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Dominik Sterling. Zachary's great ancestor from the medieval time period.


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LAPD Detective James Wright

specializes in missing persons and murder investigations. Known for undercover work, and hostage negotiation skills as well as profiling criminal behavior.  (May alter for rp flexibly) 





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  • [Oh my I sincerely apologize, I just noticed we were friends and yet I cannot remember ever speaking.. please forgive me for my horrific manners.]

  • {Hello my dear, would you like to plot?}

  • (we haven't spoken, I apologize I have had serious health concerns, I hope we can plot)

  • ((Thank you for accepting, perhaps we might be able to plot?))

  • With a demonic howl, a young man was yanked through the passenger window of his car and hurled across the road with such a furious strength it was all the young man could do to curl his arms around his head, protecting his skull from the devestating impact he took against a brick wall.  The bones in his arm, ribs, and right leg were pretty much shattered immediately. 

    A gasping plea turned into a high pitched wail; claws flashed through the darkness, tearing into soft pink flesh and digging deeply, through muscle and tendon, right to bone.  The screaming snapped short, and the attacker, a Wight, a hunkered over creature with claws in place of fingers, tufts of wolven ears on the sides of it's head, and a thick, almost greasy looking brown fur running the lengths of it's arms and digitrade legs, began to feed.  Reaching down with one mightly claw to pluck the human's remains off the ground, lifting the corpse towards it's mouth-- it's maw-- a cavity with rows of teeth and a jaw that split down the middle, flaring open like some hideous, carnivorous flower.   The whole upper part of the human was shoved inside it's "mouth" and it started to chew, crushing and grinding the human remains to paste.

    The Wight ambled towards the humans car, and swept it's log like arm against it's side, knocking the vehicle over onto it's back, side, wheels, then back again in a little roll down the street.  Hissing, it then rose above the vehicle-- raising both log like arms above it's head, only to bring them down on the underside of the car, crushing it flat to the road, glass exploding across the pavement as the windshields were burst outwards. 

    Not even seeming to notice, the large creature lumbered through the broken glass and merely wandered away with a heaving sigh, leaving trails of sticky blood behind it, following it down an alley and towards a sewer grate at it's abrupt dead end.  The creature did not have the wherewithall to recover the manhole, and so a foul stink wafted up through the city-- a stink more foul than any normal sewer.  This was a stink like rot, like death, like something foul was rising to the surface.. 

    Every few nights, the creature appeared.  Every few nights, multiple people were disappeared, snatched right out of their cars, which were always left wrecked at the scene.  Experts found multiple bloodtypes at the crime-scenes, even a chunk of flesh, but apparently it had belonged to someone who had been dead for a very, very long time.  Cult killings was a popular theory; it might explain the multiple bloodtypes, the dead flesh, the disappearances.. but it wasn't the kind of situation any City wanted to advertise.  Officials tried to keep it quiet, but there was no denying the potent fear that overtook the denizens of this fine city the moment the sun fell from the sky.. 


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