She was well known within her village as a peaceful and loving young girl. She helped out where ever she could no mattered what the task she was eger to help. From a very young age her parents knew she was different but they didnt know just how different she was. You see the God's had created her and given her to her mortal family.

The year was 11,00BC. The God's and Goddesses had decided it was time to create someone to police them. Each God and Goddess from every region came to discuss the matter and decide what they were going to do.. After hours and hours of fighting and arguing they finally came to a solution. One child would be created to police them all, and with this child they would each and all give up a portion of there powers. So it was done.. Each God and Goddess gave up a portion of there power into an embryo, then that embryo was planted into the womb of a woman who had been begging for a child. Once the child was of the age of 25 it would die. Being sent to the Underworld where Hades would train it to use its powers. But the Gods thought the child would be a boy, they were surprisingly mistaken.


Pandora was born to a simple family. Her father was a fisherman and her mother a home maker. She was not from a wealthy family, infact they were rather poor. But that didnt mean she went without. Her mother would often make her cloths out of whatever material she had around the house or what was very cheap from the market. Pandora grew up an only child which meant she was was the jewel of her parents, they loved her and spoiled her whenever they could..

Around the age of 15 Pandora was working at the dock with her father everyday after school. She loved helping him out and spending time with him. She was very much a daddy's girls. About two weeks after starting her job she meet a young man names Archeron. He was son of the King, tho he was treated rather poorly by his father and family. They spend many a day and night together running wild and playing games. Their relationship started out very innocently but over the years grew into something neither one could imagine. At the age of 19 Archeron purposed to Pandora and naturally she said YES.. but from this moment on their lives were about to change...

Archeron had been visiting the temple of Artemis every week and soon enough the Goddess started to take note of him and his devilish good looks. For he was beyond handsome, most thought him a God himself. Artemis became to like the young man who visited her temple, so much so that she became inraged with jealousy when she saw him with Pandora.

It was the night before their wedding when Pandora received a noted asking her meet at the water fountain in the center of the village. Excited Pandora rushed off to meet her soon to be husband. She stood by the fountain watching the water rippling in the basin. hearing someone approuch her from behind she turned thinking it was going to Archeron but to her surprise it was not. Standing there in her pure white grown stood artemis a dagger in her hand. The Goddess had become so jealous she sort out to kill Pandora, but she needed her lover to be there to watch so he knew she owned him. Once Acheron arrived Artemis told him that he was hers and no one else was aloud to touch him, hold him or even love him.

That night Pandora lost her life at the hands of the Goddess Artemis. But instead of dieing she was sent to the underworld to live with Hades. Hades soon became like a father to Pandora, he tort her everything about her powers and what was expected of her.











After many years training in the underworld Pandora was finally ready to return to earth. She now had complete control of her powers and knew what she had to do in order to keep peace between the God's and Goddess's. But she was still rather nervous about crossing paths with Artemis, after all the Goddess killed her and stole the love of her life..


Pandora now lives where ever she wants but has taken up residants in New orleans. She loves the rich history and the culture, not to mention the food and people and amazing too.  She has opened a little bar that caters to shifters and Demons, its a safe haven for the supernatural. Its her pride and joy when she is topside. She spends three weeks out of the month topside and the other week she helps Hades run the underworld.





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