"His name is Jason Todd, currently #6 on Interpols most wanted list.  Some people call him Red Hood, and, yes, he could most definitely kill you with that toy gun he has pointed at your head."











EIGHTEEN                                                            (no longer ages due to Lazarus Infused biology)








 Jason Peter "Rojo" Todd

-Born in Crime Alley, Gotham City.  His "mother" Catherine was a drug addict, his dad Willis was a crook and an asshole.  The kind of man that would beat the shit out of Jason when he tried to step between him and his mom, tried to protect her from him.  Fuck.. still, the man tried to make time for him.  Tried to make it up, in his way.  Even taught Jason to work the corner, and seemed proud of him for it.  But Jason could barely stand to look at himself in the mirror.  Most night he didn't sleep at all -- too busy , worring his mom was going to choke on her own vomit in the middle of the night, worrying his dad was gonna make good on his threat to use the gun he kept on the kitchen table to rid himself of his two bigges mistakes.. But.. one day, Willis was arrested, and they were told he died in jail.  Leaving Jason alone with his mother - who tended to space out for days at a time... he was only twelve years old, looking after the two of them.  Stealing what he could to make sure they ate, from whoever he could.  He never hurt anybody..if he could help it.. but he got his ass kicked more times than once.  He was forced to bathe his mom, change her clothes, even feed her..

He became the man of the house, fought off her dealers when they came banging on the door for money they didn't have.. 

Then, one night, he found her dead of an overdose.

Two years later, two years of hell on the streets and the death of his mother, he came upon his salvation, although it wasn't in the way he'd expected... the Batmobile, parked in an alley.  Brand new tires, old hubcaps.  Big bucks, staring him right in the face.  Setting to work with a crowbar, he managed to get one tire off - and was in the process of taking off another when he was caught in the act by the caped crusader himself.

Rather than run, he attacked Batman with his crowbar.  Annnd lasted all of three seconds.  But rather than turn Jason in, he... Batman asked if he was hungry.

For the first time in a long time, he shared a meal with someone.  He ate until he was full, and he was happy.  After a long talk with Batman, in which he refused to have anything to do with Social Services, Jason agreed to enroll in a boarding school for troubled kids, Ma Gunn's School for Boys.  Normally, a place like that would put kids like Jason on the straight and narrow.. but this schools curriculum was a little.. irregular.

The kids who attended were being.. trained.  For crime, of all things. It didn't take Jason long to figure this out, and within the hour he was gone.  But he couldn't leave it alone - after contacting Batman to inform him of the schools true motives, he headed back to to the school to dismantle the entire fucked up place, brick by brick.

By the time Batman showed up, Jason was already inside.  Already fighting, and he was..winning.  Batman saw something in him that night, although it was raw and untrained.  Something that could be honed.

So Batman told him everything, about Bruce Wayne, about the manor, about Alfred.  He offered to adopt Jason, and to train him to take up the mantle of Robin even though he was only 14 years old -- his predecesor had been younger--  to fight by his side to clean up Gotham.








It was the best job in the world.

Being Robin.  Kicking thugs asses night after night with the mother fuckin' Batman! 

But there was no denying the violent streak in him, the anger that grew in his heart like living fire.  Jason believes it a poison, capable of spreading to everyone around him, making them sick.  Just like he's sick.

Yet, he was happy with Bruce.  With Batman, and happier still when he was fighting.  He believed he was born for it.. 

But there was always that voice in the back of his mind, whispering to him that he would only ever be second best to Dick Grayson, a fuckin' pity-case.

Shortly into his tenure as the new Robin, while interrogating Two-Face, otherwise known as Harvey Dent, the man revealed the answer to a question Jason didn't even know he'd been craving an answer too... Why did his father, why did Willis Todd never come back to them after he was let out of prison?

The short answer? Two-Face killed Jason's dad - and he rubbed it in Jason's face.

Jason's fury overcame him, and he beat the man within an inch of his life... there was nothing he wanted more than to kill him.. rid the world of the filth, once and for all.  But in the end, he did right by his mentor and allowed the police to arrest the maniac, ultimately knowing it was a futile gesture.  That Two-Face would be back on the streets of Gotham again in no time at all.







The realization awakened something within Jason, and he grew increasingly violent towards his opponents, going out of his way to break their bones, to make them bleed, to maim them when there were other options.  He claimed they deserved no less, seeing as they were willing to do far worse to their victims.

Fifteen and a half years old, he'd never killed anyone.. even though he believed it would've have been a fitting punishment for most of Gotham's criminals, there was always part of him that wanted to make Bruce proud.  To prove that he could be the light to Batman's darkness, like Robin should be.. 

He always held himself back from taking that final, crucial step that would forever taint him with darkness.. 

