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Character Age

adult - more detailed later -

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

- this will become MUCH more detailed at a later time - Height ( on two legs ) ( to top of head not tip of ears ): 4' 2" Roughly Height ( on all fours ) ( to top of head not tip of ears ): Roughly 2' Physique: Lithe Tail to Body ratio: Tail length is just some shorter than the full body's length Tail type: Plumed ( a cat term ) Fur Length and Type: Medium-Short, 'weighed down'/silky Eye Type: Almond ( cat term ) Eye Color: Green Coat Pattern Type: Bi-Color Harlequin ( random spotting with full colored tail) Coat Coloration Type: Cream ( main ) and Blue ( spots ) Claw Color: Light Teeth Color: Antique ( off white ) Skin color: Black ( think like a Chow's tongue ) Nose and Pads color: Ashen ( greyish ) Other Physical Attributes: TBA Tidbits: Prefers to stand on their two hind legs as they are impartial to getting their hands in dirt. While standing on all fours they look similar to just another average house cat, just bigger.

Character Personality

- apprehensive - distrusting - strongly prejudice humans - gives the impression of giving other the 'creeps' just in their general demeanor with starring, certain body posturing - somewhat sadistic, doesn't mind causing others physical pain and can be known to go out of their way to cause it in some way shape or form which can be taken as a form of warning or just as a general sense of meaning ill will towards that individual ( towards humanoids ) - has tendencies of lashing out to draw blood at seemingly for nothing without warning but to them it is because of something they did not like about that individual which can be something as minor as how they smell ( towards humanoids ) - Has the typical feline habit of 'toying with their food', aka maiming other animals for a taste then leaving them to their death - due too chemical imbalances has a few unlisted mental illnesses ( by human standards ) making them harder to 'cope' with or to associate with, even amongst other animals TBC

Character Likes

- music: some touches her deeply and she can be enthralled by it to an extent - to sing: she may not be able to pronounce all of the words but she can hold tunes and make 'pretty' sounds TBC

Character Dislikes

- sudden loud noises ( like gunfire ) - needles - excessive constant chatter/noise - cages - anything around their neck TBC

Character History/Story

-- WARNING: *this is the ROUGH version, to be refined later.* This is just me trying to portray the general idea, and "feel", that this character is/has in a nutshell. Apologies if it seems "chopped". In here there are several different POVs I am trying to convey that will/do play a part in the character's background, and even its entire makeup. Reading this seems like it takes steps towards topics that are very (taboo/unethical/illegal) but nothing goes into detail! It is only in mentioning for others who will engage/read about this character to understand why this character behaves/is a certain way. this is setup to be a form of odd timeline, mentionings in order chronologically -- On the Black Market several items and services are for sale: high-priced stolen items that some just happen to come by, "spare" body parts that certain individuals had no more of a need for them themselves and exotic pets that trappers met on their wayward travels. The list goes on in whatever someone with a substantial amount of cash asks for... they can usually get. In the years, it had become quite a growing fad for some individuals to take on what they felt was their 'Fursona'. Meaning, what animal they felt that they affiliated with in their soul they would act as or even attempt to dress up as. Of these growing amount of people some took this trend a step further, a step toward an extreme that generally 'condemned' the "Furries" ( as they were dubbed ) making the general whole of them a form of taboo. The extremist of the Furries were called Furverts. Furverts delved into acts that the general public believed to be borderline bestiality... while some them actually participated in the immoral acts of it. The hype of new breeds in the animal world to have is skyrocketing. Overworking puppymills, kittenfarms and producing byproducts of thousands of discarded deformed furry newborns. With the public becoming more aware of puppymills and kittenfarms the companies had to find other ways of 'disposing' their byproducts of inbreeding that was deemed humane and due too certain laws they were not allowed by law to kill the animals themselves so most found a clever solution to their growing problem: "donate" them to HappyPet Lab Inc. for a monetary sum under the table. HappyPet Lab is a rather 'new' company that has been blooming right along with the influx of interest in exotic animals and exotic breeds. Their public staple is that they test illnesses, deformities and mutations to help better the health and happiness of animals. What they actually do is help supply the Black Market with various specimens, animal parts and DNA strands. They have actually been around for much longer than most realize they just changed name to become more 'public friendly' to more so open up their customer range and opportunities. They have been working for large companies in illegal acts of experimenting for decades under the radar. Mr. Dove is a large shareholder in HappyPet Lab Inc. He has always had a rather morbid interest in anatomy and funds quite a lot of their 'newer' projects. Mr. Dove is a higher official and distinctly likes to keep his personal life separate from his work and his family life. He is a very secretive man as what he does in his free time he would be condemned and surely arrested for as he has a taste for the 'oddities' of life. Mostly of sexual persuasions. A new project by HappyPet Lab has just reached a stable point with experiment #47. A canine-like creature that has the mental capacity equivalent to that of a 10 year old human child along with opposing thumbs and working 'hands'. Right out of the gate with a video the experiment's capabilities they began to advertise on the black market with the major monetary contributor's credit stamped: Mr. D. Due too the legal issues concerning how the experiment was accomplished they could not ... TO BE CONTINUED -working around the word count-

Character Inventory

TBA - thinking nothing -

Character Abilites

- All 'realistic', meaning what one would think would apply to a character such as this if it were real - - No 'Special Powers' - hearing equivalent to a regular feline - jumping height ( vertical standing on two legs ): twice its own height - speed ( on two legs ): *going by that the fastest human can go 35mph* 35mph - speed ( on four legs ): 50mph - Outstanding reflexes - mental capacity equivalent to that of a 10 year old human - has retractable claws so can climb trees/wood with some ease - can speak human speak but sometimes it is hard to understand - can understand some animals, more in just catching quickly onto body posturing and some sounds - can mimic some animal sounds that are not just feline exclusive TBC

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)


Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Gore-tastic fan, Fantasy/Fiction fan, Were fan, heart-wrenching story fan, -etc.- I dislike 'stories' that are the typical 'good vs. bad' or 'one evil trying to take over' and strongly believe in that grey area between the stark contrast of black and white. Too little of "stories" focus on the smaller problems in life that while are more 'locale' can be much more heart-wrenching, gruesome, meaningful and unbelievable. Stories that depict that the real monsters aren't the ones wielding special weapons or superpowers... their the ones that are too shameful and unethical for the public to acknowledge.

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  • Thank you greatly!  Will do at some point, I'm sure.

  • Welcome to the site! I'll look forward to seeing how your character pans out. If you have any questions site-wise, feel free to give me a shout.

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