Late twenties
High elf


【Appearance & Personality】

     The prince is tall and certainly handsome, albeit the latter in a non-traditional sense. His hair is curly and voluminous and sometimes completely out of control. His eyes are a bright golden brown with flecks of green, his jawline is sharp; yet still he describes his own face as "odd". The chiselled handsomeness is offset by plump, often flushed cheeks and deep dimples. His smile is wide and bright and his front teeth are crooked. His appearance truly depends on his expression: when neutral or serious he's solidly what anyone would call sexy. But he's giggly and good-natured, he smiles easily and often, and as soon as he does he shifts from sexy to simply adorable. With the crooked front teeth and plump pink cheeks he sometimes looks something like a bunny or a chipmunk. But even with his beauty it's his personality that truly defines him.

     He's bubbly and energetic in front of crowds, and while that's 100% genuine, it's more one of his moods than an accurate representation of his personality as a whole. There's another side to him, equally entertaining but very different. Virian may seem quite snarky and even rude once you've gotten to know him a bit personally, but he soon mellows and calms down a bit once the relationship begins to establish itself. At a younger age he was hilarious and good-hearted but sometimes brash and rude, but at a later age, when he's aged a bit and settled into who he truly is, the man he would become is pure and gentle; soft-spoken and exceptionally kind. His personality truly depends on what stage of the life he's in. 

[Special thanks and all credit goes to "badbadmovies" on Tumblr for these two paragraphs describing Prince Virian's FC, Mika. I did not write it, but it was too accurate and amazing not to use ^^]



During the high times, born as a high elf, within the high society of Esteria's elite, Virian was born into war.

His mother, Marianlei, was the leader of one of the most influential clans in the realm, and his father, Edwyrd, was the leader of a neighbouring, much smaller clan. Shortly after the union brought on by their marriage, while Marianlei was heavy with child, an uprising broke out. It soon broke out into a revolution which ripped throughout the whole land, sending all magical creatures into a state of panic and despair.

While fighting to protect their borders, Edwyrd was captured by a sorceress, Nimue, who saw potential within the silent warrior, and forced him to fall in love with her. Together they produced a son whom they named Ellsar, and a year later, when Edwyrd came back to his original family, he brought his new one with him, too.

Although Marianlei and Nimue could never tolerate one another as they shared a husband-- for a couple of years later Edwyrd married Nimue, too--, their sons, Virian and Ellsar, became excellent companions. Sharing their childhood together, the curious Virian and the calculating Ellsar grew into strapping young lads who spent their time going on thrilling adventures and pulling pranks on their fellow kin. But then, during the height of the war, an unexpected act ruined their friendship but brought the country together-- their father became king.

After years of fighting and treachery, the country began to unwind as their new ruler shut down additional plots and his family became a strong beacon of hope for the future of Esteria. There was, however, the problem with succession. He had two sons, so far, but each mother wanted her own son to become the crown prince. Inside of the newly-established palace grounds, a secret conflict raged on. Eventually, after years of debating and petty rivalry between the queens, Virian was proclaimed the rightful heir. With this decision made, Nimue banned her household, including her son's, from acknowledging themselves with Marianlei and Virian's household. And so, the boys grew apart.

Life on royal grounds was much different than life on clan soil. As Virian was treated differently, he began to notice as the years passed that the people around him weren't the same as before. If the person held no title or power, then he had no business associating with them in the first place. Instead of having time to play outside and practice magic with his friends, he was put into private lessons to be taught the traditional faith and the savvy political way of life.

Into this environment, Marianlei gave birth to a pair of twins-- a girl they named Gwendlilian and a boy given the name Theodred. As their big brother, Virian worked very hard to protect both of the twins, but especially Gwen. Born with an incurable illness, she lived throughout her early childhood in a chair, with no one but Virian to show her the pleasures of life. Often he skipped his lessons to play with her, sometimes even taking her out into their private garden grounds and teaching her how to ride on pegasuses. Through the court physicians care, Yanz, she learned to walk, meaning that the illness wasn't visible-- the pain, however, would never leave her be.

As the years grew on and the king's power began to dwindle, he began to marry off his children for alliances. First of all, he chose his only daughter to marry the oldest son of an influential lord that controlled most of the Tecumrial Waters, ruling from the undersea city of Tethrei. Deeming her too sickly and too young to be married off, Virian protested against the marriage only to be unceremoniously forced into engagement with another child of the influential lord himself instead of his sister. A mer-elf, her name was Nanai, and she was forced to leave the ocean and join Virian at the royal grounds. Both of them were only-- in a human 'age-range'-- 12.