Until he tried to take down the scumbag known as Felipe Garzonas, son of Jose Garzonas- the ambassador of Bogatago.  One night, out on patrol, Jason caught him raping a young woman and rushed to her rescue, took Felipe down, and had him arrested.  Too bad the gloriously inept GCPD wouldn't do anything for the victim, Gloria.  It was his word against hers.

Even if they had the evidence to prove he'd kidnapped Gloria, assaulted her, and resisted arrest-- the guy was rolling around with diplomatic immunity.  Forty-five minutes later he was released without so much as a stern talkin' too.  Free to hurt whoever he wanted.  Free to hurt Gloria again -- she was so distraught they they had to sedate her.  She spent the night in the hospital.

Jason wanted to give that man a taste of his own medicine.  But his mentor wasn't blind, he could see the rage building within Jason, and he was about to burst..  so Bruce assured him that if they couldn't get the man for what he did to Gloria, they'd find another way, and that's just what they did.  Returning to HQ, they set to work and quickly discovered that the C.I.A suspected Felipe's father Jose of smuggling cocaine into the U.S and acted on it, staking him out for a full week.  Jason fighting with himself the entire time -- fighting against every instinct to break cover-- and break Felipe.

Bruce used the whole ordeal as a teaching moment -- trying to instill within Jason the virtue of patience.  But Jason ignored the lesson, ignored Bruce, focused on the apartment building across the street.  Just as he was about to voice that maybe this whole exercise was a waste of time, they caught sight of Felipe slipping into a limo with two bodyguards.

They followed Felipe straight to his supplier -- and swiftly dismantled the entire operation, taking down several drug dealers in one fell swoop.  Once again, Bruce trusted in the law -- he had them arrested.  But not before offering Felipe up to Jason like he was a hungry dog, and Felipe the steak.  Jason begged for Felipe to resist -- so that Jason could hurt him, but the scumbag was too much of a coward. At least, this time, Felipe was booked and was due to be deported, but in the meantime he was yet again allowed to go free.  Because of his father, the GCPD couldn't hold him.  Felipe gloated - the law protected him as much as it hindred them, he even had the balls to call his last victim, Gloria, from the Police Headquarters.  Promised he'd see her later that same night.

In a panic, he called her -- but the phone rang, and rang, and rang... there was no answer...

Rushing to her apartment, he banged on the door.  There was no answer; Bruce kicked it down.  Jason's heart was pounding in his chest, each beat like a thunderclap, growing quicker and stronger the closer he got to her bedroom.  Before he even reached out to touch the door, he knew something was horribly, horribly wrong.

What he saw upon opening the door has been with him ever since, waiting for him everytime he closes his eyes.  Gloria, hung like a marionette from her ceiling fan.  She'd been so fragile, so afraid... and Jason blamed himself.  But he blamed Felipe more.

While Bruce placed a call with the police, Jason slipped away from him.  Back to Felipe's apartment.  He found the man enjoying a drink, looking relatively at ease with his situation.  He was making toasts -- to the good life, to the cocaine, to the women, chief among them being Gotham city.  Jason overheard him saying maybe one day he'd come back and see her again, as he slipped out onto the balcony. 

In that moment, Jason decided he wouldn't allow it.  He decided Felipe was never going to see Bogatago, let alone have the chance to return to Gotham.  Calling the man's name, Jason waited for him to turn -- and shoved him hard.  Felipe toppled over the railing easily, screaming as he fell to his death.

Bruce arrived just in time to see Felipe fall, but he didn't see Jason push the man -- nor did Jason have the heart to admit that he failed as Robin, again -- but Jason could tell by the way the man tightened his jaw beneath the cowl that he knew.  Jason couldn't meet his gaze.

When Bruce gently inquired whether the man fell -- or if he was pushed, Jason turned away. 

"I guess I spooked him.  He slipped.

Since finding Gloria's body after her suicide, since pushing Felipe to his death, all the progress he'd made, keeping his anger in check, not going too far.. scrubbed away.  He fell into a spiral of violence.  He barely slept, patrolled night after night in order to stomp the life out of his ghosts by pounding the piss out of petty crooks, thugs, and gangsters.

Bruce was scared for him.. worried of the growing darkness within Jason.. thought he needed someone to babysit him.   Didn't matter that she was retired -- she agreed readily.  

Batgirl.  Barbara Gordon.  Jason respected her - but at the time she was only standing in his way, a symbol of Bruce's mistrust in his own training.  In Jason.. At least, that's the way he saw it - so he slipped away from his "babysitter" the first opportunity he could.   

A few weeks later, Bruce had Jason assist him in taking down a kiddie-porn ring.  Just eight men, nothing difficult.  They had a plan, to wait, to collaborate with Gordon on the initial strike... but Jason lost his cool and charged in after only a few hours.  With Batmans aid, they easily dismantled the operation - put the scumbags behind bars.  But Bruce started to see the changes in Jason.. he was moody, and resentful, and basically refused to ever talk about his parents, yet he still cried over their picture.. 

