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  • “I could call you a fleabag if you’d like? Mangy mutt? I’m not familiar with better insults just yet, but I will let you know when I find some.” He said in a smart ass tone, smirking at the werewolf in front of him until he brought up Stiles. As dense as Rhosalth could be, he wasn’t that dense because he did some things with Stiles too. Snatching the werewolf by the collar, he shoved him up against the tree, baring his dragonic like fangs at the man before him. “I beg you pardon.” He snarled in the man’s face, getting dead into it.


    Pulling Peter off the tree, he quickly slammed the man back into it. “I’m about to put your pathetic ass into your place.” He snapped at the man, eyes slowly turned dragon like as he stared down Peter, grinning a bit. “You’re about to get fucked, bitch.” He said, pulling back enough and punching the werewolf in the face, kneeing him in the stomach before throwing the man away from him.


    Snarling, he slowly stalked his way towards him, eyeing the man like he was his prey. Which the man was. “Got anything else you want to say about Stiles? If you knew what was good for you then you’d keep your pathetic mouth shut like a good little puppy otherwise I’ll have to beat you like humans beat their pets until you’re cowering and whimpering or worse… dead.” He threatened as he kept walking near Peter.

  • {Alright so how shall we plan?}

  • Rhosalth raised an eyebrow to that finger that was held up, tempted it bite or break it, but he held back. Well, he held back for now. Noticing the change in Peter’s attitude when he mentioned knowing Stiles, the corner of his lip pulled up into a smirk a bit as he stood there. There he was, face to face with an angry, drunken werewolf, but he was looking on so smug.


    “How do I know Stiles?” He questioned, circling Peter like he was his prey, but in a way, Peter was. Those normal human looking eyes flashed dragon like for a moment, a deep growl escaping him. “It doesn’t matter how I know Stiles, but I don’t plan on keeping my distance from him. Not like that is your call to make anyways, mutt.” He hissed, eyes narrowed a bit. It wasn’t like it was Peter’s call at all. “If you talk to him the same way you talk to me then I’m position you don’t deserve his kindness either, but I haven’t heard about anything of you from Stiles, but here again, I don’t even know your name.”


    Stopping in front of Peter, he stared the werewolf down, eyes flashing again as he advanced towards Peter. “I suggest you learn your fucking place before I put you in it because I’m not someone you want to fuck with. And don’t tell me what to do.” He said, jabbing his finger against Peter’s chest as he spoke in a menacing tone at the drunken man.

  • Rhosalth huffed in slight annoyance as the so called werewolf seemed to continue his drunken rant. “I don’t know what all that shit is, but it sounds like bullshit.” He said in response to Peter’s little purebred rant because he really didn’t know what that was, so he assumed the drunken man made it up. Of course it was made up, but he didn’t know it. Well, part of it was made up. The AKC, UKC, CKC were actual things, but he didn’t know that either. He was a damn dragon after all. “You’re right. You’re a mutt. An ugly one.” He said with a grin, crossing his arms over his chest when Peter brought up a sheriff’s kid because he knew one too, but he didn’t think they were the same person. “I know a sheriff’s kid too. By the name of Stiles.” He said, raising an eyebrow at Peter.


    Tilting his head, he waited for Peter’s comebacks because this was going to be so much fun. It was the most fun he had in years actually, so he was going to take full advantage of the situation until Peter went too far which would lead to the man either shifting to his dragon form and trying to devour him or punching and knocking him out cold. Whichever came first.

  • {Alright, do you want to plot or just wing it?}

  • Rhosalth stared at the man for a moment, quite taken back by his attitude because no one has ever talked to him in that tone, but then again, usually no one lived to talk to him in that tone. "I'd watch it if I were you.." He snarled at the man, smoking rolling from his nose as the the blood dripped into the ground beneath him. It didn't take the dragon long to realize that the man before him wasn't human. He wasn't sure what he was since he never met a werewolf before. "You shouldn't tempt someone like that, but it doesn't help that you smell like a dog.." He muttered, staring down at the man.

    The only reason he knew what a dog smelled like was because his master had one. Had. One. The creature wouldn't stop barking and growling at him, so the dragon took it upon himself and ate the poor dog. "Keep it up and I'll eat you like I did that dog." He treated, baring his teeth at the man before him, daring him to say another word to him, but he could practically smell the alcohol on the man. Alcohol wasn't new to him, so it didn't take him long to realize that he had an angry drunkard trying to take him on and most likely didn't realize it. "Great... an angry puppy.." He snorted.

  • Rhosalth roared as he lashed out on the hunters, claws swiping through the thin air, flames escaping his powerful jaws. Most of the hunters died immediately, but the unlucky ones, however, died slowly and painful. He wasn't sure how they found him, but they did, and here they were in some of those stand-offs. It happened so fast. One minute he was enjoying himself in the woods, next minute he was surrounded by these hunters. They weren't just any hunters though. No, they were dragon hunters. Fierce dragon hunters, but they were rare since dragons didn't really exist too much these days. If they did then Rhosalth didn't know that because he failed to meet any.

    Once the chaos was over and calmed down, he shifted back to human, chest heaving as he stood there. He was covered in blood, droplets dripping onto the grass below. "Serves you bastards right..." He muttered as he began moving away from the scene, making sure not to linger too long because he didn't know who all heard, but he didn't want to dragon anymore attention to him, so he quickly ran off through the forest. He needed to get clean, but finding safety was his first priority.

    Due to the fact that he was owned by a demon, his shifting worked differently. His clothes didn't shred like they should have, which he was thankful for, but it didn't help during times like this considering they were drenched his blood. Whatever was on him in dragon always ended up on him and his clothes in human. Suddenly he collided with a solid force. Peter. "Watch it!" He snarled, at the man, or werewolf, whichever form Peter was in.

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