Nanai's father, unexpectedly, began to cut off communication, and the subject of her dowry became a matter of national importance. Her dowry was almost the entire reason for the marriage, in the first place, so until that had been resolved the wedding was pushed back until further notice. Because of this, Nanai suddenly became a prisoner at her new home. Virian, too preoccupied with his own life, barely even noticed that Nanai was stuck there. Indeed, he almost forgot that they were even intended for one another. There was, however, someone else who did notice her presence and pitied her for it- Ellsar.

As seasons changed and the prince began to grow into his ears, the trade between Esteria and Earth began to grow. Humans began to arrive in Esteria, and elves went to Earth, too. During this time, peace seemed to prosper and both lands became richer with both knowledge and materials. One budding spring, a family arrived on royal lands as the husband and father was an advisor to the emperor of Japan. His daughter, with black raven hair and an adventurous spirit, caught the attention of a rebellious and stubborn prince Virian.

Du Lei-Wei ignored Virian at first, but that only made him more determined. As two teenagers with no care in the world, it seemed as though nothing mattered but them two. What they didn't know-- because they didn't care enough to notice-- was that a war was beginning to brew between the two kinds. By the time the war broke out, Virian's heart and mind belonged completely to Lei-Wei, so

[Background story is currently under construction. More will be added!]




【Life  on  Earth】

Haven arrived in the year 1378, Virian experienced a lot of our history first-hand. Because of this, he has endured much more than he'd ever admit and he has grown immensely because of that. His favourite place to stay has always been and will always be France, so that is the place he dwells within the most. But, because of troubling fact that to humans he seems quite immortal, he has to deal with the trouble of living countless different lives, eventually only to leave that area and not bother coming back for a few decades or so as a descendant of his former self. 
Through this strategy of always being a descendant, he has grown quite a powerful but secretive dynasty. Haven lived life as everything from a flamboyant court member to a reclusive artist, he has had his share of human life and enjoyments but never forgets where he comes from. Suffering greatly from being separated from his family for so long, he would leave in an instant if he could. For, you see, one day in Esteria is roughly equal to a whole month on Earth, so time moves painfully slow for Virian. He watches his friends deteriorate as he stays frozen. He has to endure the changes of time, all the while unable to know anything about the safety of his own land.
Despite the constant worry hanging over his head, Virian has long since decided to live his life on Earth to the fullest. In France, he owns multiple homes but prefers to stay at his manor just at the outskirts of Paris. He owns a few homes in the US, too, but always prefers to be at his penthouse in New York.
What job he holds simply depends on the time period and the roleplay at hand. But, whatever you do, don't expect the expected.
As a high elf, magical blood courses through Virian's royal veins. Because of this, he holds some natural powers, but is also able to learn new ones if he puts in enough effort. His natural powers, however, will always be the strongest. For example, he has the ability to conjure objects to him with a simple snap of his fingers. He also carries the ability of telekinesis, invisibility, and levitation. Powers he has put in the time to learn are photokinesis, inflammation, and astral projection.
Other than magical forces, Virian also holds quite a lot of other strengths. He is fluent in multiple languages, an avid painter, plays the flute uncommonly well, and thinks quite quickly on his feet. In fact, his ability to improvise might be his most valuable asset of all.

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  • FINALLY got around to replying. I am so sorry. Hope that's okay. )

  • City of Angels, 1947.

    A female on the frontline was unsightly, dangerous, and frankly unheard of. Det. Libby Blue; also named Liberty Marceline Foster prior to her induction into the force, was one of a handful of male responders to the gruesome scene that would undoubtedly become one of the greatest unsolved crimes in California, the Black Dahlia murder. Accompanied by two tall, well built gentlemen, Det. Blue took the lead, lowering into a crouched position in one fluid drop of her body. Her fingers poked and prodded the severed upper torso of the deceased, Elizabeth Short. But something wasn’t right with the body.

    Claw and tooth  marks around the severed flesh, punctures at the base of the cranium - something she’d familiarised herself with over the centuries. As the sharply dressed men around her sought answers among themselves, eyeballing one another and exchanging notes, some ogling at the Dahlia’s mutilated corpse. She was by far one of the most beautiful deaths Libby had ever laid eyes upon. The short, stocky frame of the lead detective, Martin Bolinski, idled alongside Libby, his chubby fingered hands stuffed deep inside the pockets of his pressed charcoal slacks.

    “Penny for your thoughts, Detective?” Det. Bolinski’s hoarse baritone rumbled alongside her. For a mortal the man sure did give Libby the heebie-jeebies.