Bruce, coming to the conclusion- while conversing with his oldest friend and Butler, Alfred- that he might've allowed Jason to become Robin too quickly-- before he had the chance to process his mothers death, his fathers death.. mused that Jason was being removed from active-duty immediately.  Little did either of them knew, Jason was there, listening the entire time.  He burst into the room, wondering if he'd get a say in his own fate.  After a short, brief argument, in which Bruce offered to help Jason through his pain by talking about his parents -- Jason felt ashamed, embarassed, and furious all at once.  He slapped Bruce's hand away, saying; "If you want to talk, talk to Alfred."

3841161919?profile=RESIZE_710xThree hours later, he found himself back in Crime Alley, outside his old haunt.   Looking up at the shabby brown apartment building, memories trickling by behind his eyes as he remembered Willis and Catherine.  So absorbed in his own thoughts that it took a few times for him to realize someone was calling his name.  He looked up, into the friendly smiling face of one of his old neighbours, Mrs. Walker.  A large woman with a larger heart.

After inviting him inside, she informed Jason that the landlord sold off all his parents shit-- all his shit-- when no one came to claim possession of it after his parents death.  But she did manage to save him a few things, old papers and photographs--though some of it was water-damaged from a leaky roof.  He was overjoyed, grinning the entire way back to Wayne Manor, back to his room, where he preceded to dump the contents of the box across his bed.

Contained within were numerous pictures of of his parents, a few of the three of them, where they even looked happy.  There was a deed for an acre of land in Virginia, a lapsed insurancy policy, some of his old grade school report cards -- straight A's, bitch --  his birth certificate, a small black address book that once belonged to his father.

Upon closer examination of his birth certificate - he felt his heart drop into his groin.  His fathers name was Willis Todd, it was written down.  His name was there; Jason Peter Todd.  His mother's name was Catherine Todd.  Although the ink was smudged by aformentioned water damage, the letter at the beginning of his mothers name was clearly an  S.

He didn't know what to make of of it at first.  Possibly, it was a mistake? But that didn't seem likely, not when everything else on it was correct, even his birthday being August 16th... did that mean the woman he took care of - who was really supposed to take care of him - wasn't his real mom? That his real mom could be out there somewhere, alive and well? 

Thrumming with excitement, he searched his fathers adress book for women who's first name started with 'S' and came up with three names, however, deducing that their adresses were several years out of date he slipped into the cave sprawling beneath Wayne Manor and used the computer to track them down.  It took him all night, but he discovered they were out of the country, in the Middle East and in Africa.

Sharmin Rosen, Israel.  Emigrated from America, currently working for the Israeli Secret Service.  Shiva Woosan - he couldn't find out much about her, only that she was suspected of being a mercenary, and was last seen in Lebanon.  Dr. Shayla Harwood, leading famine relief efforts in Ethiopia.

He knew he had to find them - he needed answers - but he knew Bruce would say he's in no shape for that type of investigation right now, so he opted to keep the entire operation a secret.  He believed he couldn't depend on anyone, but he was thankful to Bruce for providing him with numerous credit cards, that he would use to finance the mission to find his true mother.

After booking a first class flight to Israel, Jason first tried to use official channels in order to request information from the government regarding Sharmin's whereabouts.  Understandably, they refused to divulge anything.  She was a secret agent after all.  He couldn't fault them that - but he wasn't about to give up, so he snuck into military base and hacked into one of their computers, scouring any files he could that had to do with Sharmin Rosen.  He was desperate to find her.

 The only thing he could find was that Sharmin was out-of-country - because of course she was - staying at a hotel in the capitol of Lebanon, Beirut.  Hopping from plane, to plane, he made his way there and tracked her down.. only to cross paths with his mentor, Bruce Wayne.  The man got the drop on him -- demanded to know what exactly Jason was doing there.  So Jason told him.. everything.  About Mrs. Walker, about the box full of his parents personal papers, about the adress book with the three names, all beginning with the letter S.  He let Bruce in on his plan, figuring that since the man was there to help him, it should be easy -- 

Bruce's expression changed, and the man told him about the Joker, how the American government was seizing his assets wherever they could, with Bruces aid, how Bruce had tracked him here all the way from Gotham city, after his recent escape from Arkham Aslyum.  Bruce discovered the man had a cruise missile that he was planning to sell to a group of terrorists in order to make quick cash, which made him a priority.  More so than Jason.

It hurt to hear it, but he understood.  Even if he was a little hard on Bruce. 

To this day he still doesn't know whether it was irony or fate that the man Bruce was tracking down in order to get to the Joker - Peter Brando - was with the agent that Jason himself was seeking.  So it seemed they'd be working together after all.. 

As one, like they used to do back in Gotham City, they shadowed Sharmin and Peter to an encampment near the Israeli Border using jet-powered gliders, to find the Joker himself, the group of terrorists he was planning to sell a nuclear weapon too, the woman who could be Jason's mom -- and the cruise missle in all it's radioactive glory.

