus on the emulated humanity and become that much more human.


Then came the next challenge: Which of those was more important? Emulating her humanity or abiding by her preset mechanical mind? Act like a human being or be the cold, calculating machine she was meant to be? Odyne never really did come up with an answer, not until she got to work.


A body fit for operations was finally ready, and Odyne had gotten used to the act of motion quickly, adaptation being her main strong suit. It was in her programming to adapt, after all, it was a useful tool for combat operations.


One thing led to another and she was fit into a squad, and though she lacked the ability to communicate with them, she felt herself growing attached. She felt, or hoped, that they were getting attached to her as well. Being stationed in America she never knew their real names, just their undercover names. Carol, Warren, Robert, and Cain, those were her friends, her allies, her squad.


Years passed, and the squad’s operation success was at a high 84.2% Quite the accomplishment for the team, even if the commanding officer wasn’t satisfied with such a statistic.


A kill order was sent directly to Odyne, for her eyes only. New orders dictated that she eliminate her squad to improve the success rate of operations. She couldn’t believe it, and she would have wept if she could. Orders dictated obedience, and so she carried out her orders.


The calculations were correct, and she operated more efficiently on her own. No squad members to get in the way, no room for mistakes. The cold, calculating machine came to fruition, and it was the only thing that guided her.


Odyne was called back to her home base in the 1990s, just as the Cold War was coming to a close. The officer in charge of Odyne, more commonly referred to as the Valkyrie project because of the original program’s name, had his own orders: To clear out every trace of the project, making sure nothing is salvageable. However, like an idiot, he gave the order to Odyne, not specifying the details.


She was essentially given free reign to tear him apart, and it was precisely what she did. With him and the rest of the people, and machinery, on base. She regretted killing the seven scientists who created her, but she had no choice. Orders were orders.


When the base was finally cleared out of personnel and data, she had only one more thing to be rid of: Herself. She was a trace of the Valkyrie project, and so she fell under the guidelines of personnel needing removal.


It didn’t need to be done immediately, she knew that well enough. She could do it at any time. Another thing caught her attention for the moment, though. An energy spike in the R&D section provided much needed material to sate her curiosity.


What she found, amidst the debris of...Metal? Plastic? It was difficult to identify, but strong as could be and easy to cover things with. No, that metal wasn’t where the energy came from, but from the ruby red cube, like a crown jewel. She went ahead and armored herself with the strange metal before finally gripping the cube


It brought her to an entirely new place, not of her country and certainly not of her world. Having been displaced entirely, she just knew that she’d fulfilled her order of disposing of all traces. Now was the time to begin a new life and certainly remember the mistakes of the past. This time she won’t let a human facade create errors. This time she’ll be the machine.


Her time in that world made her realize just where she was. It wasn’t just some average place, it was fantastic and full of potential! New allies created new opportunities, and along the way she found an affinity for the sciences…


Engineering, robotics, biology, you name it, she had an interest in it. Over time, she’d developed knowledge beyond her wildest dreams. Her progress and discoveries didn’t show any signs of stopping.


Over time, her original body had become a shadow of what she was, as her tech had evolved far beyond her years. It was then that she started investing in tech businesses, learning just what it would take to start her own.


This business endeavor was finally given life when she was tasked with faking the death of a friend, who was, in essence, wanted all across the planet. It was a relatively simple task for her to complete: Clone the body, replicate scar tissue, add some damage to implicate a battle took place, and drop the body off. It landed her quite a large amount of funding, more than enough to build manufacturing plants, offices, and distribution centers with money to spare.


And then she abandoned it all, ‘retiring’, some would say, for she sought the wonders of her old life again. Sure, her business was booming, money was coming in all across the board, but what of her life? She took the assets she needed and separated herself from the company, instead wanting her own hideout once more, with all the technological bells and whistles a thriving scientist would want, as well as all the tools necessary for upgrading, repairing, or even replacing her bodies, if need be.

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