The Spiral.

Just remember I will always love you, even as I tear your fucking throat away.

A restless eye across a weary room

A glazed look and I was on the road to ruin

The music played and played as we whirled without end

No hint, no word her honour to defend


I will, I will she sighed to my request

And then she tossed her mane while my resolve was put to the test

Then drowned in desire, our souls on fire

I lead the way to the funeral pyre

And without a thought of the consequence

I gave in to my decadence


One slip, and down the hole we fall

It seems to take no time at all

A momentary lapse of reason

That binds a life for life

A small regret, you won't forget,

One slip 

One   ˢ ˡ ᶤ ᵖ 


The Discord Sect is a schism from The Midnight Syndicate. 

Headed by Kyne, The Discord Sect aims to rid TMS of its 'ownership' of items of power, as well as protecting the lives of various assassination targets, and works to end the slaughtering of innocents that get in the Syndicate's way. ]

Each member of The Discord Sect specializes in something a little different. The members are sworn in by an oath, and have to abide by an edict put together by Kyne and Thane. They are an elite but small group of entities with unique skill sets and abilities. Each mission is to be quick and concise. They get in without the target knowing about them, and then they're out as quick as they showed up with the job finished. 











Agent Dossier: Kestrel

Specializations: Explosives/Demolition, Smith/Armorer, Trainer

Species: [NA]

Story Synopsis: Agent Kestrel is a rogue robot that, prior to being repurposed for The Discord Sect, was lowkey a mixed martial arts fighter in underground fighting. His hard drive is mostly shot when Thane found him wandering the streets of present day New York City, which means that the majority of his past memories are shot. What remains of it are mainly personality files, information on martial arts techniques, and his strange affinity for explosives of all kinds.

Appearance: Stands at 6 foot 7 inches tall, and weighs 10 and a half tons. His chassis is a mixture of tungsten and chrome painted with a matte black finish. It is incredibly worn from many years of wear and tear. His facial plating is severely damaged, and a skull has been etched into it by Agent Patchwork, giving Kestrel a zombie like appearance.



Kestrel has a vast collection of knowledge on countless weapons and how they’re used. He also specializes in demolition and explosives. On top of that, the bot knows all different forms of martial arts. He’s also been observed to have immense strength, capable of stopping a train at  full tilt with both hands, as well as speeds up to 75 miles per hour.




Agent Dossier:  Ozai

Specializations: An assassin, but also a bit of a wildcard.

Species: Foldling[???]

Story Synopsis: We know only what he told us, and what he told us was very...very little. He says he comes from a place called The Fold on the planet Ravka. He says it is a tear in the reality of the world where a nearly impenetrable swath of darkness lays. It grows every year and contains countless unnamed horrors. When asked about his personal background, he said, “I was ostracized as a monster, and thusly I became one.”

Appearance: Ozai is a lean figure that Stands at 5’7. Typically you can find him clad in a gritty looking leather get-up. The man looks like he’s a BDSM enthusiast, and his mask is a pearl white with the right eye constantly dripping what he calls liquid darkness. Without the suit and mask, Ozai is a slightly built white male with jet black eyes, and deep neon blue eyes. While wearing the mask, his eyes appear to be inky black, much like the tears dripping from his right eye.


His core ability is what he calls Siphon.

Siphon- a process in which Ozai can utilize to briefly steal another person’s ability. If he can kill that person, he keeps the ability forever, as well as any knowledge that the person had. As to what kinds of abilities he can steal, we haven’t really tested that yet. He told us that there hasn’t been a single time in combat where Siphon hasn’t been useful.

Abilities he has siphoned include:

Heartrending: Control of another person’s internal organs, including the heart(hence the name). He can use this to aid someone(make their heart rate slow so that they can calm down) or to kill someone dead. All he needs to do this is eyesight on the other person for several seconds. With something he calls an amplifier, he can cause a mass of people to drop dead just using eyesight alone. Thankfully he hasn’t found an amplifier yet.


Fabrikator: Control & full knowledge of materials, including metals, as well as various chemicals. He claims it’s useful for bomb making, and poison making. Not specifically in that order.


Tidemaking: Drawing moisture out of the air & the manipulation of water. He likes to use this to turn his body into a thin and hard to see vapor, just to scout ahead. He also uses tidemaking in tandem with a teleportation ability he uses through The Fold.


Copycat: An interesting ability no doubt, Ozai learned how to copy another person’s movements perfectly, and to store them in muscle memory.

Chronospike- An ability gained from killing an Infinity. When activated, time slows to a screeching halt, but doesn't affect Ozai or anyone else he chooses. This ability requires some channeling that can be interrupted, but once activated it stays on until Ozai wishes to switch it off. It doesn't typically work against others who are either immune to the effects of time or can manipulate time themselves.