They struck hard and fast from the shadows, taking out the overconfident terrorists with ease, with a little assistance from Sharmin.  She was after all a trained agent working for the Secret Service -- but like many wielding guns, the weight of steel in her hand made her overconfident and she forgot to check her six, allowing her to get grabbed by Peter Brando, who had no idea of her true allegiance was furious at her seeming betrayal. 

Losing all semblance of self control, Jason charged the man -- he didn't give a damn if he'd been shot and killed.  He had to save that woman.. but his intervention wasn't even necessary.  A moment later, and Sharmin put Brandon on the ground.  Before Peter could get up, Jason broke the man's nose and made sure he stayed on the ground for a good long while.

Amidst the chaos, however, one of the terrorist had managed to slip away to the cruise missile, keyed in the coordinates for Tel Aviv, and pressed the big red fuck you button.  The rocket blew up right then - right there.  Luckily,  the Warhead didn't go off during the explosion.. but the Joker was nowhere to be seen when the dust settled.  At least Sharmin was okay..

As thanks for saving her life, and saving her country, Sharmin promise to do whatever she could -- but Bruce deferred to Jason, and he was only interested in one thing -- whether or not she had ever had a child in Gotham City.

Much to Jason's dismay, she assured him that she had not, and he felt his heart sink.  But he wasn't totally disheartened, he still had two other names to cross off.  Shiva Woosan, and Dr. Sheila Haywood.

Making their way back to Beirut with Sharmin in tow, they bid the woman farewell and went their separate ways.  Bruce paid for a hotel so they could rest - at least, that was the plan.  Bruce put in a call to one of his C.I.A. contacts, Ralph Bundy, to have the man track down Shiva for them.

Two hours later, they had intel that the alleged mercenary was staying in the Hotel Blu, a dive his mentor seemed familiar with.  Yet, upon reaching it and asking the clerk at the front desk for Shiva's room number, the man seemed surprised, and informed them that she was missing.  Following a brief investigation, they discovered that she was kidnapped by a group of men armed with machine guns, right off the fuckin' streets.  A very common thing, apparently.

Bruce suspected the Shiites were responsible, so they beat on local criminals until one was able to tell them where the radical Shiites were camped out, at Pashar Pass in the Bekaa Valley.

Slipping into disguises from two recently and personally incapacitated guards, Jason slipped into the camp, following Bruce's lead -- they slowly whittled down the number of terrorists from 20-- to 0.  But it was easy -- too easy, and there was no sign of Shiva anywhere.  Until she was right behind them -- moving like the evening breeze, Jason will readily admit she took him out with a single strike.  When he came too, maybe thirty seconds later, he witnessed something he'd honestly never seen before -- a near equal to Batman. 

Shiva-- Lady Shiva, was a master martial artist who could dish it out as well as take it.


Jason was torn -- did he help his mentor, or did he help the woman who might've been his mother?-- it was a split second hesitation.  Within the next, he was slamming the sole of his foot into the weak-point at Shiva's knee, causing her to lose her balance.  Bruce took advantage, knocking her out cold.

They cuffed her, set a time delayed charge in the terrorsits ammo hut, chucked their unconscious bodies into a ditch, and dragged Lady Shiva off with them for interrogation.  She wasn't cooperative, because why would she be? She proclaimed that she had dropped litters in every corner of the globe, laughing.

Luckily Bruce had a feeling that the mercenary wouldn't cooperate -- he came prepared with a syringe of sodium pentathol, and although it made him very uncomfortable, revulted him even, he injected Shiva with the truth serum and asked her one more time whether or not she had ever had a child.

She said no, much to Jason's growing disappointment-- although he wouldn't have wanted a mother like Lady Shiva, anyway.  Two names crossed off, one to go.  Dr. Sheila Haywood.  Inspite of the two let downs he'd already had, Jason was somewhat excited to be nearing the end of his mission.

They waited with Shiva until the drugs wore off, lest she become prey to the desert or some other opportunistic creature.  Then, they left her there - bound, of course.  Fortunately for her, it wasn't against the law in Lebanon to train terrorists, so Bruce decided he wasn't going to have her arrested, but they weren't going to help her out anymore than they already had, waiting for the truth serum to wear off her.

Next stop; Ethiopia.  A small, refugee camp just outside Magdala.  Bruce had mused, seemingly to himself "Death and Starvation cast a long shadow across this land.." and he was right.  Thousands of hungry, sick soulds flocked into the refugee camp by the day, seeking food, shelter, medical attention, while the rest of the world sat on their haunches and watched.

Aside from sending a check once they were back in Gotham City again, though, there was little either Bruce Wayne, or Batman could do.  And definitely nothing Jason, or Robin could solve.  They couldn't make food magically appear, even if they wished they could in that moment.