    “Sir, this appears to be an animal attack.”

    Libby’s first impression of Elizabeth’s mutilated body was that of a savage animal attack. But the longer she observed the condition of the body, the quicker her opinion changed. Los Angeles wasn’t known for its supernatural communities, and those that were, remained hidden. Away from the prying eyes of the rest of the world.

    “What kind of animal would come this far into the city?”

    ‘A predator not of this world,’ she thought to herself. Those were details Libby kept to herself. For reasons which would come to light years from now. 


    Fast forward to the present day…

    Exiting from the left of the bulky black SUV, Liberty Blue steps onto the sidewalk, striking crystalline blue eyes sweeping the exterior of the nightclub, bored. Every crime scene was the same; an unnecessary amount of law enforcement, the blood, the body, the whole ‘Who done it’ scenario, collecting evidence, taking statements, yadda yadda yadda. A single hypnotic curl of her index finger and the vampire, accompanied by two of the department’s finest, strides towards the nightclub’s entrance, an air of confidence about her, and something else.

    “In here, ma’am.” One of the officers waves the detectives towards the bathrooms.

    Libby breezes on over with the other two detectives in two. Brainless buffoons, the both of them. This is why she’d remained unmated and unmatched to any man, mortal and immortal alike. A shake of her head, fingers loosening a few dense spirals of white-blonde from her forehead, she takes a stand beside the officer that had beckoned her over. They’re on the threshold of the bathrooms and the corridor leading back to the main floor. Crystal pools widen, transfixed on the body, the blood, the hellish scene that lay out before her. Something clicks, like a cinema reel replaying old memories, and a short, almost human exhalation of air springs from her lips. ‘Dahlia.’ she murmurs more to herself than the attending officer beside her.

    “Animal attack.”

    Libby states flatly, clearing her throat and pivoting on heel, ready to make her exit. The longer she stood there, staring at the mess, the more familiar with the scene she felt. A deep, personal attachment to the mutilated corpse, the torso severed just above the waist; female, blonde hair, brown eyes, slim but toned physique. Nothing like Elizabeth Short at all, but the way the body was positioned and that gruesome slit that stretched from ear to ear, the infamous Glasgow Smile.

    “I want the other detectives over here, now.”

    She states rather firmly, teeth bared. Not a single tapered canine to be seen on the woman, and yet her aura, or perhaps the auras of the nightclub had drawn her gaze. Libby’s pupils dilate and expand almost mechanically. There’s so many lateral aura lines interwoven within one another. The dance floor area was a tangled mess, like a ball of yarn or a pair of headphones. How one managed to get their headphone cords that tangled must’ve had pocket goblins, naughty little creatures they were. One aura line in particular came with a scent, the most potent of all the auras visible. This one particular aura threaded itself back out the nightclub’s doors.

    Refusing to stand around, waiting for the other two detectives to bustle on over, she glides away. Silent and unnoticed - until the officer peers around, confused and wondering how she’d gotten as far away from him without making a sound. One skeletal hand on the door, she thrusts it open just enough that her waspish frame slips through, a lazy glimpse backwards to make sure the other two hadn’t followed her out. A momentary distraction that would cause her to not watch where she’s going and with a thud! she manages to run into something softer than a support beam but still as hard as a body. One deep inhale and that scent has thickened. The trail ended right where she was standing.

    “My apologies.”

    Craning her neck, the tiny woman seeks out the face of the one whose aura had enticed her back out into the open.

  • Rey had been entranced by the house that she almost didn't hear when Virian replied and asked a question. "Oh! I'm Rey, it's nice to meet you," she said, extending her hand for him to shake. That was the customary greeting for Earth people, wasn't it? She hadn't been to this planet in a while, but it was fairly similar to some of the other worlds she had visited.

    Whether Virian shook her hand or not, Rey continued to look around the parlor. She still felt the pull of the crystals and tried to determine which direction they were in. However, before she did so, she thought that maybe it would be best to properly explain who she was and why she was here. "I'm with the Resistance, I was sent here to find what we believe to be some of the last Kyber Crystals left in the whole galaxy, maybe even the universe. If we were able to get them, they would be a great help in our fight against the First Order," she paused and tilted her head slightly. "Is....any of this making sense so far?" She asked, wondering if he even had the slightest idea what she was talking about. Rey tended to forget that not every planet was aware of this war, despite it's devastating effects.