 As long as The Fold exists, Ozai comes back from death within a week.


Agent Dossier: Thane

Species: Infinity

Specializations: Clean up, various odd jobs, "double agent", fighter(if need be)

Story Synopsis: His background before the Midnight Syndicate was a brutal one. The man had a gift of seeing things before they happened, which interested The Syndicate; however, they don’t allow mortals, much less human beings, to join them. So instead, they gave him a choice. After the man was possessed and forced to slaughter his entire town, he was placed at his mother’s house. The gun to her temple, he suddenly came to his senses after the demon left the body. An agent from The Syndicate stopped time, and told him he could either die and go to hell for his actions...or he can be granted the gift of immortality. Of course, he chose immortality, but he didn’t know the Rite he had to take to be initiated as an Infinity. After choosing, he was forced to carve the still beating heart out of his mother’s chest cavity, and to eat it entirely. Reluctantly, he did. He had to. After this, he became an Infinity.

Appearance: Broad in the shoulders and chest area. Well built, but without meat or flesh. His form is hidden behind a black suit and tie, along with a white shirt. His teeth are gnashed together and are as sharp as pikes.Smoke rolls up from his eye sockets. He's a solid six foot tall.



Manipulation of time

Fear inducement, manipulation, and empowerment.

His bones are ludicrously resilient to all kinds of different attacks, and they are  extremely dense despite being a hollowed skeleton.

Tar generation/manipulation(mostly capable of spewing tar out from his maw)

Darkness generation/manipulation

Extreme levels of strength and speed, more than Kestrel even.

Natural weaponry(claws and teeth)

Retroactive Immortality(after breaking the Rite that The Syndicate made him do, he keeps his immortality to a certain degree. The deity doesn’t age, but he can now be killed if one can get at the pocket watch he has.)



Agent Dossier: Mako

Alias: The Revenant Sentinel.

Species: [NA]

Specialization: Technology specialist. In a way, he’s consider a technomancer. There isn’t a piece of machinery or software he’s got a hold of that he hasn’t been able to control to its fullest. Without Mako, it would be difficult to know as much knowledge as The Discord Sect knows now. He can also act as fighter if need be, sent out to kill certain demonic entities controlled by The Syndicate. 

Story Synopsis: The peculiar cyborg has never told us anything about his backstory. All that we know, is that he was astonishingly guilt-ridden when Terminus plucked him off the streets. Terminus and him kinda sorta kicked it off after awhile, but he hasn’t yet told her of what happened before he arrived in our plane.

Appearance: Mako stands at 5’10 and weighs 310 pounds. He typically wears a black tank-top and a pair of jeans around Discord Sect’s headquarters, but when in public he makes sure to wear dark tinted sunglasses and a long sleeve shirt of some kind. The reason he tries to stay low-key out in public is because his body is covered in different logos from the companies that sponsored him, as he says. Below the logos are textile etches of a maze covering his body from head to toe. Upon the top of his hands, are two dartboards with rings that switch from clockwise to counter-clockwise when he’s in combat.



Technomancy(He can interface with all kinds of different technology, and can utilize them how he sees fit)

Strength(capable of lifting and tossing roughly 3 tons up to 15+ meters away)

Speed(capable of dodging bullets fired from most handguns.)

Eye for an eye- Mako’s body has a way of generating energy based off the respective joules he’s struck with from an attack. Typically, in combat, he allows himself to be hit so that he can generate more energy for his next attack.


Ionizing Cannons- His arms can shift into twin deadly cannons capable of ionizing particles upon impact. From what he’s shown us, they can blow through 6 feet of concrete with a single shot. The cannons use up quite a bit of his energy with each shot, and can fire 3 from each before he has to recharge himself.


Labyrinth Irises- They give him a heads-up display so that he can monitor his vital signs, and his energy levels. He can use the irises to check up on system settings and diagnostics. He’s also able to access the internet from them, with an untraceable IP address. He claims that they also give him the ability to see in ultra violet and infrared, and he can see when magic is being used.


Electrical Currents- Mako sends out deadly bolts of electricity with enough voltage to kill an elephant. According to him, he can manipulate these currents so that they can spread from one hostile to another without having them needing to be close to each other.



Agent Dossier: Terminus

Specialization: Recruiter(with her particular skill set, she’s an absolute must have for the team) Although her time on the streets has taught her quite a bit about fighting, and Terminus can act as a fighter, she's so incredibly important to The Sect that all she's able to do is go out and find new recruits.