Jason was growing more and more impatient as they made way through the camp, and Bruce, seeing this, stopped to ask a man where he could find the Doctor.  As soon as he pointed it out, Jason practically ran away from his mentor to fling himself into the tent, brimming with excitement. 

The moment he saw her - Dr. Sheila Haywood, he knew she was his mom.  Despite her having blonde hair, she had Jason's eyes.  And upon introduction she seemed shocked.  That was all the confirmation young Jason needed -- bellowing, "Mother! Mother! Mother!" like he was a child again, he threw himself at her and locked his arms around her, hugging her as tightly as he could.  He was fearful she might slip away if he let her.

Bruce promised to return in a few hours and left the two alone to talk, and that's just what they did.  Although, really, Sheila did most of the talking and Jason listened.  She told him how she fell in love with his father, Willis Todd when she was a young med student.  How after he was born, she got in trouble following some kind of botched operation she was assisting with, how that incident ended her career indefinitely.  At least, in the States.  So she traveled to England, where Jason's father was supposed to meet up with her after she was settled into an apartment.

Instead, he fell in love with one Catherine Johnson and they got married, a few days before Willis wrote a letter to Sheila explaining the ordeal.  She had no funds, no hope of winning a legal battle for custody of Jason, and in the end she decided it was probably best that he was raised by Willis and Catherine back in the states.  She admitted that she accepted the fact that she'd not see her son ever again.. until Jason walked right into her tent.

Jason felt for her so deeply, and he was so happy to have a mother that he hugged her again, sharing her pain for a brief moment.  She quietly admitted that her work saw her through most of it, and with a glance to the clock sat on her desk, she sat a little straighter, informing Jason -- her son that he'd have to excuse her for a few hours while she got back to work.

He was a little surprised, but resigned.  He left his mom to her work, heading outside ot help with the food dispersal while he waited for her to finish up.  But the entire time, he couldn't stop thinking about what it was that was so important she couldn't get out of, that it couldn't wait.  That's when he saw him -- The Joker -- slipping into his mothers tent, flanked by armed bodyguards.  Even with the make-up on his face, making him look like a normal person, Jason would recognize his psychotic grin anywhere.

Rather than cause a scene, though, he quietly approached his mothers tent, curious what business she had with a man like that -- to eavesdrop on their conversation.  

He overheard the Joker threatning to out his mom to the GCPD, claimed they were very interested to learn who performed an operation on the body of a dead teenager.  He was blackmailing her - his silence, for six truck loads of medical supplies.  After a few more moments, they were leaving in a jeep, Sheila Haywood included.

Jason was drowning in panic.  Rather than run to go and get Bruce, he stole a motorcycle and tore off after the Joker and his mom - alone.  He followed them to a meet up with the rest of the Joker's gang, then on to the warehouse where the medical supplies were kept, out in the midst of he desert. 

Little did Shelia know before their "deal" when Joker took those medical supplies from her -- he was going to replace them with a concotion of his very own make.  Each and every box, filled with a lethal dose of his specialty laughing gas.  Each box containing enough gas to cover a 4 acre stretch of land.. 

His mother seemed horrified, disgusted, and terrified.  She called the madman a monster, and Jason couldn't help but agree.  But he knew he realized take them all down alone -- so he quickly hopped back onto his stolen motorbike and sped back to the camp to find Bruce.

Even before he'd finished saying "The Joker--" Bruce was on his feet and next, they were in a jeep, speeding through the desert towards the warehouse where Jason had seen the whole shifty ordeal take place.  But they weren't quite fast enough - rather than the Joker, they stumbled upon a convoy of famine relief workers in trucks carrying all those tainted supplies, no doubt to a refugee outpost.

The Land Rover wasn't fast enough to catch the relief workers with the headstart they had -- but Bruce had come prepared, like always.  He quickly set up the mini-copter stored in the boot of the rover and turned to Jason, ordering him not to take any action until Bruce returned.  He informed Jason that the Joker was a madman, and far too dangerous for Jason to handle.  Bruce begged him to listen, just for once.  Please, just listen.. 

Jason promised his mentor, his adopted father, his--friend-- that he would wait.  That he wouldn't do anything..

And he lied.

He couldn't shake the thought of his mom alone with that madman..

He.. had to try.

Jason waited for his mother, Dr. Sheila Haywood to slip out of the warehouse for a cigarette before revealing himself to her.  At first, she seemed shocked to see him, until he revealed that he knew about her trouble with the Joker.  She denied it, but when he claimed he could help her, that there were things she didn't know about him, and lifted his shirt to reveal a splash of the red and black armor he was wearing underneath his clothes, the signature golden R over his heart, for Robin.

His mothers entire demeanor changed, then - she asked him to follow her and led him into the warehouse, telling him that the Joker was long gone, and so was everyone else.  Promising they could talk..