  • No love id love to continue? Maybe my reply didn’t go through, I’ll send another :)

  • Careful to not totally tumble down the hill, Malory slid down after Virian, already regretting leaving the giant camp. She wanted more time with the mammoths, she wanted to interact with one that was awake. But, time was something that they couldn’t afford to waste any more of. If Malory could possibly fight a dragon without sleep, she would forgo sleeping entirely to proceed with their mission. On the way back down the hill, they passed the tree that had grown out to save Malory, it’s three flowers that had bloomed already starting to die and bare fruit. Malory just rolled her eyes silently upon seeing it, not making a comment, but she was again thinking that Virian was being a show off. Well, it wasn’t like she didn’t know that already. 

    At the bottom of the hill once again, Malory took her sword back out of her belt—which she had put there for safe keeping on the way up the hill and hadn’t taken it out since—and looked to Virian. A genuine smile bloomed across her face. “They were beautiful, I thought. I’m actually surprised how well archeologists recreated them, but their three-d models and faux-fur statues...just aren’t the same. And the carvings on the tusks. Gods...they’re beautiful, amazing. I need to draw them as soon as I can, while they’re still fresh in my memory.”

  • //I humbly apologize for the long silence.. I do hope we might be able to plot?

  • Malory was no longer paying attention to the passage of time, too focused on observing the creature before her to worry about how much time she had. Despite how much she wanted to touch the tusks, Malory had enough sense to think that that might wake up the slumbering mammoth, and just let her fingers ghost over the surface instead, tracing the patterns in the air. She observed as much detail as she could, needing to remember it all for later when she sketched it out. Though, she was sure that Virian had some book on mammoths as well, with their own detailed drawings and descriptions, that Malory could take a look at, but it just wouldn’t be the same as drawing what she saw for herself. 

    Malory was struck with the want to show her brothers this, let them see a mammoth, a living one. With that want, though, came the need to go home, to be with her family again. She didn’t know how many days she had already been trapped here, but knew that they had several more to go before they’d have everything they’d need to get her back to Earth. For some reason, the thought of leaving made Malory feel a pang of hurt in her chest. Why was she pained about leaving? She wanted to leave! Needed to be with her family again. She must just be tired. Yeah, that’s it, tired. 

    Virian voice saying they needed to leave snapped Malory back to the present. Ignoring that weird pull inside her making her want to stay, she gave the mammoth one last stroke down it’s side before turning to Virian. “Yeah, you’re right. Lead the way, Vie.” She said as she headed back over to him, knowing they needed to go so they could reach the village before night. 

  • When it seemed at first that Virian wasn't going to let her in, Rey was already trying to think of ways to get inside without his permission. She was in the middle of considering a classic Jedi mind trick when he suddenly seemed a bit more welcoming. "Oh, thank you so much!" Rey said in delight as she walked past him to step inside the parlor.

    She took a moment to glance at her surroundings; having never been in such a large home before. Clearing her throat and looking back at Virian, she was very thankful he had decided to let her in after all. "It's a beautiful home, if you don't mind me saying so. Can I have your name?" She asked with a sincere smile.

  • The coldness of his touch had not gone unnoticed but she refrained from asking assuming it had something to do with his otherworldly scent and appearance. They weren't close enough to delve into each other's personal lives and Ayesha didn't want to come off as rude especially since he offered her to stay. 

    "Thank you Virian." She nodded in return before inhaling the delicious scents that wafted through the air. Virians question caught her off guard, a dark crimson blush slowly stained her cheeks. "I....errrr...Well..." She scratched the back of her neck awkwardly, quickly avoiding his questioning gaze. 

    Explaining her eating habits was rather embarrassing. 

    "I mainly eat food raw." Ayesha finally blurted and fiddled with her top still refusing to look at him. "It took me a while to figure out how to use the cooker, so most of my meat ended up burnt or under cooked. She smiled sadly finally daring to look up at him as she leaned against the counter. "I can cook on campfires but I've never really been around humans to learn the proper skills to make a decent meal."

  • It only occured to Rey after the door opened that she had no idea what she was going to say to whoever answered. When the man came out, she immediately felt a strong energy radiating off of him. She immediately concluded that he was not a normal earth being, but if not that, then what?

    Deciding to ignore this for now and focus on the task at hand, Rey folded her hands in front of her and looked up at the strange man, eager to get to the bottom of this mystery. "My name is Rey. I don't want to waste too much of your time so I'll get straight to the point," she said standing on her toes to try and get a glance inside the large manor. "I'd like to take those Kyber Crystals off your hands. I don't have much to offer, but I'm sure we can come to some kind of agreement. May I see them?" Rey asked politely, still trying to get a peek inside the house. Their energy felt so strong and so near, she almost expected them to be sitting in the front parlor.

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