Species: Audioslave

Story Synopsis: Terminus is a dimensional drifter. She belonged to a planet sized city located in a dimension she dubs “The Ethereal”. In that city, many people with her ability were used as slaves. Audioslaves, as she said herself, were used to generate the power for different sections of the city. They were also used as test subjects for new drugs and foods to approve of. To say she didn’t have parents would be a lie. She did have parents, but when they found out of her ability to warp and to use sound as not only a weapon but also as a healing aid, they sent her to an institution where she would be processed. The city thrives off of the sounds Audioslaves can make, as well as their natural aura that they can use to warp from place to place. Her story truly begins when she was being transferred to another section of the city, but the Grid System screwed up, and the truck got into a crash with another vehicle. Dozens of Audioslaves died in that truck, but she was saved. Not to mention- the dampener system in the truck that kept her from using her abilities was offline! She escaped, and lived on the streets for years until she warped to another dimension.


Dimensional warping(She has special access to a little slice of dimension, and she uses that dimension to look at the endless amounts of other dimensions to warp to. This is what makes her a valuable asset to the team- she can warp to other dimensions, and find new recruits for The Discord Sect.)

Sound- She can create beats and utilize sound to kill and destroy, but can also use them to speed up the body’s natural healing process. This is why she has speakers in her jacket, and headphones on her head usually at all times. She can also use the sound to propel herself forward and make her go faster.

No sound too loud, no sound too quiet- She has SPECTACULAR hearing, and one might think if she has sensitive hearing than she’d go deaf if she heard a sound too loud. That would be a false assumption. Not only can she hear a pin drop from up to 30+ miles away, but decibels far beyond 1000 decibels wouldn’t make her deaf. If anything, the noise would make her giddy with energy.

Audioslave Physiology- As an Audioslave, Terminus feeds off of noise. It only makes her more powerful. She’s immune to poison and diseases or viruses. She’s also kinda sorta immune to the noises she and other audioslaves can make. She can hear the noises she can make, but she cannot feed off of her own audio. Another note is that audioslaves live much longer than human beings do, but can be wounded and killed like a human can(for the most part)


Terminus stands at 5’3 and weighs 135 pounds. Her skin is pale white and her hair is a deep pink with strands that hang down into her face. She has cerulean irises that are almost always dilated. She wears a jacket that’s a couple of sizes too big, and looks similar to a firefighter’s jacket. It’s loaded with pockets on the inside that hold speakers. The jacket is bulletproof. She wears a pair of skinny jeans that are black, and punk boots that lace up to her upper shin.

Other notes:

Terminus has a pet.

The pet is vicious and in a fit of hysteria typically.

It only really likes her, but to everyone else it is spiteful.

Its name is Disco Hysteria. 

Prism alt outfit (2).jpg

Agent Dossier: Prism

Specialization: Fighter(and a good one at that)

Species: ???

Story Synopsis: He comes from a place called Zion. He appears to be humanoid, but has quite a few traits that make him an excellent fighter for Discord Sect. He claims to have been leading the charge for a group of freedom fighters against a tyrannical nigh omnipotent leader known as Zeta-Prime, and against all odds, he won. Prism usurped the throne, and the people took him in as their leader. It isn’t till after several years of ruling that he said he needed to visit a place called ‘Earth’ to look for a loved one of his called ‘Pixia’. While searching for her, he picked up a lot of unnecessary attention from The Midnight Syndicate. They dispatched a group of Dice to kill him, but he wiped the floor with them. Shortly afterwards, Terminus spotted him in a meadow in Ireland. She told him of The Midnight Syndicate, and how The Discord Sect planned on ending their power play over items and assassinations, as well as their slaughtering of anyone that plans on getting in their way. Just like that, Prism joined.

Appearance: His body is lean and lithe, like an acrobat’s build. He was found wearing a flowing crimson coat/duster with various ornate chains hanging from his back. Wrapped around his neck and chest is a vermillion scarf. Although he doesn’t typically wear the mask as it isn’t necessary, at times he donned the strange bunny mask he wears. The mask is oval shaped with very pointy ears. It’s eyes and mouth appear to be amused, and the eyes are like two crescent moons, crinkled in laughter, with the mouth grinning. Without the mask on, you’ll see what looks like a very young man, perhaps 16 or 17 years of age, with a cleanly shaven head and no beard. One eye is the color of blood, while the other a swirling indigo. Black diamonds are painted over both eyes over the skin, and when his eyes are closed it can be hard to tell if he has eyes or not.


Photo kinetic constructs- Constructs of solid light that move and act however Prism wishes them to.

