Height: 5’10”
Weight: 167 lbs
Age: 23
Place of Birth: Forest Hills, New York
Occupation: Looking to Apply; Former Research Assistant
Aliases: Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Webhead, Webslinger, “Tiger”

Just your friendly neighborhood yada yada yada. Can you believe it’s been 8 years since you were bit by that radioactive spider, Peter? No, Peter, I cannot. Feels like just yesterday I was geeking out in the AV club with Harry, dreaming about college and moving to the city … back then my biggest concern was avoiding Flash Thompson at lunch. Now … well … things have gotten a few more clicks complicated.


Can adhere to most surfaces. Superhuman strength (can lift up to 10 tons). Exceptional agility. Web-shooters allow rapid travel from point to point. Spider-sense acts as an early warning threat detection, enabling avoidance of most injuries. Really good sense of humor. Like, really good.

Web-Shooters; capable of rapid fire. Impact web; powerful web blast that instantly ensnares foes. Spider-Drone; when deployed will seek out and fire an energy blaster at nearby threats. Electric Web; electrified webs that stuns targets and arcs to nearby foes. Web Bomb; proximity-triggered explosive that instantly webs all foes in range. Trip Mine; laser activated web trap that can instantly incapacitate foes.

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  • (Hehe. You are welcome. Care to plot?)


    ”You can blame humans for that. First the Life Foundation forced the Venom Symbiote to spawn those five Symbiotes that bonded to the people there. Then humans once again kept expirementing. The whole Agent venom and clone of it fiasco. Two of the Symbiotes you know of were born naturally. Then there is me. A result of greedy, power hungry humans, that just can’t leave well enough alone.  Believe us. We didn’t ask for this.”

  • |Thank you greatly, good sir, for the add!|



    “Hello Web Head. Us Symbiotes  just  keep on multiplying don’t we? Must be a hassle keeping track of us all, isn’t it?”

    (Thanks for the invite)

This reply was deleted.

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