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Life appeared simple for Penelope. She worked as a cashier at a local book store that sold more than books. She had enough pocket cash, and knew enough cute boys, to afford to go to the movies when she wanted. Owned just enough books to need more bookshelves. The issue was, Penelope had a second life. Her real life. Living the life as a reaper. Lady Anna regularly offered her up simple little white pieces of paper with a date, time, and location. No matter what, Penelope needed to be there. She needed to be present for that moment to usher a soul into the next life. This certainly interrupted her life. It stopped her from making plans and sometimes caused issues with her job. She was grateful that her boss was more pothead than owner and didn’t always notice when she disappeared for longer periods of time.

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Paragraph, Multi-Para

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Fantasy, Romance, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adult

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People tend to call me Bunny. I'm a long time Role Player, and well educated writer. I spend more time thinking about stories and characters than my own life. I tend to write to match the people around me, while attempting to keep my flare. I like cookies and pretty crystals and long walks on the beach.

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  • {Perhaps she could be in the area when he is about to kill a human. A human who's time isn't up and will be killed before it's their time. That could be a cause for her to intervene or show herself maybe? He tends to desecrate the dead when he revives them to serve him, as some see it that way. I can begin with him in the process of killing a human or yanking their soul out to use for some vial purposes and she could come into contact with him. If that works for you.
    Modern day is fine. Want me to begin?}
  • {He is rather cold natured but more numb now since he has been dead and made into a Lich. The only emotions he has is usually towards the
    Living. Such as his dislike of them and his severe dislike of humanity for the death of his dragonkin. . Though he comes across as civil and polite for the most part. A mask he wears to hide his true mercurial nature. }
  • {Didn't say anything about him connecting with her. Just that it be a learning experience since he has yet to meet a reaper. Though I imagine some would be annoyed with
    Him. Since there was a few times he yanked a soul back from death and trapped it within a body to keep it from decaying and deny them passage to the after life.

    Well he is set in Viking age, game of thrones, and present day.)
  • { I would like to as well. It would be a learning experience for him to meet a reaper. }
  • Thank you for the add, I hope we may rp

  • (I'll work on a starter
  • (If you wish me to start. I can give it a whirl. I guess her coming to claim a soul after Mal has killed the poor bastard and Mal not wishing to relinquish the soul. Shall be a good starting point as any.)
  • (How shall we begin? We got the basic plot idea set
    Up. )
  • (So do you want to go with that idea? Then later on they might become uneasy allies when something bad happens that may require them both to work together or they somehow begin to get along later down the line?)
  • (Hmmm well since she is something of an evil spirit at this point in her life. Maybe your character crosses her path on accident when Malevolent kills someone that she was told to be ready to reap. As a reaper she no doubt would sense my character and since my character is very well expirenced with denizens of the Land of the Dead and Reapers. She would tell a Reaper was there. Then they might get into some kinda fight or an argument. Oh like. Suppose Penelope had her job of reaping and taking the soul but my character decided she wants to take the soul to her own hell domain to torment and torture as she sees fit and that might lead
    To conflict? What does a reaper do when a ghost, demon, or angel "steals" a soul they were sent to reap?
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