"What's going on here?" He asked Sheila -- the woman he'd only recently discovered was his birth mother. 

"Just step over here and you'll understand everything perfectly.. Robin."

He trusted her implicity, even though she was a complete strange.. and she betrayed him.  She led him into a trap.  The Joker and his goons slipped out from cover, pointing guns at him.

Turning, shocked to his mother - he found himself face to face with yet another gun.  With a hard expression, Dr. Sheila Haywood told her son that she lied.  She told Jason that she couldn't afford to have him stirring up trouble -- after all, she'd been embezzling from the medical funds all along.  An investigation into the Joker would bring it all too light.. 

His mother told him that he put his trust in the wrong person.. but she was still his mom.. and as much as her betrayal hurt him, as much as it made him angry, he.. didn't blame her.  Not even when the Joker started laying into him, beating him with the pistol he was holding, claiming it was something I've wanted to do for years.

The Joker hit him again, and again, and again, until it seemed like Jason wasn't going to get up again - but he merely waited for the chance to get a sucker-punch in on the madman.  Unfortunately for him, one of the Joker's bodyguards stepped in -- a beast of a man, and brought Jason to the ground with a single punch, breaking his nose in the process.  On the ground, the goon booted him in the stomach, making it hard for Jason to catch his breath.  He lay there, gasping.

Before he could recover, he saw the Joker reaching for a crow bar atop a nearby crate.  With that mad fucking grin, he turned to Jason.

"You've been a bad boy.  You must be punished!" Jason wasn't afraid, but he was in no shape to fight.  He tried to crawl away, but there was no where to go.  "Prepare yourself for a severe spanking, young man.  But let me tell you right from the start.." The Joker raised the crowbar above his head. "..this is going to hurt you a lot more than it does me."

Boy, was he right.  The madman beat him senseless, beat him until he was lying in a pool of his own blood.  Beat him until he lost sight out of one eye -- beat him until the Joker thought he was dead, laughing all the while.
















But he wasn't dead, at least.  Not yet.  Unable to move, he laid there, listening to his mother form the question; What will Batman do when he finds out what the Joker did to Jason -- whom she referred to as Batman's "little friend" as opposed to her own son.  The Joker pondered the question.

He deemed Batman was a vengeful one, but he wouldn't act without evidence - evidence that he was not going to be leaving behind, in any form.  He rationalized that the authorities would deem the effects of his laughing gas some new, violent form of illness, or possibly something the refugee's had eaten.  He didn't really care about that, he merely didn't want anything that could connect him to Jason's death.  But there was one problem... Sheila.

The Joker decided he would wipe the earth clean of him ever having been there.  The best way he knew how -- with a bomb.  The Joker never went anywhere without at least one explosive device on his person..

He had his goons tie the Doctor - Jason's mother - to a post and set the bomb to explode in 10 minutes.

Yet, inspite of the fact that the woman had gotten her only son killed, that she was about to die, she was only worried for herself.  It wasn't fair that the Joker betrayed her, it wasn't.. 

Using the last ounce of his strength, he managed to pull himself up.  He was barely able to stand, his arm was broken, his skull was cracked, he felt like vomitting.  His mother screamed for him to deactivate the bomb, but he couldn't see straight, not to mention there was only 1:35 left on the clock.

His main goal -- his only concern -- was saving his mom.  He crawled his way to her, slowly, and dragged himself up the post to grab the ropes that held her.  He was slow and clumsy, but managed to get her free.  He collapsed with exhaustion afterwards, gasping for her to run, to leave him and go.  23 seconds left on the clock.. 

But she didn't leave him.  After everything she did, perhaps she felt.. bad for him.  Perhaps, saving her had opened her eyes to a new light.. he'll never know.  Never got to ask her.  Upon reaching the door, they found it was locked - from the outside.  They knew they were going to die.  So Jason did the only thing he could do -try to protect his mom.  When the bomb went off, he put himself in front of her to shield her from the main brunt of the blast.  In the end, she was able to cling to life just long enough to tell Bruce everything, before succumbing to her wounds.

Jason was already getting cold by the time Bruce found him.  


His armor in shreds, his body in ruin--crushed from the force of the explosion.  Bruce blamed himself, but there was no way for Jason to know that.  He was dead, and gone.  There was no way for him to know that there was a large part of Bruce that feared for the world to find out who he really was, beyond Bruce Wayne, Millionaire.  So he removed the scraps of Jason's armor and put him back in regular clothes.  He personally had Jason and Dr. Sheila Haywood flown back to the states, to be buried side by side in Gotham Cemetary.  The funeral was small, consisting of merely six people.  As far as the world was concerned, only Jason Todd, 15 -- a nobody -- had died.  Robin? He was alive and well.  