Light generation- Creation of light if none exists.
Light manipulation(Self explanatory)

Color manipulation

Sense of empathy- Can feel other’s emotions like they are his own. It can be helpful, but it can also be a hindrance.

Gift of Knowledge- Apparently the son of a God in Zion, Prism can gift others with anything he knows, while still keeping his own.

Superhuman agility and speed- If a gatling gun fired at him, Prism can dodge the first volley of bullets, but wouldn’t be able to keep it up for very long.

Various Occult Arts

While outside of Zion, Prism has to gather his energy from the sunlight. He can gather energy from the lights in the night stars and the moonlight, but it’s not really a ‘full meal’.

Hyper Regeneration- Prism proved to be very durable during training. Kestrel went as far as to tear Prism’s arm from its socket. Not only did the man continue fighting, but he also managed to heal the arm back over the course of a few minutes.

ADDENDUM: Evidently, while in Zion, Prism has countless other abilities. He’s practically a God there. 

 Other notes:

Prism came to Earth with a companion given to him by his sister, Orinoco to remind him of what he has at home. Said companion goes by the name Shiloh and is an incredibly cute little furry animal native to Zion. As cute as she might look, Shiloh has pretty potent offensive capabilities, and isn't to be trifled with.

Plus Prism would gut you for trying to kill her. 


Agent Dossier: Kyne

Specialization: The leader of this little family.

Species: Guardian

Story Synopsis: Being a Guardian(and the only Guardian) Kyne’s duty was a simple one. Protect the order of nature on his planet. Things were all well and peachy,  but then The Midnight Syndicate arrived in force. They overran the planet, and began a mass eradication of the Guardians. They were searching for someone. They were searching for someone. They were searching for him. Not only did they find him, but they took him away from his burning planet. As soon as they got back to their headquarters, they brainwashed him. They turned Kyne into a vicious killer to work for them. He was an official member of The Syndicate. Several years after the slaughtering of his people when he underwent a change. Typically, back on his planet, there were no seasons; however, since he was so in touch with nature, Kyne changed with the seasons. With the seasons, his appearance changed, as well as his abilities or powers. Thane, who had been looking for a way to rid himself of The Syndicate for good, spent a good couple of years diligently working on reversing the damage The Syndicate did to Kyne. To make a long story short, Thane and Kyne both managed to free themselves from The Syndicate and form their own little group, officially dubbed The Discord Sect.



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  • (Alrighty! No worries on the starter. I'm patient and super backed up on replies at the moment anyway lol)

  • Militant Golems? Possibly Iron. They were the only ones that even understood mikitary like strategies. But a loud rumbling noise came from the golem as he saw Shiloh...

    What a amazing creature that was! He wanted one! Could he keep it?! No. He needed to calm down.. yes... calm. Looking to her he offered his hand down for Shiloh. He simply wanted a closer look..
  • The thoughts still lingered. He kept walking all the same. Regardless to which theory held true, whether it was the familiar hell raiser or not, there wasn't much else he could. If he would've been smarter perhaps, he would have had the firearm from three years prior tucked into his belt. Given that it meant turning around to retrieve it from the wall of weapons, he would test his luck on said theories. couldn't be. The memories were hazy. How would he have returned to this world anyways? What had happened once the two split?

    He should have known better. Of all the traits Nine carried, predictability was hardly one of them. As the mercenary walked the city seemed still. Far too still for the time of night. As minutes passed one by one he would hear the sirens of squad cars. None seeming close enough for worry he kept on walking. Then another. And another. They echoed through the city streets as they tracked down one massacred building after another. Kei's ears quivered irritably and he looked towards the sound as if the building in front of him were transparent. A few more steps into the alley and he smelled blood. Ears flattened at the first mess to be discovered. He assumed male. Younger guys. That was about all he could decipher from the heap of carnage upon the ground. A pit was forming quickly in his stomach, Gravity was setting in a tad heavier.


    He looked onward with a null feeling to each of the murders. Slaughters. Massacres. That'd be the word. He didn't shy away from the sight by any means but the unease of what it meant caused the hair on the back of his neck to raise. It was. Had to be... nothing else left a mark like this, even if he'd never seen the doll do it to such a magnitude before. Once again, if Kei were a smart man he would be back at the theatre. Maybe out of the city with the rate in which things were happening. Another siren. It seemed whatever law enforcement had was out on the streets trying to keep up. Kei's city was burning.

