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Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

He has dyed fluffy white hair with the sides shaves. He has smokey white eyes with light brown skin and silver and diamond earrings. he is about 6'3 with a slim physique with a diamond tattoo and his shoulder and a snake tattoo on his forearm.

Character Personality

He is welcoming and very faithful to his friends. He is not very outgoing and does not require any attention. He is well mannered and a perfectionist. He is very Enthusiastic about things he enjoys. But on the outside he seems cold and unapproachable.

Character Likes

He likes chocolate and is usually seen eating some. He likes hanging out with his friends and starting trouble. He really likes to street fight with his gang.

Character Dislikes

he hates snitches and the police and not much else.

Character History/Story

He came from a broken home where his mother was was working two jobs to afford the small studio apartment the lived in. One day after school in ninth grade he came home to his mother unresponsive on the couch with a needle in her arm. He started freaking out unsure of what to do. He ran to the neighbors and explained to them what was happening and they called the cops. The cops came and confirmed it was heroin overdose and the paramedics took the body. He was in the house with no family to go too and the need for a sense of family and belonging. So he went to school the next day and started recruiting the best fighters in his school to start a gang known as "Black Diamonds". Over the next year he gathered hundreds of members for his gang and became one of most powerful gang leaders in his city. He has a few close friends and even fewer know his past and they kniw not to ask.

Character Inventory

he has a switchblade but never uses it and hopefully never has too.

Character Abilites

no super human ability's but he is exceptionally strong and agile.

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Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Violence, Realistic

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