 Six months.  Six months of darkness.. of nothing, and then he was suddenly back in his own body again, in darkness, every inch of him in pain.  He sucked in a breath and screamed as loud as he could, screamed until it felt as though his throat was tearing itself apart and he ran out of breath.  He called for Bruce, for Batman, but there was nothing in the darkness.  Searching with his hands, he felt silk -- and wood, and quickly realized he was underground.  He was in a coffin.  He didn't know how -- but he knew he had to get out, and he did.  He clawed with every ounce of strength his half-dead body could muster, even broken as it was, still afflicted from the wounds he'd received before death.  Eventually, with bloody fingers and splintered nails he managed to get through the roof of his coffin, and started to dig his way through the damp earth of his own grave.

It took everything he had, and by the time he was free - he was.. changed.  His fire was gone, his mind - shattered.  Yes, he was alive and he was free, but he was little more than an empty shell.  An animal, who was once loved, who was buried alive and clawed his way to freedom, who was lost and had to get home.. 

He started to wander, and ended up 15 miles from his grave before stumbling onto the road, into the path of an oncoming car.  Fortunately, the driver wouldn't allow him to wander away from the crash, as he tried to do.  She called an ambulance, and Jason was institutionalized as a John Doe, suspected of being the target of familial abuse.  Severe abuse, seeing as they thought he was badly beaten, burned, and then buried alive.  Not to mention his vegetative state.

A few days later, he was caught on numerous security cameras merely walking out of the hospital.  No one tried to stop him.

He was a phantom, existing through instinct and instinct alone.  When he was cold, he found warmth, when he was hungry, he ate, when he had to defend himself, he was like a muscle tensing when stabbed.  For five months, he survived the streets of Gotham City alone -- again. 

And then he happened to wander into the arms of Talia Al Ghul, although later he often wondered if she had planned the whole thing.  Whether or not she'd been in Gotham looking for him, if not for Bruce..

She took him in, hoping to restore Jason and offer him up to her beloved detective as a symbol of her love - or rather, hoping it would make him love her, or at least show a little gratitude.  But after a year, he was merely a unable to react to human contact, except when attacked, though that was merely a form of muscle memory from before his death.  Physically? He was fine.  More than fine, but mentally? He was.. gone.  Perhaps the only reason Ra's Al Ghul allowed his daughter to waste resources on him at all was because the immortal was curious to know how Jason cheated death.

But his curiosity had it's limits, and soon he began to doubt his daughter and her obsession with Jason, with Bruce.  He believed Jason was only showing improvement because he was eating regularly now, that his battle skills were like a muscle tensing when stabbed, that he would forever be an unthinking, emotionless shell.  In the eyes of the immortal, Jason was a pestillence, a mute, brain-damaged weapon.


Dearest Jason, if you are reading this then we have succeeded.  Centuries ago my father discovered these pools, these fountains of youth, and for their ability to rejuvenate, they were dubbed The Lazarus Pits.  Since taking possession of them, he and he alone has bathed in their waters.  He is arguably immortal.  And for that reason, he took great interest in you.  I had other reasons.  Despite my search for answers, you remain a mystery.  You were dead, Jason.  Murdered.  Buried.  And mourned.

But you returned to this world.  A miracle.  And then you wandered into my view.  Fate is commanding your life in a way that I can barely fathom.  I judge what I have done as not so much intervening on fate's behalf but as stepping out of its way.

You are meant for something, Jason.  Only time will tell what it is.  But you should know, more than any other reason--

I have done this for love.  And I hope that will guide you into what you will become.


Talia saved him.  She denied her father, and betrayed him by tossing Jason into the Lazarus Pit, knowing it would be the only way to mend his broken mind.  She believed he'd be strong enough to fight the supposed madness that came with it, that Ra's claimed burned inside his heart everytime he accessed the powers of the rejuvenating waters to restore his youth, or mend his body.

She believed in him so much, that she brought  Jason, who was only sixteen at the time, to the Himalayan Mountains to meet the All-Caste, who Talia herself had once been a perpsect member of, but was unable to master the darkness insider her that was necessary to complete the training.  She believed Jason could succeed, where she had failed.  Not only that, she believed that he could be a great man with the proper guidance.

So for a time, he learned from a three thousand year old mystic named Ducra, who said she could teach him how to fight while uncoscious, that she could mold him into the deadliest assassin that the world has ever seen.  She could sense the Lazarus Pit's magic within him, the anger, like a curse, but she would rather train him than let the world suffer him as he was.  So she did.  He progressed in his training to the point of being able to conjure weapons harnassed from his rage manifest, from his soul, and from his blood.  Tools for slaying evil, for fighting against magic... and for a time, he forgot all about his anger towards Bruce, he forgot about Gotham, for all of a year and a half..