    "Bloody fucking hell..." His raspy voice cursed under his breath. For ease of travel the curse was suppressed. A less-than-enthused face was present under the mask of a skull. Shock on his face, an anxiety he couldn't place running through his nerves. Was he a humanitarian all of a sudden? Hardly. But he was moving quicker now, initial goal for the night left on hiatus. He all but jogged through the alleys, making sure all weapons hidden as people ran by from the sites. When he reached the building he had beaten the cops by some miracle. Blue hues caught the door's non-existent doorway, first. Secondly they swept over the markings upon the outside. He hardly knew what to make of it, but he had his destination. With a glance to the left and right he ran forward, slipping into the building.

    Closing his eyes as blackened dust took over his face, they opened as hollow sockets that peered around the interior. As he walked he stepped over bodies left. Not stopping to avoid blood where it settled on the floor. His ears rung at the sound of the gunshots overhead. Up a couple flight of stairs he'd reach the doorway in which carried the sound. Stepping out he- No, that's a fucking terrible idea, Kei. Put a bullet in your head why don't you?

    "Nine, you fucker, is that you!?" Kei called out. Subtle? No. The tone was hesitant. Lighter than the usual, carrying the sort of appeal that was meant to get on somebody's good side. When had the cat ever managed to do that with anybody?

  • Diya waited patiently for her to choose a color, her eyes focused on the spools....but when the question came up, she simply nodded. She couldn't speak at all. Her vocal cords were not fully developed, causing her to only be able to wheeze, cough, and breathe. A very unfortunate life for her, but it was a life nonetheless. And she needed to live it to the fullest. Placing down the jacket into her lap, she shifted through some of the thicker needles needed for the job. A normal one wouldn't go through this type of material. And plus, Diya would need to be careful of the cords and speakers inside. That shouldn't be hard though,,,

  • Terakali doesn't let go, but he doesn't feel like it anyway. He already deflected your other arm and his own hand prevented him from seeing the gripped on change. Instead, he just stares into your eyes from mere inches away, your past sins reflected in those newly red orbs.


    Trevor remains hidden, just observing the others fight. It's also worth noting that he can manipulate and feel all four elements, and his weakest is water, not air.

    So he knows you're now two people, even if he doesn't know which one is real.

    The ghouls are using their organs, specifically the Ghoul only organ that opens their kagune, but its debatable whether it counts since it doesn't really move or act. It mostly just contains blood and other fluids.

    Regardless of whether you detect them or not, their tentacles shoot forward in an attempt to impale you from a fairly large 10 ft distance.

  • Terakali takes your punch with equal ineffectiveness, but he does slam his free hand down towards it to divert the ion cannon blast. He saw what those things did, and wasn't gonna be happy about a point blank one.

    Trevor monitors you from below, slightly annoyed that the concrete of the building counted as both water and earth due to being concrete.

    Ugh... I hate water.

    It was more than just an arbitrary distaste since he powers were literally weaker when dealing with it. He just monitors you, feeling any vibrations along the ground while also checking in on the remainder of his party.

    Lastly, there were the ghouls and your launched ice spikes. But you see, there's an inherent flaw with all projectile attacks.

    They could only be as effective as the materials they were made from.

    As large and as powerful as the things truly were, they shatter on impact and spray around them, the ghouls using the cover formed by the ice shower as a way to disguise their rapid approach.

  • (Yeah. He gripped your electrically charged punch, absorbing the electricity without issue, while throwing his own.)

  • It didn't really matter when or where you showed up, because Trevor wasn't where he was anymore either. With a simple hand gesture, the ground rose up around him and sucked him beneath the surface. He might not have the skills or strength to fight you, but if you couldn't hit him and he could, he would eventually win.

    Cheap, yes. Effective, also yes, usually.

    The twins wouldn't try and attack, but rather wait for you to. They were actually used to opponents their attacks had little effect on since Ghouls were capable of surviving just about anything if they had food. So, they just stood on opposite sides of you, their tentacles waving around menacingly.

    Terakali smiles, a whole appearing within his body as the beam cuts directly through him without bursting.

    "That wasn't very nice."

    (What happened to his attack? You didn't acknowledge it?)

  • Diya looked towards Terminus when she began to talk to her. Something about a patch job? She could do that. Once the coat was on the counter, she had to slide under the table to grab the thicker threads. The request was something simple. Her eyes cast towards her once again, seeming like she had some secrets hidden within this coat, though she said nothing out it. The only thing missing was the color that Term wanted for the heart, which was going to be laid out in front of her. The colors were assorted from spools in the order of the rainbow, and even black and gray were there too. Some other lighter colors of the rainbow were there. Needless to say, she had even single color you could think of in that box and counter.

  • (Sure that sounds great, I'll go with the flow of whatever you toss my way~ We'll figure out something. Looking forward to a starter!)

This reply was deleted.

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