But the Lazarus Pit did change him -- in ways that would only come to light upon reading an artile of a news paper clipping, declaring that the Joker was free and at large again, after killing fifty more people-- Jason lost it.  He destroyed the room where he'd been staying-- he attacked innocent people, he put them in the hospital when they tried to stop him, and then he used every bit of training that Bruce had ever given him in order to disappear, away from Talia, away from the authorities who wanted him behind bars.  He wanted to kill Bruce, he had too.  And in the end, all that stood between him and revenge was the flick of a button... it would have been so easy..

But he wanted Bruce to suffer.  He wanted the man to know who was responsible for putting him down.  He wanted to crush the Batman with his own two hands. So Jason tossed the All-Caste's teachings aside and told Talia of his plan, his desire for revenge.  Perhaps, she realized then she was wrong about him.. but still, she promised to help him.  And help she did, by finding him teachers to train him in the art of death.

The first thing he wanted to learn? How to handle a firearm-- and not just handle a gun, but own with it.  So Talia sent him to Germany, to a man she knew of, who went by Egon.  He was an assassin, who specialized in the very field Jason was itching to learn.  It was a short lived lesson, however, as only a few months after arriving at the compound Jason discovered that Egon was kidnapping children to be sold off as sex slaves.  

He was reminded of his own father, Willis, and decided to shut the whole place down -- freeings the kids, ensuring their rescue, poisoning Egon, and burning the whole fucking place to the ground.













T B C (shit just keeps gettin longer, and longer..)
















He's all sharp edges and angles; with a head full of messy dark hair and gun-metal grey eyes that seem to change colors depending on his mood, or surroundings.  He's 6'2" tall, and 225 pounds of solid muscle.

He was given six months of intensive training by Batman himself, learning to defend and disable, though not quite enough to master everything his mentor knew -- he was a quick learner.  Later in life, or rather, his second chance at life, he was trained by a group of mystics in the Himalayan mountains known as the All-Caste.  Among them were some of the best fighters in the world, who taught Jason many forms of fighting, and a few other.. tricks, turning him into a lethal combatant easily capable of taking out numerous opponents.  But he craved more, he craved revenge against the people he believed forgot about him so for a time he tossed their teachings aside to travel the world, learning from various different masters in order to follow in his mentors footsteps, though on a much darker path, he learned to maim and kill.  To date, he knows over ten fighting styles -  and stands at the peak of human potential, capable of punching through solid steel, sending a 215 pound metahuman in full body armor flying across the room with a single kick.  He's even flipped a six hundred pound woman over his shoulder without breaking a sweat.  But his training takes him well beyond mere strength - he's fast,  faster than normal humans have any right to be, and hard.  Hard in the sense that his bones have become almost super-durable, allowing him to take a bazooka blast to the face and continue functioning, if he doesn't simply slip out of it's path, using his incredible speed to cross huge distances in just seconds, even dodge gunfire at close range. 

Shortly after traveling the world, he was invited to 'Eth Alth'eban to be trained by the League of Assassins, through which he learned even more ways to kill  -- and how to be as shadow, to be silent to the point of being able to easily sneak up on a Kryptonian.  It's because of the League that toxins and poisons don't affect him for nearly as long as they would someone else, or not at all in some cases.

And in case of magical threats, he can always conjure the All-Blades, magical weapons born of copper, created from the soul, powered by blood, and rage.  They're extra lethal when used against a magic user, not only allowing him to cut through flesh, scales, and armor of magical, or rather, 'non-terran' foes.  When powered by blood, the blades emit a mystic energy akin to a purifying flame.





He's messed up, from his mom, from his dad.

From his death--from the Joker--

From the shit he's seen ..shit he's done..







I n c a s e  Y o u ' r e  C u r i o u s ;

I'll be playing my own version of Jason Todd, taking from numerous sources; namely the show Titans n' a few old school Batman prints, as well as DC's various comics involving Jason.

I'm twenty six with a dick.  A dick that is very much attach to my body, I should say.  Sooo.. yeah.

I'm down to write anything - doesn't have to revolve around DC, or Gotham.  Could be fantasy, sci-fi... RoMaNcE?! 

Totally down for Crossovers, too.  Hit me up, I don't bite.  Much.



November 27

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  • Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, New York City. The neighborhood in the shadows of the borough's glittering midtown. The overcast of storm clouds caused the environment to be even more lackluster. Heels of black knee-high boots clicked against the cracked sidewalks, a light drizzle started to fall. The wrinkled umbrella in her grip was now opened and leaning against her shoulder, aloft her head. Black tights rode up her legs beneath a black dress that fell to her thighs, and a grey shawl adorned her shoulders. So, why the hell was she walking? This lady seemed she could afford a cab to where she needed to go, so why didn't she?

    She strolled by an alleyway where three middle-aged men loitered. After seeing her drift by, they began to follow her from a distance. The woman paused in front of a closed-down bar called Sundown, seeing how empty the once cozy bar was now empty with a 'For Sale' sign by the window. The troop of men started their whistling as they lingered closer,  she was aware, but didn't acknowledge them.

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